Electronic Arts (EA Sports) Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers copies of Electronic Arts (EA) Madden NFL, NCCAA Football, or Arena Football for Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 (PS2), Playstation 3 (PS3), Gamecube, PC, or Wii bought new in the United States between January 1, 2005 and June 21, 2012.
Estimated Amount:

$20.37 per game on Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 2, PC, or Nintendo Gamecube (Sixth Generation Purchasers) up to a maximum of $162.96 (8 games).

$5.85 per game on Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, PC, or Nintendo Wii (Seventh Generation Purchasers) up to a maximum of $46.80 (8 games).

Note that if the claim pool of $27 million is exhausted, then the value of payments will be reduced pro-rata.

Proof of Purchase: Not required.
Claim Form: EA Sports Settlement Claim Form (If you didn’t get a settlement postcard or email)
EA Sports Settlement Claim Form (If you did get a settlement postcard or email)
Case Name: Pecover v. Electronic Arts, Case No. 08-cv-02820 CW.
Case Summary:

The Plaintiffs sued the Electronic Arts for violating Federal and state law, most notably antitrust laws, by signing exclusive licensing deals with the NFL, NFLPA, AFL, NCCA, and ESPN and thus creating a monopoly over branded football video games and allowing them to charge higher prices than if there was competition.

We feel sorry for EA on this one. Congress enacted the antitrust laws to stop the railway barons, and utility companies from exploiting consumers with monopolies over things necessary for daily life. We don’t think Madden ’07 and other football simulations fits squarely in that category. We do however think of this as karmic retribution on EA for ruining SimCity and Command & Conquer, and their sucktastic DRM

Settlement Pool: $27,000,000 (maximum)
Lawyers Fees: Up to $9,000,000 (maximum)
Settlement Website: Electronics Arts Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 15, 2013
Claims Administrator: Electronic Arts Settlement c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC P.O. Box 808054 Petaluma CA 94975-8054 info@easportslitigation.com (888) 213-8331

93 Responses to Electronic Arts (EA Sports) Settlement

  1. I sold my copy of Madden ’06. Can I still file?

    ADMIN – Hi Josh,

    Yes. This settlement is open to the original purchaser, the person that bought the game new.

    Note the EA sports settlement is not available to those that bought the game second hand.

  2. I spent hours playing Madden. There is nothing wrong with the game. How is it fair to file?

    ADMIN – Hi Dru,

    If you don’t feel like you were harmed by the issue involved in the case or that the claims made by the plaintiff were not right, not filing a claim is admirable. There is certainly never any obligation to file a claim.

    One note of clarification. The lawsuit was not about whether the games was good or whether the game was somehow faulty. The lawsuit was about the allegation that EA obtained an unlawful monopoly over branded football games and that this hurt consumers (i.e. by depriving the market of competition the games were either inferior and/or more expensive than would otherwise be the case).

  3. I ain’t got receipts.

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    For most of these settlements (including this EA Sports Settlement), you don’t need a receipt. However for EA Sports, the filing deadline has passed.


  4. My father had purchased my madden games; should I put his name or my name onto the claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Osi,

    I think it would be fine if either one of you filed (but not both). If you want to be super anal, it would be your father that should file.

  5. So how long will checks take to get to my mail after May dead line.

    ADMIN – Hi Jane,

    Most of these take 2-3 months for payment to go out. So my best guess would be sometime in August.

      • Due to one man who feels that the lawyers are getting 27% of the fund.. which is under the normal 33% fee. Aaron Miller is holding up the payouts due to an appeal to us federal courts. Expect another year delay. They have 3x the payouts to 20.00 per Playstation 2 games and playstation 3 games to 15.00 to a max of 162.00 per person. So good news and bad.



      • Rebate payments are currently being delayed until an appeal filed by one member of the class action suit is ruled upon. The appeal is of the 27% lawyer fees.

  6. 8/16/2013 UPDATE: The settlement was approved by the Court on May 30, 2013. An appeal was filed on June 28. On August 16, 2013 the appeal was dismissed. Settlement checks will be distributed soon.

  7. I tried, it says the site is down so I can’t even get the number anymore for the attorneys.

    ADMIN – Hi Sparkle,

    You can find the phone contact details above.

  8. Per the Settlement Administrator, checks will not be mailed until after the November 21, 2013 Approval Hearing. Sorry for the bad news but you will have to wait a little while longer.

  9. Does anyone know the number I could call to get. Change of address for the ea sports check to be mailed I have moved since I sent in my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Marie,

    The administrator’s phone number is listed above.

  10. How do I do a change of address, I’ve moved since I filed my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi LeRoy,

    You can contact the class administrator (details above) and they can change the address on your claim form.

