Honda Engine Misfire Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Honda vehicles with a V6 engine with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM-2) in the following types of Honda vehicles:

  • 2008-2012 Honda Accord;
  • 2008-2013 Honda Odyssey;
  • 2009-2013 Honda Pilot;
  • 2010 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour
  • 2012 Honda Crosstour
Estimated Amount:

The settlement has two components:

  • Warranty Extension – the warranty will be expanded to cover engine misfires for 8 years after the purchase (not mileage limitation).
  • Repair Reimbursement – if you paid out of pocket for an engine misfire for your vehicle, you can file for full reimbursement.
Proof of Purchase:

VIN number

Claim Form: Honda Engine Misfire Claim Form
Case Name: Soto, et al. v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.,
Case No.: 3:12-cv-1377-SI (N.Dist California)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that certain Honda engines developed misfires due to faults in the design and manufacture of the engine. Honda denies the charge. The case was settled before being decided by a corut.

Settlement Pool: Not applicable
Settlement Website: Honda Misfire Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: April 10, 2014
Claims Administrator: Settlement Administrator
Soto Class Action Settlement
P.O. Box 2722
Torrance, CA 90509
(888) 888-3082

119 Responses to Honda Engine Misfire Settlement

  1. I have had the misfire situation.

    One day all is well, next morning Check Engine Light is on . Found the worst “BAD” Sparkplug I have ever seen.
    My issue is “What caused the fouled plug and is there other damage that I cannot see?

    I don’t want to do anything until I can find the answer to “other damage”.

    Will Honda service check the Engine as part of this settlement?

    • Bernie, that is a good question. I intend to find out if Honda will check the engine over as part of this settlement. It’s all fine and great and dandy that they will reimburse for expenses incurred in the past but when this warranty extension is over then it will continue to happen. So I feel Honda needs to figure out what is the root cause of this and fix people’s cars accordingly.

    • Can anyone let me know how soon upon owning the vehicle did you encounter this misfire and fouled spark plug. Like how many kilometers have you put in the vehicle already. Because i bought a 2013 honda pilot brand new and i have about 3,000 kms on already Honda sent me a letter already extending my warranty for power train to 8 years in case my trouble light comes on. Reason this will come on is due to that misfiring of the engine and foul spark plug. I want to know if this will happen early or after so many kilometers or years of driving the vehicle? Thank you and would appreciate your comments.

      • I have a 2011 Honda Accord V6. The first time I encountered the misfire was at 30,000 miles ( Nov 2012). The 2nd time was this weekend (Feb 7,2014) at 63,000 miles. The dealership is now replacing the engine with a 2014 engine

        • Carol,

          I just had a new short block installed and all was well,until I noticed on a cold start in the morning blue smoke from the exhaust. They decided to redo the vales and the same issue is accruing. I did call them two days after they did the valves and had them make a note of this. I’m to get back to them if it get worst. This is a Honda design issue and I’m very disappointed with Honda and the product they are making. They are making crap. Good Luck!


      • The first time it happen was at around 6,000 miles in summer 2009. Now my car is in the shop Feb 2014 at 65,000 miles. Irritating!

        • When we bought our 2010 V6 accord used we saw on the carfax that it had, had this repair done already and thought nothing of it. Within a few months we were in the shop having it done again and found out about the lawsuit, now a year and 30k later check engine light is on again! I am starting to hate this car! I mean what happens when extended warranty is up?

      • I had my 2010 Crosstour do it and now the 2012 has done it. Dealer in Des Moines replaced 4 spark plugs — my wife and son were there for a college trip. Scared them when the car started to run rough and lose power on the Interstate

        I too wonder what other damage this is causing

      • Steve,

        We bought our Honda Pilot in mid/fall of 2013 and just this past weekend, Feb 21,2014, we had this engine misfire trouble. We were 500m away from home and had to bring it to the nearest Honda dealer. Now it’s a struggle having them agree to ship it to the nearest dealer by us. It’s unreasonable to expect us to pick it up / drive 500 miles to pick up the car and then another 500m back home for something we are not responsible for. This Pilot is less than one year and just had an oil change service a week ago. This engine misfire trouble is crazy! Car was shaking, light was on, won’t/ can’t accelerate…simply a recipe for disaster!!

        • I wonder if it’s better to exclude myself from the class action settlement? I bought my Honda Pilot last year, 2013 but it’s a 2009 vehicle. I have not had any problems but what if I do and it results in an accident or something worse? If I don’t exclude myself I would not be able to sue Honda, correct?
          Also, can anyone confirm that the 8 years starts at the time of purchase? so in my case my extended warranty would expire in 2021?
          thank you.

        • Hey i was wondering if they told you what it was they needed to replace im having the same problem in my honda oddesy.. and we where told it could be one of six things.

          • I am having the same problem in my 2002 Honda Oddesy.. We had to change our alternater 3 times in one week we dont know why… Then one day Van was fine next moring check engine light was flashing TCS light stuck on.. We took it for reading and was told it could be one of 6 things. We changed all 6 spark plugs and still having problems it did nothing its shaking running sluggish And kind of loud… We have took great care of the van reg mantnice and in the last two months have had nothing but problems… Im wondering if anyone knows what it could be and how do i get ahold of someone to get all these problems takin care of..

      • I own a 2011 Honda Odyssey and encountered this misfire at about 30,000 miles. I now am dealing with this misfire at 58,000 miles. Every time I want to take vehicle in for service check engine light is not on and Honda can not help me. I just had to pay out of pocket because vehicle stalled on me. I purchased a new vehicle to avoid problems guess I was wrong. Now I need to try to get my money back from Honda. Can anyone help me with this.

    • Who the hell are these people that say they represent all Honda owners and we lose all our rights if we don’t respond? This is a settlement between Honda and the lawyers who made all the money. Any decent lawyer would get around this no problem if they had a client that wanted to sue. Nobody died and made them Lord of all Honda owners! I wouldn’t be surprised if Honda had a hand in this just to save them money from future lawsuits and it stopping at 8 years! Making it not a surprise that it was settled out of court.

  2. We’ve had this problem since we bought our Pilot and we’re glad to see Honda is adding this to the warranty. When we originally took our 2011 Honda Pilot to be checked out the service manager told us there was nothing wrong. Then when they finally agreed to check it and make the repair,the service personnel made the comment that “it is always the no. 3 spark plug” so apparently they have been aware of this issue for quite a while. Our concern is about all the other spark plugs and the effect this has had on our gas mileage, which has reduced considerably.

