Class Eligibility

Class Members of the Nissan settlement include: “All consumers who are residents of, and purchased or leased a new or used 2008 or 2009 Nissan Altima in the State of Florida on or before April 1, 2017.”

Estimated Amount



Proof of Purchase

You must be in possession of the vehicle

Case Name

Sanborn, et al. v. Nissan North America Inc.,Case No. 0:14-cv-62567

District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami

Case Summary

This settlement addresses claims that certain Nissan Altimas had defective dashboards that melted when exposed to certain climatological conditions such as heat and humidity common to Florida

Nissan denies any wrongdoing but will settle to avoid trial

Settlement Pool





Sanborn v. Nissan North America Settlement Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC)
P.O. Box 30244
College Station, TX 77842-3244

11 responses to “Nissan Altima Dashboard Class Action Settlement (Florida Only)”

  1. Vito Pezzuto says:

    When am I going to get a check for my melting dashboard? Claim # 60000384001.

    ADMIN – Hi Vito,

    The way class action settlements generally work is as follows: You only get paid after the deadline when and if the case is finalized and the administrator has reviewed all the claims. This often takes months or years.

  2. Rebecca Martinez says:

    I would like to know if you received my claim form and what is the status.

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    You can call this number to ask about the status for your claim


  3. Stephanie Carroll says:

    If y’all are based here in Texas, are y’all planning on filing another lawsuit for us Texans? There are plenty of us that have had the same issue (if not more since it’s a larger state) and NEED it fixed BY Nissan! I’m a nurse, not an attorney so I’m completely lost on where to go or what to do to get justice over this obviously defective and dangerous issue. Please let me know what to do. Thank you so much!

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie,

    If you believe there is a similar class in Texas we encourage you to contact class counsel. To obtain their information simply open the long notice and scroll to the bottom. The attorneys that handled the case my point you to a similar law firm in Texas.

  4. Cindy jean-Pierre says:

    I have a 2012 Altima and my dashboard is melting as well. They may want to look into all years. Who do i contact about that?

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Get a hold of class counsel using the info provided on the long notice.

  5. Janice Stephens says:

    I sent in my form with a written estimate From Nissan back in November of 2016. I have heard nothing. I have called the phone number numerous times, left numerous messages and have heard nothing. The deadline is fast approaching and I would like to hear back from someone.

    ADMIN – Hi Janice,

    You may want to contact class counsel to escalate.

  6. Ricky Reeves says:

    My claim number is 60000614101.
    I submitted four pictures on 2-22-17 and have taken the car to the dealership 3-10-17 for a quote. Where do I send this quote? I called 844-824-5782 and it does not give you an option to find out the status or to talk to someone.
    Please let me know where I can send this quote via email or USPS.
    Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    You send it to the admin, using the address provided under the contact section.

  7. Robert Williamson says:

    I have a claim number 60000526401 Submitted on February 4,2017. What is the status of my claim? Or how can I talk to someone? I sent the quote from the dealership also. How long does it take to get the Certificate to get dashboard repaired? Who can I call to expedite this?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Reach out to the class action administrator. Their info is listed under “contact” just scroll up.

  8. Patsy Hojnowski says:

    I had rented a Nissan in Florida from the airport

    ADMIN – Hi Patsy,

    To qualify for this settlement you must be the person who owns or leases the vehicle. If you simply rented you do not qualify.

  9. Nicky Orta says:

    I went online, submitted a repair estimate from my Nissan dealer and got my claim number. I suI need the option to pay only the $250 since I cannot afford to pay for the entire repair cost myself. I preume either I or Nissan will be sent a check for tthe repair. But WHENand HOW will this happen? Since I am unable to contact a live person regarding this, I am left in the dark as to how that check will get to me or Nissan. It is The middle of March and I am ready to do this as soon as I hear from the settlement administrator or receive a check from them. Please inform me as specifically as possible as to the next step that needs to be taken. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Nicky,

    If you are having a hard time contacting the class action admin please consider contacting class counsel. Their info is on the long notice.

    • Nicky Orta says:

      Can you post the name and number of class counsel after this reply to make it easier for everyone asking? Thanks.

      ADMIN – Hi Nicky,

      We already do lots of things to make your life easy, but here you go:

      Amy M. Zeman (FL Bar No. 110653) 3711 Sheridan Ave
      Miami Beach, FL 33140
      T: (510) 350-9721 F: (510) 350-9701 Email:

  10. Victor says:

    I know that we are eligible to get a check or to be able to get a new dashboard with a $250 dollars deductable. How long does it take for us to get a new dashboard AFTER the deadline. Months? More than a year ? Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Victor,

    If you did not file a claim prior to the deadline you won’t qualify.

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