Class Eligibility

You are a Class Member if you currently or previously owned or leased a Kia Sorento model 2003 to 2006 with a 3.5 liter engine. According to KIA motors these vehicles were manufactured between March 1, 2002 and June 12, 2006.

Estimated Amount

Up to $4,900

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Yvonne Robinson et. al., v. Kia Motors America, Inc. et. al.
Civil Action No. 13-006-ED- MAH
District Court, District of New Jersey

Case Summary

Plaintiffs allege a defect in the design of the crankshaft pulley bolt and balancer in the Class Vehicles, which can cause the front pulley bolt to break and cause damage to other engine components. Plaintiffs also allege that KMA knew of this possibility and failed to disclose it to consumers, and refused to honor the warranty and repair the Class Vehicles. The Court dismissed certain claims, and retained other claims, and the parties now desire to settle the remaining claims as to all Class Members.

Settlement Pool





KIA Settlement Administration
c/o GCG
PO Box 10318
Dublin OH 43017-0318

40 responses to “KIA Sorento Crankshaft Bolt Class Action Settlement”

  1. Randie yates says:

    I purchased a 2004 kias sorento that had nothing but problems

  2. Shivon Richardson says:

    I own a sorento

  3. AJ says:


  4. lourdes waldie says:

    I own a
    kia Sorrento ex

  5. Betsy chavis says:

    My kia sorrento caught on fire with me and my daughter in the car

    ADMIN – Hi Betsy,

    I don’t believe crankshaft issues are related to fires but you may want to check with the manufacturer.

    • Jerry says:


      If you still have the vehicle, I would have the fire department or other expert determine the exact cause of the fire. Reason for this is that it is entirely possible that due to the crank balancer bolt breaking, one of the drive belts could have come off and cut through a power steering hose or or flammable liquid hose which is easily ignited spontaneously on a hot exhaust manifold.
      Just my opinion, based on a lifetime of working on cars and designing them too.
      Hopefully neither you or your daughter were hurt.
      Kindest Regards,
      Jerry Holden

  6. Victoria says:

    I Own a Kia Sorrento 2011 I have had so many plastic parts break, including the outside door handles (I have had alot of cars neveran outside doorhandle) BTW when they break on the back when I have childlock on so my kids do not open doors and when the handle breaks on the outside how do you open the door? I have had to pay and replace the back handles 3 x’s now, and it just broke for a 4th I only have 65K on the car. Never again.

  7. Ivy says:

    I love my 2014 Kia Sorento. No problems

  8. Mary williams says:

    April 7yr 17
    I have a KIA yr 06 I liked my truck but on this date
    My heads on the right side went out….I have had a hard time just trying to get to work..I had to pay for towing..
    So I am looking at a lot of money here just trying to get this fixed..I have full coverage Ins. But they don’t cover this or these type of problems. Can somebody please get in contact with me. Thank you very much

    ADMIN – Hi Mary

    We are unable to help you but wish you the best of luck finding a resolution to your situation

  9. Rebecca giles says:

    I have a kia sorento 2003. One problem after another parked it DEC 2012 when engine stopped and oil dumped. Will they be fixing now? Had warranty nothing ever covered.

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    This settlement is specific to crankshaft defects. If your car has other problems you must contact KIA

  10. Jesus says:

    Had a Kia 2003 I had so many problems. Had to towed away

  11. Brianna says:

    Would this have anything to do with the kia borrego as well??

    ADMIN – Hi Brianna,

    I don’t think so. If you believe there is sufficient evidence for a class action on the Borrego we encourage you to contact a class action attorney to review your case.

  12. Mary Catanzarita says:

    I would love to be able to be part of this claim however all my crankshaft/harmonic balancer issues came at 111 thousand miles. Stranded three times on the road!!

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    In looking at the class eligibility details I don’t see anything about mileage.

