Class Eligibility

Members of an insurance plan that was endorsed by Christopher Reeve, and included disability, accident, sickness, or travel insurance, and was sometimes offered as the HealthExtras Catastrophic Accidental Disability Program, the HealthExtras Benefits program, the American Express Accidental Disability Plan, the Catastrophic Accident Plan, or the Accident Protection Plan

Estimated Amount


After attorney’s fees and other expenses are set aside the $15,000,000 pool will be divided proportionately among all qualified class members

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Giercyk v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA et al.Case No. 2:13-cv-06272-FSH-MAH

United States District Court District of New Jersey

Case Summary

In the class action lawsuit referenced above, certain Plaintiffs sued the entities identified as “Defendants” in section #2 of the Notice, claiming that at various times from 1999 through 2014, each was involved in the sale or underwriting of allegedly invalid or illegal disability, dismemberment, casualty, emergency accident and sickness medical expense benefit, or travel insurance coverage.

Defendants have denied all of Plaintiffs’ allegations and any other wrongdoing however the settlement agreement is preliminarily approved by the court

Settlement Pool





HealthExtras Settlement
Settlement Administrator
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 60167
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(844) 245-3767

137 responses to “HealthExtras Class Action Settlement”

  1. Brenda Phillips says:

    I had a $1,000,000 policy with HealthExtras Disability program for several years. I believe I applied for the policy through JC Penney. I want to be part of the class action suit, but cannot find my policy info., but for your lawfirm to send this info. maybe you have it?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    We are not a law firm and we did not send any information. You may want to contact healthExtras directly and see if they still have your records.

  2. Janice Jones says:

    My sister who is deceased is a member of this lawsuit. May I file a claim on her behalf since I was the beneficiary on her insurance or no? I don’t want to do something illegal.

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    Contact the administrator and ask if you can.

  3. Brenda Roberts Harris says:

    I would like to know how you got a Class Member ID; 30887D2FBYS9C for myself , where it came from ?

    ADMIN – Hi Brenda,

    Those were mailed to policy holders.

  4. Denise Ivey says:

    Do we now cancel our policies and will they be required to pay back the monies invested or will this class action lawsuit pay back all? I do have copy of my policy.

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    Please contact the admin to obtain more details regarding distribution.

  5. RUTH FLEMING says:


    ADMIN – Hi Ruth,

    We are not the class action admins thus, we are unable to assist you. This site is purely informational.

  6. Brigitte Pelfrey says:

    I need a form as soon as possible. Please send to: P O Box 2033, Marysville, CA 95901-0071. As I mentioned I have requested form twice by mail.

    ADMIN – Hi Brigitte,

    We are not the right channel to request a form. We do not manage this settlement.

  7. Jim Adams says:

    I received a proof of claim form for my wife who is deceased. I am the beneficiary on the policy.
    I see you referred Janice who had a similar question to the administrator. Who is and how do I get ahold of the administrator

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    HealthExtras Settlement
    Settlement Administrator
    c/o Heffler Claims Group
    P.O. Box 60167
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    (844) 245-3767

  8. william and regina brown says:

    thank you for letting me know for this settlement will be in contact..

  9. Nancy O Rossi says:

    Gentlemen: I am just today receiving a notice with an ID Claim # for myself. So who do we call to get forms for application and a real person to talk with about this issue.

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    The phone number for the admin is (844) 245-3767

  10. Joseph L Koeth says:

    Hi, I took out the JC Penny, Stonebridge life Insurance Company accidental death, And dismemberment insurance in 7/22/1994. This insurance then changed to Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Am I part of this class action settlement, and thank you for your response.

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    Call this number to check if you are a member of the class (844) 245-3767

  11. Cindy Nickels says:

    A postcard came in the mail l don’t know what insurance policy this is . How do I fine out which one it is? And what name is it under?

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Please contact the phone on the postcard to get more details.

  12. WANDA GIBSON says:


    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    Generally, you just provide evidence that you had a prior name that matches their records.

  13. Roger Lafontaine says:

    Please tell me what this is all about. I do not understand it. And how and who is this through?

    Thank you very much

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    Carefully read the case summary. It explains what the case is about.