  3. I bought a used 2011 Honda Pilot jand also bought a bumper to bumper extended warranty. Will this settlement affect my right to have repairs done under this warranty. If yes, can I get reimbursed for the $1900 I paid for this warranty coverage.

    • I would like to know the answer to your question as well. Just bought a 2009 Pilot with 39000 miles and paid 2000 for warranty. We are thinking about cancelling the coverage…Good or Bad idea?

  4. My 2010 Honda Accord’s engine warning light came on just last week, along with the VSA and triangle warning light. The VSA and the triangle go off after pressing the VSA button though. I just tested the car and received the codes for cylinder 3 and 4 misfires. Will the service be covered under this court decision?

    • If your car is pulling those codes, you can take it to the dealer now for repair. They will do it for no charge. However, I took mine after I paid to have two replaced and dealer fixed it but I am having the misfire again. I am guessing now it is more plugs gone bad? If it is the same two as last time, something else needs fixed and just changing the coil and plug is only a bandage fix.

        • Our 2011 Honda Pilot has been doing the same thing on and off for the past couple of months…VSA light, engine light etc will come on. At one point it wouldn’t accelerate. We bought it last December. We did not get the extended warranty. Shouldn’t this be covered under this Honda Engine Misfire Settlement?

  5. 2008 Honda Accord ex-l v6. Have been having issues or just noticed the problem around 40K. What have I experienced: 1. Loss of oil between oil changes (up to 2qt) 2. Blowing white smoke due to fouled plug 3. ECO not engaging due to low oil 4. Oil on plugs, closest bank to cabin. Now if the service departments will acknowledge the issue. They still claim they don’t know anything about this problem or the class action suit.

  6. Just received class action letter today. This is the first we have heard of any problems. Our 2009 EXL Accord has 74,000 + miles and has never had any of the problems mention in this blog. However, I would like to know if there are any recalls regarding this issue.

    • Yes, I am having that problem right now with my 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6. My engine light came on yesterday while I was driving and it felt like it was going to cut off. Honda says its misfiring and it’s my pistons. I never heard of this recall or problem, but Honda is fixing the problem right now by replacing the pistons and whatever goes with it. It’s a $1500 job and it’s not going to cost me anything, thank the Lord! I had my spark plugs changed just last year (2013) so I was not expecting this at all! Take it in before your light comes on!

  7. I have a 2011 Honda Pilot EX V6 and had it for 2 years and notice my engine oil consumption goes up pretty quick. An is worried about this since I take long drive trips time from time. I’m wondering if Honda will issue a recall on all these vehicles before/after they find out it’s a manufacturer defect on these engine blocks since I don’t want my car failing while my driving or going up in flames. Should I get my car check out and will Honda cover it in the settlement?

    • Yes, this is happening to me as well! Just bought a used 2009 Accord EX-l 6cyl and the VSA light and check engine/emissions light is coming on. Can I get this fixed at the dealer under the lawsuit decision?

      Please Advise

  8. Hi All

    I have had 2 “misfires” in our 2011 Honda Odyssey, both time the flashing check engine light came on and the power became sluggish. My wife and kids were driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles both times, and luckily were close to their destination when the car conked out. Both time we had to have the car towed to the local dealer and my wife and kids had endure a lot of stress and time spent to deal with the issue. I am now afraid to take the car anywhere remote, like on a camping trip. The dealers said it was spark plug fouling (#3), and gave me copies of the service bulletin from Honda. I sent a complaint to Honda, and some guy from Torrance called me back and asked me to take the car into our local dealer for a full looksee. They even gave us a rental car. In the end, they said they could find no problem and would not do any further work on the issue. I sent them a letter informing them that if this happens again I will be consulting my lawyer. And now I get this Settlement Notice in the mail. I’m PO’d.

    Who cares if we get an extended warranty – the car has lost a big part of its value. And what happens if we are in the middle of nowhere when it happens?

    • I owned a 2007 Honda pilot & I was driving when car became sluggish and loose power,i had just gotten on the parkwayand preceded to get on side of road when me check engine light came on and the car just died.Honda didn’t say it was a misfire but it sure sounds like it.They said the spark plug blew,fell into the engine and crcked the cylander,went thru the radiator also.Their was major engine work to be done ontop of everthing to be replaced then the next month th back alternator went & the following month the front alternator went & then they said I’m gonna need a new starter so we traded it in for a odyssey and now I’m pissed.I don’t wanna go thru the same crap I did with the pilot

      • I have a 2007 Honda Pilot with 94,000 miles, started it in the morning and noticed it was running rough. The VTM-4 light was on. I let it warm up for a minute drove it down the road and back and realized something was wrong. Decided to drive it down to automotive company 6 miles away to have them check it out and less than 1/2 mile away it quit running. Had it towed and they said spark plug got so hot and shot out. They are telling me I need a new motor which will cost $5,000. I bought this car for $42,000 only because Honda has a great name and expected to drive it 20+ years.

    • I actually had a question. Does this include the 2014 Odyssey? We are in the market for one, but after reading all these posts, I am a little nervous.
      Many thanks!

      • Stay away!! We went back and forth between Honda and Toyota and I wish we had gone Toyota. My van has died 2 times now and been at the dealer for repair for the misfire 2x now and it’s still not fixed. I don’t trust the van or the brand anymore. As soon as we get it back, I’m heading straight to Toyota for the Sienna. Good luck!

        • What year is or was ur odyssey? My 2011 just had the problem and in hopes that the 2014 odyssey doesnt have the issue. What were the mileages and were u driving ling distance on both occurances?
          I have searched and the sienna comfort is not close to the odyssey. And there are issues with sienna as well.

    • We had the exact trouble in Port Charlotte, Florida. The dealer was super nice explaining they could fix pistons but gave us the opportunity to drive home (Minnesota) with 4 new plugs and have our dealer repair engine. Had much grief from Minnesota dealer, nearly refusing to do work saying new plugs and software update corrected troubles. Not so and we had service bulletin 13-081 in hand to prove thanks to dealer in Florida. What a disservice to loyal Honda owners to bold face lie that plugs and software “fix” the trouble. Grateful we weren’t stranded like you. Hope you can get the work done you need.

