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You are in the class if you were issued a summons without probable cause that was later dismissed for legal or facial insufficiency. More specifically individuals who received a Criminal Court Summons by an NYPD officer, whose summons was dismissed by the court for facial or legal insufficiency and lacked probable cause from the start of the class period, May 25, 2007, through January 25, 2017.

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Case Name

Stinson, et al. v. The City of New York, et al.,
Case No. 10-cv-4228 (RWS)
District Court for the Southern District of New York

Case Summary

In May 25, 2010, the Class Representatives filed this lawsuit, on behalf of themselves and a class of individuals who had received C Summonses from members of the NYPD, claiming that the City of New York, through the NYPD had illegally stopped, seized, arrested, and issued summonses to these individuals in the absence of probable cause in response to a summons quota within the NYPD.

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Stinson v. City of New York
c/o Rust Consulting Inc.
P.O. Box 2574
Faribault, MN 55021-9574

16 responses to “NYPD Criminal Summons Class Action Settlement”

  1. tessa says:

    I need help with something similar to this case. Anoka County issued some 30,000 warrants years back when they were putting their records on line for the first time for anybody that had missing paperwork. My original warrant had been dismissed and then was recalled due to missing paperwork. For instance their was bail paid twice and there is no record of that and the state I was arrested in for this felony has a record showing it was dismissed. I would like to return home but this is no a body only warrant. please help.

    ADMIN – Hi Tessa,

    We are simply a website that informs individuals about class action settlements. We are unable to assist you on the matter you are sharing with us.

  2. Anna Digangi says:

    I received a summons for parking a car where it said no parking. I was sitting right near the car. This was on 36st street and first ave. The police man said I was not sitting in the car and she gave me a ticket for $130.00. I paid it very much against my will.

  3. Larissa Egorova says:

    I received summons which was dismissed in the court, but I never got a claim number.

    • Cheryl Riley says:

      you could be one of the 300,000 people that claim notices where returned undeliverable.

      contact the RUST law group to see if your in the Database

  4. Cheryl Riley says:

    I attended the May 24th hearing, I would like to make a correction in your statement. This settlement spelled out.

    if You were given a summons and it was dismissed, you will receive 150 dollars.
    If you were given a summons, then arrested, you can sue the city of new york for false arrest

  5. Matthew Woods says:

    When will I receive my payment, I sent in my claim form ,on what date can I expect payment

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    Payments are usually issued once the deadline has passed. The deadline for this settlement is not until September.

  6. Bill Johnson says:

    Does this apply to civil yellow summons that were dismissed because of lack of probable cause?

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    It reads for criminal summons.

  7. manny says:

    If u have more than one summons word they pay echter summns at 150

    ADMIN – Hi Manny,

    Settlement Class Members will be eligible to receive a payment for each Eligible Summons from May 25, 2007 up to January 25, 2017, in settlement of their claims. Subject to this Court’s approval, Settlement benefits will be made on a pro rata basis, based on the total class settlement fund divided by the total number of eligible claimants.

    However, no Eligible Claimant may receive a settlement payment in an amount that exceeds one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per Eligible Summons. Any amount(s) owed for Child Support and/or Medicaid liens will be deducted from your settlement payment.



    ADMIN – Hi Altagracia,

    You could always take them to court separately

    • TC says:

      Re: You could always take them to court separately

      Just curious. What is the likelihood of winning a private lawsuit, given the fact they apparently already admitted guilt and are paying out in this settlement? And how likely is it that a person on their own would receive more than the $150 in this class action?

      ADMIN – Hi TC,

      I don’t know enough information about this case to give you potential outcomes.

  9. Vernon Daniels says:

    Wish more info was provided..

    ADMIN – Hi Vernon,

    If you need additional information open the documents and read the settlement agreement and the long notice. If you still don’t have enough information consider calling the class action admin.

  10. Frank Carrier, Sr. says:

    My son and I have the same name. The summonses do not identify which one of us received it. So I cannot fill it out without determining which birthday and social security number to use. How do I obtain that information?

    ADMIN – Hi Frank

    I believe I already shared a link you can use to check the info you need.

  11. Frank Carrier, Sr. says:

    I am still waiting for a reply. How do I look up the summons to determine if it was given to my son or myself? We have the same name.

    ADMIN – Hi Frank,

    I hear people use this page when researching summons. I have never been involved in any legal issues myself so I am not so familiar with the process.

  12. Michael estime says:

    How can I check my status ?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    To check the status of a claim you must contact the class action admin.

  13. Dallas Simmons says:

    Where can I go to see if my claim was excepted or if it went through

    ADMIN – Hi Dallas,

    You can send a certified letter to the class action administrator using the information provided above.

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