  14. Sandra J. McNeal says:

    3/20/17 Please contact me. I qualify.
    Members of an insurance plan that was endorsed by Christopher Reeve, and included disability, accident, sickness, or travel insurance, and was sometimes offered as the HealthExtras Catastrophic Accidental Disability Program, the HealthExtras Benefits program, the American Express Accidental Disability Plan, the Catastrophic Accident Plan, or the Accident Protection Plan.
    I sent my Claim Form to you on 2/21/2016.
    I wish to receive a share of the settlement.
    *See contact information below.

    ADMIN – Hi Sandra,
    If you already filed your claim there is no need for anyone to contact you.

  15. Lena Anderson says:

    Like so many, I wish to know if I should stop making payments to (3) insurance policies. Who do I contact if you can’t give me the answer?

    ADMIN – Hi Lena,

    This question is best answered by your own attorney. We don’t know what the risks are associated to your policy or if the insurance carrier will now comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the policies they sold.

  16. Lena Anderson says:

    I have 3 policies. Which is the one being sued? You ask for policy #, should I enter all three?

    ADMIN – Hi Lena,

    It would be best if you contact the class action admin to ask for additional assistance.

  17. david horning says:

    I don’t remember buying any of this insurance. could you tell me the date of purchase and who it is with, because i have no memory of any of this and i don’t want to have to pay any costs for the settlement.
    was this through some company insurance that i was paying on through work?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Call (844) 245-3767 they may be able to help you.

  18. roger brace says:

    trying to beat the deadline but will not take my class member id # and i have tried four times &have called three times and punch the right option & still get no response

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    Try reaching out to class counsel. Their info is on the long notice.

  19. Ida Scaffe says:

    I received my notice today (4/1/2017) well pass the deadline (3/31/2017) and wandered if you can tell me more about how I am connected to this settlement?

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Ida,

    Contact the toll free number provided on the postcard.

  20. Stephen Royster says:

    I policy was bought in my name back in 1973. I cashed it in sometimes between 2014 and 2016. Am i still qualified for the claim? However i did fill out a claim form on-line. The policy had poor benefits. The Health Extras part would only pay $100 (one time) for the lost of an eye or limb and was no longer payable after 65 years of age. I will be 60 years old July 2017.

    ADMIN – Hi Stephen,
    Based on what you are telling me you appear to be a member of the class. Please double-check with the class admin to confirm your claim is valid.

  21. Elaine Showe says:

    Where can you get info on the settlement for claimants? There are plenty of web sites showing what the attorneys share of the suit will be ; what about the people affected by this suit? Who and when will results for the claimants be posted? Is there a contact person? the web site giving the #844-245-3767 is not giving needed info. The web shows the case was heard on April 27, 2017. Please advise.

    ADMIN –

    After the attorneys as well as other expenses are paid there will be between 8 to 9 million left which will be distributed among the class members submitting a valid claim.

    • Stephen Royster says:

      Our court system seems to love the Class Action Law Suits. This keeps the courts from being backed up. However, the lawyers and those close to these types cases seem to do well financially. Those who were hurt or shafted in some way get only pennies.The pay-offs should always be large enough so the people that were affected will get a decent settlement. Let the lawyers and other close to the cases and court fees be a different amount from the settlement pay-off.

      ADMIN – Hi Stephen,

      There is always the option of going after the companies of your own. You are not required to join the class.

  22. Kimberlyl. Durham says:

    I submitted online gave me a #with 7 number confirmation number. A time I try to check website I give my class member number . Then try to put in an additional phone number . It won’t accept without a contact date field . No such place on the form . Am I to assume I’m in I hit submit again and it said form had already been submitted that was about a month ago . I hit it again to submit change it said deadline over. I have confirmation number do I need to worry or do anything else I realize this is a site for general info

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    If you have a confirmation number I would just email or write to the admin to ask about the status of my claim.

    • Kimberlyl. Durham says:

      An email address is not provided but I will mail thank u for prompt reply

      • Kimberlyl. Durham says:


        ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

        The deadline for this settlement has passed.

        • Bob Pencheff says:

          I got my 7 digit number when I filled out the claim form . What site asked for the digits ? I can’t find one.

          ADMIN – Hi Bob,

          The seven digit number is a claim number for your records should you need to contact the admin .

        • Cher says:

          I received a 7 digit confirmation number.

