Ab Circle Pro Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchaser of the Ab Circle Pro that were not satisfied with their purchase and whom have not yet received a refund.

Estimated Amount:

$200. The actual amount will be based on the number of claims received and whether the $25,000,000 claim pool gets exhausted.

Proof of Purchase:


Claim Form:

Ab Circle Pro Claim Form (You need to register an account to file the claim)

Case Name: Federal Trade Commission v. Fitness Brands, Inc., et al., Case No. 12-23065-CIV-ALTONAGA

The Ab Circle Pro is a piece of abdominal exercise equipment sold both through infomercials and retail stores. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alleged that the companies associated with the Ab Circle Pro make misleading claims about the product’s value for fat loss and as a more effective alternative to sit-ups. The defendant’s did not agree with this allegation, but settled the case before it was heard by the court.

Occasionally we come across a case that just shocks us to the core (pardon the pun). What is the world coming to if you can’t rely on the veracity of claims made on infomercials? Good thing the FTC is stop the lawlessness. Can’t a fat American rely on the makers of the Ab Circle Pro to give them 6-pack abs for the four low installments of $29.95. Well, I will be taking my money to the fine people at the Brazilian Butt Lift program.

Settlement Pool: $15,000,000 – $25,000,000 (depending on the number of claims)
Website: Ab Circle Pro Settlement on FTC Website
Deadline: April 22, 2013 (estimate, no close date yet set for the settlement)
Administrator: FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc., et al.
Office of the Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 2008
Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008

(866) 402-4752

413 Responses to Ab Circle Pro Class Action Settlement

  1. I am having trouble accessing this website, is it too late to file a claim for the ab circle pro class action suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Barb,

    It is not too late for making an Ab Circle Pro class action claim. You have until April 22nd, 2013.

    • Tried to fill out a claim form online for the ab circle pro but the web site wont come up.
      The deadline says April 15, 2013. Is it to late? If not, how and where can i fill one out?

      Thank You,

    • I have filed 3 claims online. None have been acknowledged, nor have I received a refund. When are refunds being issued and why were complaints not addressed? Thanks

      ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

      Many of the administrators do not acknowledge when you file for a refund (I agree, that a simple email confirmation, and the occasional status update would be nice). The first you hear from them is when you get your check in the mail. Rebates are usually sent out 2-3 months after the closing date.

      • It is now June 2014. I still have not received my refund! It’s been a year! Can anyone tell me when I will receive it? Has anyone else received there refund yet?

        Check the other comments which include updates regarding this class action settlement

      • It’s been over 3 months since closing.They had said check s would be issued in June 2014. I am begining to believe the only ones getting in money in this case are the lawyers not us (the consumers). We have not only been scammed once but twice. We need to contact the lawyers who represented this case. Anyone know who they are and a phone #? Perhaps if we all started calling their office they would be inclined to get their heads out of their butts and start signing checks.

          • I just received a refund check today, July 18, 2014 but it was in the amount of $49.10. I thought we were getting back at least $200 which was the purchase price? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but something is better than nothing. Just kinda curious about the amount received. Anyone else receive the same?

        • I received my check yesterday. It was in the amount of $49.10. That’s less than a 1/4 of what I actually paid for this item.

          • Got mine today, $39.41. Guess I know who got the fat checks, the lawyers! Gues it’s time to throw the piece away. Wish the FTC had gone after them for medical injury issues. That is where the real tragedy is.

          • Just received my check Saturday the 19th July…less than $40…I think it was $33 and change.. Doesn’t seem they distributed these funds evenly based upon what I’m reading here. Some get $70plus…some get $20 or less. who does the math on this…the government. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE. I had forgotten about this so it was good to get a refund…but they need to figure these things out better when so one person doesn’t feel ripped off about being ripped off. No wonder our country is so messed up.

    • I have also tried to fill out a form and was not able . I kept calling and getting recordings. Is there help?
      PS. I started over 2mos. ago right after receiving a card in the mail.

      • I’m sorry my husband thought he was doing me a favor. I had mailed my paperwork off on Feb. 29,2013. I did not need to down load any thing because I received a letter with an enclosed envelope. My claim number was 1358199.
        He was trying to download ageless man.

        Thank you, and I’m sorry for any trouble.

    • The AB CIRCLE has issued refunds but the payees may hold the refund until they receive all claims and total them up..it may take up to 2014

    • The AB CIRCLE has issued refunds but the payees may hold the refund until they receive all claims and total them up..it may take up to 2014. its sucks that it takes so long..Im sure company’s are hurt they have to pay out for false advertising to those who bought Im waiting as well

        • I still haven’t received a check, I heard it was supposed to be this June. This is a joke waiting a year and a half!!!!

    • Does anyone have a clue about when the refund will be sent out or has it been sent out and i havent recieved one? I had 2 back surgeries and about ked myself trying to use the machine!

  2. I may have forgotten to put a stamp on my claim form. Is it possible to get another form.

    ADMIN – Hi Dennis,

    You can get another claim form from the claims administrator.

  3. When can claim filers expect to receive their refunds for the Ab Circle???? I mailed a claim form do I also need to file online for a claim?? Thank You….

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    Based on experience, I would guesstimate late May.

  4. How do we know this is not a scam? Is there some kind of proof you can provide me?

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    Good question. You can tell the genuine lawsuits, because they will be mentioned by the relevant court on their official website. For example, the link above goes to the ftc.gov website and if you follow the link you will see the information on the Federal Trade Commission Website (the FTC brought the claims in this case).

    We have verified all the settlements on this site. But, if you wanted to check them yourself, that is how you could go about it.

  5. I submitted my app online and sent in my change of address.I still have not heard from anyone.Is there anything else I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

    That is typical. You usually don’t hear anything until they mail you the check. They don’t provide much by way of feedback or status updates.

  6. How long does it take to process claims for refunds per the (FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc., et al.) settlement Action? Additionally, approximately how long before the Administrator of the Settlement is to disburse to said claim reimbursements to eligible claimants?

    ADMIN – Hi Kerri,

    These settlement funds usually pay out around 2 months after the closing date.

  7. I filled out the paper that I received in the mail. Do I need to do it online also?

    ADMIN – Hi Betty,

    No, you only need to fill out the form once (either online or on paper). If you already filled out and returned the form they mailed you, you do not need to do the online form.

