AT&T Landline Third Party Billing Class Action

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers unauthorized charges placed on AT&T landline bills by third-party companies. These companies may have provided your services such as voicemail, email, fax, web, yellow pages, diet plans, or identity protection. The unauthorized third party charges were between 1/1/05 and 1/14/13. The list of third party companies is here.

Estimated Amount:

Class members may received a 100% refund on any unauthorized third-party charges for which they were billing.

AT&T will also provide a free billing summary of bills between 1/1/05 and 1/14/13 so that you may determine if you had any unauthorized 3rd party charges on your account (here).

Proof of Purchase:

NOT required

Claim Form: ATT 3rd Party Billing Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Nwabueze et al. v. AT&T. et al.,
Case No. CV-09-1529 SI
Case Summary:

The lawsuit alleged that AT&T unlawfully allowed third party companies to bill AT&T landline consumers as part of their AT&T bill. The case was not decided by the court, with the parties settled before the case went before a judge.

Settlement Pool: uncapped
Settlement Website: AT&T Third Party Billing Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 2, 2013
Claims Administrator: Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc.
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35045
Seattle, WA 98124

71 Responses to AT&T Landline Third Party Billing Class Action

  1. Requesting a copy of billing summary. PERSONAL INFORMATION DELETED Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Inez,

    To get a copy of your billing summary, use the link above to go to the class action administrator’s site. They can send you a billing statement.

  2. I have requested billing summary 2 times and have not heard nor received a response. What if I don’t receive a response by the deadline 12/2/2013?

  3. I am having at this moment the problem described in this page. A company named USBI just charge us $256 through ATT automatic payment system.
    And is charging me more for the next payment bill

    I cancel my contract with ATT

    Calling to USBI just a moment ago, and after minutes of waiting “for the next available representative” they lead me to an answer machine …..

    What can I do?

  4. At&T sent me a card advising me of this class action. However I’ve requested the billing statement 2xs & they send back they’re backed up on processing & i have until DEC. They claim even if I don’t get it by Dec I can still send it in. Weird…

  5. I can’t seem to copy a copy of my billing summary either. Just sent in another request. My goal within the next few months is to dump At&T (U-verse). I’ve had it with this company.

    • Mildred,

      Contact the administrator below and they can give you all the information you need.

      Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc.
      c/o GCG
      P.O. Box 35045
      Seattle, WA 98124

    • I have been overcharged by $980.00 & there is no good reason for AT&T to allow this to happen to it’s customers, so I have decided to NEVER AGAIN use AT&T as long as I am drawing breath in my body!!! And I too, am waiting to hear when I will be receiving my settlement cash.

  6. Why do I have to wait for an appeal to get my refund.

    ADMIN – Hi Dewanda,

    In the case of appeals, the class administrators are usually instructed by the court to delay sending out the refund checks until the appeal is heard. The reason for this is that if the appeal is successful the company does not need to pay out refunds and if they have already been paid out, trying to get them back will be costly and inconvenient for everyone.


  8. Has there been an appeal – I thought it had already been through that process- when will we start getting our refunds.

  9. Has the appeal been settled. If so how much longer will we know about the refund. They didn’t take that long to take it from us, so why should we endure this much time to receive it back.

  10. I’m trying to wait patiently but it’s hard because I’ve ran into yet ANOTHER dishonest situation with them. I wonder what’s next with this company?!

  11. The appeal was only filed on Decemeber 24th, 2013. It will likely take MONTHS to be heard, so it is unlikely any of us will be receiving a check in the near future.

  12. I was also wondering if they have appealed yet. I was wondering if they are sending the refunds soon. I got my billing summary back in early November of 2013 and sent it back in the next day long before the December 2nd deadline did the administration people get it. I received no reply or any word that they got it. And I see no information on any updates on this case since the Approval Hearing in November

    • I too had begin to wonder if my claim form had been received and remembered that I had submitted everything online;I even requested my billing summary online and I almost forgot that I had got confirmation numbers. I’m not at all sure if that matters to them but at least I do have proof that I submitted my claim.

  13. I see that it says refunds wont be sent out until the appeal is resolved and it says on the website that the appeal was asked for on Dec. 24. Do you know when the appeal will be heard also do you know how many times they get to ask for an appeal cause if they can just keeping asking for appeals that is what they may do to delay from having to pay.

  14. Okay, I sent a message to ask what stage this class action lawsuit is in and I was told that it’s still in an appeal phase BUT those of us that are still AT&T customers will not receive a check instead we will have the funds applied as credit towards our bills. This is beyond crazy, they just HATE to have to give up money that is owed to wronged individuals…well, looks like I have a couple of months of free service coming to me. I deserve more than that with all of the trouble I’ve had in the last year. I’ll bet they’ve had to send a technician to my home twice a month for the last year and they finally got the repair work done right this year. It took that many times to do something correctly and they never once credited my bill for the many days and weeks that I had no service.

