Video: How Class Action Rebates Work
When a company settles a class action lawsuit for a product you have purchased, you will often be eligible for a cash payment as compensation. But, to get your compensation payment, you need to make sure you are filing claim forms for the settlements. Here’s how:

Step One: Find Products You Purchased

First you need to find open settlements for products you may have purchased. Take Look at our list of open class action settlements. When deciding whether to file a claim, look at what the estimated payout will be, and whether you need a proof of purchase. For some of the settlements, the payouts are too small to be worth bothering. Additionally, some settlements have proof of purchase requirements. While most settlements require no proof of purchase, others have unreasonable requirements such as needing a receipt from a purchase made 5 years ago, and if you don’t have the receipt you should not bother filing.

Step Two: Fill the Claim Form

Once you have found settlements for which you are eligible, click through to the settlement claim form. Fill out the online claim form, which will usually require you to enter your name and address as well as the number of products you purchased, and then submit your claim. If you are confused regarding the eligibility for the settlement of the conditions of the settlement, you can often find more information in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the settlement website.

Step Three: Get your Check in the Mail

Once your claim has been approved, your claim check will be mailed out to you at the address you provided. Most claims checks are mailed 1-2 months after the claims period closes. And don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, so we can send you new class action settlement opportunities as they arise.

86 responses to “How It Works”

  1. roxine says:

    claim# NBS00031627 CONTROL# 7750215508 i received a letter because i purchased 6 pairs toning shoes. I thought I made it clear that only the 2 pairs of WHITE LEATHER bothered my legs. ALL THE 4 PAIRS OF MESH WERE GREAT I am only making a claim on only 2 pairs. I am not able to locate my sales receipts. will it still be necessary to have them. i did call today and left a message then realized i could text you. roxine jones

  2. DIANNE BARTON says:

    I recall having products sent to me and then was sent another order of this product and I did not even order and was told I had to pay for this order which I do not believe was risk free and trying to remember all??

    But I do know that they sent some products to me that I did not want to receive and did not work as well as they said as do not remember all details…but felt kind of harassed and force to pay for something that I wanted to cancel and not receive anymore?? They wanted me to sent in money after was cancelled..


  3. Willie Ann Simmons says:

    Ordered the wrinkle cream, it did not work for me. Returned it and never got what I paid for it, eighty some dollars. Very good to know something may be done about it. End up telling myself that I would never order anything like that again.

  4. lia says:

    I filled out my claim for the Ab Circle Pro in January and still have not gotten my refund is that normal? How can I find out if its been mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Lia,

    Yes, that is normal. The claims are usually only paid 2-3 months after the closing date for applications (because they need to figure out how many people filed to decide how much everyone should get, then they need to get approval from the court. If anyone objects, it will further slow the process.). Unfortunately, there is no benefit to having applied early. The wheels of justice grind along very slowly!

    If you want an update on your claim, you can reach out to the class administrator.

    • Karen Kessler says:

      I have had some checks take almost a year to be sent out. I think they keep going to court trying to get the case disqualified. I have never had them sent several months after I put in a claim

  5. Anthony Jackson says:

    Filled out the form 4-5 months ago or less and have not heard anything. Is it getting close to the final answer.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    I am not sure which settlement you participated in, but generally you don’t hear anything until they mail the checks (there are no status updates). Claims are typically paid 2-3 months after the closing date for filing claims, but sometimes it can take years if the case gets caught up in appeals. For a definitive answer, you can reach out to the claims administrator for your case.

  6. vicki morgan says:

    I was named in the AOL Search Data Settlement class action suit. I mailed the original claim form on 4/18/2013 before the deadline date which was 7/26/13, I have not received any type of correspondence, I called the phone number listed on the claim form (copy) I get no answer, the website is no longer up for viewing, I would like to know what the status is for the settlement. And they wonder why they have this litigation action against them…..Just plain Stupid….

    • Cory Tringali says:

      me too, and nothing! so irritating!

    • Lea W. says:

      I too have not heard anything about the AOL settlement. I have copies of the claim form that was submitted before the close date. Anything new?

      ADMIN – Hi Lea,

      Have you contacted the admin? As you probably know we are just an informational website thus unable to give you information regarding the progress of your case.

  7. I was mailed a form for this class action suit for the Ab Circle Pro that I had ordered on HSN, which has records of everything you ordered. I don’t even remember exactly when I mailed it back. It seems like so long ago. Did anyone get a check yet, or did I fall thru the cracks.

  8. Linda Evans says:

    I submitted a claim form and never received a check. I sent a letter to follow-up and gave another address (I was changing my mailing address) and to date still have not received or heard anything.