        • Kimberlyl. Durham says:

          I am already a class member . I filled out online and got a confirmation number and my Class member ID is on my postcsrd. I just need an email address to send in additional info additional phone number and soon to change email address I Guess I will mail . I filled out online right after I received card and did so online. I know deadline has passes.

          ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

          You will need to use snail mail.

  23. Gary Pennington says:

    I want to know when will we heard anything about payment

    ADMIN – Hi Gary,

    Payments will be distributed within 60 days of the settlement being finalized.

    • Gary Pennington says:

      Want a answer

      ADMIN – Hi Gary,

      The class action administrator or class counsel are best suited to provide you with answers.

    • Gary Pennington says:

      What do that mean moderation

      ADMIN – Hi Gary,

      Moderation is the process by which I read the comments and approve them before people can read them on the page.

    • Gary Pennington says:

      I want information about when refund will be mail out

      ADMIN – Hi Gary,

      Have you tried contacting the admin?

    • Gary Pennington says:

      What going on still waiting to heard from you all

  24. Norman says:

    When will the settlement payments be distributed.?

    ADMIN – Hi Norman,

    Within 60 days of the date in which the settlement is finalized.

  25. Cher says:

    Hopefully the effective date was the last court hearing which was 4/27/2017.

  26. Stellawatson Watson says:

    How do I find out th the status of my claim I mailed it?

    ADMIN – Hi Stella,

    You can contact the class action admin

    HealthExtras Settlement
    Settlement Administrator
    c/o Heffler Claims Group
    P.O. Box 60167
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    (844) 245-3767

  27. Cher says:

    1.17 “Effective Date” shall mean the later of (i) the expiration of the time to appeal the
    Final Approval Order and Judgment (as defined in paragraph 1.23) with no appeal having been
    filed; or (ii) if such appeal is filed, the termination of such appeal on terms that affirm the Final
    Approval Order and Judgment or dismiss the appeal with no material modification to the Final
    Approval Order and Judgment, and the expiration of the time to obtain any further appellate
    review of the Final Approval Order and Judgment.

  28. Ben Williams says:

    My name is Ben Williams I sent in a proof of claim form in march but I have not heard anything else my fiancees email is please email me at this adress for update and possible sum I was alotted

    ADMIN – Hi Ben,

    Please submit your request to the class action admin. Their info is posted above under the subheading titled “contact”

  29. Lecia West says:

    When can we receive our settlement and how much will it be thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Lecia,

    The class action administrator has not set a date.

  30. John wicevic says:

    No way to contact administration at website .will they post when checks are sent out?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    The admins generally post an update on their page.

  31. Daymond Jones says:

    how can we find out how many people were in the class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Daymond,

    I don’t think that info is generally disclosed but you can certainly give it a try by writing to the admin.

  32. Cher says:

    (a). Response from the Class
    The deadline by which Class Members could object to or exclude themselves from the
    Settlement was March 10, 2016. To date, only one (1) person claiming to be a class member
    filed an objection and only seven (7) individuals, or 0.0005%, have elected to opt out. See Joint
    FA Decl. at ¶¶ 5-6; Hammer Decl. at ¶ 14.
    One objector in 1.3 million, and the seven (7) exclusions represent a miniscule
    percentage of the Class. This Court has noted that such a response is indicative of the fairness of
    the settlement, and provides further proof that it should be approved.
    These numbers amount to miniscule fractions of the Settlement
    Class (approximately .0005% [opt-outs] and .0001% [objections],
    respectively). The paucity of negative feedback in the face of an
    extensive notice plan leads the Court to conclude that the
    Settlement Class generally and overwhelmingly approves of the

    • Roscoe bassett says:

      Hello, I filled out and mailed my info back I never got a response or weather or not I’m getting anything back or not I’d like to know if I’m getting something and when? I mail a letter a month ago and got no response

      ADMIN – Hi Roscoe,

      We don’t have that information. You need to contact the class admin directly.

  33. Cher says:

    The website need to update it’s information. You can tell us when the hearing was and how much the attorney get but you cant update the people on the checks disbursement dates. We already know the attorney got paid now lets see what the people get paid!!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    I can only tell you what I know. I am not the attorney handling this case nor am I the class action administrator.

    • Cher says:

      Then who are you answering the people questions?

      • Olivia saraiva says:

        For so many years you pay for something to be eligible and we end up with nothing….Very sad for all us thinking we pay for a good cause and we lost all that money….Thank you Olivia Saraiva

  34. Ky A & Norma L Poling says:

    How can I find out if my claim was received

    ADMIN – Hi Norma,

    You can find out by calling the class action administrator.

