Skechers Toning Shoes Settlement

Class Eligibility: The settlement covers Skechers Toning line of shoes purchased between August 1st, 2008, and August 13, 2012. The models covered include:
  • Shape-ups Rocker Bottom Shoes (Shape-ups)
  • Resistance Runner Rocker Bottom Shoes (Resistance Runners)
  • Shape-ups Toners / Trainers and Tone-ups with Podded Outsoles (Podded Sole Shoes)
  • Tone-up Non-Podded Sandal, Boots, Blogs & Trainers (Tone-Ups Non-Podded Sole)
Estimated Amount:
Model Estimate Maximum
Shape-Ups $40 $80
Resistance Runners $42 $80
Podded Sole Shoes $20 $40
Tone-Ups Non-Podded Sole $27 $50
The claim amounts may be higher than the estimate if the claim pool of $40 million is not exhausted (up to the maximum), and it may be lower than the estimate if the claim pool gets exhausted.
Proof of Purchase: NOT required for claims under $200.
May be required for claims over $200 or if $40 million claim pool is not exhausted (up to the maximum), and it may be lower than the estimate if the claim pool gets exhausted.
Claim Form:
Case Name: Grabowski v. Skechers U.S.A. , Inc., No. 3:12-cv-00204 (W.D. Ky.) ( “Grabowski Action”)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs (and the FTC) claim that Skechers misrepresented their toning shoes as having benefits related to muscle toning that they did not in fact have. Skechers denies this charge, and claims that the benefits of Skechers toning shoes are supported by several studies. The court did not decide the case, but the parties decided to settle the matter.

We would like to congratulate the attorney at the Federal Trade Commission for pursuing this matter with such vigor and helping win this $40 settlement for consumers. What more important issue is there in our nation than false claims that wearing a silly shoes will tone your buttocks. It is outrageous that ordinary honest Americans invested their hard earned money into Skechers toning shoes and did not receive the Kim Kardashian derriere they were entitled to expect. What is the world coming to when a hard working American isn’t entitled to believe the manufacturer’s claims of magic shoes.

Hopefully the check will arrive just in time to get the new Ben and Jerrys Rock Hard Abs.

Settlement Pool: $40,000,000
Settlement Website:
Claims Administrator: Skechers Toning Shoes
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 2008
Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008

(866) 325-4186

61 Responses to Skechers Toning Shoes Settlement

    • I just saw this on news last week.. when I looked into it it said I should of filed form by April 2013. I am a server and bought the shape-ups for work have been wearing them for over a year but have noticed pain along my right leg up my chins. Should I stop wearing this.

    • I bought 5 pairs of sketchers shoes, I didn’t receive or get a letter.

      ADMIN – Hi Evelyn,

      They don’t send out letters to all class members in some settlement, typically because they have no idea who the class members are. For example, if you bought your shoes from anyone other than the manufacturer, the manufacturer has no way to identify you and send you a claim form.

    • I purchased a pair of the Shape-Ups & the Resistance Runners, went online to complete a claim form the forms or no available, directed me to a (866) number & I reached a automated system that did not give me a option for a claim form. Please send me one, because I have problems from wearing the shoes also, my hips & knees.

      ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

      The Sketchers settlement closed a few months ago.

      • Well Shirley I filled out a claim form when this action first came to town because I actually bought a few pair that are still in the closet, as well as my boyfriend. I still haven’t received a check for the pairs I bought, nor has my boyfriend for the pairs he bought. We received no LETTER OR NOTHING sorry to say. So we had to write a letter recently to re-issue our checks as they should because this was done in time plus I actually bought the shoes, please advise.

        Respectfully, Thank you.

        ADMIN – Hi Sherri,

        Sounds like you have already reached out to the administrator to find out the status of your claim. That is what I would have recommended.

