Barbara’s Bakery Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Those who purchased eligible Barbara’s Bakery products between 5/23/2008 and 7/5/2013. Eligible products include:

  • Brown Rice Crisps (Fruit Juice Sweetened Flavor)
  • Corn Flakes (Fruit Juice Sweetened Flavor)
  • High Fiber (Cranberry, Flax & Granola, and Original Flavors)
  • Hole ‘N Oats (Fruit Juice Sweetened or Honey Nut Flavors)
  • Honest O’s (Honey Nut, Multigrain, or Original Flavors)
  • Organic Apple Cinnamon O’s
  • Organic Breakfast O’s
  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Organic Brown Rice Crisps
  • Organic Corn Flakes
  • Organic Crispy Wheats
  • Organic Honey Crunch ‘Noats
  • Organic Honey Nut O’s
  • Organic Snackimals Cereal (Cinnamon Crunch or Vanilla Blast Flavors)
  • Organic Wild Puffs (Caramel, Cocoa, Cocoa Grahams, Fruity Punch, Honey Puffs, or Original Flavors)
  • Puffins (Cinnamon, Crunchy Cocoa, Fruit Medley, Honey Rice, Multigrain, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, or Original Flavors)
  • Puffin Puffs (Crunchy Cocoa or Fruit Medley Flavors)
  • Shredded Oats (Cinnamon Crunch, Blueberry Burst, Multigrain, Original, Shredded Wheat, or Vanilla Almond Flavors)
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Shredded Spoonfuls (Multigrain or Vanilla Blast Flavors)
  • Shredded Minis (Blueberry Burst Flavor)
  • Toasted Oatmeal Flakes (Original Flavor)
  • Ultima Organic (Blue Corn, Blueberry, Flax & Granola, High Fiber, or Pomegranate Flavors)
  • Multigrain Cereal Bars (Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Cherry, Original, Raspberry, Strawberry, or Triple Berry Flavors)
  • Fruit & Yogurt Bars (Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Apple, Cherry Apple, Strawberry Apple, or Traditional Flavors)
  • Puffins Cereal and Milk Bars (Blueberry Yogurt, French Toast, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, or Strawberry Yogurt Flavors)
  • Fig Bars (Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Multigrain, Raspberry, Traditional, Wheat Free or Whole Wheat Flavors)
  • Crunchy Organic Granola Bars (Cinnamon Crisp, Oat & Honey, Peanut Butter, or Toasted Almond Flavors)
  • Snackimals Animal Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Vanilla, or Snickerdoodle Flavors)
  • Organic Mini Cookies (Chocolate, Ginger, or Oatmeal Flavors)
  • Bruschetta Snack Mix
  • Honey Cinnamon Snack Mix
  • Honey Mustard Snack Mix
  • Salsa Snack Mix
  • Crisp Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Double Dutch Chocolate Chip, Old Fashioned Oatmeal, or Traditional Short Bread Flavors)
  • Go Go Grahams (Chocolate, Cinnamon, Honey, or Lemon Ginger Flavors)
  • Pizza and Cheese Bites
  • Rite Lite Rounds (Original, Poppy Seed, or Tamari Sesame Flavors)
  • Wheatines (Cracked Pepper, Original, or Sesame Flavors)
  • Baked Cheese Puffs (Original or White Cheddar Flavors)
  • Cheese Puffs (Jalapeno or Original Flavors)
Estimated Amount:

Reimbursement for purchases (up to $100)

Proof of Purchase:

Not required

Claim Form: Barbara’s Bakery Class Action Claim Form
Case Name: Tramwell v. Barbara’s bakery, Inc. et al.,
Case No.: 3:12-CV-02664-CRB
(Northern District of California)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs contend that Barbara’s Bakery misleadingly labelled it’s products as all natural, when they did in fact contain GMO’s and other artificial ingredients. Defendants deny the claims. The case was settled before being decided by the court.

Settlement Pool: $4,000,000
Settlement Website: Barbara’s Bakery Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: January 1, 2014
Claims Administrator: Rust Consulting, Inc.
PO Box 3018
Faribault, MN 55021-2618
(866) 590-8528

57 Responses to Barbara’s Bakery Class Action Settlement

  1. Rust Consulting is the Administrator … so if you have any other class action with them you won’t get paid for this one. I would save my stamp and time.