    • Olivia saraiva says:

      I want to know if my claim was receive..No one send me a confirmation number….Than you

      ADMIN – Hi Olivia,

      Please reach out to the class action administrator.

  35. Rev. Herbert Thompson says:

    Rev. Herbert Thompson: I think I’ve already had my question answered through another respondent. You stated that checks will be mailed within 60 days of the settlement. Has anything been resolved?

  36. michael naraine says:

    My name is Michael Naraine – I submitted a proof of claim form but thus far have not received any confirming statement on what is the status on the settlement. When will this information be forth coming

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    It is best if you reach out to the class action admin. We don’t have information specific to individual claims.

  37. Francine says:

    I received a card in the mail with explanation of the class action rebates. First of alI I would like to send my deepest sympathy for the love ones of others that have passed on and they are at peace now .Opportunities are not missed there just taking by other people. My mother would tell me,” don’t look for anyone to give you anything even if a person tells you they have a financial gift for you, if you don’t get it you won’t be disappointed when you don’t received what you were expecting”. I was taught to always stand for something and I won’t have to worry about falling for anything. I have more time than money. I’m waiting on Jesus and the USA to unite and be alright. Everyone that has a rebate on the way, what’s for you you’ll have it.

  38. Cher says:

    The (844)245-3767 number is just a recording message. What number will allow you to speak with a representative?

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    We don’t know. If you are not getting a live person try emailing them.

  39. Cher says:

    What is the email address?

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    You can use this form

  40. Cher says:

    Thank you for the email address. I sent two messages and no reply.

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    Why don’t you try class counsel?

  41. Cher says:

    I spoke with someone today and was told they don’t know the disbursement date yet. It felt good to know that they did receive my information.

  42. John wicevic says:

    What number did you call

  43. ophelia mchenry says:

    Me Ophelia Mchenry i have been checking the date of the hearing in May about the case. I have called several times . You can’t leave a message or talk to a person . So I wrote a letter concerning the suit. Will you please respond to my letter. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please let me know something.

    ADMIN – Hi Ophelia,

    I can’t respond to your letter. I am not the class action admin.

    • ophelia mchenry says:

      This is another reply about the suit. I f you can’t answer the question about the case. Will you please tell me who can answer the question. Thank you very much. This is been lingering since March. Ophelia Mchenry

      ADMIN – Hi Miss Ophelia,

      I can’t answer questions about individual claims. You have to reach out to the class action admin.

      • ophelia mchenry says:

        Will you so kindly tell me who the class action administrator is?
        I have no number to call him or her. The number I called was a
        recorder. This is my third reply.
        Thank you very much .

        ADMIN – Hi Ophelia,

        A class action administrator is a person or corporate person tasked with distributing the monies. You can scroll up and look for the field that reads “contact”

  44. John wicevic says:

    Thanks Cher 🙂

  45. Elaine Showe says:

    What is going on with the Class member settlement on Giercyk v. HealthExtras. Hearing held March 27,2017?
    How many claimants were there?

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,

    I have no updates.

  46. John wicevic says:

    I called and was told there waiting for documents from the court and then after that checks will be distributed but got no definite timeline

  47. Mary c. Jones says:

    What is the telephone # to let u know if u made the deadline claim???

  48. ADA RODRIGUEZ says:

    I would like to know if the claim I did went was submit?

    ADMIN – Hi Ada,

    Contact the administrator directly. Their info is listed above under contact.

  49. ADA RODRIGUEZ says:

    went are the check will be distributed?

    ADMIN – Hi Ada,

    I have no updates on this settlement.

  50. Barbara Turner says:

    Will I receive a settlement refund,and was a date decided

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    No date yet. I am not the admin so I can’t tell you if you are receiving a refund.

  51. Linda Smith says:

    I sent in the card in March and have not heard anything else. My card # is 30887jr3xxdtz

  52. Linda J Woods says:

    I called in 1/11/17 at 1:57 p.m. An recieved a 7 digit claim no. Have heard no response as of yet I have serval forms of proof to the claims for some form of payment.