        • Hi Sherri, I filled out the form and sent it in on-time many months before the cut-off. My sister had done the same and she got her refund check. When I didn’t get mine I called and was sent to a website that said I had to send a re-issue request in writing after October 10th 2013. I sent one on October 10th, 2013. When I got no response I sent a certified letter requesting my refund. I also emailed the lawyer(Leslie Hurst of who was supposedly representing you and me as members of the class action suit. Leslie forwarded my email to Caroline Barazesh who emailed me this gem.
          Dear Mr. Kraus,

          Thank you for your letters regarding the Skechers Settlement. I am the Claims Administrator for the settlement. I see that while we did mail you a claim form in September 2012, we did not receive the completed claim form from you. Therefore, you were not eligible to receive a check.


          Caroline P. Barazesh, PMP

          Project Manager


          Class Action and Mass Tort Solutions

          Leslie claimed this was up to the administrators some third party company BMC Group and they claimed they never got my original form requesting my refund so I am SOL (shit out of luck). I SUSPECT THAT THIS BMCGroup CONVIENIENTLY IS CLAIMING THEY DID NOT GET A LOT OF THE ORIGINAL REQUESTS AND AS INDIVIDULAS WE ARE SOL. I AM GOING TO email our Lawyer Leslie and request the name of the judge and a full accounting of the settlement ie who got paid what. I WOULD LIKE ANYONE WHO WAS GIVEN THE SAME BULLSHIT EXCUSE THAT BMCGroup DIDN’T GET their ORIGINAL REQUEST TO EMAIL ME AT . I believe there are many of us out there and I am sure the judge would like to know what really happened to the majority of the money that Skechers paid out. In addition I am sure Skechers would like to know as well.

          • i recieved a letter last year stating that i would recieve a check which has never come, should i just chalk off it was only for 182.00 dollars?

    • when i first brought my skechers in 2005 or 2006 i got them to help build up my legs and it was good for your butt to. i was not going to respond to the law suit or refund because i thought i had gotten rid of them because the sneakers made me feel like i was going to fall every time i wear them. just about a month ago i found the sneaker in the back of my closet with the dvd that came with it and the box. i would just like to have a refund on them because when they first came out i paid a $150.00 for the sneakers at shoe carnival.

  1. I bought and wore until my right hip began to give me so much trouble. I would definitely like to participate. Don’t have proof of purchase but, have proof of damage due to wear.

  2. These hurt my feet really bad! They also messed but my knee and hips. I could’ve done so much better without these.

    • I thought I was the only one developing knee problems because of the toning shoes. I am now wearing a knee brace, and on pain medication.

  3. I had pain in my hip for 2 months stopped wearing Skechers shape ups and 3 weeks later no more hip pain. I went to the Dr. an had an x-ray. Said I was fine.

  4. Very disappointing with these! I major knee pain after one month of use. Switched to nikes and everything is fine…

  5. I fell for the marketing on these and tripped constantly in these shoes – threw them away to avoid an injury

  6. I bought the Skechers trying to tone everything. Well, I ended up with tendon and ligment damages. I went to thearpy for 5 or 6 months. I got them on sale at Belk for $100.00 cost me a whole lot more in Dr. bills, thearpy, couldn’t walk, hip and back hurt but the tendons and ligments in my foot was the worst. I would love to join this class action suit!!!!

  7. I have bought 5 pair between me and my husband and family, very disappointed as I checked earlier and now they say I am too late. Paid a lot for not using them

  8. I bought the shape-ups, and the pain was so bad in my legs and back I could hardly walk. Now they are telling me that it is too late to be a part of the class action suit…This sucks, I should be able to at least get what I paid for the shoes.

  9. I purchased the sketchers shape up tennis shoes to shape up. Instead I have torn meniscus in both legs. I have recently had surgery to repair one of them. It has been very painful and still have pain on my knees. I also purchased for $100 and a lot of doctor bills.

