Class Eligibility

You are part of the settlement if you are a person, entity or organization who, at any time as of or before December 2, 2016, own or owned, purchase(d), or lease(d) Subject Vehicles distributed for sale or lease in any of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico or any of the territories or possessions of the United States. This is called the “Class.” The class includes Toyota Tacomas from 2005 to 2010, Toyota Tundras 2007 to 2008 and Toyota Sequoia 2005 to 2008.

Estimated Amount


There are two paths available to consumers, the first and most common includes the inspection and replacement if needed of the frame. The second avenue is the reimbursement of prior expenses associated to the replacement of the frame.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Brian Warner, et al. v. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.,
Case No. 2:15-cv-02171-FMO-FFM,
District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

The class action lawsuit claims that the frames of certain Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia vehicles lack adequate rust protection, resulting in premature rust corrosion of the vehicles’ frames. The lawsuit pursues claims for violations of various state consumer protection statutes, among other claims.

Settlement Pool

$3.375 billion aprox




Settlement Notice Administrator
Brian Warner, et al. v. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 910
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0910

66 responses to “Toyota Rusty Frame Class Action Settlement”

  1. Alvin Shores says:

    I own a 2008 Toyota Turnda VIN 5TFRT54118X019271, this vehicle has not been inspected and has approximately 50,000 miles on it is the vehicle part of the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Alvin,

    Your vehicle should qualify. based on the year and model. Fill the form and have it inspected.

  2. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I cannot find the long form to file my claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Daniel,

    Here is the link:

  3. Richard E. Mitchem says:

    The last four digits of my VIN are 8563 in the class area listed. How do I get an inspection done? Do I call the dealer in my area?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    Yes, call a dealer in your area.

  4. R. semling says:

    if the dealer already rust proof the frame, am I still eligible for the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi R,

    If you paid out of pocket you are eligible for reimbursement.

  5. Joe says:

    What is the actual “Rust Perforation Standard” that the dealerships will be replacing frames or just doing some spot clean-up? Seems like the settlement has left a vast subjective, room for interpretation to be manipulated by Toyota after the fact when people have the inspections. Big difference in getting a $5,000 dollar frame which probably costs double that to replace in labor costs, or the dealership spraying some anti-rust coat on your vehicle. If your vehicle is worth less then the repair, what happens then?

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,
    Your questions are valid. Unfortunately the settlement is now final and we have to live with it.


    I own a 06 tacoma it was inspected by the dealer, they said it was ok, what do i do know??

    ADMIN – Hi Francisco,

    You celebrate and enjoy the fact that your truck is alright. No need for further action as this settlement only provides two remedies. 1. inspection and replacement as needed. 2. Reimbursement for repairs related to frame corrosion.

  7. Helen Honaker says:

    Why are 2003 Toyota 4 runners not included, I had one can send pic, the frame was so rusted that chunks of metal would fall off & parts of the frame looked like it was going to fall out.

    ADMIN – Hi Helen,

    If you believe your truck is part of a class I encourage you to contact the class counsel and see if they are willing to investigate.

  8. J Metropoulos says:

    I have an 06 Sequoia. The latch on the hatch rusted and fell off. I can no longer open the hatch door. Also, the window in the hatch will no longer open and the defrost on the window no longer works. Is any of this included in the settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi J Metropolous,

    In order to find out take your vehicle to be inspected a Toyota dealership as directed on the settlement.

  9. Judith S. Chapman says:

    If I can’t find my purchase of my Toyota Sequoia, which I bought in 2005,Will I still have a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Judith,

    Do you still have the vehicle?

  10. Spiro says:

    Hi, 2015 Toyota RAV4 purchased in June 2015, should I bring it in for inspection?

    ADMIN – Hi Spiro,

    No, the class includes Toyota Tacomas from 2005 to 2010, Toyota Tundras 2007 to 2008 and Toyota Sequoia 2005 to 2008.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Should say “truck and SUV”. The Sequoia is an SUV, not a truck. You’d probably have more takers if the settlement was advertised correctly, just saying.

    ADMIN – Hi Anonymous,

    Great idea! Fortunately vehicle owners will receive a notice in the mail.

  12. John Dollhopf says:

    We had the dealer put on rust preventative and still rusty , 2007 Tacoma is there anything they will still do?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I encourage you to contact the dealership and ask if they have options.

