Class Eligibility

All consumers in California who possessed a Sears gift card with a balance of less than $10.00 but disposed of it during the period January 12, 2013 through Jun e 21, 2017, inclusive, upon being informed by a Sears employee in California that it could not be redeemed for cash.

Estimated Amount


Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Saunders v. Sears Holdings Management Corporation,
Case No. 17-CV-000034
Napa County Superior Court

Case Summary

The Settlement will resolve this class action case (“the Action”) involving an allegation that Sears failed to redeem gift cards, upon request, when the remaining balance on the gift card was less than $10.00. Sears denies any wrongdoing. The parties concluded it is in their best interests to settle the Action to avoid the expense and uncertainty of ongoing litigation

Settlement Pool



Once the 1,000 card limit is fulfilled


Keller Grover LLP
1965 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94013

4 responses to “Sears Gift Card Class Action Settlement California Only”

  1. Cristina R Pacheco says:

    Had problems using the product

  2. Monique Peña says:

    I had 4 gift cards with less than $3 on them each, was told by the employees that I was unable to get the cash back for them. I even stated that California passed the law that requires the companies to give you the money in cash if it’s under a certain amount, I was told “we have never heard of that law and can not give this to you” by management personnel who had an attitude about it.

  3. LaTawnia Taylor says:

    I had $10 left on my card and when I purchased my grand daughters shoes $4 and change was left and I was told I could not have the change and was advised to just purchase something else that would cover the $4

  4. victor mcfadden says:

    I had a 10.00 card went to use it, was told could not use card

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