Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you are a person or entity who paid for Chewable Tablets between October 31, 2007 and December 31, 2015 (the “Class Period”), branded “Qualitest Pharmaceuticals,” “Vintage Pharmaceuticals,” or “Physicians Total Care,” purportedly containing doses of fluoride of 1 mg., .5 mg., or .25 mg. (‘the Class”) are Class Members and are eligible for a payment from the Settlement. The Class includes both consumers and third-party payors.

Estimated Amount


This is a pro rata settlement. The pool will be divided among qualified claims

Proof of Purchase


Unless you are claiming more than $250

Case Name

Mahoney v. Endo Health Solutions, Inc., et al.
Case No. 15-cv-9841 (DLC)
United States District Court Southern District of New York

Case Summary

The Chewable Tablets are prescription multivitamin tablets. The lawsuit claims the labeling of the Chewable Tablets misrepresented the amount of fluoride contained

Settlement Pool





Fluoride Tablet Settlement
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
P.O. Box 173017 Milwaukee, WI 53217

17 responses to “Fluoride Chewable Tablets Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tayrn Goodman says:

    I bought these several times for my son.

  2. Dara Fotias says:

    I purchased the fluoride tablets for my daughters.

  3. LEONA I TANNER says:

    I have also purchased these, sad that they are misrepresented.

  4. kenneth mayberry says:

    i am interested in filing this claim

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    Please use the link we provided.

  5. Andrea Williams says:

    I have 8 kids. I bought these many times over as we tend to drink a lot of Deer Park water

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    I encourage you to submit a claim.

  6. Shannon says:

    If you have purchased these every month for your children for the entire duration but don’t have slips should you claim up to the $250.00?

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon,

    Your best approach to this type of settlement is to contact your pharmacy and obtain evidence of past prescriptions. Pharmacies keep many years of records.

  7. christina barquet says:

    I purchased theese for my children multiple times.

  8. Vivian L. WHITE says:

    I bought this several times for my son

  9. Jamie Hayden says:

    All 3 of my children are grown now and we are military we lived in California when we purchased the Floride tablets for the full duration of our time in California which was four years! My husband has since retired from the military and we now live in Virginia our last assignment station. The military doesn’t keep the records that far back. What can I do to get the whole refund I’m entitled to?

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie,

    Military pharmacies do keep records. Contact your prior base pharmacy to request your records.

  10. Lisa Forrest says:

    Can u mail a claim form to me at 913 Kent Court Sanlorenzo , Ca 94580

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa,

    I can’t. The form is printable.

  11. Nelly nel says:

    Should you file a claim if they covered by your health insurance because I made premium payments to health insurance?!? Also I’m interested in finding out how they were able to figure out the amount of fluoride that’s actually in them!!! I personally never felt comfortable giving my children these when I did but you trust the doctors and pharmaceutical co in hope that they are working with you for the best interest of our children 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Nelly,

    Both, you and the insurance can claim.

  12. Windell Russell says:

    I Windell Russell been taking them since I was a baby I stop taking them since 2015

  13. Mark Sokolofsky says:

    I purchased t\hese someimes for myself and my children

  14. Mark Sokolofsky says:

    flouride content wewe misrepresentited

  15. Katelynn Ahn says:

    So my son took these for a while. I had a copay, but he was covered by state insurance. We have changed Dr’s since then and the pharmacy in the small town we lived in is now closed….. Now what? If I received a notice in the mail, does that mean they already have the info from the Dr? I have no proof of purchase nor time frame when he was on them…. (2011-2013)

    ADMIN – Hi Katelynn,

    I don’t think you have much in the way of recourse but I encourage you to contact the admin to see if there is someway to secure evidence. The info for the admin is on this page under the heading “contact”.

  16. Mindy Chmielewski says:

    My daughter was on the 2011-2015

  17. Mindy Chmielewski says:

    She was prescribed them from her doctor

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