  13. Christina McNeill says:

    Hi. I just purchased a 2007 Toyota Sequoia and no one told us about the rust issue at the used car dealership that we purchased from. Can I be included if I find out its rusted?

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    Not if you did not purchase the vehicle before the prescribed date which was in December of last year.

  14. Jose says:

    2004 Toyota Tundra frame rusty.
    Still have the vehicle in my possession

  15. Russell Miller says:

    I was sent postcard stating my vehicle is part of this action what am I to do

    ADMIN – Hi Russell,

    Follow the instructions set forth in the settlement page. For example if your vehicle has not been inspected you should schedule and inspection.

  16. Jaemi Marshall says:

    We have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma that was inspected and we were told that the Motor Mount (at the frame) was rusted through. We received an estimate for repairs but so what do we do now? Checking on the class action it says if I haven’t paid I’m not eligible… Is that true

    ADMIN – Hi Jaemi,

    I read the terms and understand them the same way you do.

  17. thomas crowley says:

    i have a 2004 toyota tacoma with the same there any lawsuit that will cover that.i never recieved the recall notices

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    No lawsuit for that particular model.

    • Michael Fulton says:

      Mr. Crowley – I am in the same situation. Have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma. I did receive a recall card approx 5-6 yrs ago. Had it inspected. Said ok. Now when in for service last month was told: “Frame is rusted through at front hanger of left rear leaf spring / Not Safe. Frame is folding – Unsafe.”

      Have you discovered any other help for us? We have been searching but found nothing. Thank you for any information you can share.

      • Patricia Schaefer says:

        Again 2004 Tacoma.
        Had oil change done yesterday and warned of rot
        Just got back from auto body repair shop.
        They said it’s too rotted to repair.
        Then said should qualify for recall.

  18. Ted Nowak says:

    To whom it may concern. I just recently drove my Toyota Tundra 4×4 2003 home last night. Had trouble getting it home.(tranny was slipping ) have an internal rad trannny leak. But to my main point . I crawled underneath my truck to find the issue. Only to see severe rust damage to frame. I am seriously worried that my frame is going to brake in 2 spots. It is very bad and i do not want to even move it now. There needs to be something done. Is there a recall or some course of action i can do. Please reply to me asap. I live in Canada Ayr Ontario N0B1E0 . my contact number is
    1-226-789-1295. or email me

    ADMIN – Hi Ted,

    Have you considered contacting Toyota customer service?

  19. keith says:

    I have an 05 tacoma that has been checked and told the frame needs replacement. however when I asked about this settlement the dealership acted like they had no idea. I called toyota who told me I had to wait until after the case finishes in court?

    ADMIN – Hi Keith,

    Reach out to the class action admin. This is their # 1-800-481-7948

    • Marvin says:

      I received the same information from Heritage Toyota of Baltimore, It was stated, “We aren’t able to inspect your vehicle’s frame for rust until the settlement is clear.”

  20. Cheryl Holt says:

    I bought a 2007 Toyota Tacoma brand new, a couple years ago I received a recall notice to have frame inspected for rust, which I did and they said it wasn’t rusty enough and undercoated it, 2 weeks later I was at my mechanics to have tires changed over and they wanted to know who undercoated my vehicle, he said it was the worst undercoating he had ever seen, that they hadn’t undercoated everywhere they should have and rust was already showing through 2 weeks later!! My son says the frame looks very bad as far as rust!! How do I trust Toyota dealership to tell me the truth, don’t trust them now!! Don’t know what to do!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    Exclude yourself from the settlement and get a lawyer?

  21. Cristy Lewis says:

    My husband has a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, and although not part of the Class action, the frame is rusted beyond repair (dealership notes and pictures for evidence). The truck was bought brand new in 2000 and a 3 year extended warranty was purchased, which brought the total to around $30,000. The truck has had all recommended and regular maintenance performed at an authorized Toyota dealership (paper work as evidence). Upon taking it in for a routine oil change and tire rotation, the dealership stated “could not perform any work on truck. Frame and read leaf spring shackles are too severely rusted to lift vehicle. Customer understands this is a safety issue.” This truck only has 156,525 miles on it and for the past 6 years, at least, we have asked that the frame be checked because of the problems we knew the frames were having (per a Toyota technician). Now, Toyota claims no responsibility for the frame problem; however, it just so happened that the frame was fine through the 15 year extended warranty period of the frame, but in the 16th year, it happened to go bad and be so rusted that routine maintenance could not be performed on it for safety reasons. I have contacted both Toyota corporate and my local dealership (where the truck was purchased), and both claim there is nothing that can be done on their end. Is there something that can be done?

