Mini Cooper Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Current and former owners and lessees of Mini Coopers with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for the following models:

  • Mini Cooper (R50) – model years 2002 – 2006
  • Mini Convertible (R52) – model years 2005 – 2008
Estimated Amount:

The settlement you will receive depends on the cost of CVT repairs and the age / mileage of your car at the time of the repair.

The maximum claim is $4,100 and the age / mileage limitation is 8 years / 150,000 miles.

Proof of Purchase:


Claim Form: Mini Cooper Claim Form
Case Name:

Aarons v. BMW of North America, LLC,
Case No. 2:11-cv-07667-PSG-CW

Bourne-Miller v. BMW of North America, LLC,
Case No. 2:12-cv-09824-PSG-JC

Bonomo v. BMW of North America, LLC,
Case No. 2:12-cv-09820-PSG-CW

Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Mini Cooper vehicles with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) was defective and prone to premature failure.

Settlement Pool: Not applicable
Settlement Website: Mini Cooper Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: April 2, 2014
Claims Administrator: Aarons v. BMW of North America, LLC
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 43192
Providence, RI, 02940-3192

27 Responses to Mini Cooper Class Action Settlement

  1. Can somebody tell me if I need to fix my Mini Cooper transmission to get in on this settlement my car is in storage cause the transmission is shot the claim paper shows only if you fixed the transmission or sold the car at a loss so do I have to fix the transmission.

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    My reading of the settlement is that if you still have the car, you only option is to get the transmission repaired.

    • HI Brian,
      I didn’t even know about the class action but my Mini only had 32K miles, i bought it used it was a 2008 so it was not under warranty. I made a big stink at Mini and they told me out of goodwill gesture they would repair it for free at any dealership. I have been back to the same dealer 3 times. Instead of replacing it I think they are trying to repair it, which is no good because it is defective. Take it to a dealer and tell them it is listed in class action. they will repair it for you. I am hopeful that it will be resolved and so far I haven’t had to spend a dime while they figure it out. They told me the cost of a new trans was $9-10K
      Good Luck!

      • Just curious as to how did you get Mini to have your cvt
        transmission fix for free. Who and what department in Mini
        did you spoke to? I ahve a 2005 Mini with just 25000 miles
        and the transmission is starting to give me problems. Would appreciate your information.

  2. I bought my Mini Cooper S and the year is 2008. It is a convertible with a stick shift I live in Los Angeles CA and would like to know where I can get My transmission fixed according to the claim I read on this matter. Thank you. Henri Abesera

  3. Hi. I have a 2006 with the transmission problems,I have not fixed it to date because they want 9k to replace it. My question is do I need to get it fixed before April 2014 to qualify for the class action? Thanks for the info, George Main, 727 742 6987

  4. I have a 2003 Mini Cooper, two weeks ago the transmission just failed the car only has 74K on it. now I need a new transmission. Would I be covered?

  5. I have a 2006 mini that had 112k miles on it when the transmission needed to be replaced. Instead of paying $6k-$9k to replace the transmission, I sold it for less than $2,000. In accordance with the suit, how do I prove that the reason for the low trade-in price was the failed transmission? I have my towing records, but I doubt that is enough.

  6. Have 04 mini trans failed in January 2014 just know was able to have fixed car gas 136990 on it can i still apply for settlement . Spent 4500. To replace transmission.

    • Hi Mike, I have 2 questions for you: have you found out whether you can still apply for a claim after the April deadline? My trans just failed this week on my ’04 Mini, and I’m just now discovering about the class action lawsuit. Also, where did you go to have it replaced for $4500? Was that parts and labor? I was quoted $8400. today.

      Thanks, Laurien

  7. I need info. Who can send me some info on the vct transmission law suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Carmen,

    You can contact the claims administrator on the number above.

