Heel Homeopathic Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of products manufactured or distributed by Heel products (sold under brands such as Traumeel & Zeel), labelled as homeopathic between 12/21/08 and 2/5/14.

There are hundreds of products covered. You can see the full list here.

Estimated Amount:
  • No Proof of Purchase – $25 per purchase up to a maximum of $100
  • Proof of Purchase – $25 per purchase up to a maximum of $150

The claim amounts may be lower if the $1,000,000 fund is oversubscribed, and higher if the fund is undersubscribed.

Proof of Purchase:

Not required, however higher larger compensation payments are available if you have proof of purchase.

Claim Form: Heel Claim Form
Case Name: Mason v. Heel, Inc.,
(Southern District of California)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Heel made misleading claims about the product being able to provide symptom relief. Heel does not agree with these allegations. The case was settled before being decided by the court.

By way of disclosure, my company is administering this fund. Note that opinions expressed on this website are my personal opinion and are not provided in my professional capacity of administrator of this fund, and should not be thought of as having any legal or official significance.

Settlement Pool: $1,000,000
Settlement Website: Heel Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: June 5, 2014 (forecast)
Claims Administrator: Heel Claims Administrator,
c/o Classaura LLC,
780 Morosgo Dr #14103,
Atlanta, GA 30324
(877) 283 2947

25 Responses to Heel Homeopathic Class Action Settlement

  1. I filed my claim online & it doesn’t give you any Confirmation#, Just “Your message was sent successfully” reply & then clears out the info you submitted. Weird…

  2. I have purchased quite a few of these products and like Hannah had posted above, I also got that my message was sent successfully so I hope my claim went through ok.

    • …But I bet YOU filed a claim though Mr. High and Mighty.

      A friend of mine bought a couple of these products which were recommended to her by her doctor. She wasn’t too surprised to hear about the case since their products didn’t help her. She ended up needing to get prescription meds instead.

  3. Such a shame that this has happened. I have purchased and used many of the Heel products with great success. I wouldn’t even consider filing a claim. These are great products!

  4. I’ve purchased several of their products also because I prefer homeopathic medicine over prescriptions. I didn’t have much success but really didn’t think much of it since many prescriptions didn’t provide any better relief.

    So are they saying that it’s all snake oil or what? I see most of the items I’ve purchased are still on the market in the same packaging.

    • How to tell if a product is snake oil: It contains the term “homeopathic” anywhere on it. In fact, if it’s even in the same aisle as anything marked homeopathic, it’s probably snake oil.

  5. I have purchased these products many times. If they say they will do something and the company falsely advertises itself and you buy under their word? Its wrong no matter what. I really haven’t seen any improvements but I prefer this type of homeopathic over prescribed medicine. That’s why I bought it.

  6. So sad there are stupid people out there who feed off the legal system. An excellent product company has to shut down as a result. This company has integrity and products that are very effective. I’ve used them for years. On people, children and animals with excellent results! Shame on all of you. So many people will suffer now that the products aren’t available. Disgusting.

  7. I have bought these products, especially Traumeel and it works great. I will miss them as Heel will no longer be available in North America. Traumeel is used in Hospital in Europe. Big Pharma is at it again eliminating their competition and our freedom of choice.

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    I think you are mistaken about Heel products no longer being available in the United States. I have not heard of any plans for them to leave the United States market.

  8. I’ve purchased some of the products and I have been able to get relief from them. I disagree that anything labeled “homeopathic” is snake oil. Everyone expects immediate results and if you know anything about homeopathic that is not the case and, since these products work WITH the body and not everybody is the same, results can vary.
    I would NEVER submit a claim to something like this. The lawsuit is just someones way of getting a lot of money because they’re lazy. If that’s what you all want; poo-poo on you! When Big Pharma has the entire shebang wrapped up in their greedy little hands what will you have left?

  9. A sad day in the history of North America,HEEL is a reputable company and I have a stash put away.
    Go ahead and poison yourself with drugs and support Big Pharma, they have the money and dictate what everyone should do. I will go to Europe to get there what homeopathic remedies I need!!!

  10. This lawsuit is a way for the plaintiff to make a buck. If the product was not working why did he continue to go to GNC and purchase it. Not all drugs homeopathic or traditional work for everyone. Not even Tylenol works for everyone. You need to try different things to see what works with your physiology. I am sure there will be hangers on that do get relief but want a quick check.

  11. I have purchased and used Traumeel many times. My daughter who has back problems and uses it successfully recommended it for my border collie when she injured her back. I noticed the difference the same day I gave it to her. Unfortunately this country is ruled by corporations, including Big Pharma. They cannot tolerate something that works without side effects. Sorry we will no longer be able to obtain this fine product.

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