Hydroxatone Anti-Wrinkle Cream Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers anyone who paid for Hydroxatone branded products between 1/1/05 and 3/28/13 such as:

  • Hydroxatone
  • Celtrixa
  • Hydrolyze
  • Declatone
  • Lashatone
  • Instant Effect
  • Luminique
  • Instant Wrinkle Filler
  • Orexis

Payment included shipping and handling fees, auto-shipment payments, and payments in conjunction with the company’s free trial.

Estimated Amount:

If you attempted to return the product under the free trial and were charged more than just the shipping and handling fees or attempted to cancel the auto-shipment and still received product, then you may elect either a cash or product settlement as follows:

  • $100 – if you spent more than $200
  • $75 – if you spent between $200 and $100
  • $40 – if you spent less than $100


  • If you spent more than $150, one of the following:
    • Luminique Facial Brightener 3 oz.
    • Sunsoak Age-Defying Self Tanner 1 oz.
    • Pore Minimizer Serum 1 oz.
    • Instant Wrinkle Filler 30 Day Boxes
    • Instant Effect 30 Day Boxes
    • Celtrixa Stretchmark Lotion- Original Formula
  • If you spent $150 or less, one of the following:
    • Hydroxatone Anti-aging Body Lotion by Celtrixa
    • Declatone Deluxe Sample for Retail 0.5 oz
    • Hydroxatone Gentle Milky Cleanser 3 oz.
    • Hydroxatone Age Defying Toner 3 oz.
    • Keracalm

If you did not attempt to return the products, nor cancel the automatic subscription, then you may choose one of the following products:

  • Hydroxatone Anti-aging Body Lotion by Celtrixa
  • Declatone Deluxe Sample for Retail 0.5 oz
  • Hydroxatone Gentle Milky Cleanser 3 oz.
  • Hydroxatone Age Defying Toner 3 oz.
  • Keracalm
Proof of Purchase:

Requires postcard mailed to class members. If you did not get a postcard, contact the class action administrator on the phone number below.

Claim Form: Hydroxatone Claim Form
Case Name: Susan Sabol, et al., v. Hydroxatone LLC and Atlantic Coast Media Group LLC, Civ. Act. No. 2:11-cv-0456-KM-MAH (D.N.J.)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Hydroxatone did not fully disclose the terms of their Risk Free Trial and Auto-Shipment Program, did not refund customers that made timely returns, and did not allow customers to cancel auto-shipment programs.

The company denies the allegations, but settled the case prior to it being heard by the court.

Settlement Pool: $3,000,000 plus $4,000,000 of product
Settlement Website: Hydroxatone Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: August 15, 2013
Claims Administrator: Hydroxatone Settlement Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 1110
Corte Madera, CA 94976

104 Responses to Hydroxatone Anti-Wrinkle Cream Settlement

  1. I attempted to submit the claim form on line,but the computer kept freezing,so if you could please send me one at 7303s.bennett,chicago ill.zip,60649 apt.1w.It would be greatly appreciated.Thank You,con.(773)280-6845

      • I had to cancel my debit card because they wouldn’t let me cancel my free trial. I called 3 times to cancel and was told all 3 times that there was static on the phone line and that they couldn’t hear me. I called my bank, crying to the clerk and cancelled my card.

        • It’s been a long time since I ordered it but I think that’s what O had to do too. I hope I can find out this information. It’s been over a year now I think. I remember I made lot’s of phone call’s though.

        • I cancel my free trial which I only paid 1.99 for shipping and handling but now I’m afraid that they might charge my debit card the full 140. When u cancel ur debit card did it stop them from charging you the cost after the free trial.

      • Dealing with these people was a nightmare. They wouldn’t stop shipping & the automatic debiting. Finally, I had to shut my bank account down. The bank (Wells Fargo), stated that I was under contract & that they couldn’t do anything about it. Do the products even work ? I still have them in a box 18 months later.

    • I bought hydraxatone more than once and was sent more without ordering it. Charged for it as well. I saw no difference after 3 months of using the product. Just another high-priced scam.

      • I tried hydroxatone and did not see any improvement. When I called and told them they would say you have to keep using it. They charge for the free trial too. And when you try to cancel you still have to pay . They make you thing you are getting the product free. You are paying for it.

      • I also ordered for the free trial and had problems with returning and cancelling, they did not want me to return, so they gave me 2 jars for the price of one ( whoopi), saw no difference in my skin wither. now for the class actionsuit I was expecting a check of some sort, but what do I get a bottle of age defying toner, that is supposedly worth 39.99. I didnt want another one of their products, I could use the cash right now!!! Can’t everyone???