  9. Bev Evans says:

    I too filled out form with proof of purchase and all correct address. I have since moved but I have Canada Post forwarding my mail for a year til next May to my new address. On the home page of this website, I just sent another post saying I moved and could someone call me. I have never received a cheque but figured the class action not completed or something. it was for Ab Circle pro.
    When will I get a cheque

  10. Cory Tringali says:

    I too have not heard anything about the AOL data search settlement after mailing in a claim form. The site is down, the phone number is just a recording, and the admin email doesn’t respond. Was this a hoax??? How do you really get info??? Just plain irritating!

    ADMIN – Hi Cory,

    The AOL settlement closed several months ago. You can no longer file a claim.

  11. E Carole Carr says:

    I am part of the settlement for Kohl’s’ but I need help obtaining the claim form

  12. LACIE says:

    I DID THE HYDROXY, ACT, CREAST, NUTROGENA, HORIZON MILK,STARBUX…HAVNT GOTTEN ANYTHING.. however I DID DO THE ADT and the Yoplay yougurt and got checks from them back in Sept..

  13. Elena says:

    I recently moved and my mail is not being forwarded. After many debates with the post office I was told I physically need to give people my new address. How can I update my address to receive my check?

    ADMIN – Hi Elena,

    The best way would be to drop an email to each of the administrators associated with the cases in which you filed. You can find each administrator’s contact details on the website.

  14. Marsha Ann Sigmon says:

    I was sent a letter also stating that I would be a recipient of a refund for AB Circle Pro from a class action law suit. I sent in my papers for the refund and I have not heard anything else.

  15. Jim Beam says:

    I sent in a couple of claims back in October of 2013. I never received any info after that. Should I do a follow up some how?

  16. James says:

    Has anyone received a check from the muscle milk one because i haven’t and its been nearly two months.

  17. christa says:

    i have not recieved my refund as of now its the end of april 2014 when are we suppose to get these things?

  18. Steve says:

    Heard about your website this morning on DC101. I really like summary for some of the claims, especially the Lifetime basketball.

    What’s nice about these lawsuits now is we are actually getting money back. The old class action lawsuits all went to the attorneys and the class action claimants received a $3 – $5 coupon off their next purchase from the company sued. We recently received $60 from the EA sports class action.

  19. jeff says:

    I received in the mail a new settlement notice from hydroxycut products with an email address This settlement has a different settlement administrator. No longer GCG, it is now Boston Financial settlement Administrators. I don’t see it listed with you guys. Is this legit?

  20. Aliece Lawson says:

    I have filled out a few claim forums and yet to get a letter or check how long will I have to wait if it has been settled

    Hi Aliece,
    You can contact the class action administrator for each case that you filed and get updates on payment dates or the status of your claim.

  21. Tuan Nguyen says:

    I received and completed several class action claim forms stating I was part of the class action lawsuit and is entitled to some money once the court settles everything. It has been more than two years and I have not heard from any of my class action claims. Is there a program that I can look up to see what class action claims I have been a part with by providing my information and what is the ending decision and results?

    No, there is not a centralized database recording the claims you have submitted. In the future consider keeping a folder with copies of your claim.

  22. Francesca vargas says:

    I brought 4 boxes of truvia I don’t have my receipt will I need them ?

    ADMIN: For the Truvia class action settlement you don’t need your receipt. Please go to the Truvia page and click on the link to submit your claim

  23. melissa bates says:

    how do you get your money when they only want your email address

    Please tell me which class action only requires your email address and I will look into it.

  24. Patricia Marshall-Adams says:

    I have a pair of shape-ups and the receipt. I am just getting around to filing a request for refund. After reading the above massages, I hope I am awarded the rebate.

  25. C.A. says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks! I received a check today from the Trader Joes settlement for $14.79. Not a lot I know but it’s money I wasn’t expecting so it’s great! Wouldn’t have known about it if not for your site.

    One thing I would like to suggest is for you to keep up the old pages as an archive or something so people can comment when they receive checks or any other updates they might have. Thanks

  26. Chris Karson says:

    I asked for a refund for Red Bull. You charged me $1.50 for handling on 10/25/2014. I paid the $1.50 through PayPal. I HAVE NOT received the $10.00 refund.
    I have a receipt number for my payment. WHERE is my refund?

    Thanks for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    You can inquire about the status of your claim with the claims administrator for the Red Bull class action. You should not have been charged anything for ‘handling’, no legitimate class action settlement will require you to pay anything to file your claim.