    • All of the administrators I’ve seen seem random, is it safe to assume that if it doesn’t say in the administrator section on my other one that they aren’t the admin?

      ADMIN – Hi Jonny,

      Not sure I understand your question.

    • Why would it make a difference if the administrator also handles another settlement?

      ADMIN – Hi Justin,

      The poster above is implying that the administrator (Rust one of the biggest players in the industry that does a lot of settlement) denies payments to people that file claims in lots of other settlements.

      I doubt this is true. As an administrator, assuming that just because someone filed multiple claims that they were fraudulent seems like a stretch.

      • Of course it is true. I have been told since I file in numerous actions that I can not get paid for the really big claims, but only those under $ 15.00 as I file too much. I look at what suits are available, and file in all we in the family have actions in, but the administrators do not like that, especially, as I tell all my family members to file as well. Our problems is that we have paid cash in the past, and did not keep receipts as we were perfectly satisfied with the products, but if there is an action, are we not entitled to file along with everyone else?

        • Who told you that since you file in numerous actions that you can only file for those under $15.00? Have you ever been denied a claim because of such a reason?

          As with the others, I am skeptical that an administrator would deny the claims of those who enter in multiple class action lawsuits. You say that you have your entire family file, which is what I suspect they find the actual problem in. If you have multiple people in one household filing for the same claim, I could understand them believing that it’s fraudulent.

          ADMIN – Hi Carlos,

          I am also skeptical that an administrator would without any proof deny claims made in multiple settlements. It is perfectly normal that a family might be affected by multiple settlements. I would guess that an average family that diligently applied for everything they are eligible for would expect to do 5-10 a year, and more would not be unusual.

          Just a small clarification. When we administer funds we do as you mentioned deny the second and subsequent claims from people in the same household. It is not that we have any reason to believe they are acting fraudulently in filing multiple claims, it is because it is usually written into the terms of the settlement that you can only make one claim per household.

        • And who told you that? I sent an email to Rust, inquiring as to whether if one had multiple claims if those subsequent claims would not be paid. The rep from Rust said that having multiple claims is not a factor in whether a claim is paid or not. The claim just must be filed correctly and be a valid claim. If I did not get paid for a particular claim, I would be contacting Rust to find out why.

    • Brian, you and other are totally incorrect. You are not barred from one settlement action through Rust or anyone else simply because you have a valid claim in another. If someone is denied, there are other problems with the individual claim.

  2. I have to agree with Justin. A Lot of these Class Action Cases are dealing with products that have health or fitness claims that are just not true. As a consumer who has tried to live a healthy lifestyle, imagine my surprise to learn that quite often I paid higher prices for products that appeared to be healthier when in fact they were not. I should be compensated because I wasted a lot of money! I could have bought the lower priced items because they were just as healthy as the ones I chose. I do not like being duped into paying a much higher price for something all natural or organic when in fact it is not! When I stumbled upon Class Action Rebates I was shocked that I had been duped for years! I would not have known if I had not seen so many products I have purchased for years on this site. By settling out of court and not admitting any validity to the claims, they are able to continue duping the public. It’s odd that I have to use this site to find out the truth about many products I use. Trying to live healthy is very expensive even though in many cases it is cheaper to produce a healthier product. For example, it should not cost me 50 Cents more to have them leave off the icing of pop tarts because I don’t want the extra sugar & chemicals from the icing. It is outrageous! But this is why the manufacturers would rather pay a settlement than be forced to remove their false claims of all natural or organic! They have learned that the public is willing to pay a lot more for a healthier product. So Yes, I will have multiple claims because of my choice to pay more for healthier products since that is the industry that needs better monitoring & Industry standards & is currently duping the public with false ads so they can charge more for their products.

    • Kimberly I agree with you I have also tried several products trying to help with my weight loss and being misled by these companies are insulting and then being told that you can only claim from one administrator. They did not say that when we purchased the items.

  3. Hello Admin, I may have submitted this particular claim twice by mistake (same information), can you tell me if this will be corrected on their end?

    ADMIN – Hi Arthur,

    Most administrators will delete duplicate entries, leaving only one entry behind.