  8. I filed a claim for CVT classaction lawsuit, when will the funds be distributed to claimants? Thank you

  9. Did you know Mini Cooper was a centerfold in Playboy Magazine? Got your attention now, don’t I? Good!
    Thinking of buying a BMW or Mini Cooper Product, DON’T! At least until you’ve read this and the class action lawsuit against BMW and Mini Cooper “Aarons VS BMW” This lawsuit is being handled by Kurtzman & Carson Consultants, Philip Cooper. 886-381-9100
    When I purchased my 2007 Mini Cooper I did so because I thought it was the cutest, coolest, and most fun car I had ever driven. Then the practical side of me took over and I did my due diligence and research.
    Who knew that the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) would prematurely fail and without warning, recklessly putting me in a gravely dangerous situation in the high speed lane on the expressway way during rush hour traffic? BMW and Mini Cooper knew, that’s who!! It’s amazing that I wasn’t struck by the semi behind me traveling at a high rate of speed, considering my Mini Cooper dropped down to 15mph after the VCT permanently failed while traveling at a rate of 65mph!
    BMW presented the Mini Cooper as a high performance, yet affordable high end premium small vehicle which emphasized their design and performance features, cornering abilities, good looks and fashionable styling. Did you know that the Mini Cooper even graced the centerfold of Playboy Magazine? Yes! Playboy Magazine!! BMW group bragged, through its aggressive marketing tactics, that the Mini Cooper’s design, layout, content and performance along with it being fun to drive, its price point, and high quality were enough to wear the “BMW Badge.”
    I thought I had died and gone to heaven! This was my favorite car ever! I babied my Mini Cooper and serviced it regularly, of course. None the wiser, I loved that car, still do. BMW & Mini Cooper – not so much!
    I was so excited and proud to be driving a Mini Cooper and I remained ecstatic until recently. A Mini Cooper convertible was my dream car, BUT now it’s my recurring nightmare! .” Well, for once, I made my extravagant purchase base on emotion AND logic, what a change for me. Now I wish I didn’t do the research to back up my emotional purchase, at least I could said, shoulda, woulda, coulda… messed up again. Oh by the way, that “BMW Badge,” what I didn’t know… it means “Badge of Dishonor!” Shame on you BMW!
    Not only did BMW deny knowledge of the premature VCT but they also undertook affirmative efforts to conceal the failures through a series of “TSB” Technical Service Bulletins issued to repair facilities, thus stalling long enough for the warranty to expire before owners were made fully aware of the true problem. It’s obvious that BMW knew of the problems based not only on the complaints made directly to them but also numerous complaints made to the “NHTSA” National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. Yet BMW refuses to publicly acknowledge the problem or offer remedy, instead keeping it a secret as long as possible. As if this wasn’t bad enough, BMW CONTINUED TO KNOWINGLY SELL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH CVT’S PRONE TO PREMATURE FAILURE! Despite BMW’s efforts to conceal the issue, customer complaints and CVT failures continued. Way to go BMW! Something to be said for your consistency.
    Thinking back now, Mini Cooper was always aggressively sending me marketing materials for the newest, latest, hottest Mini Cooper Convertible, of course wanting me to trade in my 2007 Convertible Mini Cooper, for a brand new sleeker, faster more stylish Mini Cooper Convertible. What would have happened if BMW would have put all of that time, effort, and cost into a recall? Or a “Just FYI, your VCT might fail, please call us” letter. We’ll never know because that would be considered “above board” or “proactive good customer service” and as we have discovered, BMW possess NONE of those qualities.
    There is a saying, “If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.” This is so true with BMW. BMW knowingly under budgeted production and could not keep up with the demand it created. After all everyone wanted that beautiful, cool car that was featured in “Playboy Magazine!” Too bad the beauty was only skin deep! BMW sacrificed quality and turned out substandard parts and shoddy workmanship, all the while refusing to take responsibility for their actions knowing full well that they were recklessly putting their loyal customers in harm’s way when the VCT failed.
    To this day, even in the face of these numerous complaints, BMW continues to deny that there is a problem with the CVT and refuses to disclose the truth to consumers. I ask you, “How is this possible in this day and age?” “Who does BMW know that we lowly (no longer loyal) consumers don’t and why should we have to pay to clean up their mess?”
    Never again will I own a BMW or Mini Cooper product and I will make it my life’s mission to share this message with everyone!

  10. I submitted a claim in April, but haven’t heard anything since. Does anyone know the time frame or how the full process works?

  11. I called earlier this month and they have my claim (which i was relieved to hear since I’ve heard nothing about it since I’d sent my claim in last year). I think it settled at the end of April or May? They are still working on claims so they gave me my claim # and told me to call back in a month to check up on it. I’m sure they have a lot to go through, but knowing they have my claim is reassurance that I’m not forgotten. Here’s the # and tell them you are inquiring about the Aaron vs BMW lawsuit 415-798-5900.

  12. Brian,
    Is there anything that I can do to recover some of my investment. I bought a 2003 Mini in January of 2014 and have about $10,000 in it. The transmission went out this week and the car has to be sold for parts. I did not know about the settlement that expired in April. Is there other opportunity to recover some of my cash?
    Please advise. Thanks

  13. Thank you Talofers: I just called the center and they have put a request in for me to find out the status of a refund for my 2003 mini cooper class action claim. I too have a claim number so far so good.. I know it could take awhile as sometime back I put in for the recall on power steering problems and received my funds back after 6 months of waiting. Its all good.

  14. It really is awful…cvt just went out… car is older and mileage is just over limit! Can’t be in class action suit! Only had car two years and had many problems!

  15. I had my cvt transmission rebuilt in 2011 and now it has failed again. I just discovered this suit while researching repairs. Is it too late to file a claim since I had no idea this suit existed?

    Unfortunately it is too late to claim

  16. I had a 2005 Mini Cooper that had the transmission blowout in 2011. Fixed it at the dealership for over 6k and sold it a couple months later since I was moving out of state. I got the settlement papers in the mail and sent my claim before the due date. Today, I received my settlement check for a little bit over the maximum amount. Thank goodness!!

  17. I called a shop here in L.A. and was told there was a RECALL on these transmissions. The CAL should force a recall, not just monetary compensation for those that ALREADY had work done. Maybe another CAL is in order for future victims??

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