  8. I received a letter saying that I had purchased the AB circle pro and there is a class action suit against them. I was to sign the form and send it back to the attorneys. I did this but still haven’t heard from them since or is the lawsuit still open and how much longer will it be before I get my money back? Also is there only one suit against the company or are there other forms I need to fill out? Also should I request this one also? Thank you Dorothy

    ADMIN – Hi Dorothy,

    There is usually only one lawsuit (if there are multiple, they get consolidated … that is the whole point of class actions, the issue only gets tried once).

    The settlements usually pay out around 2 months after the closing date and the only communication you will often get is a check in the mail.

  9. This machine kills your knees! The knee inserts are a very hard plastic & it’s to painful to use it, it sits in my kitchen collecting dust due to the fact i can’t use it. I Tried calling to complain & wanted my money back but noone helped me,

    • Mine came with knee pads that worked well but have to be kept track of. I am not that displeased with the product. I actually use it, because I have some of the strength it requires to not be so uncomfortable and awkward. That’s the lie. Structuraly, there was a slight metal scraping when I first started using it. I thought about returning it but didn’t for well, the same reason most of us don’t return purchases we’re not happy with. It’s too much trouble and it costs too much. The lie of the product, I think is that you have to be moderately fit to use it effectively. A person needs to have control of their abs and lower back and etc., to even lower themselves to get on and balance to use it. Think about it.

      • True, some people who are disadvantaged would have no chance at even being able to get on the thing! I got thrown off of it. And I’m in pretty good shape, I just have this belly from the kid, as do most of us.Also I’m still waiting on a refund we probably will be until December 31, 2014!

  10. I am having trouble accessing the website to fill out the claim form.

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Looks like their system is down. Will check in on status and get back to you.

  11. Hi and thanks for this information, unfortunately it seems that their site is still down, how or where else can I file for a refund.

  12. Still down? Seems to me like they are keeping it down so they don’t have to refund. It’s been down for 4+ days now. No website administrator allows that.

  13. Hi, I’ve completed my claim form for the ab circle pro, and sent it months ago. I’m wondering when I will be receiving my settlement. Thanks Amber

    ADMIN – Hi Amber,

    Claims are usually paid our 2-3 months after the settlement closing date. So for the Ab Circle Pro, I would expect them to pay out in July / August.

  14. The website hasn’t worked for a week that I’ve tried. How can this be allowed? The administrator needs to extend the deadline to file a claim.

    Everyone should call in and complain.

  15. been trying to get on here and fill out form for days and it wont let me. i got rid of my ab pro circle, i took it apart and throwed it away cause i didn’t want anybody else to get hurt on it. i messed myself up on that stupid thing, but no one would help me when i called about it. can i not fill out the form now or what?

  16. The posted deadline on here of April 22 is wrong and cost me. I learned the true deadline was April 15th. I’d appreciate the admin contacting the claims admin and requesting an extended deadline.

    Thank you.

  17. I have been trying to get to the submit a claim form for a couple of days and it has not been available to me. please let me know what I need to do. the deadline I have seen has come and past. Im desperate please help. thanks much

  18. I mailed in my form and had it sent back to me for wrong postage fees. please let me know what I need to do or if I still can do anything at this point.

    ADMIN – Hi Trista,

    I would mail it back in ASAP (with the correct postage), with a note explaining why your filing is late. You might be past the filing deadline, but the administrator might look the other way because you have a reason for the late filing.

  19. Does anyone know the payout amount?

    ADMIN – Hi Kim,

    In this case, the settlement amount will depend on the number of claimants. They have a pool of $15-$25 MM and will split it up among all the valid claimants.

  20. When can I expect my refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Usually rebates are issued 2-3 months after the closing date on the settlement. You can reach out to the class administrator if you want a more specific timeline.

  21. Still waiting for some kind of reply. I only found out about it by chance, and by then now your saying it is too late? I think that is wrong.

  22. I’m just curious do the count down for the refund start April 15, and if that is so could you possibly answer how many people filed to give an idea of how much we will get
    and 2-3 months does that mean july

  23. Who will be mailing the check, so we know what to look for?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Different settlements use different mailers. But, it typically looks like a postcard sized mailer envelope with tear strips on the side. They are easy to mistake for junk mail.

  24. Like the others have replied, I’ve tried the ab circle for a several weeks. To find it was doing more harm than good. It also sits collecting dust.

  25. Hello, I just found out about this class action, and am upset to see that the filing date has expired. Any chance it will be extended? This is just wrong. Is there an appeal process?

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    Sorry to hear you missed the filing deadline. Deadlines are often extended, but not in this case. To file an appeal, you will need to consult with an attorney. One of the functions of a class action is to bring closure and finality to the issue, and reopening them is difficult.

  26. Greetings I’m just writing to find out what date was the closing date and also just to understand when they do payout and lets say there are ten thousand people that applied do all the money be divided amongst them just asking. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Christy,

    In most settlements, there is a pool of money that gets divided between everyone that files a claim. There is usually a cap on the amount you can receive.

    The ab circle pro settlement is a little unusual in that if there are enough claimants, the size of the pool will increase.

  27. I filed in march would you happen to know when checks will be mailed?

    ADMIN – Hi TJ,

    I would predict that checks will go out in July. (I know it is a very slow process!)

  28. Thank you for answering part of my question, the other part of my question is when was the closing date so I can start count down unless you know when we will receive our refund.

    ADMIN – Hi Christy,

    The class action closed in late April 2013. So my best guess would be that checks would go out in July.

  29. I did file a claim. The website is no longer valid. Where do we go to see updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Faye,

    To get updates, you can reach out to the administrator (contact details above). Class action settlements aren’t generally very communicative. The only update you usually get is a check.

  30. My husband bought me an ab circle pro for christmas 3 years ago. I used it everyday. knee pads hurt and I flew off of it and jammed my knee. Had to have knee surgery. The company gave me money back for machine but I had surgery bills to pay. I have been getting papers from an attornewy. Does this have something to do with readers digest. wasn’t sure if that was what it had todo with.

  31. If my understanding is correct, refunds will be disbursed upon the close date of this lawsuit? Has a close-date been established or rendered? If not, what is the worst case scenario of how long before a close date could be forthcoming?

