Class Eligibility

You are a member of the class if you purchased a ForceField stain protection plan from Rooms to Go and their affiliates during the qualified period. Qualified period varies by state and you can review the periods by clicking here and scrolling to page 4

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Hankinson, et al. v. RTG Furniture, et al.
Case No. 9:15-cv-81139
District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

This case is about ForceField Protection Plans sold by Rooms To Go (“RTG”) to some customers who purchased leather or fabric upholstered furniture from an RTG store or online. The Class Representatives in this case are Benjamin Hankinson, James Guerra, Jeanette Gandolfo, Lisa Palmer, Donald Anderson, and Lisa Prihoda. Through their attorneys, they allege that RTG did not professionally apply ForceField® stain protectant to furniture they purchased from RTG and that RTG engaged in other actionable conduct in the sale and fulfillment of ForceField Protection Plans. In addition, Lisa Palmer alleges that she did not agree to buy a ForceField Protection Plan, but was charged for it anyway.

Settlement Pool





Hankinson, et al. v. RTG Furniture Corp. Settlement Administrator
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants
P.O. Box 404018
Louisville, KY 40233-4018

57 responses to “Rooms To Go ForceField Protection Plan Class Action Settlement”

  1. Barbara says:

    I bought from RTG and paid for the force field protection in September 2015 but do not recall receiving a claim number from them. How do I go about getting that number to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    Reach out to the class action admin.

    • Tammy wilson says:

      Hi I purchased a beautiful sofa paid for the protection plan in March of 2015 I have not been able to get any assistance since two months later

      ADMIN – Hi Tammy,

      Please refer to the claim process to see if you qualify.

    • Stephen Taylor says:

      My furniture has spots

  2. Alessandra D'anna says:

    I am very disappointed at Rooms to Go!

    ADMIN – Hi Alessandra,

    You are not the only one!

  3. raymond price says:

    I Raymond price wants to be part of this claim action

    ADMIN – Hi Raymond,

    To be part of this settlement you must file a claim.

  4. raymond price says:

    have I done all I need to do to be included in this action settlement case…

  5. Sarah L Kelleher says:

    My furniture was not stain resistant like I was told

  6. Neville W. Sumpter says:

    I purchased light colored furniture so I wanted to be assured it could be cleaned successfully.

    ADMIN – Hi Neville,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  7. Shari RAMEY says:

    I bought this protection om a couch we purchased but did not receive a notification letter. How do we file?

    ADMIN – Hi Shari,

    Reach out to the class action administrator. (855) 505-1506

  8. Ernestine Kendall says:

    Claim Id # 11131931601

    ADMIN – Hi Ernestine,

    Please enter your claim # when completing your form.

  9. Shaundrea Thomas says:

    I purchased a table with the wood guarantee

    ADMIN – Hi Ms.Thomas,

    This is for soft furniture like couches.

  10. Traci Eldridge says:

    Thanks for standing up to these big corporations.

  11. Traci Eldridge says:


  12. Stephen Patterson says:

    On 6/4/2017 I had Force Field Protection on a Recl Sofa for $69.00 and a Glider Recliner for $49.00. from Room’s To Go. Stephen Patterson 1122 34th St. N. Apt 130 Texas City,Tx. 77590 (409)599-0875

    ADMIN – Hi Stephen,

    Did you file your claim?

  13. V Davis says:

    I received my notification re; Class action settlement. please only use my email for this purpose. I will register at the email address listed on the card.

    ADMIN – Hi V,

    We do not administer cases. You need to contact the class action administrator directly.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Awesome email. Now everyone has it might as well post your life history.Not safe to post your email on here. just fill out a form and not give your info out in the comment section

  14. Teena Franklin says:

    I did not agree the protection plan but I got charged for it.

    ADMIN – Hi Teena,

    Are you planning on filing a claim?

  15. donna dixon says:

    I bought a light green Italian leather couch with the protection treatment. Less than one year later my 2 year granddaughter marked it in red ink. I have tried everything under the sun to get it off and am still working on it years later. Had they applied the protection that I paid for, there would be no stain on my very expensive couch. I have not shopped Rooms to Go ever since. I am going to file a claim as soon as I am done with this

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    You go for it.

