Korean Air / Asiana Airlines Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Tickets on Korean Air or Asiana Airlines, purchased in the United States, traveling between 1/1/2000 and 8/1/2007 and either:

  • Originating in the United States and ending in Korea, or
  • Originating in Korea and ending in the United States
Estimated Amount:

We estimate that the average settlement will be $500 in cash plus $360 in vouchers. Note the administrator for this case has not provided an official estimate, this is just our guesstimate based on the size of the settlement pool and the likely amount of claimants.

Proof of Purchase:

Not required. (May be required in the future)

Claim Form: Korean Air Class Action Claim Form
Case Name: In Re Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Antitrust Litigation,
MDL No. 07-01891
Case Summary:

Korean Air Lines and Asiana Airlines were sued for conspiring to fix the prices of flights between the United States and South Korea (Republic of Korea) in violation of Federal Antitrust Laws. The defendants denied the claims, and the case was settled before being decided by the court.

Separately, the defendants were sued by the United State Department of Justice (DoJ), plead guilty and paid a fine.

Settlement Pool: $50,000,000 (cash) plus $36,000,000 (coupons)
Settlement Website: Korean Air Antitrust Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 31, 2013 (or later)
Claims Administrator: Korean Air Passenger Antitrust Litigation
P.O. Box 2436
Faribault, MN 55021

29 Responses to Korean Air / Asiana Airlines Class Action Settlement

  1. How can I proceed with the claim? The ticket class on the claim file doesn’t work and I’m stuck on there.

    ADMIN – Hi Yong,

    Give the class administrator a call on the number above and they should be able to help you resolve the issue.

    • Are you entering the amount of tickets for each class or trying to enter the letter corresponding to the class? I thought I had to enter the letter i.e. (W,Y) but found out it was just the number of tickets you had purchased for that class such as 1 or 2.

  2. I’ve traveled numerous times to Korea on Asiana Airlines during those years, if I am mistaken about 25 times. I cannot log onto the claim form. Please advise what is the next step? Thanks, Waynold

    ADMIN – Hi Waynold,

    Try using a different computer or internet browser. If that doesn’t work for you, give the class administrators a call and request a paper form be mailed to you.

  3. Are people who have used Korean Air to transfer flights eligible for claim? Or is it Korea to US (vice versa) only?

  4. So I have heard that if you submit many claims to the Rusk Consulting company at the Faribault, MN address that you will be excluded from other claims. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

  5. I’ve used korean air multiple times to head to JAPAN outbound US, these flights are usually pre-connecting flights that end up to Korea (aka layover flights), does this count?

  6. According to this … we estimate that the average settlement will be $500 in cash plus $360 in vouchers.

    Person who use those airline 1 time, and 20 time … do we get same compensation?

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    I would expect the settlement amount will be significantly larger for someone that flew multiple times in that time window.

  7. Good afternoon,

    For the current case status, the settlement did receive final approval on December 31, 2013, however, the case is currently under appeal. We do not know how long it will take to resolve these appeals.

    All appeals must be resolved before distribution of award amounts can begin.

    Thank you.

    Korean Air Passenger Antitrust Litigation

    P.O.Box 2436

    Faribault, MN 55021



  8. Just spoke with claims administrator & the APPEAL was just filed after the 12/13 Fairness Hearing Conference. This could take up to another year unless an agreement is reached by all parties!!!

  9. So they settled and avoid going to the court, but then later they try to appeal the charges or the settlement amount? I’m so confused…. Hope they charge the lawyers extra outside of the settlement money or is this 6:4 split? Class action is so confusing.. Will we get our few bucks or is this thing gonna drag for another couple of years?

  10. Two appeals from the Court’s orders granting the judgment of final approval and attorneys’ fees and costs were taken to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. They are currently pending, with briefing beginning in July, 2014. The appellate process may take months or even years until the appeals are resolved. While the appeals are pending, the Settlement is not final and Settlement funds and coupons for future travel cannot be distributed to the claimants.

  11. if they don’t try to give us the compensation, what we gonna do ? airline company already paid huge amount, where is the money ? who’s responsibility ? who got the money now ?

  12. Just noticed this today:

    The appeals from the Court’s orders granting the judgment of final approval and attorneys’ fees and costs have been resolved. The Claims Administrator is currently performing claim validation and audits on claims that were filed. If anything further is needed from you to validate your claim, you will be contacted. This claim validation and audit process is expected to be completed this year and soon thereafter, eligible class members will be mailed their distribution checks and coupons. The coupons will not be available for use until first quarter of 2015.

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