    ADMIN- Hi Linda,

    This settlement has not yet been paid

  53. Michelle Harris says:

    I also am waiting for some kind, any kind of information as to when we might be receiving our rebates.
    When might we expect an update??

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle,

    I have been tracking the website. To date there are no updates.

  54. Teri Rothaus says:

    I filled out your form but, no reply
    Has there been a payout yet??

    ADMIN – Hi Teri,

    No payout yet

  55. Beverly Hoffmann says:

    I sent a email and letter but didn’t get no answer so I don’t know what is going on please reply my number was class member id 30887KB4Q4GNG thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly,

    I am not in a position to help you with this matter. You have to wait until the admin responds

  56. Eva sims says:

    My name is Eva Sims l submitted a proof claim

    ADMIN – Hi Eva,

    Thank you for letting us know. If you need additional information please contact the class action administrator.

  57. Eva sims says:

    My name is Eva Sims I submitted a proof claim form I have my claim # 1738791

    ADMIN – Hi Eva,

    Fantastic. How can we help you?

  58. Wyenll Rippe says:

    Do I & my husband get a settlement from this class action? My name is Wynell Rippe & my husband is James B. Rippe. We sent our forms. Call me @ 770-356-8308 to let me know what we should do next please! We do have documents of policy’s.

    ADMIN – Hi Wyenll,

    Did you both have policies? If that is the case you are both likely to get settlements. It is best if you check with the class action admin.

  59. Helen R Erickson says:

    Dear Dirs or Madam,
    I have already done acclaim in line ; my claim
    # is1716406 and I would like to know when
    This will be settled snd if I will receive any
    Monies from the settlement. Can you give me
    Any information now?

    ADMIN – Hi Helen,

    You need to contact the class action administrator. Leaving a comment here will not get you the info you want

  60. Olivia saraiva says:

    I spoke with someone they said never received my claim There’s anything I be able to do now….Thak you

    ADMIN – Hi Olivia,

    No, if they did not receive your claim and you don’t have evidence of having submitted it there is nothing that can be done.

    • Cher says:

      How did you submit your claim

      • Cher says:

        If you submitted your claim online they gave you a confirmation number. If you have that claim number hold on tight to it that’s your proof. Make a copy of it . Send them the copy but you keep the original paper you wrote the confirmation number on. Send the letter certified and ask for a return receipt. That way you have proof that you tried to reach the administrator. Good luck

        • Olivia saraiva says:

          Cher, The only prove I have its the class member Id and the certificate for dollars I did paid for this insurance company for 15 years…I left a message to the attorney never called back and sent a copy of my class member to the p.o Box 60167…Thank you

          • Cher says:

            Keep your original paper. Make a copy of the paper work and write them a letter explaining your proof of the policy and the member number you received. Keep this information because if you need to go to court they would see that you have been trying to contact them to resolve this issue. Dont forget send it certified with a return receipt. Wish you luck

      • Olivia saraiva says:

        By mail..

  61. sto Chiriboga says:

    My Name is Augusto Chiriboga, my Class Member ID: 30887C9Z1TT87
    please let me know when will I receive my settlement check.
    Thank You.

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Chiriboga,

    I can’t do that. You need to contact the class action administrator.

  62. Audrey says:

    There are over one hundred thousand people in this 65 dollars a person is what it comes too

  63. Audrey says:

    It is sad that people will not get their money back that they paid in all they’re going to get back is around 60 some dollars because 138,000 people are in this….

  64. A.M.Whiteside says:

    65.00 does not cover insurance payments throughout the years members have paid into ! Why should it take now til Sept. to send out the checks ? All members are not entitled to the same amount & if so it’s a terrible injustice to all Class Members !!!

  65. Cher says:

    I hope the members at least get the money they paid into the policy back.

  66. Audrey says:

    If there are 138,000 class-action members if you divide the money with that it amounts to everyone getting 60 some dollars. So I don’t think anyone’s going to get the money back that everyone has paid in and the lawyer should’ve counted heads before deciding what to except as a settlement

  67. Cher says:

    If you look at the court documents one insurance group will be getting more than the other.

  68. Cher says:

    The Administrator should let us know what is going on with the checks.

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    I agree.

  69. Mary says:

    You need to do the math again because if there are 138,000 thousand in this then if everyone gets a thousand that will be 138.000 dollars and I thought this was in millions.

  70. cheryl erb says:

    I filed your form in mid-December 2016, and have received nothing. When can I expect to receive my share?