    • Hi Diane,

      Any chance did you receive a letter in Feb. 2014 requesting updated 3rd party billing info. with a deadline date of Dec. 2013?

      Lastly, did you receive notification from AT&T that the delay was due to: An individual who didn’t agree with the terms of settlement is the reason why there has not been a settlement to date? What a joke! I won’t go any further. AT&T might want to higher people who are aware of their surroundings and what they portray.

  15. Since At&t took our money and has kept it for years, we need to ask for double our payment for interest on our mony,and for pain and suffering. We need to do this at the appeal, or protest. Let’s contact the lawyers in this case.

  16. If someone is appealing, why can’t we ask the lawyers to give us interest and extra compensation on money due to us. This is not fair that they can keep our money for years. We should at least get double of what we are owed.

  17. I to think that we need to be pay double sent we got rob by AT&T they need to pay us now and whom ever appeal it let them wait on there money for two more years.

  18. I had over $1000 worth the international calls from AT&T. Calls ii didn’t make. They turn my phone off. After they looked back at my pass bills. I was told its the employees. In the main office that is putting these charges non people phones. I had a total of 3000 in charges on my bill. I need my refund.

  19. I received a letter from At&t stating that I didn’t file on time, but I did. I filed on line and I have a confirmation # and a control #. I don’t know if they are trying to get out of paying the money.

  20. I agree with everyone else, it’s not fair how we are being treated about our refund. we have done everything they requested us to do, they took our monies every month with no problem, why won’t AT&t refund our monies with no problem. the system is twisted up, and is twisting innocent people and there money.

  21. I agree with you Betty Ford. We should get paid double for the illegal charges and be paid interest for the time we are having to wait. They didn’t wait on there fee they charged. So I feel they should give our money back immediately. AT&T will not even miss one penny of the money they cheated us.

  22. I’ve been waiting patiently and still haven’t heard anything yet. I’ve tried calling the number they have given and it seems to be a lot of run around nobody’s giving any answers except the same information that we already have which is nothing. I sent in everything they asked me for on time. It would be nice to atleast talk to someone in person…….Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  23. I would like to know when checks will be dispersed. And in what manner they will be dispersed. And will there be any interest added to individuals settlement checks.

  24. I’m still waiting for a reply concerning the date the rebates checks will be sent out. I have submitted all the necessary papers and documents and I called the 1 800 number, and was told they could not give an answer and that I must email you. SO PLEASE REPLY WITH SOME TYPE OF RESPONSE. PATIENTLY WAITING@$$#€£×$#$$%%

  25. I am a very old senior citizen, if I die before you att gives me my money my children will sue them , l hope.

  26. Does anyone have any updates on this? I have been waiting patiently, and I know class action payments can take a while but this is getting ridiculous. I am going though some hard times and could really use the money ATT owes me ($300) to pay off some bills… guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed

    • I have been waiting patiently also, my friend receive her refund she own a business so I guess they are more important then I am. I was told to go to AT&T website ask your question and wait for a response. I will be waiting and hope not for long

  27. Don’t cross your fingers just pray. Prayer is powerful and we all know now that At&t are thieves and liars of everything they stand for. I am waiting in Prayer and believing this will be over soon. Pray, Pray, Pray!!! At&t will eventually lose many customers because of false advertisement and HIGH, HIGH charges.

  28. I fired AT&T long before this law suit because of their poor customer service and over billing. They did take our money and are trying to avoid giving it back. However, God doesn’t like ugly, and He will see this is resolved. I could desperately use the money, but I have faith, and I will never be an AT&T customer again! I think if enough of us fired them, it would speak volumes! Maybe, just maybe, they will learn to treat people fairly and honestly. We ALL should fire AT&T until they repay us our money!

  29. I receive an email from Attthirdparty billing settlement they stated the appeal has been settled and now ATT has to review the billing summary.would they have not done that before…just another way not to pay.

  30. Dear Sir or Madam,


    Thank you for your email.


    The Court approved the Settlement Agreement on November 27, 2013.  The Court’s final approval was appealed by a single individual.   The appeal process has delayed the processing of claims made under the settlement.  The appeal has now been resolved and we have begun the process of sending properly submitted and qualifying Claim Forms to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) for review.


    Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, all properly submitted and qualifying Claim Forms will be sent to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) for review.  The Clearinghouse review process has now begun.  Under the terms of the Settlement the Settlement Administrator will continue the process of sending Claim Forms on a rolling basis until all Claim Forms meeting the requirements are provided to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s).