    • Christine G. says:

      Chris Karson, I have also not received any rebates nor have my family & friends to date? I was under the impression that when this lawsuit was finalized that we should have been compensated by now.! The ADMIN here advised you to contact the Claims Administrator but how do we find this information for the Red Bull? I submitted my claim in October and as to date I nor anyone I know have received any check or the coupons that we had the choice of. If anyone could please shed some light on this as to who we contact & where to find this information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance..

      ADMIN – Hi Christine,

      I just went to look at the page for this class action settlement and it reads as follows:

      IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Court held a Final Approval Hearing on May 1, 2015 and approved the Settlement however two appeals were filed shortly thereafter. On September 30, 2015, the final appeal was dismissed and the Settlement became Effective. Pursuant to the terms of the Settlement, distribution of settlement benefits shall begin within 150 days after the Effective Date. Please check this website periodically for further updates.

      Based on this you should see checks or coupons five months after September 30th 2015. That is, February of 2016 If you have questions regarding the settlement we have provided the phone number on the settlement page.

  27. Kathryn Eddy says:

    I am unable to log into site I believe I have already registered however, can’t find the info needed to file a claim.

    Please advise,


    Kathryn Eddy

    Hi Kathryn,
    You don’t need to login to our website. It is open without having to log in. Are you referring to a particular class action where you are struggling to complete your claim form?

  28. Karen Meidel says:

    I just read about the made in the USA chicken and duck jerky treats. My dogs were given jerky treats over a year ago from China they were chicken and duck.. Then I saw jerky made in the USA and thought it would be safe to give.
    Last February 2014, my vet found that he had sugar in his urine. He has had test after test. A sonogram reveled he had enlarged pancreas. The second sonogram reveled an enlarged liver. Because of the sugar in his blood and urine he has been on insulin. Needless to say the medical expenses have gone well over 2,000 dollars. Maybe a lawyer should be our next step. It makes me sick that I bought and gave him bad treats
    I just saw this information on my computer today.


  29. Anita Kenniston says:

    I received a $3.00 settlement check that I did not request.

    What is this anyway?

    Should I cash it and why???????

    ADMIN – Hi Anita,

    In some instances if a company that has been subject to a class action lawsuit has enough information about the affected customers they will send checks to you without having to place a request. Without having a visual of your check we are unable to tell you if you should or should not cash it.

  30. Matt Kurilich says:

    Please check out and add this to your site. Please add me to your mailing list.

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    The Van’s class action page is posted. Also if you go to our homepage at the very top we offer the option to automatically sign for our mailing list.

  31. richard henderson says:

    every month i couldn’t figure out how the bill would increase

  32. Cynthia Spencer says:

    It sure would be nice to get what you paid for. So many companies have downsized but yet they charge the consumer even more money for less product.

  33. Gary Abraham says:

    why was it so difficult to quit this program??

  34. Donald Mason says:

    I have a question, I filled out a claim for the Walmart tax refund, but my question is how do I file a class action lawsuit against another food chain who did the same thing to me when I brought back a package of Beef stew meat because it had chewed gum in the package along with the meat? I was give the price listed on the package but not the taxes I was charged when I made the purchase.

    ADMIN – Hi Donald,

    We encourage you to contact class counsel.

  35. Thomas Thurman says:

    Why am I required to give my SSN on the POLYFOAM antitrust settlement. I feel uncomfortable doing this.

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    The court approved this requirement. As for the reasons behind it I imagine it is to be able to track tax payments since the rebates are likely to be very big.

  36. Karen Kessler says:

    I received a notice of acceptance from the Dog Treat Products Settlement,an appeal was filed July23 2015 but I saw where the court dismissed it. Do you know when these checks will be mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    I have no idea but as soon as I receive an update I will post it on our Facebook page.

  37. Joan Denne says:

    I had filed a claim form against Star Kist Tuna back in August 2015 but I have not heard anything yet. Is this still going on or is this case closed ? Or when will I receive my check for this.?

    Thank you.

    Joan Denne

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    Kindly refer to my responses to other community members.

  38. Sally Miller says:

    I have been trying since July 2014 to get Gentek to honor my lifetime warranty and replace defective metal siding. In Oct 2014 I received a claim#, sent in my check of $100 (which was cashed). I have been calling and talking to whomever answers the phone on a monthly basis about my claim. I continue to get the run around. I found, in searching the web, that a class action case was settled in 2013 for Gentek’s metal siding claims. Whether people got their money or not, I do not know. What are my options?