    ADMIN – Hi Cristy,

    I don’t think so. You can always consult with a lawyer but given the car is 17 years old I doubt you will get anywhere.

    • Gavin McNabb says:

      Same situation. 2004 which was purchased new. Got recall notice around 2007 maybe stating that i can inspect as often as i want as well as there is now a extended 15 yr service program. First inspection passed and they sprayed. 2nd 3rd 4th also surprisingly passed by their criteria however i was frequently replacing full muffler systems, O2 sensors, springs, rotors,etc from excessive rust acceleration. They however would not give me paperwork on their criteria nor acknowledge an independent mechanic stating it was unsafe and not roadworthy. Ive also somehow forfeited my right to the buyback program and was told i missed the deadline but i had a case open at corporate so i guess that was not part of them notifying me….i apparently have until 2022 fir the extended 15 yr from 2007 to end and ive just replace another muffler,etc,etc all due to their rust prone frame. Dont they understand the process of rust spreading to anything it can? I think not….its a total scam because they make the criteria so if course it will pass. Also, a legal recall wouldn’t allow for a pass/fail…it would all be recalled period. They went the voluntary route, which was devised by their lawyers no doubt, and that released them from admitting fault and seems as if they were proactive in a solution. The truth is they are stalling and putting back the funds for a time when a class action finally settles and by then the number they allow to be replaced is so low due to original owners giving up, selling or having paid out of pocket and then you have a shitload of redtape just to get reimbersed what you dud pay out. Its a joke, ive bern told so many lies over the 10 years and now the only recourse is getting reimbersed fir a frame replaced out of pocket??? Whoever agreed and managed the settlement is uninformed, blind to the facts and not of independent panel. How could anyone ever decide on something that was so obviously setup to stall the customer and put them in a loop of repeating the same process for years. And in the end bc if settling, the corporate being admits no fault and nothing was ever wrong. Well in my book you settle for the simple fact if guilt and want to make a problem disappear fast. These are unsafe frames that are documented to the millionth degree but we couldn’t get an independent panel after 15 yrs?? Lets call it what it is ok….we arent as gullable as they think…its a blatant slap in the face and guess what…..they are getting clean away with it right now. Dont even waste your time…..they have no care about safety, they have no conscious. I learned that in trip #1 for inspect when i was told by a service mgr to” keep an eye in the rust and let em know if it got any bette”…yea, ok. My confidence of having a pleasant experience with this frame issue left, the same day i walked out the door. I get more pissed every time i hear the same scenario from another owner.

  22. Sherry says:

    I have an 2008 sequoia my latch to my trunk is rusted which makes it hard to open my trunk. My frames are not rusted through. Would my truck only apply if it’s rusted?

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    This settlement is about rusty frames not about rusty latches.

  23. Lauren says:

    I own a 2002 toyota tacoma that Toyota REFUSED to replace the frame on because the previous owner and dealership did not have the spray recall done. None of this was reported in the carfax. After months of trying, going to several toyota dealerships, talking for hours on the phone, Toyota would do nothing to fix the faulty rusted frame. I had to have it welded and must keep an eye on it to keep up with any maintenance. Otherwise the truck is in great condition. Any class actions for this model year?

    ADMIN – Hi Lauren,

    None that we know about it. But keep in mind that the truck is 15 years old and cars are not designed to last forever.

  24. Ralph says:

    I still have my 2006 Sequoia. Did not have the underside looked at but I did follow the instructions on the postcard sent to me. Is there anything else I should be doing?

    ADMIN – Hi Ralph,

    I don’t think so.

  25. Donald shipley says:

    I own a 2006 Tacoma and received the card and recently took my truck to the dealer for service and the mechanic did the work noted my truck frame was never sprayed and needed a new frame, but the service manager didn’t want replace the frame until the class action lawsuit was finalized. I was just wondering what my next step would be.

    ADMIN – Hi Donald,

    Have you tried contact Toyota’s customer service?