  9. My wife has complained recently about her 2009 Pilot seemed to “skip” while driving @ highway speeds. I started driving it + sure enough; sometimes subtle + other a jolt; had NO check engine lights on.
    Took it in to my local mechanic and he ran a scan on it – still no codes but determined that the engine was misfiring..#4 mostly. Cost $200 for 6 plugs and to clean the throttle body. He said that he originally thought that should fix the issue but he did some research online and found the TSB’s concerning the misfire and software updating.

    He has advised me that I will need to take it to the dealer for the software updating..
    My question is..will that cost me anything in light of the TSB’s and the recent settling of the class action lawsuit?

    • I have the same problem. I have an Accord EX V6, and after about 60,000 Miles my engine started to occasionally “stutter”. I think it generally happens when I start accelerating. Then rather than getting the normal, smooth, and powerful acceleration, I feel the entire car stuttering forward. It’s somewhat subtle, but VERY bothersome. Before I’d heard of this settlement, I took the car into the mechanic, and they had trouble reading any codes.

      • Dan – did they ever get a code reading that matched any of the codes that are identified in the lawsuit?? My engine is blown now and dealership had my car in the shop just prior and “none of the codes” are referenced.

  10. Does anyone know if this affects the gas mileage of the vehicle? My 2011 Pilot get 17 mpg on a good day which is grossly under its retail estimate. I have found many other Pilot owners with similar complaints. Does an engine that misfires affect your mpg, and if so, what is being done by American Honda in answer to the false mpg estimates that they sold the vehicle based on?

  11. No soon after I received the notice in the mail regarding the warranty my CHECK ENGINE light came on for the 3rd time. I purchased a 2010 brand new V6 fully loaded Accord and it only has 37,000 miles on it. My car has been sitting in the Honda dealership for a week now. They had to rebuild the cylinder and its still causing a misfire. For some reason the car is still running on only 3 spark plugs vs 6. This is being completely covered by Honda. Sad they had to touch the engine. I don’t know what to do anymore!!! Help?!

    • I dont understand why Honda is still trying to fix the engine. It is obvious the engine is a mess so i would push for them to change the engine.

  12. I have had 4 misfires on my 2008 Honda Accord V6. It’s frustrating and costly. I barely just topped 100K miles recently. The honda dealership never mentions anything about this being a common issue, instead I was told that I’d have to replace the whole engine block to get rid of this problem. It’s a ridiculous response and wouldn’t the problem continue on a new engine block?(not that I’d do that as its not worth to spend that much on). I’m for this settlement!

    • What happened when you had the misfire? I have the same car. My check engine light went on shortly after letter, but then it disappeared.

  13. I aware of this too ever since I bought my 2010 accord ive had a misfire my check engine light came on n the it went off I can feel the misfire so I went to my local honda they denied me service saying I had no warranty then two months later I got a letter in the mail saying my warranty was going to expire I showed them the letter they still dont want to acknowledge it I talked to a honda tech this problem is commen and that if you have oil in the spark plugs they recommend to replace the short block which is the lower half of the engine I dont have money laying aaroud to buy an engine honda should take responsibility n fix these issues I bought a new car not to deal with these kind of issues but seems like you cant trust a new vehicle either try taking it in if you have the warranty they know about this problem!!!!

  14. It happened to me twice, once while traveling with family from New York to Florida. I called Honda yesterday and was old to bring it back in for a piston ring job?

  15. I have a 2009 Accord and had the problem described in the class action suit. Repair date was 9/28/12 at 59,327 miles. Service manager described the problem as “engine misfire” and charged me $281.62 to replace 6 spark plugs. However, there is no diagnostic code on my official Honda invoice so according to the notice, I get nothing back. Anybody have any ideas on what I should do? I plan to go back to the dealer, but doubt that I will get much help there.

    • I have the exact same situation at my dealership.. so far the settlement has denied my claim. im trying to figure out a solution now that either Honda or I can get this settlement to pay for it.. you had any luck?

  16. This was my first and last Honda I will ever buy! Honda has always had a goof reputation and so my husband and I bought a 2008 Honda Accord V6. The car was great the first couple of years, then the car hit 60,000 miles and began to misfire. I had the car towed to the dealership. I was told it was a “bad” sparkplug. This was fixed under the cars warranty. Then 7 months and 9.000 miles later it happened again! This time the dealership told me I would have to pay over $200.00 to fix the car. I don’t think I ever had such a fit with a car dealership before. I demanded the Honda representative be called. So the dealership didn’t charge me. This last episode was at 90.000 miles when the car began to misfire. The dealership decided to replace my engine head and engine block with only a 12 month warranty. I had to pay for a rental car for a week as the dealership did not provide loaner cars or pay for a rental car. I traded my Honda in the next month.
    I was shocked to see this settlement!!!! An 8 year extended warranty. I can honestly say Honda has lost a customer for life!

  17. My 2010 Honda Crosstour with 64000 miles had check engine light come on while on road trip. Had to have spark plugs replaced. Cost greater than $400 at Honda dealship. Have driven Hondas for years and never had this problem before. Thanks for the valuable information on this site!

  18. We bought a 2013 Odyssey in April last year and now this. We leased it too with the intent to mostly buy out after the lease. Hearing this makes me wonder what will happen.

    So far I believe the van is running fine we’ve got approx. 11K miles on it so far. I found out about this yesterday during a call to Honda customer service to check on something else actually.

    My take is any fix would be just a stop gap and the ideal fix would be replace the engine. And that my friends would be a major overhaul. Mess with something like even at the dealership and you are guaranteed to have issues with other things they disconnect and connect back.

    This is not a happy situation. Even if you get a new engine. World of pain for customers and Honda alike.

    Should have stuck with my Forester.

  19. Does the car have to be bought right from Honda? or can i have purchased it from another dealership?
    I just recently bought a 2008 Honda Accord EX V6 in December of 2012 and its having that misfire problem.. just curious if it has to be owned from new to get that extended warranty service

  20. I had a 2010 honda accord lx ….. 2000 miles into the lease car broke down, took it in and was told the engine needed to be fixed. I immediately contacted Honda ( because I usually keep my cars after the lease period is over). They would not let me exchange the vehicle or adjust the buy out price. I did turn in the car after the lease period because I didn’t trust a vehicle that had engine problems. Is there any recourse I would have? Since they repaired it and I’m not out any money except loosing the money I paid into the lease for a car I was not comfortable keeping? Do I bother to fill out this information?