    AT&T and/or the relevant Clearinghouse(s) have the right to challenge any claim.  If challenged, the class member will receive a copy of the challenge and supporting evidence with the right to respond to the challenge. The challenge process will continue until all timely, complete Claim Forms have been provided to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) and they have exercised their right to challenge any of the claims.


    When the Clearinghouse challenge process and Claim Form determination are complete we will then commence distribution.  At that stage class members will be reimbursed for all valid claims. Current AT&T customers will receive credits to their AT&T account.  Former AT&T customers will be issued checks in the account holder’s name. We appreciate your ongoing patience.


    For more information and regular updates of the status of the Settlement, please visit the Settlement website at


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




    Settlement Administrator (SLM)

    Toll Free Number: 1 (866) 242-0603

    emailed the settlement office and this is the response I received….

  31. Update as of 6/14/14..The Court approved the Settlement Agreement on November 27, 2013. The Court’s final approval of the settlement was appealed by a single individual but that appeal has now been dismissed.
    Approved claims are expected to be paid no later than May 2015. Current customers of AT&T will receive credits to their AT&T account. Former AT&T customers will be issued checks in the account holder’s name.

  32. Reading the comment written by Renee Giles, stating that it will be a credit to current AT&T customers. It should be my choice if I want a refund or a credit. Some people might want a check issued to the account holder’s name.

  33. First off, I am glad I terminated AT&T service long ago, so I can get a check instead of a credit to a bill.

    Secondly, AT&T will only add intersest or other compensation if the Court ORDERS it…which they did not, so you wil only get the amount charged to your bills.

    Some suggest compensation for “pain and suffering”….are you kidding?? You had pain and suffering because you were overcharged a few bucks on your bill? Too funny, thanks for the laughs.

    • Some of us were charged over 500.00 or more. And for a disabled elderly couple who have a fixed income,and a sick husband who have been trying to get this resolved for years, is a lot of money.

      • Sara, I understand you totally what you are saying. I do not like the idea of them keeping my money and crediting my account. That is wrong. They are making out like the bandits they are! I went with them and bundled and now I am paying 190. dollars a month. They tell me that’s because I have so much going on. Yes I have channels I do not need, like 4 channels in a row of boxing. and that’s not all I do not want them at 78 years old and a female why would I like to watch boxing? I can never reach a real person to talk to. I am definitely going to leave this company.

  34. I’m moving so had to e-mail to see if check would arrive to my current address or if I should give them my new one. They took the new address & said that check processing hasn’t started yet and the only info they’ll give out is that we should get them by May 2015. They have no other info available, or that they’re willing to share – so I wouldn’t count on getting anything before next spring. I’m going to try to forget about it and look at it as money in the bank.

  35. Is there any way of finding out if anyone fell “thru the cracks”? In dealing with this sketchy company, im sure allowing something of that nature to happen would save them a ton of money! Has anyone rcvd any communication of developing events or do we just sit back and wait on them to be honest and send out info to everyone they took from?? Hmm-not really into trusting them at this time…and theyre still drawing interest off our money as we speak!! And will continue to do so until when?! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR EVEN MERE PENNIES TO COME FROM THIS SINCE MOST OF US “REAL” PEOPLE ARE LIVING FROM PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK…BARELY! GOOD LUCK TO US ALL- :)

  36. Firstly, all of us – myself included – should have checked our bills more carefully; if we had then we wouldn’t be out the hundreds that we’re all waiting for now, so we need to acknowledge some of the blame ourselves. That being said, there are thousands of us to sift through for review, processing & issuance of checks, which is very time-consuming. On top of it all, AT&T is of course going to follow the time-line set by the court, and has been very clear that we’ll receive our reimbursement by May 2015. Talking to anyone won’t change it or speed it up, time to let it go & be grateful when the check arrives. I’m looking at it as “found money” since I never noticed the charges until it was brought to my attention by this suit, it will be nice to get $500 in May, and I’m not expecting it any sooner.

    • Just an FYI, I checked my bill, found the issue, called, and was told it was my fault. This is when I canceled every AT&T product I had. I will never have AT&T ever again.

  37. Hi i am also waiting for a check, I read Susan comment about how we as the customer should have read our bill carefully,that is something i did take initiation to do. I called and called. And everytime i called i would get switch to different one could ever explain my bill to me,but i also knew that i was not crazy.So some of you might not believe regardless of whats being said they have already issue checks out guys,my uncle recieved his check. I have not recieved mines but he did. I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW THEY ARE DOING THE CHECKS MOST PEOPLE I KNOW THEY HAVE RECEIVE THEIR CHECKS.

    • I read my bill too. Figured out the problem, called, and was told it was my fault that there were issues with my bill. I was not a happy camper.

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