  32. Does this class action suit have an established “close date” or what is the forthcoming date of closure? Once a “close date has been rendered, how long will it be before refunds are disbursed?

  33. I submitted a claim already. how do I check on the status of the claim? I have not received a letter or update about my claim.

  34. This site does not note the correct date and time of one’s comment. As a matter of fact, the dates and times of my comments have been altered. My previous posts have been altered to June 13, today, but I wrote them on June 11th which at that time had the correct date but the incorrect time. Another fraud like AB Circle Pro? Hmmm!

  35. I sent in my claims form and a letter where the ab circle pro was purchased. When will I receive a check for a refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    I believe checks recently went out for this settlement.

    • I filed my claim right after getting my post card in the mail and still have not received a refund. It is now 2014, has any checks been sent out at all?

      • I also submitted my claim the minute I received info in the mail and have STILL not received any money either. Does anyone know when checks will be issued??? It seems no one is answering any questions on here just beating around the bush.

      • I too filed as soon as I received the announcement of the class action but have yet to receive a settlement nor have I had any correspondence sine filing

        • Same here. I quit checking the website shortly after the deadline to file date. No information available only message saying time to file claim had expired.

  36. Greetings Administrator On the web site you responded that some of the checks recently went out one is this true and if it is true can you please tell me for how much and if I was sent a check Thank You have a Bless Day

  37. I filed my online claim and to date have not received a check. Please advise when this will be received as I see from an earlier post that possibly checks would be sent out late May and another post states July and one states possibly 2014. Which is correct? How do I obtain updated status ? Thank- you

  38. I called the FTC at 866 407 4752 and they stated it could be 2014 before checks are mailed for various reasons.

  39. As of July 7th, I have heard nothing or received my check. How do we even know for sure they received the paper form or online form if they didn’t confirm they received it? What a great way to keep consumers in the dark! Ya gotta love the process! They try to screw us coming and going!

  40. The administrator stated on Jume 20,2013 they believed the checks had been sent out. The old cliche, Checks are in the mail. ha

  41. Was trying to find out if anybody receive their checks are will it be in 2014 or sooner. Thanks, have a great day administration. Inquiry minds would like to know.

  42. I have been waiting for this check and have not received it, can I please be told when I can expect it……..

    • I just called the number and the recording says that they allow several months for the defendants to pay and then they send out the settlement checks and that it may not be until 2014. I will just keep checking every month or so to see where we are with this. I don’t understand why it takes so darn long. If I owed the money they would expect it right away, so why can’t they pay us it has been nearly 3 months now since they have closed people signing up for a refund, so we should have our checks soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that we get our checks soon…


  44. Well it’s July 11…still no check. The deadline was in April, but it seems people are still filling out claims online. Is this true? I got my form in the mail, signed and mailed it back the same day. Is there anything else I should do?

    ADMIN – Hi Ree,

    There is nothing you can do. It can take a long time. The legal system is not fast!

  45. Administrator – please respond.

    You stated you believed checks went out in June. Obviously this is incorrect. When do you anticipate and what is the amount. You have to have the figures by now.

  46. When will we get our checks? Why is it taking so long? It is July 17 – and still nothing. Grrrr. No checks, 2 or 3 months is gone. Come on and send us our checks please.

  47. I would really like to know have anybody recieved a check yet bc i havent…and i mailed my form in months ago….so administrator please let me kno something….bc we have been waitin to long

  48. I haven’t received anything either. I did just call the number they have listed and it states that they will not issue checks until all payments from the company are received and that may not even be until 2014. So I guess it is a waiting game like everything else.

  49. Submitted my claim the first day I got it in the mail. Haven’t heard anything and like others wanted to know the status of the check(if one is even coming) LOL.

  50. I think they are lying to us. i will be callin them early in the am so i can ask question…….Bc i really want to kno

  51. Hey admin, what’s happening? Are the checks imminent or has the company not yet coughed up the $25M? It’s almost August and this was supposed to have closed 3 months ago.

    How about some status?

    ADMIN – Hi Vic,

    I am hearing this is getting delayed and is now projected to take until early 2014 to send out rebate checks.

  52. Still waiting here too. It would be nice to get some type of acknowledgement that I will be getting a refund. Anyone else agree?

    • Is there a place to put in a change of address, as we have moved, same town, just moved …

      ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

      To change your address, you need to call or email the class administrator.

  53. I believe it’s a lot like any other settlement. The longer they hold on to it the more interest accumulates on such a large sum. So, who gets all of that interest???????? Kinda makes you wanna say Hmmmmmmmmm.

  54. If there is a delay and if you registered on time, why wouldn’t they communicate/update those receiving refunds? I was skeptical when I got the notice but hearing this makes me question if well even receive the refund and how much it will actually be. Lol

  55. What i dont understand is why the admin…reply back to certain people……all of us want to kno how much money will we get and when?

  56. Filed my claim Aug. 2012, have not heard from or rec’d my refund check as of todays date. Based on the info in this site there is no real date in which claimants can expect to receive their refunds. Stop playing around and send us our refunds. Enough is enough, we have already been shafted once.

  57. Another question, there is a 12 hour difference in the time signature. I posted my comment at 1:55 p.m. on July 31, 2013 (my Time)and your site has Aug. 1, 2013 @ 12:58 a.m.. What’s up with that? Are the refunds being processed in a foreign country?

  58. I’ve been waiting months, I haven’t heard anything. Make me think I’m waiting for nothing. when are we gonna here something?

  59. well i just called the ppl about our refund and she said it could be sometime this year…and she also said we want get all of our refund it will be partial…

  60. Hi, I’ve moved since submitting my online claim. How do I submit my new address? If this takes up to 2014, the forward may end by then.

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    To change the address for a claim, give the claims administrator a call on the number below.

  61. I submitted my application online back in March for my refund. Its August still haven’t heard anything from the administrators as to when a refund will be sent out.

  62. call the 800 number and they will let you know. When you call listen until they say if you want to speak to a representative and she will tell you.

  63. I applied for my refund in February and still have not heard anything. Have they been sent out yet? If not, is there any word on when they will be?

  64. I filed a claim in Feb-March 2013 but I have not heard anything else nor have I received a refund check. Has the case been closed? If so, when will I receive my check? And if not, when will it close?