        • I tried to get thru to someone at customer service at the 888-267-3071. you go round and round and never get to the point to speak to anyone. not a good way to do business is it. (again)

    • Waiting for claim. The product evaporated too fast Very unhappy. Sent back a refused supply. Was charged over $80.00 and I have, to date, not heard from them yet money was still subtracted to my account.

    • I ordered the free trial and one week later they took the money out of my bank I sent the hydroxaton back to them they wasn’t going to take it back until I threatened them with a lawyer and then they was billing me for two jars

    • I received some of the product. I called to cancel and they charged me . Then they offered me free stuff. like gas vouchers they billed me. And I never received the voucher. It took forever for them to credit my bank account. I also have a friend Steven Rigg who had problems with them charging his account. It was a mess. And the product sucked. thanks Brenda K Waters

    • I am trying to get my claim from the lawsuit and I just receiving my claim number so how do I join please.

      ADMIN – Hi Sonja,

      Go to the settlement website (link above) and fill out the online claim form.

  2. I don’t want involved in any legal issues.. how do I decline?

    ADMIN – Hi Lyn,

    If you don’t want to take part in the settlement, you don’t need to do anything.

  3. Hello, I received a notice in regards to Hydroxatone Class Settlement. . Please leave my name on the Class Settlement Claim and please advise me.

    ADMIN – Hi Sharron,

    To file a claim, you need to click the link above that takes you across to the class action administrator’s website.

  4. Cannot find the form to join class action suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Wanda,

    Use the link above, that says “File Claim Form”.

  5. Returned product and did not receive a reply or refund from company. Was not pleased with product.


  6. Yes I want to join the law suit. I tried to cancel but it did no good,they ripped off a lot of women with this scam.
    Thank you for caring. The public is so used to being “took” guess we all should learn a lesson here.

  7. This company gave out a bad phone # in millions of mail notices. Please get the correct # before calling. We have received hundreds of phone calls at our company because of this mistake. Please notify the company.

  8. the shipping would not stop, they advertised for a free trial,and they and the bills would not stop,

  9. This product swelled my face up so much I looked like Yoda of Star Wars. When the swelling went down I had wrinkles in the corner of my eyes that wasn’t there before using this product. This after 3 days of use. I sent it back and got more product and billed then heard nothing else from them except for getting more samples in the mail.

    • I know what you mean Eugenia. The product burned my face so bad it looked like I had been in the hot sun for a month. It was awful and they wouldn’t quit sending the product or quit charging my card. I finally had to get a different account to make them stop.

  10. I returned the product, It was false advertising to me nothing was free. Free is free not $79.99 or what ever it was.

  11. I just want my settlement and I do not want to be in any Legal Issue … And I ordered the Aging Cream. ….

  12. My mother Margaret has ordered this product over the phone several times. She has received a card in the mail about the settlement. What does she need to do to be a part of the claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    Your mother either need to follow the directions on the card and return it the address provided. Or she can file her claim online using the link above.

  13. Shipping would not stop and they kept billing me. I just wanted to try the free advertised offer, then I keep getting orders without my permission, taking money from my account.

  14. I sent three jars unopened and i was still charged talked to them several times on the phone to no avail…..

  15. This product was the first, 30 day free trial product, I had ever tried. I have not done so since then and have urged others not to as well, concerning products with free trials. Reason: I was charged and paid almost $300, even though, product was sent back to them in a timely manner, after calling them and telling them it was on it’s way.

    • Me too and I wont’ be doing it again either. It cost me $476.something …… and the product sucked and I only actually kept three bottles just hopeing their wasn’t a charge in between the two …

  16. Hydroxitone did not specify automatic shipment after the free sample. Very hard to stop shipment when I followed the instructions on returning the cream.

  17. I remember getting the first jar for the free trial & maybe one or two jars after that., but I have had two strokes so I can not keep track of some product like this some times. I will look at my bank statements & see is I can find any thing on them.

  18. I used the anti-wrinkle cream and was sent more, but I don’t feel it made me look younger. I will say that it made my skin feel like I put petroleum jelly all over my face. I believe it may have put some moisture back into my skin that I lost thru age and weater conditions.
    The product did not do as the original claim stated. We deserve our money back.

  19. I have used their product over the past few years.Free trial and also bought some.The claim they make is not true it is like putting Nivea cream. My total pay to Hydroxatone was about $60.00 to $70.00 Thank You

  20. I tried the product and it broke me out really bad. I tried to cancel but they took the money off my debit card and I don’t want anything else from them. Just my money back. I want to join the lawsuit.

