Toprol Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility: Purchasers of Toprol XL or it’s generic equivalent Metorolol Succinate (a prescription drug for high blood pressure), between May 5 2005 and September 27, 2012. You must have paid at least part of the cost of the drug (i.e. it should not have been completely paid for by insurance). Also your co-payment for Toprol XL and it’s generic must have been different. And after a generic became available in July 26, 2007 (100mg and 200mg dose) or August 2, 2007 (50mg dose) you must not have continued to purchase the name brand Toprol XL.
Estimated Amount: There is a total pool of $10,000,000 that will be divided up among all claimants. The class administrator did not provide any estimates of how much the settlement is likely to pay out for each claimant. Making an educated guess, we estimate the payout to be around $100.
Proof of Purchase: Yes. A receipt, EOB (explanation of benefits from your insurer), or pharmacy records.
Claim Form: Toprol Settlement Claim Form (Printable PDF – no online form)
Case Name: In re: Metoprolol Succinate End-Payor Antitrust Litigation, No. 06-cv-71
Case Summary:

The Plaintiffs sued the makers of the drug Toprol XL, AstraZeneca, alleging that they abused the patent and legal system to stop competitors selling low-cost generic version of Toprol XL.

The attorneys, and the judge that approved this settlement made it very unfriendly for consumers. Having to dig up a receipt from 2005 is ridiculous. The absence of an online claim form make this a chore to file. Finally, not having any estimate of the amount makes it hard to know whether jumping through all these hoops is worth the effort. However all these hoops makes it unlikely there are many claimants, making this a settlement we would encourage you to file if applicable.

Settlement Pool: $10,000,000 (maximum)
Settlement Website: Toprol Class Action Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: April 1, 2013
Claims Administrator: Toprol XL Consumer Settlement
P.O. Box 2807
Faribault, MN 55021-8612


Toprol XL TPP Settlement
P.O. Box 2808
Faribault, MN 55021-8613

(877) 854-3273

32 Responses to Toprol Class Action Settlement

  1. is there a date to distribute funds.

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    The distribution is usually done 2-3 months after the settlement closes. So for Toprol, I would expect distribution sometime in June.


  2. I wish someone would tell me before the case settled. I go to Wal-mart every month to get my toprol or metroprolol refilled and never heard a peep. I’ve been taking it at least since 2005. Thanks for nothing, anybody who is not listening.

  3. I filed my claim in January 2013. It is now June 18,2013. Since my stroke and heart attack in May 2010 I have not worked and been on medication. No income and no insurance.It really would be a God send if I got a settlement check soon.

  4. My husband has been taking Toprol XL for several years, and just had to have a pace-maker put in. Does anyone know if there are any other class action suits?

  5. I filled out the paperwork and accompanied it with the appropriate receipts probably sometime in February of this year. I was wondering if you were aware of when the settlement would start to be paid out.

  6. I filed a claim in jan . As a consumer of this product , and making the public aware of this lawsuit, I feel the lawsuit should be carried out , and people should be paid when they say. I am still waiting! When will we know?

  7. How do I change my address I have recently moved and would like to know how do I change my address because I have moved from the address that was on file. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Elaine,

    To change your address, you just contact the claims administrator (contact details above) and tell them that you had a change of address.

  8. I have not heard from you on my claim that was filed 1/14/2013 claim #0000007572 why have I not received a reply by now? this is not suppose to take this long on a reply from you as to what my claim will be paid. I wait to here from you on this case number. Linda Wright Aug 26,2013

  9. I have taken Toprol forever. I take 2 a day 50 mg.. I could not dig up all my receipts from 2005. I mailed in a recent receipt from Wal-Mart and sent my doctor’s phone number. that is all I had to send them. How do we find out when this will be final and we will get our money?

  10. My husband has taken this medicine since 1999 but we didn’t know about class action!!! Maybe it doesn’t matter since judging from other posts here no one has received any money as of yet!!!

  11. How can I find out if I am on the payout list. I have been on it since 2002.

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    You can call the administrator, but I suspect they can’t or won’t tell you whether your claim was approved. Usually the first time you hear anything back is when you get your check in the mail. Obviously this has to change, but that is currently how the system works.

  12. Filed the claim form, had all the proper receipts, Have been taking troprol since 1996, and still have not heard anything. When would a check be coming and what kind of dollar amount are they talking about. The other website has a consumer blog board and they don’t respond either. Doesn’t seem to be in the consumers interest to keep the in the dark.

  13. filed claim in January 2013 have not received any information on claim sent in please reply . Linda new phone # 623-229-1715

  14. As if there isn’t enough red tape and governmental headaches we can’t even speak to a human at Rust Consulting, who is the only authorized website for this litigation and the Settlement Administration firm handling all the details…my contact information says if you have any questions please contact the Settlement Administrator….it just doesn’t say how you can do this since they do not return phone calls and they do not respond to any written or verbal attempts to communicate.
    A person could become paranoid from being steadily ignored. I did note that Rust Consulting seems to be very “tight” with the Settlement Business. I finally stopped calling and leaving messages and thought I would just see how long it would take….one gentlemen wrote a note on this site and said he was told it would probably be appx.. 6 mos. after the end of the Settlement which he thought would be around June….WONDER IF HE KNEW WHAT YEAR! They really don’t care about the consumers do they?
    Wish we could all go up there and tell them how much they have hurt the consumers’ and patients’ confidence in the system and the pharmaceutical industry…best wishes to all of you waiting….maybe we will receive something for Christmas………Dorothy Daniel and Howard Daniel (both used Metoprolol Succinate and had all receipts from ’07 forward. ////////////////////////Hope all of you have a response soon….and us also.

  15. i would really like to hear from you concerning the claim form i mailed in a long time ago was even gave a claim number for my claim but still havent heard from you

    • It,s amazing I never heard of this lawsuit either.The FDA is letting these lawyers and doctors get away with giving us inferior medications.I just found out after taking this medication that you cannot take it with decongestant such as cough medications and clarin-d in which I take all the time for allergy and asthma and my doctor nor pharmacy never said it would give me pulmonary hypertension!They need to be sued no warning on medications.

  16. I filed all necessary papers w/documentation in January 2013. I called the phone number on the Toprol XL Settlement Lawsuit Website beginning in July 2013. To date, November 15, 2013 the automation recording has not changed, stating the settlement checks are coming soon.

  17. Wow. 8 cents on the dollar. I would have been better saving the pennies I spent on stamps. Someone received that money but it wasn’t this woman.

  18. Hello,

    I had just found out about the lawsuit and filled a claim in February 2014. It said it may get approved by a judge. Any idea if it was?

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