Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers Gentek Steel Siding manufactured from 1/1/91 to 3/15/13, where the surface finish on the siding has started to separate from the steel.

The siding was sold under the following brand names: Alside, Gentek, Revere, Alcan, and Reynolds

And it was sold under the following product names: SteelTek, SteelSide Steel, Driftwood Steel, Universal Steel, Saddlewood, Satinwood, Willow, Westwood, Aspen, Sequoia, Americut, Cedarwood, Supergard, Seamless, Reynolds Continuum, Reynolds Craftmark, and Penna-Finish.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement gives Gentek two opportunities to fix the siding. On the third occassion the owner can either have Gentek attempt a third repair or pay $8,000.

Proof of Purchase:

The settlement doesn’t make clear whether you need a proof of purchase, but presumably having the siding on your house is all the proof you need!

Claim Form: To file a claim, call the administrator on the number below.
Case Name: Eliason, et al v. Gentek Building Products, Inc., et al ., Case No. 1:10-cv-2093 (N.D. Ohio)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that Gentek steel siding products are defective and start to exhibit steel peel. They also complain that Gentek does not honor it’s limited lifetime warranty.

Settlement Pool: The settlement is capped at 750 claims.
Settlement Website: Gentek Steel Siding Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: n/a. You may file a claim while the product is still under warranty. (Typically lifetime for the first owner, 50 years for the second owner)
Claims Administrator: Gentek Siding Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060

28 Responses to “Gentek Steel Siding Settlement”

  1. Sprecher, David says:

    Wow, what a ordeal we had to endure. Severe steel peel on all sides of ourhouse. They made us, and we did, locate from original owner and the contractor the information for cost etc. We had bought the house from a couple who had subsequently passed away and locating the info was time consuming and tedious at best. Despite the overwelming evidence for steel peel defect, the company was reluctant to address any of our concerns. I called, mailed, photographed, called, mailed photographed,….all the info they insisted on and low and behold, one and a half years later, I caught up with the contractor who had driven by our house on the first pass through our state and they cleaned and repainted our “Airstream” house late fall. There are still a few defects that exists. Believe our out of pocket expense for dealing with this nightmare was $2000.oo plus. This amt does not include the countless hours and emotional turmoil and diress we endured. Unbelievable ineptitude and disregard are words that come to mind.

  2. Brian says:

    I have submitted a claim, and have not heard a word. I am betting a lot of claims will be denied. Seems like a crocked company.

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    I am not involved in this settlement, and for claims this big it would be worth checking in directly with the claims administrator.

    But, in most settlements that kind of non-communication is typical. Usually the only kind of communication you get is when you get a check in the mail months later.

  3. Rose Callahan says:

    I bought Alcan steel siding in 1989. It has a life time warranty. It is now peeling. What recourse do I have?

    ADMIN – Hi Rose,

    My reading of the settlement is that it doesn’t cover claims before 1989. My first step would be to contact the company and see if they will do the work under your warranty. If that fails, you may want to try getting in touch with consumer advocacy groups (State Attorney General, BBB, etc) or getting an attorney.

  4. Kit Hicks says:

    My parents purchased the home, which was new in 1996. The steel siding supposedly had a lifetime guarantee. The siding started peeling and the contractor gave us the information to send in to the company who sold the steel siding. Lo and behold, they said all of the pictures and information was not enough to process the claim. They even said they would send out an adjustor to give an estimate of repair–which never happened. Now my parents $250,000 house is depreciated over $20,000 because of the crappy peeling siding.

  5. Dean Fleming says:

    I had Gentek steelside hung on my home in 97. Ten years later many areas began to peel. I really believed that the investment I made would pay off in me not having to paint my home any more. I guess not. This company makes me sick to my stomach. Now I’ve had it damaged by large hail and the company won’t even tell me if I can find any of their material for replacement! I cant afford a lawyer so looks like I’m out of luck. UNREAL!

    ADMIN – Hi Dean,

    You may be able to get compensation through the class action fund. I don’t know enough about your individual case, but the whole point of the settlement is to help people who are in a similar position to yourself get compensation without going through the cost and expense of hiring your own lawyer and litigating the case yourself. Instead in a class action, a lawyer brings the case of behalf of everyone in the class, and when they win compensation is available to all class members.

  6. Arthur Schoenrock says:

    I have been checking since August 2nd to see if a settlement has been reached per info received from Eliason v. Gentek Building Products Administrator letter .
    So far I can not find any settlement on the computer site. I have also called the 888-267-7910 phone number that was provided and still I cannot find out if a settlement has been reached and if so how do I file a claim. Please advise.

