Class Eligibility

The NEC TOKIN Settlement Class includes persons and entities in the United States that, from April 1, 2002, through July 15, 2016, purchased from a distributor (or from an entity other than a Defendant) one or more Capacitor(s) that a Defendant or alleged co-conspirator manufactured. Excluded from the NEC TOKIN Settlement Class are Defendants, their parent companies, subsidiaries, and Affiliates, any co-conspirators, Defendants’ attorneys in this case, federal government entities and instrumentalities, states, and their subdivisions, all judges assigned to the case, and all jurors in the case.

The Okaya Settlement Class includes persons and entities in the United States that, from January 1, 2002, through April 14, 2016, purchased from a distributor (or from an entity other than a Defendant) one or more Capacitor(s) that a Defendant or alleged co- conspirator manufactured.

Estimated Amount


This is a pro rata settlement where the total pool will be distributed among all valid claims based on the number of capacitors reported and other factors designed to ensure fairness in distribution

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

In re Capacitors Antitrust Litigation – All Indirect Purchaser Actions
Master File No. 3:14-cv-03264-JD
District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

The lawsuit alleges that Defendants and co-conspirators conspired to raise and fix the prices of Capacitors for more than ten years, resulting in overcharges to indirect purchasers of Capacitors. The complaint describes how the Defendants and co-conspirators allegedly violated the U.S. and state antitrust, unfair competition, and consumer protection laws by agreeing to fix prices and restrict output of Capacitors by, among other things, face-to-face meetings and other communications, customer allocation, and the use of trade associations. Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ allegations. The Court has not decided who is right.

Settlement Pool





Capacitors Indirect Settlement,
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.,
P.O. Box 173020, Milwaukee,
WI 53217-8042

25 responses to “Capacitors Antitrust Class Action Settlement”

  1. Brian markowitz says:

    I bought these



    ADMIN – Hi Sophia,

    For this particular settlement you should not be concerned about that. It is not ready for claim filing. In the future should you need to work on skills such as downloading a document from the web, you can watch a variety of youtube videos that will show you how to right-click and download a document.

  3. some capacitor kid says:

    I bought some capacitors but I doubt there’s any issues with them lol. What kind of check would I get like 29 cents? haha. costs more than that to drive to and from the bank.

    ADMIN – Hi SCK

    To put it simply this has nothing to do with defects. This is an antitrust settlement related to pricing.

    • some capacitor kid says:

      Ohh I see. Sheesh they were cheap enough I thought. Well I’ll have to look up my order details and see what I got but it sure wasn’t much. I got the post card for this in the mail the other day and just laughed.

      ADMIN – Hi SCK,

      You also have stuff that has capacitors in addition to the ones that you purchased directly no?

  4. kim nelson says:

    I bought 12 of these

  5. Michael reicheneker jr says:

    I bought many of these 🙁

  6. john says:

    What exactly is a indirect purchaser and direct purchaser? I tried to Google it, can’t find clear enough info about it?
    I bought lots of electrical things in that time frame.
    Or indirect purchaser means the actual capacitor.
    If it’s the latter. Then I’m not an indirect purchaser.
    If it’s the former, then I am. And it would probably cost more to mail out a check, then the refund they send you.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    A direct purchaser is someone that purchased something from the manufacturer. An indirect purchaser is someone that purchased something from a retail store.

    • john says:

      Does this applies to only if you bought capacitors?
      Or anything that have capacitors in it?

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      It reads like it only applies to standalone capacitors.

      • john says:

        That’s the part I didn’t understand. I didn’t want to file for a claim that I’m not qualified for.

  7. CHall says:

    No luck getting claim
    No response

  8. Gene says:

    Did anyone figure out if you bought something with a capacitor in it if you are able to put in a claim? If you don’t know does anyone have a phone number for the attorney handling the case or email address?

  9. Willie Henry says:

    When will this settle?

    ADMIN – Hi Willie,

    No date yet.