  21. In august 2012 we purchased a new odyssey with 25 miles on it is February 2014 with 17,000 miles and the engine light came on. Took it back to the dealer only to find out that the engine needs a complete tear down due to fouled plugs and cylinder heads and rings. Thank goodness it’s still under warranty.whats to prevent this from happening again even with the eight year extension that Honda gave us. Very very unhappy with the whole situation.

    • 2012 Honda Pilot, purchase price $41,000.00. 50k now headed back to dealer for the 7th time in three weeks. Check engine light on. Class action lawsuit issue enables repair of engine (new piston rings and spark plugs). Got car back after engine overhaul and it was leaking oil. Three times to correct oil leak and exhaust leak. n ow back three times for check engine light. Car is not right and dealer is doing the best they can but these engines are built in the factory and when an engine is rebuilt at a dealership you never know who is making the repair. HONDA HAS OFFERED NOTHING in reimbursement for my time or troubles.

      • Same situation here, but they want to charge me $100 deductible for my extended warranty to cover new repairs that happened less than 24 hours after I got my van back. They take it apart and break something else. This van is getting repaired and traded in for a Toyota Sienna.

  22. I have owed Honda Accords for many years, i have owned the following cars ( 1990, 1991, 1992 , 1993 , 1994, 1995-My son still drives, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002-my other son still drives, 2003, 2004, 2007 purchased off the show room and 2008 Purschased new which i still drive daily. The 2008 Honda Accord V6-L may be my last Accord if Honda does not correct the misfire-related repairs. Honda has always been one of my preferred car, but after the 2008 Honda Accord issues, and if Honda decide not to repair or replace the hard working consumers cars, then these Honda cars and trucks should be banned from the market. I bought a 2008 Honda Accord V6 to last a long time. The car was great the first couple of years, then the car reached 90,000-110,00 miles and began to misfire and engine light came every 5,000 miles, so we had to change the 100K spark plugs every 10,000 miles. I took the car to the Honda dealership. I was told it was a “bad” spark plugs again and again and to fix the problem a $4,500 new engine small block to be installed at my expense. Then 4 months and 10.000 miles later it happened again! I never had such a issue with a car dealership before. This last episode was at 10,000 miles when the car began to misfire. The dealership has not replace my engine head and engine block at this time. My $30,000 car uses 3 QT of oil between oil changes. An 8 year extended warranty may be the answer. I can honestly say Honda may loose a customer for life! We demanded the Honda headquarters and representatives be called to make good on the issues. My next steps may be local and national news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carl, I completely agree with you and your frustration. I am going through the same issues with my 2010 Accord. I spoke to a Honda rep and was basically told that they did not have to step in. I have my car at the dealer after breaking down for a third time. First time- fouled spark plugs. Second time- camshaft needed to be replaced. Third time- failing piston. Where does this end? I was told that they can do the necessary repairs, but insist on having my engine replaced. If there is something inherently wrong with these engines, making remedial repairs will only be a short term solution. The extended warranty will eventually expire and Honda customers left with a subpar vehicle. It’s a shame that Honda is failing the consumer as we make the choice to invest our hard earned money into a mirage if what Honda once was and stood for. SHAME on Honda for turning a blind eye and refusing to be accountable for its product. In today’s world the media is one of the most influential tools in making your voice heard. I will be pursing this further and making our voice heard. Best of luck.

  23. I have a ’09 Honda Accord V6 85,000 miles. Had the misfire occur several times. Finally got the problem fixed under the SOTO claim. Also submitted the previous bills for reimbursement. Now I get no check engine light or misfire but still burn excessive amounts of oil. Went back to the dealership who have been very helpful to date but feel I’m starting to get the run around. Dealership stated every car manufacturer has a oil burn allowance. Called Honda of America and waiting for a follow up. Is the oil usage also related to the misfire settlement and do I need to have the check engine light on for repairs? I have been back to the dealership twice (@ 1000 miles & again another 1000 miles) to document low oil.

  24. My dealer is replacing the rings on Monday morning on the 24 of February. Hope it solves the problem. I have gone through 3 check engine lights for misfiring in one year. All back fires seem to happen on the highway at speeds of 60-65. If re-ringing my top end dosent fix the problem I hope the replace the engine. The resale value has to take a hit from these cars now.

  25. My 1st and last Honda!! How does this settlement help? If I am correct it does not extend the original 36000 miles covered under warranty- only extends the coverage from 3yrs to 8yrs. How does this help? My 2010 Honda accord has given me nothing but problems since it hit 40000 miles.

  26. Hi, I have a 2014 Honda Pilot. Just got it 12/31/2013. All of a sudden, last two months, I have check engine light on, traction control light and off and on the VTM light. Car also seems to misfire/run sluggish occasionally. Generally it is all first thing in the morning, not in afternoon. Not sure if weather related or what. Anyone else have these problems? Today the car seemed like it was going to die out.

  27. I was unfortunately at a Chevrolet dealership when I had seen this beautiful Honda sitting on their used car lot. I should have kept walking, now I am getting the check engine lights that everyone on here is experiencing. I bought the car with 58,00 miles on it and now after 1 year and 4 months have 82,000 miles on the car. I now drive the car with a shudder, sluggish acceleration and oil consumption issues. I have been to Gwinnett Place Honda in Duluth Georgia to have the car looked at (which was NO help after 3 hours of waiting). Jae, the service manager told me that the misfire code I was experiencing was not part of the class action law suit. ( I repaired the spark plugs with factory original parts) I also have had the coils looked at by two independent (TRUSTED) shops that can not pin point the specific problem. I have been told that because the car was consuming oil that the VTec solenoid has possibly gone bad, my car will not accelerate over 4500 rpm now and misfires horribly around 5000 rpm if the car allows itself to reach those rpms. I am very disappointed with my Honda dealership telling me that I have to pay for the oil change and engine consumption test, telling me that when I brought the car in to them that all they were going to do was clear the code and wait until the car does something wrong again! And still telling me that I would have to pay for it! I never had this problem with Chevrolet and I after market upgraded my cars exssesively with Chevrolet backing their cars in every way possible! Totally UNSATISFIED!

    • My son just bought a 2009 Accord Coupe with 53,000 miles on it from a used car dealership. The day after purchase the check engine light came on. I already had arrangements to take it to Honda to have them do a thorough inspection, although in hindsight I should have brought it to the used car dealership. They told me that there was a misfire in cy 5. They gave me new sparks plugs ($283.00) with labor. They said that if the check engine light comes on again, they may have to do a valve job.