  65. I filed out my form online months ago also, I have not yet heard anything, nor received a check!!! It is the middle of August and this was closed over 3 months ago!!! WHY??? If it were us who owed the money, you had better bet your butt they would want there money NOW, not latter like they do to us!!!!! What is wrong with this picture? Oh yeah it is the government and we are just nobody!!!! SO DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE CHECKS WILL BE SENT FOR SURE? OR HOW MUCH THEY WILL BE FOR?

  66. Hi I was sent a letter stating that I was part of a law suit and that I should be getting about 50k. I called to confirm that I would be getting paid however the other day I called and the lady advised me that I wouldn’t get anything because I didn’t send in a claim form. No one told me that I had to and the numerous times I called no one advised me. Is there anything that I can do? Please help me

  67. Hey Admin,

    anything new? Your last reply I think was you’d heard the payout would be in 2014. Is that still the case?


  68. I am like most, filled out a claim online months ago and still have not received a check, have anyone heard anything yet about getting our refund. I also need that 800 number so I can call and check.

  69. I never received a card in the mail about the class action settlement and we have lived here for almost 14 years. Is it too late to file now? I just found out about the settlement approx. 10 minutes ago.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    I am afraid it is too late to file, the settlement has closed.

  70. Hi, I submitted a form online in Sept. 1, 2012 and I have moved quite a bit. How can I make sure I can get my refund?

  71. I just wonder why the admin only answers the questions on address change not to anyone wondering about the moneys!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    The settlement is getting held up in the cogs of the legal system. This is usually due to some combination of new parties entering and appealing the settlement, and/or a judge wanting to review the settlement. The new ETA is sometime next year.

  72. I was wondering if there is any new updates on when the close date will be for this claim, so that checks can be mailed out.

  73. i am so disappointed i am a 57 year old disabled woman who can not exercised normaly.. when i bought the ab-circle i thought my prayers were ans.everyday i got to my ab-circle with the excitement of loosing a few pds. well week after week 25 mins. every other day for mths. no results well i am disappointed because being disabled makes it so hard to find exercise equipment that does not hurt you worse then u already hurt. i keep searching

  74. If everyone would read the “fine print” they would see that every submission would not receive a response (that would be nearly impossible), once the claim is submitted, refunds to the actual customer do not have an attached date and may be as late as 2014, and the amount that you will receive is going to be based upon the number of claims received, so again, it is impossible to tell the consumers how much they will be receiving!

  75. I am still waiting for my abcircle refund. Is there any way to find out what day it will be sent out and what the amount is?

  76. I filled out the form last year in September…Still no word on whats going on…Why even tell someone about the settlement when no one is keeping us informed on whats going on…We should get paid for back time..Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  77. I filled mine out in February and have heard nothing nor have I gotten a check. What is the date in 2014 that we should all expect our refunds?

  78. I too, purchased the AB Cirle Pro and I, too, have not received any information. It looks as if the payouts will not be until 2014 or later. You will never be told how much your payou will be. They do not know until the appeals stop. Sorry state of affairs but let’s face it. We all bought it. We tried it. We were injured on it. I say we all just sit back and wait. It looks like that is all there is left. I have decided that walking is my best bet for exercise. No more home gyms. Good luck to all of you…

  79. I sent in my paperwork to file a claim back in december of 2012 and i am waiting for my check. I know that the money has been received and I want to know when I will receive my share. You have had plenty of time to send out the checks so lets get this started. I also have not received my confirmation that my claim was received so what is to stop you from saying I did not file on time.

  80. I filled out my claim form and sent it back months ago and haven’t got anything in the mail. It’s been about 6 months. When will I get my money back.

  81. I filled out claim form online back in march 2013, but I don’t remember registering?? will I still get a refund if they sent emails confirming my claim form

  82. Still waiting patiently.. Would like to know what they are doing it’s been a year now and no one knows when the checks will be sent out. Would really like to have my money back.

  83. I sent my claim in February 2013. It’s now October, and I still haven’t received a penny! Why are they holding on to our money when the courts said to return it? My $250 dollars would come in handy right about now! Even though I don’t think they are going to return the complete refund. If they do, great! Next time Stop Falsely Advertising to do something you don’t!

  84. Well, this is my second time leaving a message-my first one never even made it to this page. ??? I was sent a post card about the settlement-I filled it out and never received a refund. If the case settled in April and it was being sent out 3-4 months after-where is it?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    The last update we got was that this case has gotten delayed and will no pay out until 2014.


  86. Anthony, you might have missed the deadline for a refund. I believe the dead line was at then end of April??? Could someone could verify that?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Yes the deadline has passed for submissions for this class action.

  87. I sent my claim in Feb 19 2013.I have never received a refund or response yet..curios as to what happened..I have a claim pin number…?????

  88. I filled a claim in January 2013 and was under the impression that some form of resonse or a check in the mail would be received, but nothing. I checked the FTC website today and called the number associated with the claim http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/cases/abcirclepro/ the automated message says that this is settled, but checks may not go out until 2014. No other info found.

  89. I have also filed the lawsuit and have not received a reply or any information regarding settlement. I’ve just been reading and I realize that we should be receiving checks maybe and 2014. in my opinion I think they should have sent out something to let us know what to expect because we all have the same questions and repeating myself over and over. I’m not quite sure what the delay is but I guess we all have to just wait patiently. just curius at least do they have an idea of what month we will have to wait for the checks

  90. I filled mine out in June of 2011 and am still waiting so maybe we just outta sit back and relax cause it sound like its gonna be awhile.

    ADMIN – Hi Lynette,

    That is generally the best approach with these settlements Appeals can drag them out for years. It is frustrating, they really do a poor job of communicating to class members about what is going on. At the least, you would think they would post updates on the claims website.

  91. I moved and need to know how to change the address that I put on the change form. Thanks to who ever helps me.

    ADMIN – Hi Shane,

    You will have to contact the class action administrator (the contact details are up above).

    • You can call the FTC at 1-866-402-4752 and they will tell you if your name is on the list and the address they have to mail your check to. According to them checks will be distributed out late this summer 2014 and they don’t know the amount as of yet.

      To change your address, you will have to put it in writing and send it to them at:

      FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc
      Office of the Claim’s Administrator
      P.O. Box 2008
      Chanhassen, MN. 55317-2008

  92. Responses asking for a better date than “2-3 months from closing” have no response. Has this all been crap? I submitted my form long before the April 22nd cut off. Now it’s almost 7 months later and haven’t heard anything.