    Cheryl erb My email address at that time was I no longer have that email address.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    I don’t know the distribution date yet. When I do I will happily share the info.

  71. Cher says:

    This settlement took from the people so only the lawyer would get paid off the people.

  72. Cher says:

    Sent a bs post card saying that because there are more than 680,000 class members, each person would receive less than 75 cents. Any they are gonna take our money and give it to a charitable organization.

  73. Cher says:

    And not any

  74. Cher says:

    I say they need to send everybody that so called 75 cent check.

  75. Jesse Slocum says:

    I filed a claim before the deadline, have not heard anything, do you have a time frame on distribution yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    Nothing yet

  76. A.M.Whiteside says:

    I read the Health Extras Settlement update that says there is at least 135,000 Class Members that the Admin. has to investigate & tabulate each claim.They anticipate distribution to all valid Class Members in the next few months. You can read the update your self by going to

  77. Joy says:

    All this over thinking! Come on people, have faith! Watch for mail somewhere around the 27th of July. Happy spending!

  78. John Detweiler says:

    I mailed out march,2017. But I can’t find policy number#??. Will u sent me the policy number??
    Will u help me??

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    We don’t have that information. We are like a newspaper of class actions.

  79. A.M.Whiteside says:

    You can call HealthExtras ADMIN. (844)245-3767 as well for latest update on distribution of Class Members Checks.

  80. Debbie Soberg says:

    Inquiring about this claim.i was billed for yrs on american express card for this insurance.i mailed my card back in march.

    ADMIN – Hi Debbie,

    UPDATE: The Court held a hearing on April 27, 2017, and granted Final Approval of the Settlement on that date. The Settlement Administrator has received over 135,000 Proof of Claim Forms and is in the final stages of fully processing all of the Claims and calculating the distribution of the net Settlement Funds. This work will be completed as promptly as time permits, given the need to investigate and tabulate each Claim. At this point, we anticipate distribution to valid Class Member-Claimants to occur in the next few months. Please notify the Settlement Administrator of any change of address (click ‘Contact’ at right). Thank you for your patience.

  81. Catherine Cusprinie says:

    Have not heard anything or have I been able to find out anything about this settlement. My claim number is: 1735646. Could you give me some information please. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Catherine,

    This is their latest update.

    UPDATE: The Court held a hearing on April 27, 2017, and granted Final Approval of the Settlement on that date. The Settlement Administrator has received over 135,000 Proof of Claim Forms and is in the final stages of fully processing all of the Claims and calculating the distribution of the net Settlement Funds. This work will be completed as promptly as time permits, given the need to investigate and tabulate each Claim. At this point, we anticipate distribution to valid Class Member-Claimants to occur in the next few months. Please notify the Settlement Administrator of any change of address (click ‘Contact’ at right). Thank you for your patience.

  82. A.M.Whiteside says:

    For Cher& Stephen Royster : The UPDATE is self explanatory,which was posted around the middle of July that states it will take up to at least 2 months 4 distribution of checks to all valid Class Members & that puts it at Sept. no later than !!!

  83. Linda Davis says:

    My name is Linda Davis. I was heart broken when I heard healthextras Ins. Went bankrupt. ID # 30887KBDVPCXG Will I be getting my refund. I was paying for this for several years.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Did you file a claim?

  84. Rose bell says:

    I file a claim will I get a refund

  85. John wicevic says:

    I called today and no distribution date has been set yet

  86. Mercedes E. Serrano says:

    This is the second . time I send a comment,no body tell me nothing ,
    I did everything I have to do to be part of this settlement.
    I go to ask again, Im part of this Settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Mercedes,

    We don’t know. We are not the class action administrator.

  87. John Holmes says:

    Any up date

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    September from what I hear.

  88. Rev. Herbert Thompson says:

    Did you say the Distribution will be some time in September?

    ADMIN – Hi Reverend,

    That is what I keep hearing.

  89. Tammie James says:

    Have anyone receive a settlement check yet

  90. Cher says:

    Any updates on the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Cher,


  91. Paulette Mundy says:

    Hi I already fill the claim form and submitted on line from March 2017, and I still have not bin contacted by you as yet please let me know what’s going on with my claim thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

    For questions about your claim please contact the class action admin.