  10. Jim Eslinger says:

    It might surprise how much of a settlement payment responders receive. I received a check for $89 when I responded to a similar request in a class action suit involving semiconductors. I had purchased only a few hundred dollars worth of devices. And hey, even $10 is $10.

  11. ray says:

    link is broken

    ADMIN – Hi Ray,

    Not broken, closed. The deadline was in January.

  12. Mike says:

    Does this apply to flux capacitors?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    I don’t know. But even if it did the deadline has passed and you may no longer file.

    • Andrew says:

      Aw, you missed the joke. Good reference, Mike.

      ADMIN – Hi Andrew,

      The admin does not want to date herself by acknowledging references to movies of the past.

  13. Deb says:

    Curious. Why is this still on here if the deadline is passed? I just wasted 10 minutes reading it to figure out if i qualify.

    ADMIN – Hi Deb,

    In the future scroll down to the field that reads deadline before filing. We leave the postings open so people can follow up when they have not received their checks.

  14. Fred says:

    I bought about 8 capacitors back in 2007. I must have spent a whole $3. Had I not chose to opt out (I do not believe in class action lawsuits), I might have received a check for say 20 cents.

    What I am angry about, is Digikey gave my name and address to AB data. I am further angered that AB data somehow obtained my updated address and they refuse to tell me how they obtained it. I am going after them and I will use duress to find out how they got it. Their source will be neutralized.

    I also expect Digikey to take responsibility for handing over my name and address.

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    I suspect your address is public record

    • Christina says:

      Why would you come to this site to announce you “do not believe in class action lawsuits”?

      What a waste of time and space and oxygen

      ADMIN – Hi Christina,

      While we are not the best choice for that type of complaint, I am not bothered by his questions. Not the end of the world.

    • Fred says:

      I am a bit confused. I went to Wal-Mart today and bought a soft insulated lunch carrier. I paid cash. Nobody took my name down. So if six months from now, there is a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the lunch carriers, what happens? [SARCASM] Let me guess, they hire some lady with a crystal ball, and she tells them the name and address of everyone who bought one? [\SARCASM]

      I think they “pull names out of a hat”. I remember getting a check when there was a suit against a baby bottle manufacturer. My wife and I got a check for $2 or something like that. We never received a notice of the pending case. We just got a check. That was in about 2002 or so. I had a vasectomy in 1988 with no children. My wife and I have NEVER bought baby bottles.

      I received a check for about the same in 2008 when Zodiac pool products was sued over unfair advertising or something like that. We never owned a swimming pool, so we never bought any pool products.

      I do not understand this whole class action thing. It sounds like a complete farce.

      ADMIN – Hi Fred,

      Maybe your wife is filing with your info just to mess with your mind.

      • Fred says:

        My former spouse hates unsolicited class action nonsense worse than me. My current spouse (of four years) has never lived in the West and does not know what a class action lawsuit is. I pick up all the mail and handle what few expenses we have. She would not know how to do this.

        I just had a thought (only moments ago)…… There are only about 7 major claims administrators. The FTC has almost no visibility into what they do. They can do anything they like, and nobody will be the wiser. I honestly think they maintain a periodically refreshed database of profiles (names, addresses, email, phone), and randomly send notices to them. Maintaining such a list is trivial, and far less time costly, than actually tracking down only real class members. So long as they hit perhaps 1% of the potential class members, they can call the search campaign a success. I suppose people who see the class action lawsuits on sites like this might provide another 1% more class members for good measure.

        I suspect that the names (in the theoretical database) are those who filed claims in the past, those from actual class member lists in the past, and names collected from social networking, etc.

        Yes this is only a theory. My brainstorms are seldom spot on, but they are almost always in the general vicinity of the facts.

        ADMIN – Hi Fred,

        The response rate is way higher than 1%. Have a super day Fred!

  15. Burbon Wheeler says:

    I filed a claim over 9 months ago and haven’t heard or seen anything,what the hell is going on with this suit ????

    ADMIN – Hi Burbon,

    I don’t think you filed a claim. Most likely you registered for info which is the only option that the page provides.

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