Pocket Hose Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Pocket Hose between November 6, 2009 and January 30, 2014, for personal use.

Estimated Amount:

The amount of compensation depends on whether you have proof of purchase and whether you want to return the product as follows:

  • Proof of Purchase & Return Product – $20 per product
  • Proof of Purchase (Don’t Return Product) – $12 per product
  • No Proof of Purchase (Don’t Return Product) – $6
Proof of Purchase:

Not required, but higher payments are available with a proof of purchase.

Claim Form: Pocket Hose Products Claim Form
Case Name: Alex Arreguin Jr. v. Telebrands
Case No. CIVRS1307798
(Superior Court for the State of California, County of San Bernadino)
Case Summary:

This class action resolves a lawsuit filed against Telebrands alleging that pocket hoses labeling and advertising contain unsubstantiated or misleading statements and that the pocket hose is defective. Telebrands denies the allegation but agrees to settle to avoid further litigation.

When you can’t believe what you hear in an infomercial, you can’t trust anyone.

Settlement Pool: unlimited
Settlement Website: Pocket Hose Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: June 20, 2014
Claims Administrator: Pocket Hose Settlement Administrator
PO Box 3967
Portland, OR 97208-3967
(866) 446-4667

15 Responses to Pocket Hose Settlement

    • They know that no one in their right mind will give out their SSN. They don’t want to pay out anything. Jerks!!!!!!! Their product is worthless. I am sure future products will be the same. They have cut their own throats.

    • Ugh, IKR. I’m halfway temped to put my Sn as 123456789 and see what they say, but don’t want to be accused of giving false info.

  1. Agree – who would give their SS number on an internet site with a company who already misrepresented their product for $6, $12 or $20 bucks? Nice way to get out of paying the settlement as most people will not give their SS number.

  2. I am guessing that the attorneys are going to bilk the company for hundreds of thousands of dollars…..sad, sad, sad

  3. I bought 3 pocket hoses and every single one has been defective from the very beginning-the water runs right out of the connection and not through the hose itself-I was only able to use one of the hoses for about 5 times before it was no good! What garbage-they can go fuck themselves

  4. 1. The online claim form “times out” very rapidly. You have to fill it out fast or it will not get processed in time.

    2. The online claim form asks for your SSN. Hello? Is that you, identity thief? This is the one and only settlement claim form I have ever seen that requires your SSN to file claim. That is so wrong, wrong, wrong, on so, so, so many levels.

    3. If I were a lawyer, I would file a class action suit against the people who are handling this settlement. They are setting people up for worries over their privacy concerns just to get six dollars back over a gimmicky pocket hose.

    4. The gimmicky pocket hose products are still being sold in stores no matter what happens with this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    Most settlements have a fixed pool (say $5 million) and that gets divided among everyone that files a claim. This one is a little different, they will pay out $6 to everyone that files a claim, so they have big incentive to make filing hard.

    The cynic in me think that is why they made the decision to require a social security number.

    If you don’t like the terms of the settlement I encourage you to write a letter to the judge, objecting and explaining your objection. Courts get very little participation from the public and take the concerns of the public very seriously.

  5. No you can’t have my social security number. Attorneys are only out for themselves. They wont get my money.

    ADMIN – Hi Gilbert,

    Yes, I agree that asking for a social security number is too invasive for these tiny settlements. I also agree that the majority of people (of which attorneys are a sub-species) are primarily motivated by things that benefit themselves. But, you have the last part backwards – unfortunately, by not taking part in the settlement, it is you that won’t get their money.

  6. My biggest mistake was not sending the thing back immediately. The on/off button broke off the first time I tried to use it.

    And NO they aren’t getting my SS number for $6.00. Dream on.

  7. I have also owned 3 pocket hoses, and even after following the directions, all three (each purchased by itself and used alone) popped a hole in the middle randomly while using. No damage had occurred to the hoses in any way. I use them to water my front flowers in the front yard,which is a very high profile area. I spent WAY too much money on the pocket hose, and at the end I had to go buy a regular garden hose at Costco. If I had known that I would be spending almost $100 on hoses I would never purchased this hose.

  8. What about Ocean State Job Lot? They sold thousands over the 2013 holiday season. I found receipt for my two hoses. One blew up at the faucet and another is unopened. I called OSJL and she said to return them to store for a refund.

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