  26. Travis says:

    We have a 2005 Sequoia with a severe rusted frame to the point of being completely broken. We did get the postcard in the mail, our vin matches, but the phone number only gives a recording. We have heard nothing more. Should we being doing more to work towards getting this replaced asap, and if so can you give me the information to do so? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Travis,

    Follow the instructions for frame replacement provided on the settlement page.

  27. Luke says:

    I have an 08 tundra got the post card in the mail a few months back vin shows its part of the settlement I do not have proof of purchase but still own the truck can I get it inspected with out any issues. Also wondering what constitutes a frame replacement as I have check my frame myself and noticed two of my Cross members severely rusted but not showing holes yet . Is there a limit on how many times it can be inspected before the 12 years is up

    ADMIN – Hi Luke,

    We are not the class action admins thus we are unable to answer your questions. Please reach out to the admin using the info we provided under the subheading ” contact”.

  28. Lance Tanigawa says:

    Hello I have a 2007 Tacoma and my frame is rusted almost right through took it to the dealer and was told I have to wait to the settlement is final. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process not driving the truck at the pleasant time do to the rusty frame rail

    ADMIN – Hi Lance,

    I would suggest that you contact Toyota customer service.

  29. Edwin C says:

    my local dealer saids that they are still waiting for orders from toyota to replace frames because it has not been given. is this true?

    ADMIN – Hi Edwin,

    We don’t know but we suggest that you contact the class action admin.

  30. ANTONIO ZAPATA says:

    I AM IN

  31. kevin d sigler says:

    I never got or lost the postcard for the recall on my 2006 sequoia. My dealer wont do the inspection without one. How do I get one?

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    Please reach out to the class action administration.,

  32. Julio A Fernandez says:

    I own 06 Tacoma badly rusted frame. Contacted local Toyota dealer they have no idea about rusted Toyota frames.

    ADMIN – Hi Julio,

    Please refer to the class action notice and take a copy to your dealership

    • Jack says:

      I have a 2006 tacoma too….my frame is rotted with holes and the other morning the lower control arm on the right side rotted off the frame and is now unsafe to drive ! I have called toyota direct 2 times this week and they won’t offer anything except direct you to the settlement page. You should contact Heffler and make sure they have your info . Pretty sure they will be the ones to notify everyone once the judge releases an approval ….which is supposed to be in a few weeks …hopefully

  33. Jim Robinson says:

    I have owned a 2008 tundra since it was new. Not only is the frame very rusty but the rust has spread to include the bed of the truck. I had the bed coated when it was new. Is there any relief for the bed?

    ADMIN – HI Jim,

    I don’t think so

    • Jim says:

      The court’s final order states, “With respect to all Subject Vehicles, “[i]f
      any perforation in the frame is found to be 10 mm or larger, then the frame will be replaced, as
      well as all applicable parts and service items incidental to frame replacement, such as cables,
      harnesses, pipes, clamps, tubes, hoses, spare tire carrier, spare tire carrier plate, bolts, brackets,
      and wires and all fluids will be replaced, as required.” (Dkt. 91-1, Exh. 11, Protocol at § IV.).”

  34. Laphine says:

    I have a toyota corolla 2005 and I had a rusty frame. I have had the problem fixed out of my own pocket. Is there a recall for Corollas? If not who should I call?

    ADMIN – Hi Laphine,

    No recall for Toyota.

  35. kara davis says:

    My 2007 Tacoma frame need work soon was told frame is very bad. When can I get it repaired.

    ADMIN – Hi Kara,

    We can’t answer that question. We are not your local Toyota dealership.

  36. kevin massimino says:

    My Tacoma has been inspected and not by toyota mechanic a large hole in frame and severe rust on frame
    Pictures taken and numbers noted. I ask toyota of south Hills and they state nothing being done on rusted frames yet. I have a 2006 and won’t pass inspection as of this date

  37. Randy Kleitsch says:

    I have a 2007 Tacoma ,do I just call my local dealer to have a inspection, and if the say we don’t do that then what?
    also is there a number to go info on inspection of the frame.

    ADMIN – Hi Randy,

    Please note that we have provided as much info as we can regarding this settlement. We are not the class action administrator nor do we support customer service efforts for Toyota.

