Class Eligibility

The Settlement provides benefits to U.S. residents who purchased any of the following Skeeter Snacks products for personal use and not for resale:

Chocolate Chip 8 oz., Cinnamon Grahams 10 oz., Chocolate Grahams 10 oz., Chocolate Chip 36 ct. 1 oz., Cinnamon Grahams 36 ct. 1 oz., Chocolate Grahams 36 ct. 1.2 oz., Cookie Variety 36 ct., Chocolate Chip Family Pack 8 ct. 1 oz., Graham Variety Family Pack 8 ct. 1 oz., Chocolate Chip Minis – 4/3 pack – 8 oz., Double Chocolate Minis – 4/3 pack – 8 oz., Cookie Variety 4/3 pack – 8 oz., Honey Grahams – 4/3 pack – 10 oz., Shortbread – 8 oz., Honey Graham – 8 oz., and Double Chocolate – 8 oz.

Estimated Amount


Under the proposed Settlement, Defendant shall issue a full refund to all Class Members who submit a valid and timely Claim Form and provide written proof of purchase. Alternatively, Defendant shall issue a payment of $3.00 to all Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form without written proof of purchase, under penalty of perjury.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Shalikar v. Skeeter Snacks, LLC
Case No. CIVDS1702247
Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Bernardino

Case Summary

Plaintiff alleges that Defendant falsely advertised its Skeeter Snacks products as “All Natural” when they contained synthetic and/or artificial ingredients. Defendant denies those allegations. The Court has not ruled on the merits of any of the claims or defenses asserted. Both parties believe that the proposed Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate.

Settlement Pool





Settlement Administrator
c/o Rust Consulting, Inc. – 5635
PO Box 2563
Faribault, MN 55021-9563

11 responses to “Skeeter Snacks Class Action Settlement”

  1. Kiersten Sapoff says:

    It made my son sick

  2. Ticey Harris says:

    I thought products were ok but a family member said the chocolate grahams made them sick

    ADMIN – Hi Ticey,

    This is not related to the safety of the products. This is related to truth in advertising .

  3. Dartaian Chappell says:

    it was’nt a good snack for my daughter

  4. Doreen brown says:

    Not a good snack

  5. Payton Traynor says:

    I didn’t like the snack

  6. erlene mccoy says:

    bought choc grahams and they tasted fake

  7. Natalie Henry says:

    This wasn’t the best snack,My little sister’s face frowned up once she tasted it.

  8. Marie Jefferson says:

    None of the kids at my daughter’s birthday party liked them.

  9. Lorraine Phillips says:

    It made my grandkids sick and I buy 3 what a waste of money

    ADMIN – Hi Lorraine,

    Poor babies, I hope they heal soon.

  10. Shirley Mathena says:

    I purchase the skeeter’s snack for my grandchild’s birthday party, my grandson got very sick as well as his friends who attended the event.

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    I don’t think the products made anyone sick. This is not a class action settlement about food poisoning.

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