  93. Hello – I did fill out a form a long time ago and have moved this last June. I am wondering when the claim will come and want you to have my new address. Can you email me please? thanks
    Bev Evans
    Lived in Cranbrook when I made the claim (now from Langley, BC)

  94. It is now Nov. 18. 2013. If checks were going to be sent out in July 2013 does this mean I will not receive one. i filed a claim when I got notification in the mail.

  95. Well, it’s 12/03/2013 and I expect to be moving in about 4 months time. This sucks because I’ll have to go through the change of address run-around. It would not bother me if I hadn’t been told to expect a refund 2-3 months after closing. Hey admin, any updates?

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    Sorry, don’t have any updates for you. Last I heard, early next year is the estimated time of distribution.

  96. Has anyone actually received a refund?? I filled my claim out as soon as I received it, also did so online well over a year ago. What is the date we can see a refund for this dumb gimmick?

    • I never heard of the refund settlement until today. I have a damaged knee from this product. Is there anything I can do now?

  97. Good grief people! The Admin has already said over and over that it WILL BE EARLY 2014. For those moving or recently moved, just make sure you complete a change of address form at the post office. I believe they forward mail for 6 months. Like you, I check in here every so often to see if there are any updates, but flooding this thread with the same question that has been answered dozens of times already is just crazy.

  98. It is now December 2013 and I still have not received my refund check. I was originally told the check would go out in May 2013. Will the checks be going out this year or in 2014? and if in 2014, approximately when can I expect to receive it? I understand that there have been legal delays but an update could have been placed on the website informing the claim holders of the status of the check disbursements. Please advise when I can expect to receive my refund check. Thank you.

  99. The FTC website no longer exist. I submitted my claim online back in April 2013 and every time I called the 800# I get the same message indicating they don’t anticipate checks going out until 2014. So why is the webpage gone??? Who has the dough??? How much interest accrued since April 2013??? Who gets that money??? Somebody is getting rich!!!

  100. well i just waited 2mins on the phone with one of the Admin.. and i ask her since its 2014 do she kno wat month we will get
    our refund she said it could be this quater are next quater


  102. I sent my refund statement in February 2013. When can I expect my refund from this settlement?
    Carolynn J Austin

  103. Hi- I sent my form back months ago still have not heard back from them to received my refund that stupid AB- CIRCLE knock me off and I thought I broke my knee it stayed sore for more then a week.I want some answers about my refund.

  104. I file a claim Feb. 2013. It’s been almost a year, and I haven’t heard anything yet. Just tell us are we going to get our money or not? Will you please just answer the question?

  105. I have moved since filing my claim, how can I change my address? Will we be notified that our check will be sent out or will we just receive the check. When will we expected to receive our check.

  106. I filed my claim last year and still have not received a check to compensate me on my ABS circle. I did the claim online as well as send back the form.

  107. I had not heard anything on this claim. I had almost forgotten about this one until I stumbled across it from another site. Hmmm….I wonder what happened with the refund…

  108. I completed a claim sometime last year (online). Like others who have posted comments, I never received any kind of acknowlegement of my claim nor have I received a refund. Is this still ongoing?

  109. Hi- I receive a form and fill it out and send it back a long time ago I have not heard anything when will we get our money back??????????

  110. well January is almost over and still have not heard anything or received a refund!!! What the heck is going on with this, it was settled months ago and are the attorneys just keeping the money to grow interest so that they get more! That is almost what it seams like to me seeings how no one has received any refunds yet!!! So can any administration people answer any questions on when the refunds will be sent out?

  111. just called and spoke to someone from the 800# and they informed me that it most likely will be several more months before anyone gets there checks!!!

  112. I get the feeling that the business hasn’t actually written the check yet, but is having their lawyers delay, delay, delay by continuing to file appeals, etc. It would be nice to know the specifics of what exactly is holding this up.

  113. I sent my claim form in March of 2013. I have never received any communications for anyone. Beginning to wonder why.

  114. I filled out the info to get a refund claim last year, and I still have not received my refund!? How long do I have to wait? Thank you!

  115. The FTC website has put an update. This is what it says,

    “The refund submission period is now closed, and the website is no longer accepting new refund requests.

    The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.”

  116. This was on the FTC website.

    January 2014
    The refund submission period is now closed, and the website is no longer accepting new refund requests.

    The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.

  117. I received my notice of refund for the ab circle pro and submitted my claim online 2/24/13. Since I have not heard or received anything else about this case. Where can I go to get an update on the status of the refunds or something to that nature.


  118. It is now February 2014! Are we still to expect the refund? I filled out the refund claim last March or April. How much longer are we going to have to wait??? Thank you for any information you are able to provide.

  119. I filled my form out a year and half ago and still haven’t rec’d a response.

    FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc., et al.
    Office of the Claims Administrator
    P.O. Box 2008
    Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008
    Shayla K. Maroney
    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “noreply-abcirclepro@bmcgroup.com”
    To: shayk4@yahoo.com
    Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2012 9:14 AM
    Subject: FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc. – Ab Circle Pro Refund

    Thank you for visiting the FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc. Online Claims website. To apply for a refund for your Ab Circle Pro, please use the email address and password below to log into the Returning User section of the log in page of the website.

  120. Does anyone know what “partial refund” implies? Is it a percentage of the claim? Or perhaps two or more separate payments? Since it’s likely the only people who will get the entire costs reimbursed are the lawyers ( as usual in things like this ) I hope we don’t get shafted too bad by them. And where does all the potential interest on this lump sum go?

  121. I filed over 13 months ago. I have heard nothing. No email update, no answers on this site, and most importantly of all, NO REFUND yet! It would be nice to know if we are ever going to receive this.

  122. Hello everyone. This is the information I found on another site as an update for all of us:
    UPDATE: The FTC posted the following update to their site in January 2014:

    “The refund submission period is now closed, and the website is no longer accepting new refund requests. The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.”

  123. Thanks Katie. I also received a form mailed to me over a year ago. I had previously filed one online as well. To date I have heard nothing back from them.
    Would be nice to get on with this already!

    • hi I purchased this item years ago to have you heard anything or gotten a refund yet I filled out a claim form in the mail I haven’t heard anything

  124. We all paid 200+ for this. I bet we get back 50 or less! mine sits in the basement collecting dust to because the little cross bar that holds the leg pieces together Pops out.