    • I’ve worn out several pair of Shapeups. For me they have been great. The reason I bought them in the first place is an orthopedic surgeon recommended them. I needed a shoe that would take some of the pressure off the forefoot. It worked and I was able to avoid surgery. At least for now. I suppose Sketchers will stop making them now, as a result of the lawsuit. And I’ll be limping again.

      I never had any idea that they would tone my muscles. I don’t know why they used that marketing gimmick–that was pretty stupid. But not as stupid as anyone who thinks that anything but EXERCISE will tone muscles.

      I wish people would take responsibility for their own actions and not be so quick to file a lawsuit. I expect that this lawsuit will cause some of us to lose something very beneficial.

  10. Hello, if you have 2 pairs of sneakers how will settlement work also if a person fell and hurt themselves really bad while walking in the sneakers, can that be allowed in settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Beverly

    The settlement is closed, so you can no longer file for reimbursement as part of this class action.

    But, generally, if you have some special harm (like falling and hurting yourself badly), you don’t want to take part in the class action, and you should instead consult an attorney.

    This class action arose because the shoes did not provide the toning benefits they stated, and as such the compensation is modest, basically enough to give you your money back on the purchase.

    For people that had a different problem (for example the shoe’s defective design causing them to fall and hurt themselves), the settlement is not the best way to seek redress. In fact, you would want to consult with an attorney before taking part in the settlement because taking the money may affect your legal rights with respect to a potential personal injury claim.

  11. They hurt me so bad in my knees an lower back. I’m still taking pills and still waiting for my settlement and have not got it yet.


  13. I bought 3 pairs of these (different colors) so that I could lose weight. It got to the point that I could not wear them due to them being unstable. I never heard of the class action suit until it was too late…It is not fair for those of us who were not aware of this.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    We agree that class actions settlements are generally poorly publicized, leading to people like yourself missing out on settlement money that is rightfully theirs. It is a problem we are trying to fix with this site.

  14. I just heard about on the news last night. is there an absolute deadline for filing? I bought three pairs I can never wear

  15. This is one for the General Counsels in this case. The Settlement Administrators for the Skechers Settlement sent me a letter in the mail approving a refund of $200., on July 2, 2013. Ten days later checks were mailed out and I didn’t receive one. I also did not receive a letter stating why they went back on their promise to pay me. I was told by a customer service representative that they chose not to send out denial letters. The FTC gets money for the people whom they deny. Why are we used during the Court process to assist the government in making a case, but when they’re receiving a portion afterwards they can’t give us a straight answer, or get smart with us and say we denied your claim and there is nothing you can do about it. I would like an answer from the General Counsels on this case.

  16. So if we didn’t get a letter stating our refund was approved, does this mean our refund was denied?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacy,

    It depends on the case. In some settlements they don’t send out any denials and not getting a check is the only sign you were denied. In others they will send out a denial letter. I will try and get more info on the Skechers since so many people are interested.

  17. I have been trying to place a claim about the Skechers shoes for a long time now and still can’t get in,am I to late or something, no one has accepted my claim, is this a hoax, if it isn’t I wish someone contact me, I heard about the claim on Good Morning America this morning.

    ADMIN – Hi Matilda,

    I am afraid the deadline for submissions has long passed. What you might have heard in the media is that checks for this settlement started going out a few days ago.

  18. I just heard about this on the news 2 days ago and found out I’m to late for the refund I bought 3 pair I’m a Medical Assistant and got them for work . It isn’t right that you don’t even hear about this until it’s to LATE

  19. I saw the report on Sketchers having to pay those who filed for a refund. That next day we received two checks. I’m impressed how fast this was completed.

    If you didn’t submit a claim when they asked for them it’s too late to claim as I understand. You should have done so when they were accepting the claims.

  20. I purchased two pair and just heard about it on Jay Leno this evening. I am happy to not have been part of the settlement. After read ing response to inquires I may have a source for my knee pain, injections, and possible surgery. Thanks for posting.