  13. Jolene K Baratta says:

    I bought my KIA 2006 Sorento Oct 31st 2014,, Feb. 2nd I was on the way to work….on interstate when my crankshaft bolt broke, I lost my steering, but for the grace of GOD Iwas able to get it off the exit without crashing. I had it repaired,only 60,000 miles and contacted KIA when I looked up other Sorentos with the same problem, but they refused to give me the time of day. I also saw that this can happen more than once, about four months after It was repaired I started hearing the same noises I heard prior to the bolt breaking, since I wasn’t willing to risk my life or another $1500 plus, I had no other choice than to trade it in at a loss of about $3000. I was so happy to hear SOMEONE out there was willing to help. I have already submitted all if my paperwork for my claim, So Thank You!! When will we know something?

    ADMIN – Hi Jolene,

    It may be a little while before we get updates on this

  14. Stefanie Stanton says:

    I have a 2011 Kia Sorento that has been in for 2 recalls and I purchased the vehicle a year ago. I was the undercarriage and crankshaft.

  15. Sheila Baker says:

    I owned a Kia, my daughter almost lost her life in that Kia.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    Sad to hear. Hopefully she has fully healed.

  16. Ramone Lockhart says:

    I purchased an 05′ KIA and it was trouble trouble trouble.

  17. Rhonda says:

    With tomorrow being the final day to submit a claim, I can tell you I feel as if I`ve had a carrot dangled in front of my nose. I am the owner of a 2006 Sorento and was sent a claim form. However, I purchased it used and with 109,000 miles. 3 months later, i had the timing belt,the cam sensor, the water pump replaced due to a failure of the bolt in which we speak, it was determined I needed a new engine due to bent pistons. Should I send in my receipts and submit a claim or would I be wasting more of my time? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,
    If you had a crankshaft bolt failure by all means submit.

  18. Cornelia A Harper says:

    We previously owned 2003 Kia sorento. We had crank shaft problems and repairs. We submitted all the proper requested paper work. Approximately when we will the conclusion of the settlement, please?

    The Harper’s

    ADMIN – Hi Cornelia,

    It is usually months or even years before you get a check.

  19. Dagoberto Peña says:

    I have the same issue with my 05 kia sorrento.
    The little pin in the sprocket broke, the balancer came off, most of the lights on the dashboard turned on, no power steering, etc.
    After paying a fortune to get it fixed now is on the road again l wonder for how long before it happens again.
    Just a Kia Sorento headache.

  20. Omar says:

    I own kia sorento 2005, still working fine, i contacted the dealer about this issue, they said i have to go through the case administration, so i contacted them, it seems that you have to have the problem occur first, then refund you for the cost. But until then they won’t do anything to you.

    ADMIN – Hi Omar,

    In reading the terms it appears that is correct. They won’t fix a problem that does not exist.

  21. Stephanie Cornwell-George says:

    What about the 2011? I’ve lost count how many times it has been in for front end issues they can’t “dublicate” now warranty is up!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    The 2011 is not part of this settlement.

  22. April says:

    I too had a Sorento 2006 and had the Crank Shaft fail two times. I am glad to read the paperwork and realized, finally, that I was not the only one experiencing this problems, and paid a few thousand + on repairs. I filed my paperwork with invoices and receipts. Good Luck to All.

  23. zandra says:

    My 2003 kia sorento has been sitting because I can not afford to have the crankshaft fixed

    ADMIN – Hi Zandra,

    You should consider filing a claim.

  24. Denise LaFave says:

    I have a 2006 Kia Sorento where this pulley just fell off today. The bolt came right out and the pulley with it. I would like to know if this something that qualifies for this class action suit. I have to call my local dealership tomorrow regarding this issue. Does anyone know how much repairs have been running for something like this?

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    The model of your car qualifies. Now you need to confirm with the shop if the problem is specific to the crankshaft bolt.

  25. Rochelle Gibsonn says:

    I owned my KiKi, was a part of the family. My 2006 Kia , had eternal failure which could have caused my daughter’s life. My 2006 Kia Sorento was laid to rest and saved my daughter’s life. I’m greatful, to have my daughter safe , and she’s going to school to be a nurse.

