Naked Juice Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Naked Juice between 9/27/07 and 8/19/13.

Eligible products include:

  • Açaí Machine
    (formerly Purple Machine and Rain Forest Açaí)
  • Apple
  • Apple Cranberry
  • Berry Blast (formerly Berry Blast Well Being)
  • Berry Probiotic
  • Berry Veggie (formerly Berry Veggie Machine)
  • Black and Blueberry
    (formerly Black and Blueberry Rush)
  • Blue Machine
  • Carrot
  • Chai Spiced Cider
  • Cherry Pomegranate
    (formerly Cherry Pomegranate Power)
  • Citrus Lemongrass (Reduced Calorie)
    (formerly Citrus Lemongrass)
  • Gold Machine
  • Green Machine
  • Lychee (Reduced Calorie)
  • Mango Veggie
  • Mighty Mango (formerly Mighty Mango Well Being)
  • O-J
  • Orange Carrot
  • Orange Mango (formerly Orange Mango Motion)
  • Organic Carrot
  • Peach Guava (Reduced Calorie)
  • Peach Mangosteen (formerly Peach Mangosteen Bliss)
  • Pomegranate (formerly Plentiful Pomegranate)
  • Pomegranate Açaí
  • Pomegranate Blueberry
  • Power-C Machine (formerly Power-C)
  • Probiotic Tropical Mango
  • Protein Zone
  • Protein Zone Banana Chocolate
  • Protein Zone Double Berry
  • Protein Zone Mango
  • Razalicious
  • Red Machine
  • Strawberry Banana
    (formerly Strawberry Banana C and Strawberry Banana Well Being)
  • Strawberry Kiwi
    (formerly known as Strawberry Kiwi Kick)
  • Tangerine Scream
  • Tropical (Reduced Calorie)
    (formerly Tropical C and Tropical)
  • Watermelon Chill

Estimated Amount:

If you have no proof of purchase, you can claim for reimbursement as follows:

  • Spent less than $10 – $5
  • Spent $10 to $15 – $10
  • Spent $15 to $25 – $15
  • Spent $25 to $35 – $25
  • Spent $35 to $45 – $35
  • Spent more than $45 – $45

If you have proof of purchase, you may claim full reimbursement up to a maximum of $75.

As with most of these settlement funds, if the $9 million pool is oversubscribed the amount distributed will be reduced pro rata.

Proof of Purchase:

Not required (claims up to $45), but more compensation (up to $75) is available for those with a proof of purchase.

Claim Form: Naked Juice Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Pappas v. Naked Juice Co. of Glendora, Inc.,
Case No. LA CV 11-08276-JAK (PLAx)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that Pepsi, the maker of Naked Juice, deceptively used the words all natural, non-GMO, and 100% fruit to describe their beverage. They claim the juice in fact contained several additives including synthetic vitamins, synthetic fiber, GMO’s, and other less than natural additives. Pepsi denies the allegations.

The case was settled prior to being decided by a court.

We are outraged on behalf of all consumers. When you buy a plastic bottle containing a beverage from Pepsi, shipped from a factory in New Jersey to your local Piggly Wiggly in Oklahoma, you should be entitled to expect that the product is as natural as sunshine on a newborn’s bottom.

Settlement Pool: $9,000,000
Settlement Website: Naked Juice Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 17, 2013
Claims Administrator: Naked Juice Settlement Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC,
P.O. Box 8090,
San Rafael, CA 94912-8090
1-(888) 283-2947
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56 Responses to Naked Juice Class Action Settlement

  1. This is just sad!!! I drank a lot of these, spent a lot of money more than 75$ but no saved receipts that’s ridiculous. I don’t save my Grocery receipts! Don’t need to for any tax reason or anything at all. But I use to drink these a lot thinking I was on a certain diet for my Workout routine! To know that people lie, this is gonna make me curious to everything I buy now. Just a bad situation for naked products.

  2. I have spent thousands on this product over the years .. I was on a naked juice breakfast and lunch for over a year!!! I am furious that I was ingesting GMO crap!!!!!

  3. Was a very frequent user of Naked Juice for health reasons and to get the proper amounts of fruit into my diet. Finding out it is not natural is certainly disconcerting. I am really looking for a full refund from my many naked purchases but 40 dollars would suffice.

  4. I want my $45.00. I’ve spent well over $75.00 over the last three years drinking your product, expecting truth in labeling. My address is: XXX

    ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

    To get the rebate, you need to fill out the claim form accessible through the link above.

  5. I am outraged and I have spent well over 50$ on this juice over the past 3 months. Juice that I thought was natural and GMO free, especially since it was so outrageously priced.

