Class Eligibility

All persons in the United States who, from July 8, 2011 through November 10, 2016, who subscribed to, used, or who owned any of the phone numbers listed on the Class List and who received phone calls from any of the Released Parties using an automated telephone dialing system, or prerecorded voice, or who were listed on the Do Not Call list or otherwise did not consent to the receipt of such calls, or who otherwise have claims against the Released Parties arising under the TCPA or similar federal, state or local laws governing such matters, including without limitation the claims alleged in the Action, including calls placed to cell phones without the recipients’ consent.

Estimated Amount


The amount paid will be calculated pro rata by dividing the pool by the number of qualified applicants

Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Stewart Abramson v. Alpha Gas & Electric LLC,
Case No. 7:15-cv-05299-KMK
District Court of the Southern District of New York

Case Summary

This lawsuit alleges that telemarketing calls made by Alpha to consumers’ cellular telephone numbers violated the TCPA. Alpha asserted, as a defense in the Action, that it should not be held liable for the calls at issue. This settlement does not resolve that disputed issue, or the disputed question of whether the calls violated the TCPA. The Court has preliminarily certified this matter as a class action for settlement.

Settlement Pool





Abramson v. Alpha Gas and Electric Settlement Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC)
P.O. Box 43442
Providence, RI 02940-3442

18 responses to “Alpha Gas & Electric TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. David Brill says:

    I have been trying to access the listed website to fill out the necessary claim forms, but the site keeps requesting an “Administrative Password.”

    I really need help resolvong this matter as it is February 6th, 2017, and the final day for completed claim forms is February 8th. With only 2 days until then, I’m trying to find a solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    David Brill

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Please contact the class action administrator using the information provided above.

  2. Czarniecki says:

    I am trying to file a claim and it is asking me for a password , i do not know the password

    ADMIN – Hi Czarniecki,

    Contact the admin to see if you have a claim number and password.

  3. Frank Delacruz says:

    Hola estoy tratando de ver si estoy en la lista de celulares, que pusieron la demanda yo si tengo el # de claim que me llego por correo el 8 de julio del 2016, y hoy es 8 de febrero el ultimo dia. Tambien pude entrar al web site pero no me aceptan como un beneficiario.

    ADMIN – Hola Frank

    Te recomiendo usar el numero que listamos en la sección titulada “contact”.

  4. john jones says:

    i missed the dead line,are late claims being accepted.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    No late claims.

  5. ORIN MCKAY says:

    I need to speak to someone please. please contact me so i can reply to the new form you sent me. or contact the email i sent you. thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Orin,

    Normally you contact the class action admin whose info is posted above.

  6. ORIN MCKAY says:

    is there a list of phone numbers on the class action list that i can look at to see what phone number i had back them. my phone account had multiple lines associated with it. I don’t remember all the numbers i had.

    ADMIN – Hi Orin,

    Even if there was you would be wasting your time since the deadline has passed.

  7. Kurt Oehlberg says:

    I received the claim form on March 24th well over a month past the deadline. When were these claim forms sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi Kurt,

    Refer to the postmark.

  8. ORIN MCKAY says:

    I have until April 14 to respond to a letter you sent me. I need to speak to someone asap. I dont remember the phone number i was using at that time. I can’t reach anyone on the phone number above. If you care please help.

    ADMIN – Hi Orin,

    We did not send you a letter. If you are talking about the class action admin their info is posted above so you can contact them directly.

  9. ORIN MCKAY says:

    Cant contact anyone above. The phone number does not even allow u to speak to someone. No one is responding to emails. Just cant remember what phone number i had at that time period. thanks a lot.

  10. Jackie says:

    This is my claim number aag10108830901 98149 when will I receive my check

    ADMIN – Hi Jackie,

    We can’t help you with that. For updates you must contact the class action admin.

  11. phillip harmon says:

    I filed my claim in time my name is phillip harmon when do I here something

    ADMIN – Hi Phillip,

    You can reach out to the class action administrator to check on the status of your claim.

  12. Janet and michael Nardella says:

    It is past the Hearing date for this proposed Settlement. How do I obtain information as to when settlement will be paid out and when?

    ADMIN – Hi Janet,

    Your best bet is to contact the class action admin.

  13. Lindareeves says:

    Just wondering if the class action suit was settled.

    ADMIN – HI Linda,

    Are you asking if the funds have been distributed?

  14. Kat S says:

    I would like to know have the funds been distributed and how would a person know how much they will receive?

    ADMIN – Hi Kat,

    ATTENTION: UPDATE AS OF 05/08/2017 On May 3, 2017, the Court issued an Order granting final approval to the Settlement. You can view a copy of the Order here.
    All submitted claims are in the final stages of processing. Your patience is appreciated.

  15. LaTasha Gray says:

    Have the funds been distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Latasha,

    Not yet.

  16. Shana says:

    I want to know if the funds have been distributed as yet

    ADMIN – Hi Shana,

    This is the latest from the admin:

    ATTENTION: UPDATE AS OF 05/08/2017 On May 3, 2017, the Court issued an Order granting final approval to the Settlement. You can view a copy of the Order here.
    All submitted claims are in the final stages of processing. Your patience is appreciated.

  17. john r rodriguez says:

    could somebody call me at 609-888-5830

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    None of us can call you. We are not associated with the settlement.

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