Porsche IMS Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

The class action settlement covers people that own or lease a 2001-05 Porsche 911 or Porsche Boxter manufactured between May 4, 2011 and February 2005 with the following VIN ranges.

  • Porsche 911 – WP0AA29991S622763-WP0AA29901S623641, WP0CA299X1S654064-WP0CA29971S655284, WP0ZZZ99Z1S644465, WP0ZZZ99Z2S603927, WP0AA299X2S620005-WP0AA29922S624193, WP0BA29922S635067-WP0BA299X2S635740, WP0CA29932S650004-WP0CA29952S655611, WP0AA29903S620063-WP0AA29993S624175, WP0BA29913S635062-WP0BA29983S635639, WP0CA29943S650062-WP0CA29913S653887, WP0ZZZ99Z3S641690-WP0ZZZ99Z3S644167, WP0ZZZ99Z4S604191, WP0AA29974S620062-WP0AA29934S623041, WP0BA29984S635061-WP0BA29974S635231, WP0CA29904S650061-WP0CA29924S653818, WP0AA29935S620061-WP0AA29925S620245, WP0BA29965S635061-WP0BA29995S635085, WP0CA29995S650061-WP0CA29995S650254, WP0AA29905S715077-WP0AA29905S717475, WP0AB299X5S740081-WP0AB29955S742109, WP0CA29935S755064-WP0CA29935S755209, WP0CB29915S765072-WP0CB29925S765212, WP0ZZZ99Z5S731099, &WP0ZZZ99Z5S701444.
  • Porsche Boxter – WP0CA29851S620508 – WP0CA29831S620619, WP0CB29811S660405 – WP0CB29801S660492, WP0CA29821U625959 – WP0CA29891U627644, WP0CB29861U664289 – WP0CB29841U665473, WP0CA29892S620061 – WP0CA29802S620238, WP0CA29832U620061 – WP0CA29892U626107, WP0CB29802U660062 – WP0CB29892U664319, WP0CB29862S660062 – WP0CB29852S660344, WP0ZZZ98Z2U602762, WP0ZZZ98Z2U640813, WP0CA298X3S620068 – WP0CA29853S620222, WP0CA29813U620061 – WP0CA298X3U625002, WP0CB29803U660063 – WP0CB29803U663240, WP0CB29853S660068 – WP0CB298X3S660227, WP0ZZZ98Z3U604185, WP0ZZZ98Z3U640971, WP0CA29854S620061 – WP0CA29824S621085, WP0CA298X4U620061 – WP0CA29854U621568, WP0CB29804S660061 – WP0CB29834S660555, WP0CB29854U660061 – WP0CB29834U661824, WP0CA298X5U710067 – WP0CA29815U711852, & WP0CB29885U730069 – WP0CB29835U731310.

The settlement covers both owners that have had an Intermediate Shaft (IMS) failure, and also provides protection for those that have not had this failure.

Estimated Amount:

The settlement provides for reimbursement for repairs according to the following schedule. The amount of reimbursement depends on whether the case was bought new, certified pre-owned (ACPO), or used and on the mileage on the car at the time of the issue.

New Purchaser ACPO Purchaser Used Not ACPO
Up to 50,000 miles 100% 100% 25%
50,001–60,000 miles 90% 100% 25%
60,001–70,000 miles 80% 100% 25%
70,001–80,000 miles 70% 100% 25%
80,001–90,000 miles 60% 100% 25%
90,001–100,000 miles 50% 100% 25%
100,001–130,000 miles 40% 40% 25%

The settlement also provides towing and car rental expenses up to $200.

Proof of Purchase:

NOT required

Claim Form: Porsche IMS Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Eisen v. Porsche Cars North America, Inc,
Case No. CV11-9405 CAS (FFMx) (C.D. Cal.)
Case Summary:

Plaintiffs claim that the Intermediate Shaft (IMS) on Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxter vehicles is defective and can fail leading to very expensive engine repair bills. Porsche denies the claim, but settled the case prior to trial.

Settlement Pool: uncapped
Settlement Website: Porsche IMS Settlement Site
Porsche IMS Settlement (Plaintiff’s Attorney’s Site)
Claim Form Deadline: October 15, 2013 (for those suffering from IMS related engine damage prior to July 17, 2013)
Claims Administrator: Eisen IMS Settlement
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35049
Seattle, WA 98124
(866) 254-4760

7 Responses to Porsche IMS Class Action Settlement

  1. I bought a 2004 911 in 2007. The car had 17,000 mi on it at the time. It now has 27,000mi. I have not had IMS damage at this point. The car was purchased via (ACPO).Do I file in anticipation of future IMS issues?

  2. My porsche is still in the shop to get the engine rebuilt. I’ve went to wrong place and still waiting after one year. How do I claim the amount of money not being use the car yet still paying for lease?

  3. I purchased new, a 2005 boxster and after 39,000 miles there have been no IMS issues that I am aware of. I noticed my VIN is not included in the settlement. Why is that? The build date was 3/31/2005. Thanks.

  4. I bought a Porsche Boxster 2004 on Maui Hawwaii. The engine blew up, and they wanted 10 thousand to repair it. We could not find any way to replace it out on the island so I gave it away for 4 thoudand when I just bought it for 24 thousand. It had 24 thousand miles on brand it, new engine barely broke in. Ouch, tough loss owe money and I had to go out and buy another car, ouch.

  5. I would like to get some money for my mental hardship and money loss. Can anyone help me, it was hell when a gorgeous car blows up for no reason when you are out on the islands. No one really wants to help me.

  6. I bought a 2000 911 C4S and at 55k the shaft let go just going down the highway did all the required maintenance had zero track days just easy street miles cost me $14,000 to fix Porsche did nothing for me. They are an evil company and knew about the bad castings and the bad nearing yet still produced the cars for several years. With these motors its not about if but when they are junk. I talked to several experienced Porsche celebrities and they were told to not discuses this without facing a law suite so its not like they were not aware of the issue early on.

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