  21. I feel that it’s very unfair that it wasn’t made public about the law suit. I bought a pair of shape ups about a year ago, and they were killing my legs. I can’t believe that it’s too late to put in a claim. I just heard about all this on the new on Tuesday July 16, 2013. I feel that they should extend the deadline. I would kindly appreciate if someone would get back to me regarding this matter. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of communication through the company. I bought my pair at Kohl’s, a trusted company that sold terrible sneakers. They mislead people in thinking that they were going to lose weight, how sad is that!!! and now I can’t do a thing about it!!! Very DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

  22. It is really unfair for those who did not know about the settlement. There was honesty and hope when the shoes was purchased plus the hard-earned money that is involved with it. If Skechers really care for the customers and believe in their prestige, they should accommodate everyone’s claim for refund and extend the deadline. The customers are the victim here. I asked that management or the administrator would re-consider extending the deadline. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Virginia,

    I am sorry that you missed out on getting your compensation payment. I agree that one of the deficiencies in our class action system is that very few people actually file their claims – largely because they don’t know that there are settlements relevant to them that are open. As a settlement administrator, I feel badly that we can’t reach every class member and that some people miss out. I hope this website will go somewhere to helping raise awareness and help people get their settlements. Consider subscribing to our newsletter and we will email you new settlements as we find them so you don’t miss out again.

  23. How long will it take to get the check/checks after July 12? Please advise

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    Sketchers has said that checks have already gone out.

    • Hi, today is July 26 & still no check. I finally got a person at the number listed in the email & after verifying my name & address, was told to please give it another week & if I still don’t get it give them a call back. Don’t know if this helps you…

  24. addition to comment:

    My husband bought me the Shape-up and gave me pain in my feet and never wore it again. It is sad that it is just wasted under my bed. What am I going to do with this pair of shoes when it does not serve the purpose?

  25. I find it very unfair that this was not publicized.
    I have a very expensive reminder of a fraudulent product just sitting on my shoe rack.
    There should be some sort of extension for those of us able to provide a photo of ourselves with our fraudulent shoes. It’s very disheartening to pay so much, and have no recourse. That timeframe was minuscule, compared to how long I’ve owned them & will own them before they are chucked into the garbage.

    • Well, it was publicized on the news. It was on the homepage of CNN, in the news et al. I don’t see any other way they can publicize this!

  26. I see that we are too late for the settlement, so why is Sketchers STILL selling these shoes???

    ADMIN – Hi Dee,

    The lawsuit wasn’t about the shoes being unsafe, it was about the manufacturer making unsupported claims about the products efficacy. Sketchers is free to keep selling the shoes, they just can’t make those claims any more.

  27. I just found out about the law suit.
    A couple of years ago I started using the Sketchers shoes on a treadmill and I developed planters Falsities. I have been to 4 doctors and still have the problem. The shoes are setting on my shelf and I stopped wearing them when I realized this condition was caused by them. I can not use my treadmill anymore and have paid several doctors to help get this fixed.

  28. I loved these sneakers I have 7 pairs n wish they were still around. They are the most comfortable pair of sneakers I ever had. Haven’t worn another brand of sneakers in years.

  29. I got an email saying i had a check sent out on july 12th but haven’t received it yet, how long does it normally take? I bought money for work shoes through my company.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    The checks were all mailed out on July 12th. If you got the email, it means Sketchers sent you a check. If you live in the continental US, you should have received it by now. I would give the administrator a call to make sure they had your address correct.

  30. I too just found out abut the lawsuit. I can send in my barely used shoes as proof that I bought them. Not right that this wasn’t publicised better. I bought mine at Famous Footworks and will not purchase Skechers again.

  31. I completed a Claim Form for some Skechers that I purchased and have not received a refund to date. My sister and I live together and I started to think that because we both have the same address that could be the problem.

    So my sister received an e-mail message from Skechers Settlement and e-mailed them re: problem, no answer, so she sent them a copy of our driver’s license.