  21. I tried for three months to cancel with no success. I called them two times but no success in stopping the order and the charge to my credit card. I returned the product but this did not stop the debit to my card. Finally had to go to the bank and cancel credit card and order a new card.

  22. I will never be scammed into a “free sample” again. I sent the sample back and got billed $79.95. I called and they claimed they didn’t get it. Next month I got another jar and was billed same amount. Person answering phone had a heavy accent and I couldn’t get anywhere, but the samples and billing stopped.

  23. Could not stop the payment and they would keep sending it, even when I would mail it back. It was not good for my face.

  24. I bought 6 jars of wrinkle cream and cream did not work like it was promised. Now I have since moved and cannot locate proof of purchase receipt. Wondering if you would have receipt on file. Thank you

  25. I order the wrinkle cream and didn’t like it, so I cancel. They claim they didn’t get it in time. So they sent more. Sent it back. Got letter for 175 dollars they wanted me to pay. I didn’t so got letter they were going sue me.

  26. Soooo, what do we do now?

    ADMIN – Hi Pinky,

    The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world!

    If you are filing a claim, after you file the claim all you need to do is kick back and wait. Payments are usually paid on successful claims, 2-3 months after the filing deadline.

  27. I think they said we had 60 days to try it and cancel. Before that I called to cancel. They still took the money out of my account. I am not sure how much, it has been a while that has gone by.

  28. I have tried my claim online but could not continue at the point it is required I write the day and month I made first order.I can’t remember all that, its been a while now.Can’t expect one to have Inventory for all purchases made five or so years ago.Its impossible.Expedite the claim.You have details of all your customers.

  29. Tried to stop by calling the number they gave me. Was assured I would not have to pay but later was billed over 200 dollars. I only paid to keep from having a bad credit report.

  30. Yes I tried to cancel and they say its to late. OK, then I get another three month supply. I went straight to the post office and returned the product on 6/24/10 and come 10/27/10 I was looking at bank statement and there they were taking another $203.89 out of the bank.

    I call them and the operator is telling me I had to cancel. I told him I did with first 3 jars (free trial) and sent product back in more then enough time. The guy said nope no product. I said oh yeah well I have a tracking number just so you couldn’t tell me that so haha he was very mad and said hold on. This is with out even taking the number ….. and came back with a ok your account will be refunded $203.89 I said and what about the shipping and handling and he said no that’s your fault you should of called and cancelled ……. wait a minute I did and they gave my info to some other company that was also pulling money out of my account and I have every single piece of document to my statement in a box …..

  31. I bought the Hydroxatone Am/Pm Rejuvenating Treatment for wrinkles, it didn’t do anything for me after using it for a month and then they sent me another jar without my permission which they charged me 109.00 ?I had to call them to quit senting me this product that doesn’t work and they still continued to send me another jar I sent it back and wrote to them to quit sending me A product that doesn’t work . So I paid 218.00 for those products, which only made my face itch.

  32. The product did not work and they got me for 120.00 dollars. They still took money out of my bank account and I paid for shipping. I need my money back.

  33. I have ordered the hydroaxtone and tried to cancel, but couldn’t so had to cancel my credit card. So I feel just like you ladies who have tried to send the product back or cancel …

  34. The product was not what it was claimed to be. I canceled but they sent more product and made me pay for it even though I mailed both orders back at my expense

  35. They said it was a free trial but when you received it wasnt for free by the time you know it it was deducted from my bank and everything was messed up on my bank due to the payment that they took out now im facing financial problems and its very hard to catch up with my payments


  37. I’ve received my free product and then all of a sudden I’ll get in the mail three more bottles totaling 200. This is something they have done to me several times. Yes put my name on the settlement. Thanks to somebody who is is listening.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    To take part in the settlement you need to fill out the form on the hydroxatone claim website (link above).

  38. I was charged 79.00 and never received a credit, I stopped payment on my card. Changed my visa number and I’m still waiting for the refund.

  39. Miss placed my postcard how can I make a claim?????

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanina,

    Contact the class administrators (contact details above) and they can help you get a new postcard.

  40. I received a post card about a week ago saying I was part of a class action settlement for Hydroxatone. I have misplaced that post card and would like to have another one sent to me. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    Contact the class administrator and they should be able to get you a new postcard.

  41. I had no luck concelling. I still keep receiving product.
    I have jars ahead. I just received another after calling to tell them to stop sending. I will retrn it.