  126. When calling 1-866-402-4752 no one answers, When or how did u hear that during the Summer we’d be getting a check? Were all still waiting for our refund check.. Hope it comes. The abcircle pro wasnt any good but was very costly.


    • I found a number on line and called and a lady called me back and told me I should recieve my June 2014. Her name is Arian Parham she is a parallegal with the FTC. Her number is 202-326-2696. You will need to leave a message and she will call me back. She called me like 3 days later

  128. I think it would give me some peace of mind if one of you received this refund. So far all the posts about contacting these people results in April,May and now June for refunds. Please post it if any of you receive this long awaited refund.

  129. Has ANYBODY received a REFUND CHECK ? I submitted MY claim way back in AUG 2012 when this first was posted.I’m STILL WAITING for a RESPONSE from ANYONE.

  130. Never got my refund!!!
    I have actually sent in my claim when it first mailed out about the lawsuit.

    Where is my refund?

    • No one has received their refund yet. It’s not just you. Last update says checks will be mailed in June 2014.

      • I think the real question is whether or not the funds have been collected from the company. I don’t know how this process works exactly, but I’m sure any company will delay transferring funds until the absolute last minute, when all appeals have been exhausted.

        It would be good to know where this stands and why the delays, else June of 2014 could just as easily turn into June of 2015.

        Admin, can you give us some specifics on the funds and what else has to happen before checks are sent out?


  131. I just called the FTC number to update my address, as I have moved since placing my claim. I was amazed that they already had my new address because they are processing claims and did a national database search on all claimants to try to make sure they had updated info due to the lengthy wait for the payments! She did confirm June mailing.

    • I call that number to update my address because I moved and it says to speak to a rep press 4 but when I do that all I hear is silence and no one ever answer.

    • What number did you call? I am trying to call the number listed but no one ever comes on the line,it just goes silent.

  132. I sent in the form that they sent to me and I wonder if there is any way to make sure they received it and that I am actually getting a refund.

  133. I also filled my claim form back in 2012 and still to this day I have not heard from you guys. We are now into April of 2014 can you please tell me when we should be receiving any checks and how much everybody should looking forward to please !!!!!!!!!

  134. I received a letter in the mail about the lawsuit. I filled it out, and mailed it, it has been over a year and I still haven’t heard from anyone about it. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOMETHING PLEASE.

  135. I am trying to update my address, but each time I try to call the 1-866-402-4752 it does not transfer me to a person to change my address due to a recent move. Can you assist in helping me with the address change? When prompted to press”0″ to be transferred there is only silence and no person comes on the line.

    Thank you

  136. is there ever going to a refund or is this like everything else i believe its a SCAM ITS BEEN 2 YEARS NOW WHAT IS THE HOLD UP

  137. “January 2014
    The refund submission period is now closed, and the website is no longer accepting new refund requests.

    The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.”

  138. This is what it says on the FTC website:
    The FTC anticipates mailing partial refunds by June 2014. Consumers who have filed claims may contact the refund administrator, Analytics Consulting, LLC at 1-866-402-4752 to update their address, request additional updates not posted on the website, or for the status of their claim.

    Everyone needs to realize this website that you are posting on has NOTHING to do with the refund. It is a website that notifies the public about all class action lawsuits that are out.

  139. I processed my form early, in 2013. Ive since then moved, and lost my personal claim number. Can you help me retrieve my claim, and status? Greatfully, Chana Fonte

    ADMIN: You may contact this phone number to ask for assistance (866) 402-4752

    • I just called the number for the FTC and they said they are not expecting to send out refunds until June, 2014 and to be patient . . .really? Like we all have not been patient enough? I guess we can just wait and see!


  140. If and when I do receive something, I will post it. I hope others do the same. Something tells me our partial refund is going to be about 25 bucks since the lawyers will get most of the money.

  141. I have been waiting since February 2013. I have faith that one of these days I will go to my mailbox and there it will be! :-)

  142. The $200.00 or more refund check suppose to be mailed tis month. If they change dates again. They can keep the refund. I already have High Blood Pressure. This is the first time I seen a refund Check take this long. Iforgot about it. Lol

  143. Just know this. The lawyers are collecting interest off the settlement money. We the consumers will probably never get a full refund on what we paid for this machine. Interest is paid quarterly. This is the second quarter since they said the lawsuit was settled. We will have to wait till June interest is collected. Then they might send out a particial payment. And then the money will set for maybe a few more quarterly interest payments that only goes to the lawyers. It really sucks but that how it usually work. I wish good luck to all of us. But I really don’t foresee a big pay out to any of us.

  144. 6/12/14: so far I have not received any refund check, nor have I received any notification letter of refund payments.

  145. Nothing here either, you’d think someone would send a letter letting us know whats happening…too much to ask.

  146. I just talk to someone this morning and they told me to keep checking the mail and they were printing up checks now…

      • I just called and was told that they have sent the ftc an authorization letter for distribution of funds but have not heard from them yet to send the checks and they don’t know if checks will be sent this month.

  147. I did get a phone call back and they told me they were having issues with phone. I was told it could be July before refunds go out.

  148. They are saying the checks will be mailed at end of month and we will received at the beginning of July.

  149. We should all get together and sue the lawyers for holding our money that they wouldn’t have got if it wasn’t for us! 6/20/2014

  150. Just spoke with an Admistrator and she stated that if you need to update your address you will need to do it in writing. She gave me a fax number of 952-404-5750 and the checks will be coming out the end of this month. They do not know for how much.

  151. I moved since filing the claim form in March 2013 and the forwarding of our mail will end sometime in July. How can I change the address given on the claim form to our current address?

    You may contact the administrator of this class action settlement using the information below:
    FTC v Fitness Brands, Inc., et al.
    Office of the Claims Administrator
    P.O. Box 2008
    Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008

    (866) 402-4752

  152. I have called every week to find out when they sending the checks. Lst week they said they were printing andwould be sent when all were printed. Today (06-25) they said they sent a form to FTC for approval and are waiting for a reply. I was told not any checks have even been printed as of today. They don’t even know when they will mail them–if at all.

