Starbucks Scooped Coffee Beans

Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers Starbucks customers who purchased scooped coffee beans in quantities under one-pound between 12/9/2007 and 11/7/2011.

The settlement does not cover purchases of pre-packaged bulk coffee beans, nor half-pound purchases between January and March of 2008 where the half-pound price was posted.

Estimated Amount: If you used a registered My Starbucks Rewards Card or have receipts, the greater of $0.45 per purchase and $5.
If you did not a registered My Starbucks Rewards Card and no receipts, the lesser of $0.45 per purchase and $10.
Proof of Purchase: NOT required for claims of 22 purchases ($10 claim) or less.
Required for claims of more than 22 purchases.
If you used a registered My Starbucks Rewards Card, you do not need to file a settlement, it will automatically be credited to your card.
Claim Form: Starbucks Claim Form (PDF)
Case Name: In re Starbucks Consumer Litigation, Case No. 2:11-cv-01985
Case Summary:

The Plaintiffs sued Starbucks for misleading consumers by pricing bulk scooped coffee beans at a higher rate when purchased in quantities under 1 pound, without adequately disclosing the higher price. Starbucks does not agree with these allegations, but settled the lawsuit nonetheless.

Settlement Pool: $1,733,025.71
Settlement Website: Starbucks Coffee Beans Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 23, 2013
Claims Administrator: None provided

2 Responses to Starbucks Scooped Coffee Beans

  1. They actually do have an online claim submission. If you click on the link to the settlement website there is an online submission link.

    ADMIN – Thanks. We made the change.

  2. C.A.R ADMIN, I submitted an online claim and received a thank you for submission with a numerical SIMID # and Claim ID number. Between printing the confirmation and exiting the screen, the submit radio was clicked again submitting another claim with the same information. Another thank you screen came up with a sequentially higher SIMID # Claim ID. It was by accident. How do I remove the second send as not to be disqualified? FXC

    ADMIN – Hi FXC,

    Email or call the class administrator and they can delete the second claim for you. FYI – I don’t know what other administrators do, but we know accidents like this happens and just delete the duplicate claim.

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