    ADMIN – Hi Sally,

    The Gentek settlement is not deadline-sensitive. You can still file. Here is the link

    • Sally Miller says:

      apparently it is. I talked to the firm, Gillardi and Co, I was told the suit is closed and that no one collected. I asked them if there were another class action suit and I was told “not with this firm”. I called again on my claim yesterday and was, once again, told that it is active and they are working on getting the supplies and that repairs are weather sensitive. I suggested that since my claim is two years old, there must have been some good weather somewhere within that time period. I think they hire minimum wage people to answer the phone and read from a script. I can’t find anyone higher up to talk to.

  39. Sonia says:

    Need help to subcribe to your monthly news letter.

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    Please go to homepage.

  40. alberto c diaz says:

    where do you get the forms

    ADMIN – Hi Alberto,

    On the link that reads “click here to file a claim”.

  41. Daryl Vance says:

    Have the class Action Rebate checks (Bought Milk)been mailed out?

    ADMIN – Hi Daryl,

    Not yet.

  42. Leana alba says:

    Its really rather a joke to have to come up with receipts for laundry soap you bought several years ago. whats the point?

    ADMIN – Hi Leana,

    The point is reduction of fraud. For this reason you also have the option to file without a receipt.

  43. Speedway says:

    Wen hair tier 2 claim is ridiculous, they put it hard ,so they donot have to pay out lots of money .a picture of hair came out should be enough.a picture showing before and after picture showing your loss of hair.certain hair groups donot grow back at all.that is most black people hardly ever grow back.nobody keep receipt from store item you buy.u didnot need to go to doctor to tell u a hair product it cause your hair to fall out.also ask did it cause emotional of cause it did a person hair came out.everybody cannot afford to go and pay a psychology to talk their problem.this why I say tier 2 claim is shameless.

  44. Marina Volarevich-Pittman says:

    Hi , I have been receiving notice about class action settlements for years , but I just ignored it . I talk with one of my co-worker recently and he explained to me how this works. It does not hurt to try.

  45. Stephanie Berry says:

    I recieved a Post card looking letter about a settlement $ 106.82 Check I was wondering if it is an actuall check or if there will be a regular size check ?????

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    It is an actual check

  46. michelle bomar says:

    I received a check yesterday but unfortunately the back of the check is blank with no endorsement area, in fact, the back is with my name and address on it like an envelope would be.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    That is a valid check

  47. Micheal Mitchell says:

    Re: Claim ID: DBT-10508469-7
    I have received several emails that you are trying to direct deposit my settlement check in a Wells Fargo account.
    Please be advised I no longer have a personal Wells Fargo account. Please mail the check
    to address on file or 4424 Steepleton Way. Charlotte, NC. 28215

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    Please contact the class action administrator.

  48. Danielle Melvin says:

    I filed a class action settlement claim for Kanes Furniture in March 2017 and still have not received anything for my claim. Do you know when they are sending anything out yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Danielle,

    Here is the email for the class action administrator. Reach out to them to obtain an update


  49. Rev. Dr. Mitchell D Maybury says:


    ADMIN – Hello Rev. Dr. Mitchell,

    You need to file a claim entering your info here does nothing.

  50. Louisa Lesher says:

    I bought several products from around October 2016 – March2017

    ADMIN – Hi Louisa,

    File a claim.


    I received a $7.40 from Jason natural products I deposited it in the bank and it bounced they charged me $ 30 for the bounced check how do I get my money back

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  52. Marshall Virden says:

    The Aveeno hydrocortisone was not effective so I had to go back to Cortaid.

    ADMIN – Hi Marshall,

    Good to know. I will buy Cortaid next time.

  53. Judy c. Bragg says:

    I would like to be involved in a law suit against INTERFACE MODELING AGENCY. They approached us in a mall to bring my grandson in. We did and they ripped us off for thousands of dollars, they were closing their doors and new this. lying all along. They promised us things that never happened. No way to reach them, They turned phones off and locked their doors.. They promised him jobs, and pictures. Never reived anything for my money. HERE IN MARYLAND. Their were alot of people their that day They need to make this right. They scamed alot of people

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    Look for a class action attorney in your area and share your story with them.

  54. April Gayle Brice says:

    I have deleted my e-mail and lost the claim papers. How can I get the claim forms?

    ADMIN – Hi April,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator directly.

  55. Darlene M. Sweigart says:

    I rec’d. a postcard that my usage of Hydroxatone entitled me to a part of the settlement, yet I never rec’d. any check.

    ADMIN – Hi Darlene,

    Do you remember if the card instructed to file you a claim or was it an automatic payment notification?

