Alexia Potato Products Class Action

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Alexia frozen potato products between 12/6/2007 and 7/10/13. The affected Alexia products include the following:

  • Waffle Fries
  • Potato Bites
  • Mashed Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes & Sea Salt
  • Mashed Potatoes Red Potatoes with Garlic & Parmesan
  • Sauté Reds
  • Harvest Sauté
  • Italian Sauté
  • Sauté Sweets
Estimated Amount:

You may choose to select cash, vouchers, or some combination of the two as follows:

  • Cash – $3.50 per purchase, up to a maximum of 10 purchases ($35).
  • Vouchers – two $3.75 vouchers per purchase, up to a maximum of 10 purchases ($75 value).
  • Cash + Vouchers – any combination of $3.50 cash per purchase or two $3.75 vouchers per purchase up to a maximum of 10 purchases.

The amount of the settlement may be reduced if the number of claims exceed the $3.2 million dollar fund.

Proof of Purchase:


Claim Form: Alexia Foods Claim Form
Case Name: In Re: Alexia Foods, Inc. Litigation,
Case No.: 4:11-cv-06119-PJH
Case Summary:

ConAgra, the owner of Alexia frozen potato products, is accused of making false claims about Alexia products being “natural” or “all natural” when in fact it contained disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate. ConAgra / Alexia denies any wrong doing. The case was settled before being decided by the courts.

Settlement Pool: $2,500,000 (cash) plus $700,000 (voucher)
Settlement Website: Alexia Frozen Potato Products Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: November 27, 2013
Claims Administrator: Alexia Settlement
P.O. Box 3023
Faribault, MN 55021-2623

29 Responses to Alexia Potato Products Class Action

  1. Not sure if my comment went through before but what I said was I’m not sure if my settlement went through before but I clicked submit and nothing happened I hit it a few times is there a way of checking on if it went through. I buy alexia products at least once a week my email is if anyone can help thank you so much meg Northrop

  2. I bought those for my kid because I thought they would be better then other frozen fries! Ugh…back to making my own! Learned my lesson for sure!

  3. I bought the waffle fries hoping they would taste good, be very convenient to cook, and be healthier. OMG they tasted horrible!!

  4. What a bummer. I thought that I had found something better than the others. Guess it’s just the same. Sadly too, I have a bag of waffle fries and a bag of potato puffs in my freezer I just recently purchased.

  5. You guys who forward this info to your “friends” are just ruining it. Within a VERY short period of time all these claims will get way to many claims from people.

    In the very near future all claims will ONLY be if you can find receipts or simply a general award to a charity/etc.

  6. I hate to think that when someone such as me has lupus and try to eat well or think I am , just to find out I’m not. Do companies not understant that some people rely on the honesty of packaging.

  7. It seems Rust Consulting handles MOST of these class action settlements. If they see you have multiple claims from different settlements YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE PAID. So it is a waste of time. I was told this by a private source and the ADMIN of this page needs to be more clear and let people know this.

    ADMIN – Hi Stefani,

    I was not aware of this practice. It sounds fishy. My understanding is that class action information that is sent in should only be used for the purpose of administering that particular settlement – and should not be used for other settlements. It also seems odd to deny people that claim multiple settlements, it would seem natural that a person could claim from multiple funds.

    Would love to get more information.

  8. Well that does not surprise me one bit because they the administrators should know that people certainly could have multiple claims due to fraudulent and deceptive business practices of too many American companies!

  9. i still have not recieved payment or coupons and i used to purchase the waffle fries weekly. they should file a lawsuit against company who is providing the payout!

  10. Judy – I just received the coupons today. You may have gotten yours by now or if not, they should arrive shortly.

  11. PA. Got a check last week for $13 and change and 4 coupons for $3.25 off. No problem using them all at once at grocery store to stock up.

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