  38. Gavin McNabb says:

    Hello, mine is a 2004 tacoma and was given an extended 15yr voluntary service program/inspection. The 15 yrs were to start at the date of the first “recall” which was approximately 2007 and a 2nd recall involving the spare tire carrier. I have waited patiently knowing that at some point someone would see through the stalling tactics as i have from day one. What about the numerous out of pocket costs for entire muffler systems, rotors,springs/shocks,etc,etc to be replaced all as a documented problem due to excessive and accelerated rust corrosion. Surely the knowledge of how rust moves quickly from steel to steel has been researched and noted and is part of tge reimbersment guidelines???? Ive had 3 independent mechanics note the vehicle was not roadworthy only to have Toyota service say it met their criteria or protocols. Of course it did, and why….bc if it was never a legal recall and only a voluntary service program then they get to make up their own criteria, which is beneficial to them and puts the customer in a never ending loop. If it was a legal recall there would be no pick and choose of a passing and failing test, only a cut and dry return if every single one in question. Brilliant work by the Toyota lawyers….they made sure to not let what happened previously with the 1.5% kbb value buyback even get a mention and somehow we all gave up our rights for a buyback program or it mysteriously ended….which we never were given a deadline. I imagine ill go through redtape with getting my out of pocket costs back just as i have bern given the run around since 2007 until 2017. Hell, i still have until 2022 apparently but im sure the criteria will not be met even then. Great way to delay,save up capital and hope that anyone stupid enough to have faith in justice will get tired of waiting or just sale the truck and move on. I actually waited and not once was i obliged on copies of criteria,explanations,etc and i even opened a case with corporate. What a joke…my sister had the same ussue, but was lucky and they purchased hers for 1.5% kbb. Now i cant even get a decent explanation or truthful answer and only headaches from stalling. If we cant see through this whole thing from the beginning and the power that be aren’t able to figure out whats exactly taking place here then we deserve to be the suckers they at toyota take us for. Im disgusted they knowingly say my vehicle is safe for myself and surrounding people, but would never sign off and back up their statements. Now look where we are….”we have to live with it because its been settled”…i think was an answer from an above comment. Well, im willing to bet that individual hasnt gone through anything like this and isnt even part of the class action. Otherwise they wouldnt drop to their knees as if justice has served its purpose, and we shall all be properly rewarded for our steadfastness. That’s a big pile of $#@&

  39. Cheryl Tatum says:

    I have a 2006 Toyoto Sequoia. I took my vehicle to Metro Toyota to be inspected and mentioned to them a couple of times during regular maintenance that I wanted my frame inspected, but they said that they would receive a notice as to when my frame should be inspected, and/or they would receive a recall notice. They said they had not received any information on it. What should I do since they won’t inspect my frame for rust? I am concerned.

    ADMIN – Hi Cheryl,

    Please reach out to the class action admin to obtain guidance on this matter.

  40. Leonard M Tompkins says:

    Are dealers avoiding the problem? Two of them I have contacted do not reply, or give me any interest of any kind.

    ADMIN – Hi Leonard,

    I don’t know. I have heard mixed reports about many dealerships.

    • Jack says:

      The Court fully approved the settlement on monday may 21 2017 according to the settlement website. Pretty sure they extended coverage to 12 years after the date purchased so it extends into the future if its not rusted through yet. I called Toyota and they have a message referring to the settlement site run by heffler. Hopefully the notices come soon so we all can resolve this issue !

      On April 27, 2017, the Court held the Final Fairness Hearing. On May 21, 2017, the Court issued its Final Order and Final Judgment approving the settlement.

  41. Leonard M Tompkins says:

    What should I do to get my Tundra repaired as the gas tank shield is falling off.

    ADMIN – Hi Leonard,

    Contact Toyota customer service.

  42. Elena says:


    I own a 2005 Toyota Tacoma and I just called (May 24) a dealership near me and told them the final order and settlement was reached and they said “we cannot see you yet since we have not been given direction by Toyota”. What should I do?

    ADMIN – Hi Elena,

    You can contact Toyota customer service and see if they can help you.

  43. Rod Mendez says:

    Hi, I own 2005 Tacoma that was inspected several years ago. They advised me that it had passed. The truck was never rust proofed. What is my next step.

    ADMIN – Hi Rod,

    Why don’t you ask for another inspection?