  26. Felecia says:

    Have a 2004 Sorento and yesterday had the bolt break was two hours from home, Had it towed home, does it need to go to Kia shop or can a mechanic fix locally if dealership is over hour away

    ADMIN – Hi Felecia,

    After Thursday, February 16, 2017, you experience a crankshaft pulley bolt failure and the failure occurs before 100,000 miles, KMA will cover the parts and labor costs for the repair conducted at an authorized Kia dealership. The genuine Kia replacement parts used to repair your Class Vehicle are subject to the Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty, the term of which is the greater of (a) the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or (b) 12 months from the date of installation or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

  27. Ethel Fawcett says:

    I have a 2005 kia serento n had to be towed to to the crank shaft bolt snapping in half cost me 640.00 to be fixed ives sent all the paper work in when will I be reimbursed ? my paper work was sent in march and haven’t heard anything

    ADMIN – Hi Ethel,

    I encourage you to contact the class action administrator

    • Ethel Fawcett says:

      ive received my reply and was told told contact the class action administrator I need the telephone number in order to do so if you could possibly give me this number I could go forward from here I never received an e mail but if you could send it via email id appreciate it thank you for your time

      ADMIN – Hi Ethel,

      The number is posted on this page but to make it easier for you here it is:

  28. Angelicia Perry says:

    I have sent all the required forms and receipts and haven’t heard anything back yet. The crankshaft was the main issue

    ADMIN – Hi Angelica,

    The deadline was just 5/17, it will be a while for this to come to a full resolution.

  29. Shawna says:

    I own a 2004 Kia Sorento and have alot of problems with it, time for a new one. My bolt broke and fortunately it didn’t damage my engine but I could barely afford to get it fixed.

  30. Virginia Gregory says:

    When will we receive a payment for repairs? We have a 2004 Kia and had to get a whole new engine for $4,000.00. Sure could use some of that money back. Living on fixed income.

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    I don’t know. You need to contact the admin his phone number is

    • Doc Vogt says:

      I am inexactly the same situation as you, I am on disability and I go to the mail box every day hoping for an envelope from Kia. I will try to let you know if I hear anything or get a check, and you can do the same…….. perhaps we should start a face book page !


  31. Cathy Hanners says:

    When can we get reimbursement? I spent close to 4500 on my kia!

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    We don’t know. It is best to ask this type of question to the admin.

  32. Cathy Hanners says:

    That number doesn’t give any information regarding reimbursement status

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    They will most likely update it once they have the needed info

  33. Robert G says:

    I have a 2005 Sorento. The crankshaft bolt broke 7/10/17. It has 124,000 miles on it. the engine did not sound good when i shut it off. i goggled it and found out about the suit going on. It had a date of clam on it. I never received a letter about it. Does this still apply now?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    It the deadline has passed you may no longer apply.

  34. Nicole Abbott says:

    I had submitted everything requested for the claim including, receipts, invoices, insurance confirmation etc and never received any requests for additional documents or confirmation that I did provide enough to be included in the settlement. Is there anyway to confirm that I am included?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

    You can contact the class action administrator.

    • Doc Vogt says:

      Hi Nicole,

      We are all waiting here and this seems to be the palce with the most current information. If you call the admin , let us know what they tell you, and we will post here if we here anything or start receiving checks.


  35. Edward C Hunter says:

    Be advised that I have a 2004 Kia I brought it off consumer lot the charge me 12000 thousand dollars for the SUV I was paying 400Dollar a month credit Department plus I didn’t even had this SUV long enough I had problem Alternator and power steering Crank Shaft I have spent About 3000thosand dollars on that SUV I am glad somebody notice about these SUV
    thanks God I gave that vehicle back I lost my job I could not get work on time I was paying to much money to credit Department and the mechanic I got a bum deal out this situation
    now I still don’t have a vehicle now I am looking for u guys. Could help me out one way another Thank you PS I’d seen my paper work in now it up to you too make ur Decision .

    ADMIN – Hi Edward,

    The deadline for this settlement has passed.

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