      The light came back on the next day, so we took it back to the used car dealership. Come to find out that they had put new plugs in the car before we bought it. They took it to their mechanic to be looked at. They ended up resetting the computer and told us to drive 100 miles. That was done and the light still never went off.

      We brought the car back to the used car dealership. I spoke to them today and they are taking it straight to Honda because they found out about the lawsuit.

      I had discovered the issues with these Honda’s only after buying the car. I am the third owner. I didn’t own the car on the date of the deadline to file for the class action suit. I just don’t know if I qualify to have the car fixed being the 3rd owner.

      I am hoping that the used car place will be able to resolve this with Honda and have the car completely fixed.

      Keeping my fingers crossed.

  28. I am disappointed that Honda is not upfront standing behind their vehicles. I own two and don’t plan on owning any more. The 2005 Odyssey Touring is misfiring and has been for a long time and the dealer doesn’t know me. My 2011 Touring Elite needed a new windshield and the warranty that I purchased from the dealer isn’t worth a damn, will not even use Honda replacement parts or OEM replacement parts. The dealership did not offer me a Honda Care Warranty. They must have made more more money on the Warranty offered by the Patton Leather Shoe Boys. Now I am looking at a class action law suit for misfire that is not approved by the courts. Telling me I have to make a selection of options that I don’t agree with or loss any hope of getting the misfire problem fixed if it does occur.

    I believe that the dealers are the problem and Honda if they don’t take their clients seriously will come to regret it later. I know Toyota straighten up pretty quick after the heavy fines.

    Hope you have better luck with Honda America that I have.

  29. Hi everyone, my Honda Pilot recently received the fix at the local dealership. I was adding one quart of oil every 1,000 miles and I knew this was not right. I really knew something was wrong when I pulled the spark plugs and they were fouled. It has been determined the piston rings used in these Honda engines are failing, resulting in oil being burned and plugs getting fouled. In some of the worst cases, the faulty piston rings have actually scarred the cylinder walls. Honda covered the parts and labor to replace the piston rings on the 3 rear cylinders, all new gaskets, o rings, and 4 spark plugs. I have already noticed a huge difference in engine performance and I will be replacing the remaining 2 plugs myself in hopes this resolves the slight stumble still occurring.

    • I just picked up my 08 odyssey from the dealer. They replaced piston rings 1-3 and spark plugs 1-4. What I find funny is why didn’t they just replace all the spark plugs. I pulled the #1 plug just before I dropped it off. I’ve never seen a spark plug corroded so bad.

    • Same thing happened to me 2 days ago, 2009 Honda Accord. Always done the scheduled maint. Never a problem. Being told the same thing, re-ring on 3 cylinders and needs plugs in 1-4 (What about 5& 6) Question: I still don’t see anyone saying there was oil smoke coming out the exhaust. If your using oil, you got to have smoke somewhere. We never have. Never low on oil or If we are low, the local Firestone that does our oil changes has never told us we have no oil when they do the changes.

  30. I have a 2000 acura tl thats is made by honda my car misfire every time i put in the shop to get fix and get the car out A couple days later its misfires again and still misfiring now. On 3 cylinders

  31. I have 2014 Oddessey bought on Thanksgiving 2013. Only 4 months and only 1000 miles. Engine light is on and a little bit shaking. Brought to Dealer, Dealer said it is misfire and need to open engine to check.

  32. We bought a used 09 Odyssey and immediately had problems with oil consumption, The 2nd spark plug issue led us to the dealership right after this settlement came about and they replaced all my plugs and reset the computer free of charge. They said it should fix the problems. A few months later and my van is using 2 quarts of oil every 3000 miles. Honda did an oil consumption test and recommended a new engine and they would only pay HALF! They changed their story- they will replace it free of charge or I won’t stop fighting. Doesn’t the settlement say they would have to cover it?

  33. Broke down on trip to nc from ny.. Car fixed at aamco shop, then after that, to Honda dealer for software update.. After motel bill, aamco bill , Honda dealer bill. We are out about $700.00..probably the last Honda we buy.. Hoping to recover some $$ in the class action suit..

  34. Well I have a 2000 acura 3.2 tl made by honda. That has a misfire problem every day from the time I get it out of the shop. And start backs. And its doing it now.

  35. We own a 2005 Honda Pilot that’s been having the VTM4 and engine light come on repeatedly over the past few months, with rough idle that is inconsistently coming on when cold. Changed the spark plugs and #3 cylinder ignition coil since only that plug was fouled. Light came on again. Dealer adjusted the valves, but the problem returned. Dealer said NAPA’s plugs were incorrect and charged me to put factory plugs in even though the plugs were correctly specified. Dealer also switched the after-market coil from #3 to #6. Problem returned after about 250 miles. Still #3 cylinder misfiring issue. It’s back with the dealer again.

  36. I have a 2010 accord V6 and have had to take the car to the dealership four times with misfire issues. I mailed the form for the class action settlement this week. This is my third Accord, the others (1996, and 2000)were excellent vehicles. Honda Corporation (Engineering, Consumer relations/dealerships)has lost their way. I will never purchase or recommend a Honda vehicle again. Hopefully I will be reimbursed.

    • I have the same car and am having the same issues. Car lost power yesterday while driving. I could have been seriously injured. Called the local honda dealer and got the runaround about a $350 carbon buildup procedure. Called another honda dealer and was told about the settlement and that they would check that out first. Called the honda corporate customer service line as was given the worst customer service I’ve ever had. I’m so disappointed. I got this car hoping to only do scheduled maintenance and keep it until the wheels fell off. It’s obvious the employees at honda are being coached to not be honest about the settlement. It’s horrible to deal with.

  37. I have the same issue as all. Our 2008 misfires all the time. Had to have engine work done to fix the code that is in the class action lawsuit. Very tired and nervous to drive long distances until it gets fixed properly. Our family relies on this vehicle to move us safely everywhere we go. My twins are the most precious cargo. I know issues come up with design I just hope they close out the lawsuit and get the vehicle fixed properly.

  38. I have a 4 cylinder 08′ Accord with this exact issue…
    My regular mechanic was unable to find the issue and recommended I go directly to a dealer for a diagnostic. Within an hour of having the car the dealer mechanic called to inform me that this engine misfire problem would cost me $2200 in parts and approximately 6 hours of labour.
    After reading up about the lawsuit, it does not appear that Honda will reimburse the 4 Cylinders…
    I’m still in awe… First and last Honda.