  16. Vickie Cowart says:

    I Vickie Cowart brought living room furniture and bought the Forcefield protection plan but I don’t get a claim ID.

    ADMIN – Hi Vickie,

    Reach out to the class action administrator. I am sure they will be happy to help you.

  17. frances sherard says:

    This did not work i am not sure they put it on .

    ADMIN – Hi Frances,

    It is precisely because it does not work that there is a class action.

  18. Vernon Hodgson says:

    Claim ID# 10980043601
    Purchased a sofa (I think 2012) with protection. Were told sofa was leather and found out it was not. It crumbled and we finally got rid of it two years later and bought a leather sofa elsewhere.

    ADMIN – Hi Vernon,

    Please use the link provided to file a claim.

  19. raymond beaulieu says:

    I did notagree but I got one thank you September 26 2017 11:30 am

    ADMIN – Hi Raymond,

    If the protection was added to your purchase without your permission you are a class member.

  20. Barbara LaVigne says:

    This is not user friendly. I have a claim # which says I can find out the potential amount of my check or voucher by going to the website and inserting my claim #. However, when I do that, I am sent to an attorney’s site which I am not interested in.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    We have no control over the usability of the websites we include in our listings. You can always reach out to the class action admin to escalate your concerns.

  21. Richard Parks says:

    We have purchased this. we put in a claim and they would not pay or even would talked to us.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    While the settlement has nothing to do with RTG handling of claims yo are probably still a class member if you purchased the plan during the qualified period.

  22. Robert Bolick says:

    Our leather furniture has faded so bad. It’s in
    Our living. Where we do not sit that often. I couldnt
    Believe My eyes. Cause the first set of leather
    Furniture we bought from RTG looks better than the last set. I never even thought this could
    Happen . Very disappointed

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    I don’t think the ForceField was designed to avoid fading. Fading happens most often because of light exposure. This settlement relates to the performance of ForceField as a stain protector and the inclusion of the ForceField cost without the customer’s permission. If either of those scenarios apply to you and you purchased your furniture within the qualified period by all means file a claim.

  23. Charlesa Hinton says:

    I am responding to the card I got in the mail last week about a class action settlement. My claim# is 10974742201. I was told to purchase this item to protect my leather furniture.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlesa,

    File a claim using the link provided.

  24. Nick Garcia says:

    I purchased a leather couch in 2014 with the protection package in NC but never received a claim number what do I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    Consider reaching out to the class action administrator.

  25. Marguerite G Lee says:

    July 2017 purchased

  26. Marguerite G Lee says:

    July 2017 purchased to protect sleeper sofa micro fabric, post Oct 2, 2017

    ADMIN – Hi Marguerite,

    Leaving a comment here does not count as a claim.

  27. Cheryl Baker says:

    I Cheryl Baker and I’m responding to the claim class action settlement. My claim number is RTH-10111102201-20517.I’m very upset on Rooms To Go.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    The proper way to claim is by clicking the link available above and filing your claim form. Leaving a comment here does not result in action on the part of the class action administrator.

  28. Charlotte Hudson says:

    I am also responding to the card I received in the mail about a class action settlement. My claim number is 1101070070. I was told by RTG to purchase this item to protect my leather furniture. I purchased three pieces of leather furniture and was charged for the Force Field Protection for each piece.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlotte,

    File a claim using the link provided above. Just scroll up.

  29. Debbie Wright says:

    Very disappointed!!!

  30. Laura Manous says:

    I purchased the Force Field Protection on 05/03/2014 but have not received a claim form. I am certain that I should be included in the class action suit. I even still have the receipt for my purchase.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    If you are a member of the class by all means file a claim.

  31. Mark Embree says:

    Not happy with Rooms to go I purchased a couch and recliner and also bought the force field protection. My purchase was made in August 2017 and I’m not even sure if they put it on that sure doesn’t seem like it because my grandson spilled some juice on the couch and I went to wipe it off and it just stayed there sign me up please..

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    I cannot sign you up. You must file a claim using the link provided.