  56. pravin parikh says:

    vita mix problem class action suppose to refund $ which i have not yet

    received ?

    ADMIN – Hi Pravin,

    I don’t think this settlement is paid out yet.

  57. Francisca says:

    Wells Fargo will not help with any questions or concerns they are covering there account’s were supposed to be closed 7/1/2016 but they left them opened till 1/2018. I received an email 7/7/16 saying they sent me a new card that I never received and at this date my accounts were supposed to be closed for 7 days already.I did not know about the email till I recently found out witch one of my emails were associated with my accounts.i called the claims center to find out info and was told that they sent me a claims forum in Nov/2017 I never received that. Wells Fargo lied to me about my accounts being opened but my report from Early Warnings says, opened date: 4/16 close date:1/18…Stupid Wells Fargo!!

  58. Susan says:

    The claim form for the Bertolli Olive Oil is giving a warning that it is not a secure site to go to, anyone else having that problem?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    When I look at the official page it appears to be secure. Notice it is https instead of http and it has the word secure.

  59. Torrey Holman says:

    Wow. Wish I’d heard about this site sooner. Missed the toyota discrimination deadline by 17 days. My daughter purchased her 2013 toyota in 2015, base modeI, and was charged over 23000. The car had NOTHING on it, didn’t even come with a key fob. I KNEW SHE GOT TOOK!

  60. jeanette chisholm says:

    Filed claim for vitamix blender blade and received a reference code number but no further information. What is the latest info.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeannette,

    No updates at the moment.

  61. Susan M DeCiero says:

    Has anyone gotten a reminder that they have to fill out a W-9 form for the JP Morgan ChaseBank vs, Barrow? I hate giving someone my social security number. I want to make sure this is legit.


    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    That is a common practice with large settlement

  62. Laura Aldridge says:

    I think I filed my claim form, but I can’t remember. How can I check?

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  63. Sam Girgenti says:


    ADMIN – Hi Sam,

    Please let us know which settlement you are hoping to locate.

  64. Joan Ihley-Fortuna says:

    I filed a claim but still have not heard anything. When will I be contacted?

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    You are generally not contacted until the administrator sends the checks. That can take from months to years after the deadline has passed.

  65. Charlotte Childers says:

    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter but after I insert my e-mail address, it will not allow me to subscribe. Can you help?

    ADMIN – Hi Charlotte,

    I have added your email.

  66. JOHN CHOPYAK says:


    ADMIN – Hi John,

    The first step is to locate a class action attorney in your area.

  67. Saad says:

    I got the check for the FCRA Uber litigation check in the mail, but I forgot to deposit it into my account. I deposited that check on the 91st day, and I was informed by my bank that the Uber litigation check had bounced, and they charged me a penalty of 12 dollars. How should I reach Uber litigation so they can send me a new check?

  68. j says:

    On 5-18-2019, the links below say “page not found:
    Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist”.

  69. Anton Trache says:

    I bucked one return trip with FlightHub from Europe to Canada in January 2020.
    The cost of that was CA$1,000. The date of flight was 07 May 2020.
    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all flights were canceled in March 2020.
    I call FlightHub to return my payment because the cancellation of service was not under my control. The booking company declined my return, offering instead a limited credit, as the same user and for the same time.
    I am 82 years old and with some medical conditions, therefore I can not accept that proposal. I think this situation is a class action case.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hello, Mr. Trache.

      We are sorry to hear this happened to you. There is currently no class action case against FlightHub (although there has been some buzz elsewhere on the internet about starting one). We will post again as soon as a Settlement is up. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our mailing list so you can be informed of new class action settlement opportunities: Thank you.

  70. Francesca Moore says:

    I received a settlement check from Sirius XM DNC settlement but the check does not look legit. My address is listed on the back of the check and there is no signature line. What gives……….

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Francesca, Have you checked with the Settlement Administrator? Please contact them directly if you have questions about your check. Alternatively, you can also consult someone directly at your bank about it.

  71. Patrick G Terrell says:

    Hi, just writing to find out Nissan- Sentra-versa CVT Litigation Settlement Administrator. My number is NIA-12661985201-2595857.

  72. Judith Jones says:

    I filed my case, I think, on 5-22-20.
    As of yet I have not heard anything.
    Has it been settled yet?
    Judith Jones
    16201 Ballantine Ln.
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Judith,

      We are sorry to hear about your cancer. As for your case follow up, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact the Claims Administrator directly for that info. We are only a class action newspaper, not the settlement administrator of this lawsuit. Please see the “Contact” details listen on our Prempro page. Best of luck.

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