  11. i baught many games and field for the claims but i never recieved a response back. how do i check to see if i get anything

  12. UPDATE: In late October, Gilardi & Co. LLC, the Electronic Arts Settlement Administrator, began mailing checks to consumers. The check amounts will vary depending upon certain factors explained below. You do not need to validate the authenticity of the check.

  13. Boom! i got my settlement check and i didnt file a claim its for 24.00, but it doesnt look like a normal check its thick like a postcard and the back isnt blank it has my name and address also a barcode.

  14. I got a check from them but I never filed a claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    Yes, it seems like they are sending checks to even people that did not file a claim where they have contact information. I remember the case was chronically under-subscribed. I suspect this was a way of addressing that issue.

    • I received my check today as well!!!! so excited!! My sons did not get their’s. I wonder if more checks are to be mailed later??

  15. I got my check in the mail today…$24.00. I would guess a bunch of other people are getting their checks too. I thought I’d just update the page.

  16. I also received a check yesterday. It is a small folded piece of thick paper, something you may mistake for a piece of junk mail so be careful about what you throw away without looking. The check is so small it seems it may not be a real check but it is. Got around $110.00. Cool suprise after work, pretty sure EA will be getting about $60.00 of it right back, been wanting to check out the new FIFA.

  17. I bought every Madden and NCAA on 360 yet only received 46.80. Why is that?

    ADMIN – Hi Josh,

    $46.80 was the maximum for your type of claim under the terms of the settlement.

  18. So how do you cash a check with your name as your gammertag on the check . Freaking crazy.

    ADMIN – Hi Edward,

    If you contact the class action administrator they can change the name on the check for you.

  19. Is it too late to sign up? I buy Madden every year and NCAA every few years.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Yes, it is too late. I am afraid the claims period closed several months ago.

  20. I haven’t received any money yet I filled a claim I have my claim number I bought so many ea games it’s crazy ??? When will I get my check..?

    ADMIN – Hi Harry,

    They seem to have started going out around 11/8/13.

  21. I got my check in the mail today for $24.00…think ill go out and buy a used copy of Madden 2012 since I cant find my other one ^_^

  22. So my friend got his check today. When will I get mine?

    ADMIN – Hi Unique,

    Checks for big settlements can be dribbled out over the course of a few days. It is not unusual for some people to get their checks a few days later.

  23. I got my check. Where can I cash it? What bank or banks will cash it?

    ADMIN – Hi Caleb,

    You should be able to cash the check at any bank where you have an account.

  24. I have a question. I have received a check and I am 16 years old. I don’t remember buying a new copy of a Madden but I recently moved and I don’t recall changing my address. I would like to know how they got my new address.

  25. Are these checks legit. I just received my and went to my local walmart and they were suspicious of it because it was a small check with my name printed on the back of it.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    The settlement checks sent from Electronic Arts are legitimate. They were sent as part of a settlement over their Madden, NCAA, and Arena Football products.

  26. Hello, I received a check for $24 dollars, though to my knowledge have not purchased any of the aforementioned games (though they may have been purchased under my name at a gamestop or something, I do live in a large family) and certainly did not give my information, name or address, to anybody or any website to receive this check. Mostly wondering how it is my information was gathered.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Most settlements only provide checks to people that register for the settlement. From the comments and emails we have been getting, it seems like EA’s claim administrator (which was having a lot of trouble finding sufficient signups for the settlement), has been sending out unsolicited checks in this case (I presume on the guidance of the attorneys or the court). My best guess is that they got your details from someone registering the game online.

  27. I received my check and I took it to united check cashing. He was unable to cash it because of it being on cardboard stock. Where else can i get it cashed? thanks

    • For others in the same boat, i just emailed info@easportslitigation.com about the status of my check and they got back to me within minutes with the date it was mailed and info on how to get a check reissued if you’ve happen to discard it thinking it was junk mail!

  28. Where can you actually cash the check? Everywhere I tried said they couldn’t verify it and my own bank wouldn’t let me deposit it.

    • I went to Amscot to cash my check. They did examine it a bit before approving it. Since it was a check printed on a postcard they were kinda confused at first. The lady tried to split the layers of the card thinking the part I was supposed to sign must be behind the card but she realized it wasn’t and just made me sign it in the same spot as a normal check. She then had to fax a copy of the check to her corporate office and call them for approval. The people on the phone asked what I received the check for and they approved it. So overall it took a few minutes longer but Amscot cashed it without problem so I recommend going there.

  29. I received my check today but where do I endorse it at?

    on the back of the check is just my name and address no where too sign?

  30. HI, I just received my settlement check on 11/12/13, and the check reads to sign the back of the check, but there is no place for me to sign my name. On the back it has my name, address, and bar code. How do I sign my signature?