    The products are ok but they come well before I could use them up. There are 3 jars on my shelf, unopened. They do not stop and bill me for the orders. No way to run a company. CFL

  42. I wish I had seen this before I just ordered this product. The sales tactic is very push it is automated, you can not speak to a LIVE person, Is there any way I can back out of this agreement. The term FREE is not FREE. you have to pay shipping and handling which is to be $7.95. I have not received the product. As soon as it arrives I will cancel any,ALL further shipments. Another buyer beware.

  43. My mom and I received a postcard for a class action lawsuit and lost our post cards. We would both like another one sent to us. We feel like we were scammed for this product time after time and had to pay for this unwanted products that kept coming until we quit paying.

  44. I want my money back. I usually don’t participate in infomercials,but I thought this was real,until I tried to cancel by returning the unused product. Which they said, they didn’t received. It was sent by certified mail.

    They made it hard to believe the ones that are legitimate.

  45. I also had been a victim of this hydroxatone,with this product I ask them to cancel my order, they continue to send me the product, Also the only way I could get money back, I had to send the empty jar back order to send my money back. My first order was suppose to be free and this did not happen, they bill me for the free order.

  46. I sent my product back because I didn’t think it was worth the “MONEY” I had spent on the original package, plus the shipping and handling,..To find out it didn”t do anything.The first catch was “30 Day free trial.., What a “Hoot”!! When I spent the money to return the product, they sent me another package,of that I just got Mad enough and said “RETURN TO SENDER” !! My point of view is don”t order anything unless you see it up front!! They keep your card #’s as far as I know. I learned the Hard Way on this one, I had to call my Bank and have a New Card issued so they wouldn”t keep trying to get money from my account!! Please be awhare everyone…..!!

  47. i sent my package back but they say they did not get it so make sure you put your name on it some where or all over it so they know you sent it and not as just the return address but on the jar to maybe they would know i sent it back.

  48. If I remember correctly I told them I did not wanted the cream, I got charge anyway, I told them to please cancel!

  49. They kept charging my card until I closed the account and kept sending bills. Oh well thank God for those who help those that were getting messed over and didn’t know what to do. I am very grateful …

  50. Well I wish I had seen all of this as I just ordered this product. Guess I’m screwed too. I will go ahead and cancel my bank card now before they have a chance to charge me anything. Clearly you can’t trust anything or anybody anymore. It really is very sad.

  51. i order the under-eye hydroxatone cream for dark cycle it did not work like they said it would I still have dark circles.

  52. I had to cancel my bank card, because they got money about five or six times. I just wish I could get my money back.The cream didn’t do me any good!

  53. I also had to cancel my bank card/because they took money from my account six or seven times. The cream did not help me at all. I too would like my money back.

  54. Well,I Received the wrinkle cream and when I called them and told them that it broke me out and I wanted to send it back and get my money back they said I could not do that. So, I lost part of my money. I received my card, but I am late as I have been ill.

  55. They would not give me all my money back, but they did cancel my contract thank goodness. This is my last comment.

  56. Beware of HYDROXATONE.com trickery they will charge you not only for shipping but will continue charge you monthly for about $70 each month for the rest of your life!!!

  57. Reading all these responses, assuming you are all in US? Well, we are UK and me and my daughter have just been scammed by this company, offering us “FREE” product, now £60 (about $80) has been taken from my daughters account. I have already, before reading all this stuff, told her to cancel that account so they can’t take more money.
    Here in the UK we call people like this “CRIMINALS”
    Sincerely hope you all succeed, get your money back and put them out of business!!!!

  58. I signed up in the class action rebate and I have not heard back from anyone. I purchased more than $200.00 worth of this stretch mark cream at my house. Some in the packs were never opened because it was sent out so quickly and it did not work. It should be taken off the market

  59. I’m still waiting on my settlement. Why haven’t we received it? I was also ripped off by this company. I tried to cancel and couldn’t. They still took money from my card. I haven’t heard anything back from this class action suit. What’s going on?!

  60. May I still make a claim? I am in the US. What a mess!

    I did not want it, but was promised a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. so, I did agree to pay $6.95 for the shipping of the card for listening to 2 or 3 more pitches for shopping savings and vacation.
    I never got the gift card. I received many phone call about the wrinkle cream product. By the Way, I got a horrible rash-allergic reaction. I took an antihistamine to relieve that awful itch-pain.
    I have gotten at least 3 phone call just today that they will be charging my bank account more $$$$.

    I had already reported fraud and now phone harassment. I had to close my bank account.I had 5 UN-authorized withdrawals related to this. No gift card!