  32. Susan Schultz says:

    How do we get a claim identification number. We bought the Force Field Protection at RTG.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  33. Aljosie Larkins says:

    Purchased combination Leather/Fabric Sofa, Love Seat & Ottoman (it was sold as “leather”) with Stain Protection). Fabric was not protected and “Leather” turned out to be “Pleather”. Do I qualify to file a Claim, and if so-how do I obtain a Claim number ?

    ADMIN – Hi Aljosie,

    If you purchased your ForceField plan during the qualified period there is a good chance you are a class member. Contact the class action admin to try to obtain a #

  34. Tenisha Taylor says:

    I purchased this protection on my furniture but have not received a claim number. What do I do to go forward?

    ADMIN – Hi Tenisha,

    Reach out to the class action administrator

  35. Jack Robinson says:

    I did not get a claim number, do I go to Rooms to Go and follow up?

    ADMIN – Hi Jack,

    Contact the class action admin

  36. Jesse says:

    How do I get a claim number exactly?

    ADMIN – Hi Jesse,

    You either receive one in the mail or you contact the class action administrator and request one.

  37. martha oquendo says:

    warranty fabric protection number 19865858.
    purchase 10/28/2015

    ADMIN – Hello Again,

    Leaving your info here has no value. You need to file a claim.

  38. martha oquendo says:

    my sofa still make noise when i recline they were here all the do was using spray.when i cleaned i dont see the stain go away

    ADMIN – Hi Martha,

    This settlement has nothing to do with noise.

  39. martha oquendo says:

    i want to be included in this claim
    my claim #11587365001

    ADMIN – Hi Martha,

    The proper way for inclusion is to click on the link that reads file a claim and enter your number. That will create a form for you to fill out and submit.

  40. Drucilla Ellis says:

    I bought a sofa love seat and chair it started to peel and I purchase the protection plan my claim number10625635001

    ADMIN – Hi Drucilla,

    Please use the link provided to file a claim.

  41. clifton hobbs says:

    claim rth-10977527201-185410

    ADMIN – Hi Clifton,

    You need to use the link provided to file a claim. Leaving a comment here does not result in any action.

  42. lisette Bisson says:

    I also purchased a stain protection plan from RTG claim ID [ 10191146401 ]

    ADMIN – Hi Lisette,

    Please file a claim using the link provided.

  43. Rita Murray says:

    I ordered on 1/13/13 one red reclining sofa and 1 whiteconsole sofa from rooms to go in
    Clearwater Fl and shipped to my home in Benton KY. I had them treated. The red couch has only been set on maybe 20 times in our formal living room. The white console in family room is used dailey. the suppose leather is peeling off every where. I am very disappointed in the product.

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    This settlement is not about your furniture. It is about the protective treatment applied to it. Faux leather and real leather was not included.

  44. Rita Murray says:

    My claim number 11518032101

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    Please use the link provided to file a claim. Leaving your claim # here does not constitute filing.

  45. ismael riojas says:

    I am very disappointed with the service I resived .My sofa and outher piceshave stains I cant get out.can you help me?

    ADMIN – Hi Ismael,

    I can’t. If you are a member of the class go ahead and file a claim.

  46. Donna says:

    I purchased a recliner along with the fabric protection in December 2015 but have not received a claim number. What do I need to do?

    ADMIN – Hi,

    Try reaching out to the class action administrator.

  47. Barry Hillman says:

    Purchased an leather electric sofa and recliner with leather protection!

    ADMIN – Hi Barry,

    If you are a class member please use the link provided to file a claim.

  48. Roberto Rivera says:

    Roberto Rivera Hi I can only say I’m very disappointed with Rooms to go products I paid to much money
    for this forniture. Now they look horrible. My claim # is RTH-11808721601-344711

    ADMIN – Hi Roberto,

    Use the link provided to file a claim.

  49. Tee says:

    I may never rent from here again ,

    ADMIN – Hi Tee,

    I don’t think you have to worry about that. Rooms to Go does not rent anything.

  50. joe milan says:

    help meClaim #11436776001-274599

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    In order to get your money you need to file a claim. Click the link above.

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