  92. Luz Matos says:

    Since the phone number 844-245-3767 is a pre recorded message, will this particular pre-recorded message also let us know when these checks will mail out? My submission was in December 2016. Also will the website update as well with the approximate dates they will mail out?

    ADMIN – Hi Luz,

    Not likely, but the admin will probably post on the official page for the class settlement.

  93. william l thomas says:

    Hello, my name is William Thomas and I had two policies with Stonebridge and Health xtras for many years. To all those class members trying to find out about settlement checks I would suggest called the Settlement Administrator being Heffler Claims Group at 1-855-711-8800. I call every month and just today spoke with a person by the name of ED. He told me that all claims are being investigated and that hopefully settlement checks will be released by the end of the year. I think by the way he answered my questions he was just simply stalling and really did not know what to tell me. I am very frustrated as probably a lot of other class members are so I hope that by giving this telephone number all class members who want to find out why it is taking so long can call and vent their frustrations by asking why it is taking so long.

  94. Laurie says:

    While they collect the interest on the money.

    ADMIN – Hi Laurie,

    What money?

    • Cher says:

      Will the settlement money collect interest

      ADMIN – Hi Cher,

      I don’t think so. Even if it did the interest rates here in the US are horrible.

    • Laurie says:

      The settlement money that is to be paid out.

      ADMIN – Hi Laurie,

      The don’t collect any interest. Monies are not placed in interest-bearing accounts.

      • Laurie says:

        Thank you for the information regarding the money not being put in an interest bearing account. I must admit, I’m extremely surprised.

        ADMIN – Hi Laurie,

        Keep in mind that interest is not what it used to be. You are lucky if you get 1/2 of a percent APR

  95. Jesse Slocum says:

    Have we gotten a date yet, for sending settlement checks out. I thought it would be this mo. (Sept.) but after reading some remarks are we now looking in Oct. Have the attorney’s been paid. Why is this taking so long.

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    Usually cases are delayed due to claim validation which is very intensive as the admin is accountable to the judicial system for the accuracy of each claim they pay. As for the attorneys getting paid I truly hope they got their check already because they already did their job. At this point the party responsible for distribution is the class action administrator.

  96. Cher says:


    ADMIN – Hi Cher,

    Why are you screaming? Remember, we at ClassActionRebates care for you and we are trying our best to keep you informed.

  97. Craig says:

    Is it so hard to send out a letter saying we received your claim and whe are expecting a distribution about date. Just so all of us can kind of feel like were not being jerked around. Also a rough amount that would be paid out. As for this person who is administration wouldn’t it be easier to have some kind of contact with this attorneys. I think that if these payouts are so small to each claimant why dont we all band together and submit our own lawsuit against the lawyers who come out smelling like a multi million dollar rose.

    ADMIN – Hi Craig,

    The purpose of a class action administrator is to manage the monies in a way that you the claimant get the largest amount possible. If they spend their money on clerical tasks such as having many people answering the phone or sending all manner of letters there will be less and less for the class members. You can certainly contact the attorneys, their phone is available via the long notice.

  98. Andrea Randle says:

    When will we receive any monies? I’ve sent inquires. No response

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    Some settlements take years.

  99. Andrea, says:

    How do we get in touch with the Class action Admin?
    Why don’t we have any contact info

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea,

    The information for the class action admin is posted on this page under the subheading titled contact: Just in case you are struggling to figure out how to scroll up I am reposting down here.

    HealthExtras Settlement
    Settlement Administrator
    c/o Heffler Claims Group
    P.O. Box 60167
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    (844) 245-3767

  100. Sadiqa Yasmeen says:

    Hi ,
    As many other peoples I also received post card in march and I filled it out . Received 7 digits claim number but still did not here and received any updates . did anyone had?
    Thank you

  101. Jordan says:

    Hello, maybe if everyone would leave them alone they could actually do their work. Everyone calling them and talking to them just makes them take longer. Also you could be messing them up they are making sure they have the correct amount of people. If you keep calling they may end up giving some of your money to somebody who doesn’t even belong to this lawsuit. So I suggest all of you people who keep bothering them leave them alone so they can do their job. I would like to get the most money possible but if you people keep calling and complaining it makes their job that much harder. Thank you all for reading my post

    ADMIN – Hi Jordan,

    Preach it!! The more money spent in administration the less money for class members.

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