    That is the short story. The first call came in September. It seems my information got stolen somewhere along the line. What a mess!

  61. I missed typed my email.
    I did send the product(s) back. I have the original shipping box and the receipt for sending it back.
    I did report the rash which was only in the area of application.

  62. I received the trial products yesterday and was surprised to see the automatic shipment and future charges. Too late that I just read all the reviews late, after I ordered. :( I called my bank and told them my card was compromised. Thank God, they understand scams like these! They are replacing my card immediately. I will let go of the AU$5.62 they charged me for shipping. But no way will I let them deduct more charges in the future!

    Next step – I called an Australian number they provided in the statement. Tried to cancel but was given the blah-blah that I have to return the products to the USA where I will get charged $100 for shipping and offered to just pay $70 so I can cancel. I adamantly refused and told the call center agent that I will join the class action suit against them and asked for the USA return address so I can have my friend flying to the USA post it from there. Sheesh, the guy won’t budge so I hung up on him.

  63. I am Sooo amazed!!!! They actually got sued already and are STILL doing this!!!!???? Wow what idiot scamming robbers!
    I ordered the “free” trial as well, which to me(and sounds like all of u and many more as well!) believed that to mean that for the shipping and handling price, you could TRY the product (like a lot of companies do to get the word out about their product) and if you liked it, do nothing and they we’ll start auto shipping it, for a discounted price (which is still spendy. $60! Which I find funny becuz it seems to be different prices for other people? How do they have different prices for the same thing?) and if you didn’t like it, you get to keep what u have cuz you PAID for it (the way discounted shipping and handling to try it!) and needed to call within 30 days to cancel so they wouldn’t send any further shipments or charge your account.
    Well….I called to cancel, repeated myself very clearly to the representative and made him repeat back to me that he was indeed canceling any future shipments. Guess what? 2 weeks later $60 came out of my acct. As well as $36 for overdrawing me!!!!!!!!! I was LIVID (it’s happened in the past w other companies. Tired of being taken advantage of! Like I’m not going to notice $ missing!?! And now your wasting my time cuz I cancelked and now have to call again, be on hold, argue w you about your “mistake” etc etc argh!) the representative this time said “oh yeah I see you cancelled”…blah blah. I got a supervisor on the line who was rude and said “you didn’t return the product” I said “what!!!” The commercial said it was a free trial and when I called and cancelled the guy never told me to return it!” She said “it states it in the paperwork that the hydroxatone came w” “I said sorry ma’am but NOONE reads it other than to see what the product will do for you, and the commercial didn’t say anything about having to return it, the representative didn’t tell me and I will send it back over $60! It’s not worth that, so gimme my $ back” after get being rude and annoying she said I needed to fax in my bank statement and she’d MAYBE return the $60 but not the overdraft charge because I should have returned it and how did she know my acct was overdrawn because of them” “I said it’ll show on the statement and you better PAY the fee because I cancelked and this shouldn’t have happened, I will write Into the company and BBB!” She said “I’ll review it but there’s no guarantee” so anyway….I sent in the statement, and $60 was refunded about 5 days later but not the overdraft even though I faced proof. I would have called back and fought it, but my bank refunded it. These people have NERVE!!!!! they’re gonna go bankrupt or out of business, or get shut down for being such a shies ty company!!!! W BAD customer service at that!
    I don’t usually do negative reviews, but I saw this site and couldn’t believe I was reading that there was a class action suit, YET THIS IS 2014 AND THEYRE STILL DOING IT!!!!
    Thanks :) I done venting now :) hope this company catches on before it’s too late! What they are doing is wrong! Plus it’s a shame cuz I actually like the night repair cream but not for $60 and not w the way they are doing things!!!!

  64. I was notified months ago by postcard that I was included in the lawsuit against this company regarding my purchase of hydroxatone. Then as a settlement I received a bottle of Celixtra. When I researched this product I am finding this product was worthless too. What a joke.

  65. It burn my face my skin on my face so I tried to send it back to get my money back. The product came right back to me and they kept sending it back charging my credit card. I have to wear make up to hide the burns. The burns it says on the back are no big deal, they just happen to little tiny number of peopl. No, it isn’t okay to burn your skin. I still have some of it to prove it burns your face. They should take it off the market. They will hear from my lawyer. It wrong to sell something and snot test it on all skin types. I want my money.

  66. Need to know about my settlement, received one tube of anti-wrinkle cream (free gift) prefer to be included in the settlement and part of the lawsuit. I sent in my postcard months ago….

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