  7. Rick says:

    When can I file a claim. The phone number is a recording and says claims will not be accepted until the ruling is final. When is that going to be????

  8. David says:

    According to their FAQ, “To qualify for either replacement siding, repairs to existing siding or a payment, you must submit valid proof of purchase as well as Gentek‚Äôs Self Inspection Report, and attach all of the documentation it requests”

  9. Mark,Ganske says:

    What a ordeal is right……..We sided our house back in 91 I think ,we felt confident that with the lifetime warranty we had made a good choice. A couple years later we built a garage and had the same siding put on it. a year or two later the house was peeling we filed a claim and paid the $100.00 warranty fee and Gentek replaced the sioding on the entire house as it was peeling on three sides. Well we thought that it must have been a bad batch of siding and were happy that it was warrantied and replaced. Well a year or two later the garage was peeling ,again we filed a claim and paid the $100.00 and the repairs were set up ,before the repairs happened we had peeling on the south side of our house again, I contacted Gentek to ask if they would fix that also which they did but it was never noted on the warranty repair sheet. Well now about two years ago we noticed the house peeling again on two sides, the South and the East. We filed another claim, which Gentek said that they had good news and bad news. The good news was they would fix the two sides that were peeling. The bad news was they had discontinued the siding we have on our house and garage, so they could only offer a alternative siding, and they would only apply this to the two sides that were peeling, which I frepied you have to be kidding. They stated that know that was whta the warranty stated . I said how would you like to have had this happen to your house and have two sides of one siding and two sides of a different siding? They said that there was nothing they could do that was what the warranty allowed. Later after talking to Gentek more and letting them know how I felt they offered a one time $2000.00 settlement for the two sides,and if accepted there would be no more warranty for those two sides. I didn’t know what to do. Now here we set with our house still peeling and loosing value, I hoped that this settelment would help. But it looks like unless I let Gentek replace the two sides of our house with a different siding, because it wasn’t documented the second time for the south side of the house , that we are S.O.L.

  10. Arthur Schoenrock says:

    I want to file a claim if this is not appealed. PlEASE ADVISE IF AN APPEAL HAS BEEN FILED AND IF NOT HOW DO I FILE A CLAIM.

  11. Tom says:

    My parents are going thru this same thing. They have contacted Gentek (which have been very polite and helpful) and have been given a choice of a dollar amount which is one fourth the amount they paid for the siding or for Gentek to have all or it repaired. How do they repair it?

    Is there a code number or something like that on the back side of the siding for proof of what brand the siding really is? At this point I’m sure my parents would like to get in on this action also.

    • Jmils says:

      Did you get an answer on how to tell if it’s their siding. I pulled a piece of peeling siding off and there weren’t any company markings. I don’t have any paperwork going back to 1995 to prove the brand but I’ve owned the property the entire time. The lady on the Gentek number said she had to have a proof of purchase of some kind. I think it should be there responsibility to verify the brand of steel siding.

  12. Jim Rogers says:

    We purchased our house 7 years ago. It has steel siding that has been peeling every year. How do I find out if it was made by this manufacturer?

  13. Janet says:

    We purchased our home in 2005 and the previous owners had put this Alside #2096, Cape Cod Gray siding on the home. It is peeling terribly and looks so bad. We do not have the original proof of purchase and all we have is the “touch up paint” that came with it. That is all we have. Are we stuck with this terrible Alside siding now or have to pay THOUSANDS to get it replaced? Believe me, touch up paint will not cover this disaster.

    The home is only 15 years old.

  14. Larry Kuszmaul says:

    I had my house sided with Allside Super Steel Siding on 12/10/1992. It started peeling, I filed the first claim on 1/8/2001, they sent out someone to re-paint the whole house after he power washed all the loose paint off. Then I filed another warranty claim on July 9, 2004 and once again they wouldn’t replace the siding and chose to once again re-paint over siding that was already faulty and peeling. I filed a third claim in 2009 that was totally ignored and not followed up on. Now, I filed another claim four weeks ago and was to receive a packet that I need to fill out and I was supposed to have received that on October 3rd, according to them but never did. Now I have made another call and they are supposed to mail out another packet of information to file what I believe to be my fifth or sixth claim against this company….my next step will be to go the Attorney General for this state and get some real action….I am sick of all this run around and lack of satisfactory action.