  153. I spoke with a rep on Monday at about 4:45 central time, her response was that everything was lined up and they are just waiting for the ok to mail checks from the FTC. In my opinion I think it’s the FTC, that hasn’t given the ok to mail the checks.

  154. although $200 was put out originally, the actual amount(partial refund) which we don’t know could be half or less, it’s BS but reality. Well probably never know how they came to that number either!

    • Since there was no proof of purchase required there is going to be lots of greedy people out there who never bought an Ab Circle who will receive a check. Those of us who did purchase and have proof are going to be disappointed when we do see that check. Between the greedy lawyers and the greedy public, I will be pleasantly surprised if it is over $10. It will be interesting to come back here and read the comments.

  155. I just called recording now says checks won’t be mailed until JULY!!! Forget folks this $$$ is spent. We aren’t getting it.

  156. This is taking way to long. I filled out this paper that was sent to me last year and haven’t heard anything. I’m pretty sure if I owed them money they would be on me like nobody’s business!!

  157. The FTC line now says checks will not be sent out until July 2014. I understand it takes a while to review claims, but we had a deadline to follow and they should too. It’s been settled for quite a while so I don’t understand why they have pushed the date back for over a year….. Very frustrating.

  158. From my understanding the date was always July 2014. When someone gets a check, please let us know and the amount. I don’t expect $200.

  159. I received the form for my refund two years ago and have not yet received anything back could you call me at (219) 229-2306 and let me know when and if I will receive one

  160. I’ve been really patient I haven’t said anything until now and I think we got taken, I wonder if we can get an attorney and take them to court or let the judge who issued this settlement know that we are being had and they embezzled all our money. Something to think about.

  161. I would like to know, are we getting our checks or no? Or are they messing with us? Please let me know something. I’ve been waiting for over a year, and every time, its a different month when we’re getting our checks.

  162. July 7,2014 12:34pm. I just called Arian Parham and left her a message asking if she has an update on when our checks will go out. When she returns my call I will post her answer.

  163. Not great at math here but it looks like approx 165,000 to 200,00 per quarter in interest..It’s no wonder they are taking there time with this! Maybe someone can start a class action suit against the class action suit LOL But you know it would just happen over and over again…Because when it comes down to it greed runs this country and it looks like this may just be another example of it..

  164. I called this morning and the automated voice said that those who will not get a refund will get a letter explaining why. I stayed on the line and talked to Jill, she asked my name and town/state and told me I will be receiving a check, however, she does not how much or when they will be sent other than sometime in July. 7/8/14 11am EST

  165. Again, I called and got Jill on phone, she said checks have been printed and they still are awaiting release from FTC. All checks will be sent at same time. The amount will not be released to the call center until approval by FTC. Sure could use that money but with my luck it will be about 25 bucks.

    • I got the same response you did Kristi. Hopefully it will be more than $25.00 though. Any body else wanting to hear the message we heard can call 1-866-402-4752. Maybe if we all call they’ll send the freaking checks out and be done with it.

  166. I spoke to a lady on the phone when I called the 1800 number and she can tell you if your receiving a check or not and according to her they still haven’t approved it yet for the checks to be released.

  167. If you don’t want to hear the questions/answers(4) you can press 0 to talk to a real person at the call center.

  168. Just called & spoke to Jill – verified my info. & stated I would be getting a check sometime this month but not sure when or how much.

  169. As of today, still no check. I agree about another class action lawsuit. No reason why this should take two years, but I don’t know how to do it HAHA. No proof of purchase is their first mistake. I’ve had this piece of junk in my garage for two years waiting for a refund. I’ll probably get more money if I recycle the metal parts!

  170. Ok, I just called and verified my info. I was told they anticipate mailing checks at the end of this month but can NOT confirm who will and who won’t get a check or how much it will be. She said, “we are NOT given that information.” If you aren’t getting a check you will receive a letter explaining why.

    For the person thinking that people who didn’t purchase one will be trying to cash in, they have the information of the people that purchased one from the database. How do you think they got our names? The price was $199.99 at most places but some had lower prices. They have to verify our names, info and price paid that takes awhile. There are a lot of people to go through. Be patient and remember without this lawsuit you wouldn’t be getting anything.

    • Amie, they CAN confirm if you are getting a check, they asked me my name/location and verified that I would be getting one but did notknow ammount.

  171. I turned in my claim as soon as I learned about the offer of a refund. It had been well over a year and I have heard nothing nor received anything. I sold my Ab Circle Pro at a garage sale for $20. I don’t understand the long wait.

  172. Anyone else notice that the time stamps on this page are not correct? My last post said 8:12pm which isn’t even here yet. It is 10:15 am EST

  173. My check amount is different than Mary’s. How do they decided who gets what amount? Still a bit disappointed as it’s only about 1/4 of the cost. At least they were mailed today. Guess we should have all become lawyers working for that firm!

  174. I did not receive my check yet Jeannette, the lady, Jill, at the call center told me the amount today. $47 and some change. They also said give the USPS 2 weeks before filing missing check report. I am assuming(but you know what they say about that word) that the checks are coming from the Analytics LLC in Minnesota.

    • that’s funny I commented earlier that it would probably be about $50 I guess it’s better than a swift kick! it will pay for a tank of gas or half a tank if you drive a truck lol

  175. here is a link to the article confirming payment..who hoo $47


    What I dont understand is that this payout is only for 10m, figured the lawyers get the other $5, but the article states that it can be up to $25M based on how many people claimed. SO why aren’t they paying out $25M if everyone didn’t get their full entitlement?

  176. Just looked at the FTC website and the total amount is 9.3 million dollars they are sending 200,000 people which comes up to $47.51 each. I guess the lawyers got 15.7 million. So can we sue the lawyers and get the rest of our money.

  177. What I don’t understand is that the initial payout was $15M, and it said there would be an additional $10M if the claims exceeded that amount. The lawyers got their 1/3 cut, which is $5m, minus the cost for the admin (700k), that leaves the $9.3M that was sent out today. Where is the additional $10M that was going to be sent if the claims exceeded the initial amount? If the consumers only got 62% of the 15m, then we should be getting 62% of the additional 10M as well..of course it is only another $32..