    ADMIN – Hi Natasha,

    Seems like a lot of people are having this issue. I would just sign it wherever there is some free space (whether that is the back or the front) and I think you will be fine cashing it at your bank.

  31. How do you know if your claim was accepted… I filled out form months ago and I haven’t heard anything. and if I was accepted how do I know when to expect settlement? I see people claiming theirs starting on 11/4/13. Is there a cutoff date as to when they will stop sending out checks.

    ADMIN – Hi Julian,

    To find out if you claim was accepted, you need to call or email the class action administrator (whose details are above). There is unfortunately no way of checking the status online.

  32. I got my check today $24! But it seems like a lot of people are having trouble cashing theirs? I haven’t tried yet, and I currently have no bank account… How do I go about cashing this check? and has anyone had any luck cashing theirs? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks…

  33. I haven’t received mine as well. I contacted them and they said that they don’t show one coming to me. Like they never received my claim when I know I sent it in. If this doesn’t get resolved I am done with ea. period.

    To their credit, they have responded quickly and are continuing to look into the situation. I jope that it gets taken care of. Good luck all and I will keep you posted!

  34. I filed a claim sometime between 4/17/13 and the deadline of 5/15/13 through the settlement website. I started getting nervous when I didn’t receive a check and emailed the settlement administrator. After a few emails back and forth they just sent me an email saying they have no record of me filing and that it’s too late to file a claim. Do I have any recourse to get the money I’m rightfully entitled to?

    ADMIN – HI Kellen,

    You could also try reaching out to the plaintiff’s lawyers that were representing the class, and to the court clerk. You of course have recourse to the court system, but that is very impractical given the relatively small amounts involved here.

  35. I filled it out after I got the email from the lawyers today I emailed them to ask about the status and they said I never filed it what a joke.

  36. Wow u had to have if done by may 15 didn’t know there was a time frame that bites I have bought madden ncaa and nhl every yr. Can’t they tell who got them by the people signing in. I’m missing out on this cause of a deadline

  37. i filled one out months ago. like around last summer and never got a check. i honestly bought alot of ea games cuzz im a fan a big one. when should i receive a check or will i ever i have my claim id to prove it.

  38. I don’t really play games but I got some random check about 25 dollars and was sent by EA and I am wondering how I got it?

    ADMIN – Hi Max,

    It is likely because you bought a football game (NCAA, NFL, or Arena) for PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

  39. I didn’t file a claim but I still got a check for the two madden games I purchased. How? And how do they prove that I actually bought the games?

    ADMIN – Hi TJ,

    This fund had a lot of trouble finding enough claimants. In the end, I think they started mailing out checks to anyone for whom they had contact details (perhaps you registered the game online or use a store loyalty card when making your purchase).

  40. I clicked on the above link to file a claim & it keeps saying there is an error in trying to pull up the site. I guess my question is, “is there a website that I can file on do u have another link maybe?” Please get back to me preferably by email, thank you so much. Maybe, you could send me the form to file a claim as an attachment. Thanks again.

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda,

    The filing deadline for submitting a claim expired a few months ago.

  41. I am wondering if the checks is only for new games or am I able to use them for anything I need?

    ADMIN – Hi Jon,

    You can use the check for anything. It is the same as a regular check, you do not need to use it for purchasing EA products.

  42. Basically I think instead of paying the big checks to the ones that actually filed the claim like they were supposed to, the dirt balls (a lot of lawyers) paid out a lot more small checks to the average Joe that may have played one or two games.

    Disgusting. Oh and on top of that I think they sold my email address because I went from about 4 spam a day to 20 the very next day %&*)&#*&*$.

  43. I filed a claim on time and never received a check. My roommate filed the same day I did and he received his and I did not. I have emailed and they said we don’t have that address on file, which was a lie because my roommate got his check at that address!!!!

  44. To whom it may concern,

    Sir I filled out a form several months ago concerning the EA Sports litigation lawsuit on several football games. I have yet to receive a check. At your convenience, can you respectfully review my sent form… thank you…

    ps… can you kindly forward me a response……….

    ADMIN – Hi Herman,

    You will want to contact the claims administrator for this case. You can find their contact details above.

  45. To whom it may concern,

    I filled out a form prior to the May 15 deadline for the EA Sports litigation lawsuit on both Madden and NCAA games I had purchased. I haven’t to receive a check for any of them. Please could you you respectfully review my application and kindly get back to me.

  46. To whom it may concern,
    I have recently forwarded an email concerning I have not received a check for the easports claim action lawsuit.

    I had called the above mentioned number several times, however it disconnects each time…

    Can you respectfully provide me with the appropriate telephone number… Thank you……

  47. I got the double whammy! Not only did the check not clear my bank due to insufficient funds, I got charged a $5 fee for their bounced check! What a load of crap!

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