  39. 2009,Honda, Accord. In the shop waiting for parts, and work to be done. Engine check light, #2 cylinder misfire…oil, 1 qt every 1,000 miles. we where told by the Honda dealership service dept.(Willey Honda, Bountiful, UT) That this was normal use (BS). I don’t think I will ever buy a car from Honda or this dealership again(they aren’t upfront about anything, messed me up on my Ford F-250 too, service Dept.) I hope they are enjoying their Honda cars too. If I accept this work, will I loose out on a replacement engine, because that is where it will end up…They are only put a bandage on this issue. Good Luck my brothers and sister of the Honda, Smoke and Mirrors show…Maybe we could make Lemonade?

    • I was told the same thing Ross that Honda states it’s not unlikely for engine to burn a qrt of oil per 1000 miles and then said I shoulda read the manual. Well you don’t get the manual till you purchase it, and if I can’t rely on the dealership for info on the car and have to read manuals then good luck selling cars. Also the run around with several oil consumption tests. The first test wasn’t valid because I brought it back 1400 miles instead of 1000 miles and it voided the test. And that’s when I notice I’m staring at the Honda customer service excellence report card with a 96% score. So I said you promote customer service excellence how do I get that treatment and he said sir this is not a customer service issue. I apologize and said I forgot you smiled and said hello when I brought my car in bc that’s customer service. I have 2010 pilot I’ve had 93 del sol, 01 civic ex, 07 element and the top model the pilot is the worst, won’t go over 5000 miles without being bone dry and oil change % is 30 or 40 % and oil change sticker says 10 % lol such a joke. I love goin to dealership and spreading the Honda hates you awareness campaign.

  40. With my 2010 Honda Accord v6, I’m at least on my 4th issue with this and now it sounds funny, check engine malfunction light on again! Every time if took it to Scott Honda they acted like it was my fault, oil not registering. Did oil burning test diagnostics, etc. it wasn’t until it happened AGAIN a yesterday that i remembered I got the class action lawsuit papers in the mail! Looking everywhere for all receipts (who keeps oil receipts?). I stopped going to honda for work on the car coz they blamed it on me! I have a new car repair shop who is now aware of the issue. I have 3 days left to get all paperwork filled out, send “original” receipts, and hope I get something in return. I’ve always owned Hondas. But I want to trade in, but it’s prob not worth anything now due to this malfunction & Honda not doing anything about it! I’m so pissed & feel totally ripped off!!

  41. In the end, Honda will screw their reputation! At least Toyota did the full recall! Honda has hidden this for years! Trained their employees to blame it on the consumer or even worse, make up lies & tell you to check your oil every time you refuel? I have had this issue for years! I have a beautiful 2010 Honda Accord. I used to love it & was a faithful Honda owner. My first car almost 30 years now, was a Honda. I’m getting rid of it & will never remain a Honda owner again, sad to say. But the way I was treated & lied to, the diagnostics & oil consumption tests, all blamed on me! And I maintain my cars!! My son has my previous 2001 Honda accord & it’s running better than my new one! My youngest sister still drives a 1987 Honda accord, and that too still runs better! I’m afraid to even drive to work! One day all is well & the next, no oil, lights going off, sputtering because spark plugs are damaged! If I had the time, I’d go far & sue for full rights of lemon law! Not right at all! Karma will get them!

  42. I just received a letter in the mail about extending the warranty and I should reactivate it by calling 1-855-297-4282 and mention the letter for $100 discount.
    Does this mean I’m paying out of pocket for extending this warranty? Did they settle the case? I’ve look online and nothing is confirm. What happen to do nothing and have the lawyers help settle case for us and receiving an award settlement in the amount of getting out of pocket bills paid and extended warranty? Where was the letter informing us about the case settling?

  43. i just bought a 2014 honda pilot ex-l and it vibrates when the ECO light comes on, its really a pain how do i submit a form to file a complaint about this issue??

  44. Unfortunately I discovered too late that the many times I’ve brought my vehicle in for the repairs that they were covered and I have been charged for them without any recourse now that the April 10, 2014 deadline has passed. My 2008 Honda Accord with 56,000 miles on it is in the shop as we speak. I have yet to hear how they are going to rectify this situation, but it seems to me that nothing less than an engine replacement is acceptable.

  45. I have a 2010 Honda Pilot. Car was burning a quart of oil every 2,000 miles. Then had engine codes. Dealership replaced plug (misfire). Ran ok for 3 months misfired again. They are now replacing all pistions and rings. They have had my car for 2 weeks. Loaner was offerered after 1st week. Dealership has been great. Have had good luck w/ Honda/Acura cars. This is the first major problem I have had in 6 cars. I feel confident they will make it right.

    • Raymond, how did you know you were burning oil. I have a pilot and have had it in the shop 2 xs for misfire and now engine light is on. Just curious about oil burning.

  46. 2013 honda crv with 20k miles engine light. Vehicle stalled out and shutoff on the highway 2 times now. Vehicle still shutters on low deceleration and on low ecceleration. Honda says vehicle is within range for driveability. Still has issues after being in the shop 3 times for the same existing honda CRAP!!!

  47. My Honda 2008 Accord V6 had misfiring issues Nov. 2013 which took days for the dealership to figure out and I was almost stranded on freeway when the car acted up twice. Got it fixed but due to my travel did not make the classaction law suite window and called Honda N.America and was told – too bad! I spent $320 for repairs, the part they put in was double what I googled it costs to purchase, nice mark ups Honda dealer, and I have battled the terrible braking system from the first 12K miles I owned this car!! HATE this car, NEVER BUY HONDA, have 75k miles and will be trading in, will lose money but this car does not ride well and is a huge money pit and pain in the ass to deal with. HONDA SHAME ON YOU FOR not standing behind your cars!

  48. After trading in my Jeep Liberty because of all the recalls, I purchased a 2010 honda pilot August 2013. Today after picking up my son from school I was on our busy local highway and felt the pilot seem to start to slow… pressing the accelerator did absolutely nothing, vehicle stalled, attempted to restart it and barely got over to the shoulder. Could not re-start the vehicle. My husband got there and was able to restart it after several attempts and we now have it on the trailer to take to our local Honda mechanic tomorrow.