  178. i’m so disappointed, I call and I’m not getting any ck, because they take 20% of your claim as loss and the ck came out of $8.00

  179. The woman told me that the check should be to you in days but if it do not come in two weeks to call them back.

  180. I went online to the FTC site and it said that 196,969 checks has been mailed totaling $9.3 million dollars (which amounts to each check being $47.21). So, I just called and they said the checks was sent out July 15 and to allow at least 2 wks to receive them.

  181. I have filed my claim awhile back and have not heard anything from you.I filed my claim when I got notice about the Ab Circle Pro. I have used the product but never got any results from using it.

  182. That is a far cry from the 25 million dollar settlement..Even after the 25 or 33 1/3 percent greedy lawyer costs that is STILL way off the 25 million..I wonder how much the lawyers got even though they didn’t buy or ever use this piece of crap..Go figure

    • Still have mine…and its sometimes is used….AS A $200 CLOTHES RACK. My less then $40 refund doesn’t come close to buying either a new exercise machine or a new clothes rack. :)

  183. Just received my check and it was for $39.41. And why are the amounts different? Everyone should he receiving the same amount.

  184. I don’t know how they come up the refund amounts. I received $15.57 for purchasing a $225 piece of workout junk. I live in Louisiana.

  185. Apparently everyone got 20 percent of the amount they claimed…This was from the 9.3 million they actually recovered from the 25 million dollar settlement..There were no lawyers fees etc..I did not ask if there was administration costs or the like…I only paid about 100 bucks for this thing so I got about 19.31

  186. I got mines it was a piece of the $260 I spent. This is bullshit I got $38.29 wtf I was better off not knowing about the law suit. Patiently waiting on this shit. I’m speaking 2 administration yall could at least have us $200 back I was willing to lose out on the tax n the $49 for shipping. Pissed to the max!!!!

  187. I said it previously, I have no idea how they came up with the number and we will never find out but I got $46.16. Would have been good if they gave an explanation as to how they came up with that number.

  188. Got my check today $31.48 and still have this piece of crap to sell at a yard sale. Thanks to Consumer reports or I would never have known to file.

  189. Wow……. I received my check of $38.27 and have sent multiple faxes to correctly spell my name and of course it is still spel incorrectly… wow…

  190. I received my check in the mail, after waiting 1 1/2 years for it. Just to send me $49.10? I was at least expecting the money I paid into the piece of crap (being nice).

  191. $39.21. I paid $200 for mine; it’s probably a % of the price (you said) you paid. However, since there was no proof of purchase required, why do I have the suspicion that there are hoards of people who probably request refunds for a living, without every having bought the product. That could have something to do with the low refund.

    But I’m sure the lawyers go more than I did…

  192. We got f’d people, we are all disappointed with amounts of refund and bewildered as to the different amounts. Only good thing is that it’s over. Guess that Bahama’s trip is off the table lol

  193. I got mine today..$19.31! Thats BS! If you paid for something that is over $200.00 and is proven to be junk, one should get that amount back! The system is set up to screw the consumer coming and going! WHAT A SHAME!

  194. Check finally came….$78.22. I live in CA. Paid about $300 because I’d bought the bonus DVD work outs. Total disappointment. Should’ve known better than to expect more. At least it’s something though….

  195. Admins, could you please explain the different amounts of refunds when we all paid 200 to 300 bucks? I have never been so disappointed. I thought we would get back the purchase price minus the taxes of course. If this is what a class action suit involves, I’ll never do it again. The stress of it all was hardly worth the refund.

    • I got around $34 …some here saying they got $70+. We need a lawsuit about how they screwed up the disbursement of funds in this class action lawsuit.

  196. I haven’t received mine yet…is there anyone else still waiting they told me I would be getting something.

    • I bought my abcircle pro when they first came out before they started reducing the price. How is some people getting more or less than $49.10? Also, they said this was a partial payment…. so I guess we have to wait another year or so to get whatever they decide to give us if anything. This is a bunch of crap!

  197. Dee B, I thought this was a partial refund not payment. I don’t think there will be more money issued. Does anyone know for sure?

  198. Get this fu***** crap I was told on I was getting a check from Jill and now she is informing me that I’m not. Apparently this has happened to many people. Don’t say your gonna send me a partial refund and than end up stealing my money anyway.

  199. Melissa, did Jill tell you why they are not sending you the refund? I’m not understanding any of this. Mine was purchased with a credit card so they had proof of purchase and amount, yet, I received less than 50 bucks and I’ve seen others post that they received more. An admin needs to explain but the people at the call center don’t know shit!

  200. Kristi, I was suppose to receive a check for around $45, but because 20% of that is less than $10, so I was no longer going to be receiving a refund. Which, made no sense what so ever since the day before she informed me I would be getting a refund.

  201. Melissa, my check was for $46.16 so I’m not understanding the 20% thing…but then again, I don’t understand any of it and I’m not alone.

  202. Hello all,
    My check was for $43 in Los Angeles CA…but I paid $200 original retail price.

    Very disappointed. Only the lawyers and the vendors win. I’m sure they already made hundreds of millions, so what’s $25 mil to them.

    As an average consumer, all we can continue to do, is AVOID impulse buys, do our research, and BOYCOTT these companies and spokespeople (have you guys seen the youtube videos of that chic, she still claims she did nothing wrong and said nothing wrong, and then tries to spin it on the reporter for harrassment). who are making false promises from thin air. People, we all work way too hard to have our money tricked out from under us!!!

  203. Read as much information as you can about the settlement. The FTC mailed 200,000 checks out after receiving a settlement of $25 million. I was excited to get my check, and was disappointed when I saw the amount $54.72. I looked at the comments of others who claimed that their settlement was far less. I wondered if how, and where you made your purchase determined your payout. I just wish we could have all gotten an equal share,

  204. Anybody else mad? I AM! My ab circle pro was purchased via tv ad. It cost me $350 + $49.95 shipping handling or $400 total. I paid $50 x 8 months for it. My little check was lesser than $20. Yet, FTC website says they paid out over $9.3 million to almost 200,000 consumers. AS IF! More like they got paid…

  205. So I was just told I didn’t receive my $49.45 because after the 20% it was less than $10. I told her I spent over $200 so why was I only getting$49.45 back and she said because they figured they figured that’s all I spent, I asked how is that when the item was going for $199 she then informed me that since there wasn’t a receipt attached to the reply card that’s all they gave ppl with no proof. I told her it didn’t ask for 1 and if it did I would have sent it.

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