  15. Sharon Edwards says:

    I too am having trouble with the siding peeling and getting the run around. Seems that they don’t have a claims adjuster to go out and look a the problem or they just don’t care. Attorney General is my next step also

  16. Bob Hooper says:

    Our home was sided with Norandex/Reynolds “Continuim seamless steel siding” with a supposedly limited lifetime warranty. Within 5 years peeling was apparent and worsening. However.Norandex accepts no responsibility, and lays that on Gentek (a subsidiary of Associated Materials). All offers of settlement were totally unsatisfactory.

    Even after a class-action decision by an Ohio district court, it’s no different. An Assoc. Mat. rep. refuses to answer whether they still make seamless siding (our installer says they do), and offers instead to replace our siding with seamed siding–or a cash settlement that would fall some $9 thousand short of an adequate honoring of the terms of the court decision.

    Like most homeowners, hiring a lawyer would probably cost us more than $9000–and I think Gentek-Assoc. is relying on that to avoid making things right. I have written to the court and to the Ohio AG several weeks ago and have not received a reply from either.

    Incidentally, the local installer thus far accepts no financial responsibility either (although it was they who told us the siding was warranted). And that seems to be a common situation–at least in our state. The class-action lawyers were awarded $2.5 million, but now it seems they do not represent individuals in helping to make Gentek/Assoc. honor the language of the court decision.

  17. Steven Lee says:

    Over 12 years ago, I had over 90 rental properties, and about 50 of them had siding problems; because the finish on the siding separated from the steel. I had to replace the Alcan and Alside siding; before I could unload the properties (at a loss). I had to pay out of pocket (insurance would not cover cost of replacement) to replace the siding on my buildings (each over $10,000 in replacement costs). I no longer have the rental properties (sold my buildings at a loss); can I still collect for damages on property I no longer own? Replacing the siding to resell my property (unload my property) cost me a boatload of money!

  18. Confused says:

    Has anybody been able to file a claim for this case?
    How do I get a “Self-Inspection Report”, and where (to whom) should it be sent?


  19. Judi Anderson says:

    I just left a message at the phone number listed above. I could not find a toll-free number listed on my warranty. Apparently Gentek purchased Alcan Building Products??

    If anyone received a packet of information, I would love to receive a copy. We have to stick together as we are not getting much support from the law office. Thanks.

  20. Marty Weber says:

    We had our home built in 1994, and, like most of you, selected steel siding for all the obvious benefits. We actually only have a couple of areas that are peeling, but it looks bad. Our contractor said he shredded all the information about any homes he built that long ago, so we have no warranty information, and, apparently, that’s a MUST for filing a claim. He thinks the company he got the steel siding from is no longer in business.
    I think we are sunk, unless anybody has any suggestions!

  21. Gladys says:

    We filed a claim, waited on all the court case stuff, took all the pictures, filled out all the forms and got a claim number. Now we’ve heard nothing. We called every phone number we’ve found and got nice up beat messages about have a nice day! Well it’s not been a nice day since the siding started looking and feeling like chauk.

  22. Victor E Modugno says:

    Today, 8/27/2014, I am preparing to file a claim for steel siding installed in 1992 manufactured by Gentek under the Revere name. The finish paint has lost adhesion with the undercoat. Gentek as has furnished me with claim forms and require I file a claim within 45 days of my initial claim notice.

  23. Errol W. Nitschke says:

    I have just had a siding contractor look at my siding which has been peelig perodically for the past 8 years. He informed me that this has been a problem for Revere steel siding On a whim I Googled it and found out there was a class action suit filed against the company. How do I become a part of that suit. How do I proceed. This has made me angry.

    Click on the link that reads file a claim

  24. Errol W. Nitschke says:

    I have just had a siding contractor look at my siding which has been peelig perodically for the past 8 years. He informed me that this has been a problem with Alside siding since the early 1990’s. I have tried painting to no avail. It usually lasts from 1 to 5 years. It seems to me that this would be a good time to attempt to join the class action lawsuit. I can’t believe nothing has been done before this which I find disturbing.

  25. Jason Petersen says:

    My siding is peeling incredibly all over the place. it looks aweful. How do i go about finding out if it is covered in a class action settlement or find out if it is a Gentek product? Siding was put on in the mid 90’s. Cant find the contractor who did it though.

  26. FRANK says:


  27. Hassen says:

    My first house I bought, I don’t have money to replace the sliding its getting worse and worse, I tried to see if It was covered and if Gentek would fix the problem but they basically told me F U, Im frustrated and scared because I won’t be able to cover these cost if my filed claim doesn’t go through.

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