    Does this sound like the misfire everyone is mentioning? And if so, since this has happened after the April “claim date” on the website is Honda not obligated to cover this if indeed it is a misfire? I did not receive a letter or anything regarding this class action and have just stumbled upon it now trying to figure out what the problem could be.

  49. I have a 2011 odyssey and on my way home today. The engine light flashed and the VSA light came on. Does the settlement cover this? Also I have not seen any letter in the mail about recalls or extending the warranty. Is it safe to drive 30 miles to the dealership? Thanks

  50. Have they sent out all the notifications regarding the misfires,to all the Honda owners.I have a 2008 HONDA Odyssey and I have not received any notifications!!!The

  51. 2008 AccordV6 bought new. Just last night got towed 80 miles. Engine light came on, blinking. When I exited freeway, every stop sign and stoplight it was bumping and lurching until accelerated. Had no confidence it would get me home, so towed it. Tomorrow morning I head into Spreen Honda, Loma Linda, California. Wish me luck. At least I found the settlement info.

  52. I stopped into my dealership the other day. SUNNYSIDE Honda in Middleburg Hts., OH. I waited 6-7 minutes for one of the service people to look up & acknowledge me. No one did. I left.

    Avoid Sunnyside Honda!

  53. The dealer is replacing the rings after our second “problem ” I was told I should not use “crappy gasoline” and that I should be checking the oil every time I get gas — as the owners’ manual supposedly says.
    What is Honda doing to rebuild our trust and their reputation?Why isn’t there a recall of these cars?

  54. This weekend I stop by Carl Gregory Honda (Columbus,GA) to informed them that my 2008 Honda Accord had consumed a quart of oil. This is after they replaced 4 plugs and charged me for the replacement of the remaining 2 and reprogrammed the computer, which was suppose to correct the check engine and oil consumption problems. Didn’t work, still consuming oil! I was informed that I must get my oil changed at their establishment to have the oil consumption test, what a bunch of crap! I have purchased 4 Honda Accords and never had any problems until I got this 2008 V6. I don’t think I will purchase another Honda, “They are no longer Trustworthy!”

  55. Driving back to DE from NC last Sunday in 2008 Accord V6 with 97k miles, about an hour out of NC the MIL started flashing and VSA light came on. Did not have to stop for a light for about another hour and when I did it was obvious something was VERY wrong…engine bucking and farting like the old days when timing was way off. Drove on at slow highway speeds and it wasn’t feeling too bad. Got to an Autozone where they read the code which was a misfire in #3 cylinder. Got home and got a set of plugs and replaced them all. #3 plug was VERY bad. Moved the coil block from #3 to #6 where I could change it easily if that was also a problem. So far, it is running fine, but if the MIL comes on again, I planned to change the coil which was on #3, but it sounds like it’s more complicated than that. Oil consumption has not been a problem so far. I switched to synthetic about 25k miles ago. Maybe that is why??? This is the second Honda problem. Out 99 Accord had to have new engine…water in the oil, not the usual other way around.

  56. Forgot to add that I did not receive any notification of this problem. I can only hope that will be considered when I make the application which is obviously well after the April cutoff date. But my hopes are not high on that.

  57. Last week on my wife’s 2013 Honda Pilot with 41k miles the engine light and the VSA light came on. The engine still seemed to run fine. The code was P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire). I took it to the dealer and 2 hours later they called to tell me they were replacing the piston rings.

  58. Have a 2013 Honda Odessey that began having misfirings that the service center claimed were “rare”. Kept bringing van in to turn off lights. Again, told this is very rare. Fifth time I googled Honda Complaints and found out about class action. When I went in again I told them about the suit and then they seemed to be more forthright. I can’t take shady businesses. I was in the middle of a move so I did not opt out of class action because I am sure I would have fit the lemon law bill.

    All they tell me now is that they would be frustrated if they were me. So Honda’s response is “IF I OWNED A HONDA CAR I WOULD BE FRUSTRATED.” This is our first and last Honda. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER NEVER give them my business again because they did not tell me what was going on with my car and ONLY when I told them what was going on with my car did they come partly clean about it.

    AND LASTLY has anyone noticed that after any service Honda is so quick to tell you someone will be contacting you about your service and please give us good reviews? Has anyone received those calls if you are in for defective cars? I don’t think they are going to put our numbers into their customer satisfaction survey….again…Honda is becoming a sleazy car dealership.

  59. Still have not received refund for sparkplug replacement as of 7/2/14.

    I had three plugs foul out from 45,000 to 68,000 miles on my 2009 V6 EX-L Accord. June 9, 2014 marked the 3rd fouled plug. They said that the initial damage was caused by a software issue related to the variable cylinder management. They updated the software after plug #2. When the 3rd fouled they said that the damage caused before the software update was a rotation of the cylinder rings. This caused oil to make it to the upper chamber. This is where the excessive oil consumption took place also burning our sparkplugs. I was only getting 1.25 to 1.75 quarts out of my car when changing the oil at 20% remaining life – so I was going through it heavily. Even though they updated the software after #2, the damage was done to the piston rings. They did a partial engine rebuild on mine as part of this settlement (8 year warranty) at no cost to me. They replaced all plugs and piston rings, seals, etc. There may have been more done, but that was the bigger items. They seem confident that I will not be revisiting this after 45,000 to $60,000 on the new piston rings. I have my doubts. The settlement didn’t go far enough because I am not compensated for the undeniable decrease in value to the vehicle or the trouble of taking my car in 3 times…

  60. Anyone have any info on when checks are to be mailed? Our clain was filed and acknowledged long before the deadline but have not received the check yet. Thx.

    You may contact the class action administrator at 1-888-888-3082

  61. Like probably the rest of you. I purchased a honda so I could keep it for a long time. Honda has always been the best vehicles. I don’t know what is going on. I have the 08 odyssey. The first dealer replaced I think three sparks plugs. I informed them about the oil consumption they acted as if they had no idea what was going on. My neighbor is actually the one that found the recall on line. I took it to another dealer. They seemed already informed and supposedly fixed it. Two month later it is worse than when I brought it in originally. I am so upset and confused by all of this. My family went with Honda so we would have a car last through our children and I am sad to say we purchased a crappy car. I insisted on Honda and like the others wished I would have went with Toyota.