  6. I’m outraged at the number of people who haven’t caught onto the fact that putting trust in a machine that is serving you food is innately and fundamentally screwed. Am I the only person who feels creepy about the fact that I can go into any number of grocery stores in any town and find recognizable products in everyone of them? It is highly foolish to take for granted that any of the foods available are actually safe let alone healthy. Open your eye holes peoples. GMOs in foods is not a new thing. The MONSANTO PROTECTION ACT is the icing on a cake that has been baking for a long long time

  7. I cannot believe this! I thought that I had found a real “natural” drink to have in the mornings on my way to school. I was thinking it was a great healthy way to start my day and to get my nutrients in a natural drink. I know that I spent way more than 100 dollars on these beverages. :( I hope that this means that they are actually going to switch to natural ingredients. I honestly loved the taste.

  8. The comments here are hilarious. The fact that people fall for this kind of stuff and even think they are on a “naked diet” is amusing. Wake up people… Unless you’re juicing your own vegetables and fruits you’re not going to find something without additives.

  9. Oh wow, in that time frame, I definitely drank at least $75 worth of the stuff, but who keeps grocery receipts? When my mom and I did a cleanse last year, we drank little else besides Naked juices and water…

  10. I see Naked juice in my local store (Kroger) that STILL has “All Natural” on it.

    When are they required to change the labeling?

  11. WHAT!?!?!?!?! I have spend THOUSANDS!!! Litterally THOUSANDS on Naked Juice Doubble Berry Protein drinks!! I used to purchase 4-5 a day, and only because it said “all natural, 90% real fruit, AND NO GMO!!!!!” These people need to be sued for WAY more than that!!!!! We should be able to receive a full refund for every dollar spent, and then some! Double what we spent!!! IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW!!! I just went and got more. Im taking them back and these people will not get away with this!!

  12. So on the claim form if we have spent more than $45 but didn’t keep receipts do we just put $45.00 if the claim amount spot on the form?

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    You can put the actual amount that you estimate that you spent, you just will not receive more than $45 (without receipts).

  13. Used to drink these all the time! Not thrilled something funny was going on. Even if you bought hundreds of dollars of this stuff, the max you can enter is $99. But you still only get $45 back. Seriously who saves all their receipts???

  14. I love the mango veggie , why do you have t0 screw with my juice people? Come on now we can get this together I believe in you guys!

  15. I used to buy these every morning on my way to class freshmen year of college in order to start my day with something good. I initially was looking at the EA sports lawsuit and came across this. I had no idea. So much for trying to start my day off with something all natural and healthy.

  16. I am so sorry my favorite beverage had these issues. I even did a $150.00 focus group on this juice gave it all kudoo’s…..Thanks alot for causing a senior citizen body harm. I appreciate the token but I spent way more on this product by the cases….

  17. Oh my I especially loved the Green Machine, but within the past 2 years it has started tasting somewhat different to me, and the consistency seemed to change a tadbit. Would up my nose to all other drinks and consume Naked only! I can only find 2 or 3 of my receipts and have certainly spent $45 in one month on these drinks… so sad to hear about this outcome.

    To ADMIN. – I cannot post anything above $99.00 in the field (Section C) that asks for amount of purchase. To obtain a true value how else can we provide the actual amount or close to the amount we have spent?? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    I think the reason you can’t post more than $99 is that the amount you can claim is capped at $75. So if you spent more than $99, just put in $99.

  18. Pretty sad that you trust what you think is a legit product. My family only purchases this in various flavors and we are well over 75.00 but who would think to keep receipts?

  19. This One Really Posses Me Off! I Pay More For What IBelieve is a better high quality product however when I find out that once again I have been ripped off I will apply for the class action rebate however I am certain I will not receive it once again….

  20. Notified of rejection of my claim. Apparently, I checked two boxes instead of one. I emailed the administrator but I’m sure I will get nothing.

    • I got the same response. I don’t believe it actually, I am very careful filling out forms. It seems to be a bit of a scam. The lawyers likely keep what they don’t give out in rebates.

  21. My 3 children and I have been on these NAKED drinks for YEARS! On the expensive side, but I felt satisfaction knowing we were drinking healthy fruits and vegetables!!! I have even shared on FB my favorite flavors, with pics and reviews, I trusted them! I too have not recieved any refund…In NC. “Disappointed” :/

  22. Got mine today. $8 and change, that’s a dramatic drop from $45, you mean 6x more people submitted claims than they had anticipated?

  23. I wouldn’t drink, buy or accept any thing that looks too good it is a scam. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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