    Today I will send e-mails to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Protection for Chanhassee MN. cj

  32. I filed my claim before the end date but never received a refund. At the end of August, I called the settlement administrator’s contact number where I left my filing information and stated that I didn’t receive a rejection of my claim, or a check. No response, which is very upsetting because I invested in multiple pairs of shoes due to their advertising claims. I got nothing but pains in my shins and back from this product yet no settlement compensation. Were the checks arbitrarily awarded?

  33. I put in my claim and have not received my check. I sent a letter as required and still nothing not settlement check. Could you please tell me what is the next step.

  34. I did submit a claim and got the email that settlement checks were being mailed out. And what a surprise, I never got the check. According to the phone number (866) 325-4186 I call there is recorded info on what I need to do now. I now need to send a letter stating that I want my check reissued. The original date for the check to clear was Oct 10th so I did have to wait until that date passed before I could make the request. If you did make a claim and have not received your check send a letter stating such to:

    Skechers Toning Shoes
    PO Box 2008
    Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008

    Might not work but I’m willing to try.

  35. I just heard about this settlement. Month ago. I bought 3 pair of these shoes i will be looking in to the fact I can’t claim. This is not right. I hope the company is doing something to correct this. A recall is a recall…A car company will recall until they get every car back..we wear shoes..I know the next lawsuit is gonna be bigger. Now I’m stressing

    ..please keep me up to date on your decision to reopen…Thank You

  36. Good morning, I bought 3 pairs of shoes shape up am I too late to claim this. Also my doctors found out my knee is messed up because I’ve been using these shoes for 2 years now. I am scheduled for both venous surgery in my right knee on feb 7 2013 at UCSF San Francisco and March 2013. This shoes damaged my veins in both legs from both my side of my knees and it hurts so bad…since my legs has been damaged. All I need is to give my money back or I can go to this company and file my claim. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    The claims period for this class action has closed, so you will not be able to get anything from the settlement. You may be able to get your money back by going directly to Sketchers or the retailer from where you purchased the shoes. If you had an injury, you may also want to consider consulting your own attorney.

    • i did went to the store and unable to accept the return without the receipt and they advise me to call or send the message. so how can get this back to them.
      please advise.
      thanks gloria 415.412.9126

  37. Seriously I didn’t even know about this I bought the toners in 2010 and had been wearing them
    Regularly with no apparent difference. One day I was walking to the laundry room outside
    Of my house stepped off the step and my ankle twisted, I thought I heard it pop the pain
    Was so bad I went down on my hands and knees. I figured it was just a bruise and some scratches so I iced it and left it alone, my knee never fully recovered neither did my hands. My dr says I may have shattered cartilage in my knee and I have developed bilateral carpal tunnel caused by trauma smh. I really wish I would have known about the law suit so much time has passed now it would be hard to prove. Makes me angry because b4 I bought those stupid shoes I never had any issues they were supposed to help me get in shape and ended doing more damage than good I was better off before those dumb shoes smh stupid me for believing the hype they should really have to pay for more than just a refund I’m finding out there were a lot of ppl who fell and were injured due to those shoes.

  38. I filed a claim Never received anything from you stating that my claim was accepted or a check was sent me after the closing date. I still have the shoes that I purchased online from the Skeechers web site What canI expect from you now. please resond. Thank you

  39. I contacted the website on time and received the email. I never got my check. They sent me another email that the number was incorrect. When I called it, it referred me to the address to request a resend of the check. Still no response. What is going on?

  40. I just found out about this lawsuit about the shape ups..I too have suffered foot injuries due to these shoes & it’s NEVER too late….how can something that never gets published or told to the people about the shoe get closed off so fast

  41. I just found out about it a few days ago and I’d been wearing mine. I am having to receive physical therapy due to stress fractures that aren’t healing and the PT told me about it when he saw my shoes and explained to me the problems with the shoes. Also the top part of the shoe was pressing into the breaks and the rocker bottom was causing me to walk wrong.

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