  62. My 2011 Honda Accord EXL V6 showed the engine light while I was driving and then started stalling/shuddering. I somehow managed to drive it home (about 2 miles). I called the local dealer and their service department was closed; called Honda Corporate Customer Service and gave the VIN. All they mentioned about is about different warranties and the fact that if spark plug is changed; warranty will be extended to 8 years. Of course, when I returned home and checked online, I find out about this lawsuit.

    The big question is: How is my situation to be addressed since the issue came to occur after the deadline? Do I still need to pay the dealer? Is Honda responsible for towing charges? I dread the prospect of them servicing the car once and then have to do multiple surgeries at my cost subsequently.

    I would appreciate if anyone can provide some insight into my questions. I have an appointment scheduled with the dealer tomorrow.

  63. This has been my 3rd Honda vehicle and most likely it will be my last. I bought this vehicle thinking I was going to get a quality product that I can keep for years to come based on my past good experience with Honda vehicles. I was wrong this time. At just 25k miles the engine had an internal failure which in my opinion is unacceptable. Furthermore, the 2011 Honda Odyssey loaner car that they gave me had better gas mileage than my 2013 Odyssey. I don’t know if that’s because of the engine defect my vehicle had. Safety, quality, and dependability are the three most important things I look for when purchasing a vehicle and so far the quality part has not met my expectation of Honda. I don’t know if something else will go wrong with this engine but I cannot risk being stranded middle of nowhere with my family therefore I am considering trading this vehicle for a brand that focuses on quality and customer loyalty. As far as service goes, Muller Honda in Highland Park Illinois met my expectations. They were kind and I was very pleased with the service they provided me.    

  64. hey guys I have a 2012 Honda Pilot EXL I just took my pilot down to the dealership and they told me that all pistons were misfiring and they had no answer for it they said they had to call the engineers from Honda to figure it out when they got back to me two days later he told me that my alternator was bad and it would cost me $600 not only that but the vehicle was not even two years old when this occurred and it also had a broken rear motor mount that was unexplained because I’ve never taken the car off road. also just after the rear motor mount was fixed by Honda dealership the battery went completely dead one day and this is when I started having electrical problems I purchased a new battery from Honda had a new one installed and this is win I took it back to the dealership and they told me that everything was misfiring.I noticed it said the deadline was April 10th of this year 2014 but I never received any kind of letter from Honda about this do I still qualify for honda to cover the money that I put into repairs?

    Robert, scroll up and contact the class action administrator. They will let you know if you still have any recourse.

  65. I’ve had my spark plugs replaced 3x on my 09 Pilot before the suit came about, not to mention did a $100+ “computer upgrade” to fix the excessive oil consumption problem (burning oil like crazy), which I believe Honda should cover. I submitted my receipts as part of class action and was told the computer upgrade wasn’t covered. Fine I’ll take what I can get – about $350 out of about $600 I submitted….still waiting for the check, BTW. Well guess what – the misfire happened again this week! So the settlement case is closed and I am out another $150 to replace spark plugs while I am on vacation with my family on an island, AKA no Honda dealership around, so we had no choice but to fix them outside of a certified Honda dealer. This is rificulous! I’m calling Honda to get additional reimbursement and then trading this problem vehicle.

  66. I own a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L. This is my second Honda (Previously owned a 2004 Honda Accord) that started experiencing random misfires at 94,482 miles with no symptoms and seemed to run fine. I was told to have a tune-up and spark plugs/coil packs replaced at my next oil change.

    Well, before that happened, something happened with cylinder 5 that caused the spark plug to fuse melt the coil pack and to fuse to the sides of the cylinder! This happened at 96K miles. My mechanic (not the Honda dealer), attempted to fix the problem by replacing the cylinder, all spark plugs and coil packs, but they were still getting the random misfire codes. He contacted a Honda tech who told him there is a “known” issue with odyssey engines which is ultimately caused by the PCM/VCM and that the problem could happen again if only the cylinder head was replaced. He advised my mechanic that the entire engine would need to be replaced. So, my mechanic located an after market engine with only 44K miles (same model year, so I am worried that this problem could still occur again).

    I learned about the class action law suit for the 2008-2011 odyssey, so I thought maybe Honda would listen and perhaps help reimburse the costs of my repairs (over $7K). I was wrong and am still waiting for a call from a manager in their product concern department. In researching this issue, I also find out that there are known transmission issues (but no recalls) that I seem to be experiencing now (didn’t notice prior to the engine change, so that makes me wonder if it is related to something with the engine). I also had to replace the AC compressor at 97K miles.

    I am beyond frustrated with Honda and this van that I bought with the (obviously wrong) expectation that it would be reliable and I would not likely have any major repairs for well over 150K miles. This will likely be my last Honda that I will ever purchase and I can promise that I will strongly advise my friends and family not to purchase a Honda in the future. Disappointing!

  67. I am now at Honda dealer for misfire service. I had this problem about a year ago and a month ago again. This is my third visit to the dealer for the same problem. Meanwhile I had a catalyst converter fixed 2 weeks ago with a warranty for 15 years. Although the service man said that misfire and catalyst converter problems are not related, I have doubt more and more this time. Can there be relationship between misfire and catalyst converter problems?
    I initially planned to use this 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V6 model for a long time. But as I read this class action, I have to think again if I should keep it beyond 8 years. What happens if this misfire continue even beyond 8 years of the initial purchase?

    ADMIN: Hi Ray,
    Contact the class action administrator they will let you know if there are any provisions after 8 years

  68. Still looking into the Honda new coverage about the new Enhanced/Standard Product Warranty and about what it fully covers and why we’re being charge for it. I just received another notice for a 2nd attempt at getting me to buy this coverage on 9/12/2014 and telling me within ten days to reply(Buy) or I will lose the chance too.

    Is this a attempt to get us(consumer) to pay for Honda problems while they laugh and still get away will it.
    Where can I read more about this New coverage before I make another bad purchase.

    I assume the enhanced warranty covers the parts that usually goes wrong when the engine misfire/breaks down

    Any thoughts or people who have purchase this?

    Deadline for warranty extension 9/23/2014

  69. I’m interesting in discussing strategy, and wondering what professional advice people have received.

    I have a 2010 Accord that just this week started having the misfire problem, accompanied by the check engine light. It has 40,000 miles on it. The misfire isn’t too bad (seems like maybe one cylinder) and has come and gone.

    I am wondering if a should go for a big repair at this point, or save that for when I am closer to the expiration of my 8 years.

    Also, does anyone know how to find the original purchase date?

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