  4. How do I post a claim online? It asks for a username and password but does not allow me to create an account.

    ADMIN – Hi Odes,

    Click the claim form link above. You will be directed to an online claim form that will not require you to create an account.

  5. I’ve been eating these bars and I’ve yet to lose weight with them. I’ve gaining weight.

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    You may want to check if you have been doing it right. You have to be sure to chew between 7 – 10 times for each bite, otherwise the magic weight loss formula doesn’t work.

  6. It Is True That The Admin Pays Selectively. If They Feel You Have Applied Too Many Times, To Other Class actions, You Will Not Get Your Check. This Has Been. My Experience. I HAve Applied For A Number Of Class Actions Which Have NOT Gotten Paid….

  7. Does anyone know when checks go out? I feel you should only apply for class actions that pertain to you and your family. My daughter owns her own business for personal training and health, so If there were 5 class actions for healthy things she uses in her gym, people that post are telling me that they wouldn’t pay her? I would think that would be against the law since she would have a right to file. So the comments saying not getting paid sound fishey to me……

    • i’ve come to find out of the 15 claims give or take i have filed i have recieved 3 checks intotal and they took roughly 6 months to a year to arrive

      • That is because the claims process can take six months to a year and a half. The wheels of justice turn slowly.

  8. I run a busy household, over $2000.00 spent monthly on food and minor expenses, household items, hygiene etc. I have filed for several products on the class action list. I got my first rebate, but after that, nothing. So now do I have to keep each and every receipt for every item I buy including food? I still have some of the items on my shelf. I am being excluded because they don’t believe I have bought more than one @$#& item?

  9. Distribution is anticipated for June 2014..However got my denial letter today saying I applies multiple times at the same home WITCH its a lie cause I live alone SHAME ON RUST YOU GOING DOWN

  10. I have been paid for every claim in which I was a valid member of the class action and which claim was properly filed.

  11. It is June 23, and no distribution has been made in the Barbara’s Bakery misleading advertising class action. The web site says distribution in June 2014. Seven more days, and that no longer will be a factual statement. Anyone who works for Rust, any idea on a more precise date of distribution?

    • Update


      Distribution is anticipated for late August 2014

      • Delayed from June 2014 to August 2014? Three months to issue checks?!?!? Ridiculous. Of course, the longer the settlement funds are kept in Rust’s account, the more interest that is accumulated. So there’s an incentive to delaying distribution.

        • I was just informed that they (Rust) can’t find the documents that I certainly filed on time. I was notified from an office in Florida. I filed through an office in MN. What is going on with Rust?

  12. Oh, now it’s LATE AUGUST. If we’re lucky, the class members will get these checks by Christmas. My question, too, FGH. What is going on with Rust?

  13. The FTC are the ones who deny claims from people who have claimed a classaction in the past that the FTC was involved in. Like the Sketchers settlement the FTC was involved and I was denied since I had claimed another class action that they were involved in. Its the FTC! Read each classaction carefully to see if the FTC is mentioned before claiming unless you have extensive proof of purchase, but still yet the FTC still says you could be denied even with proof.

    • What is FTC? No entity can reject an individual’s inclusion in a class action because that individual was involved in any other class action. That’s not the way it works. FTC? The Federal Trade Commission? You were denied in Sketchers for some other reason than FTC, whatever that is, being “involved.” If your claim is TIMELY FILED or you have MULTIPLE CLAIMS, you cannot be excluded.

  14. It’s August 20. I would define that as “late August.” Anyone have a check yet from the Barbara’s Bakery class action settlement?

    • Hello Everyone,The Checks For Barbara’s Bakery Are Going Out In The Mail On Friday,The 29th Of August Ok. It’s About Time! :-)

  15. S. George, are you with Rust? If not, from where did you receive this information? I was going to comment that today is just about as late in August as it gets. That means though that checks will not be received until Tuesday, September 2, with the Monday holiday. But then is better than never.

  16. LOL, I’m sure they are sending the cheapest way possible, Postcard mailers, I sure hope Not! Well Good Luck to All who get a check!

  17. UPDATE 3: Class action settlement checks weremailed to eligible Class Members on Aug. 29, 2014. Average payouts are around $46. Let us know how much money YOU received in the comments section below. Congrats!

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