Class Eligibility

If you purchased one or more CRT television(s) or monitor(s) between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007 while residing in Illinois (or, if you are a business, while you were headquartered or incorporated in Illinois), for your own use and not for resale, you may recover by filing a claim.

Estimated Amount

$20 or $60

You are likely to receive $20 for each television monitor or $60 for each computer monitor

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Illinois v. Hitachi Ltd., et al.,
Case No. 12 CH 35266
Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that the Defendants conspired to fix, raise, maintain or stabilize prices of CRTs resulting in overcharges to consumers who bought products containing CRTs. The Defendants deny Plaintiff’s allegations or that indirect purchasers suffered any overcharge. The Court has not yet decided who is right.

Settlement Pool





CRT Illinois Claims
c/o KCC Class Action Services
P.O. Box 404041
Louisville, KY 40233-4041

2 responses to “CRT Antitrust Televisions & Monitors Class Action Settlement (Illinois Only)”

  1. AE Pulliam says:

    Can this also be filled in Oklahoma? or a new class action started here

    ADMIN – Hi AE,

    This settlement is for Illinois only. When we have one for Oklahoma we will post it.

  2. Wanda Mohlenbruck says:

    After filing and receiving a claim ID no. Is there anything else I need to do to assure that I am in with my claim. And if I didn’t get a hard copy of my claim ID no. How can I retrieve this no.

    Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    You should have printed your digital confirmation. You can certainly try writing to the class action administrator to see if they can confirm that your claim has been submitted.

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