    • Rod Mendez says:

      Do I need to wait for the results of the settlement. I had my mechanic look at the frame and found it to be bad. Do i need to fill out a claim form?

      ADMIN – Hi Rod,

      Yes you need to file a claim

      • Jim says:

        “Claims” are only for reimbursement for frame replacement done previously at owner expense. If your vehicle is included is the settlement, you must wait for Toyota to begin the inspection protocol, and then request such inspection for your vehicle. As of 6-5-2017, Toyota has not notified its dealers concerning the inspection protocol.

  44. Genie Insko says:

    My husban and I had a 2005 Toyota Tundra and we were going to let our Son drive it and had a mechanic checking it over and replacing break pads and the rear bumper and he told us that it was so rusty underneath the entire frame and a 5 gallon bucket of rust fell out of it, so he recommended that we contact the dealership we bought it new from, they said there was nothing we could do. The mechanic said it was rusted so bad that it could fall apart. We also called the corporate office of Toyota and they said there was a limited campaign for a recall on our Tundra and that they mailed us a letter, we never received a letter and they refused to do anything. We went to a car dealership in September and traded the Tundra in and purchased our son a car and we disclosed to the dealership the problem we had with the rusty frame and we got $3,500.00 and the Tundra was valued for around $15,000.00 we lost big money because of poor service by Toyota. I work as a loan officer and I am letting all my customers know about our Toyota experience. The dealership ended up selling our Tundra to someone without telling them about the rust for good used price of around $12,000.00. I noticed your lawsuit doesn’t name the 2005 – 2008 Tundras which is wrong. I’m sure the issues don’t just apply to the Tacomas and Sequoias. I’m sure there will be additional law suits. I will never buy a Toyota again.

  45. Run Toun says:

    Run Toun Say.

    I am own a Toyota Tundra 2007. and I problems with Rust crosse all over the Farm and Gas Tank. bracket holder. the nut and bold same like fall a parts. is any of I need s to fill out form?
    claim my Settlement? Thanks, Run

    ADMIN – Hi Run,

    The 2007 is part of the settlement. Consider filing a claim.

  46. Terry Brennan says:

    Can I take my truck to another company besides Toyota to have my frame inspected? My truck is in one of these categories but I do not trust Toyota to inspect it.

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    I am sure you can take your truck wherever you want but I don’t think Toyota will pay for it.

  47. Luis Andrey says:

    Hey, I own a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. The truck was inspected at a Toyota dealership on February 2017, the dealership declared my truck unsafe to drive due to holes on the frame. I have own the truck for over one year, when will Toyota dealerships be authorized to start working on the recalls? Thanks for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Luis,

    I have no updates on this one.

  48. Jeff White says:

    Bought a Toyota Tacoma new 2004 been a great truck but frame is getting very bad have talked to Toyota about replacing it was told they couldn’t do it excellent truck other than that can’t stop driving it as I need it for work so am buying parts to try and fix what I can on the frame need to know if Toyota will ever have to fix the frame my pills

  49. Charlie Miller says:

    I have a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and the frame is bad….Toyota has told me the time limit on the recall has ran out… I have any ground to stand on to have my truck fixed. .?

    ADMIN – Hi Charlie,

    This settlement only applies to vehicles made after 2005 and until 2008

  50. Mitchell Lindsay says:

    I have a 2004 with a bad frame as well. Everyone on here who doesn’t fit the criteria for the class action needs to file a complaint with the NHTSA so we can all get our trucks fixed!

  51. Pat Cornishhall says:

    I have a 2007 Sequoia and am original owner. Shouldn’t I have gotten a card from Toyota

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    Yes, your car appears to be part of the class.

  52. Kwok Ng says:

    I have a 2005 sequoia bought at July 2005.VIN 5TDBT44A55S247710 . The frame rusted and broken. The SUV was sitting at the Toyota dealer from 6/7/2017 . The dealer said that he contacted the Toyota headquarter and never got answers. I went back to the dealer on 6/13 2017 they told me the same answer . I asked them do the sequoia under the inspect and replace program. The service guy told me that the program ended. He said the new settlement needs time for Toyota slowly runs fixing the frame. Now my sequoia will expire under the 12 years from the day of purchase in 3 weeks. I contacted Admin from settlement, they didn’t call me back or e mail back. I called 1-800-481-7948, it’s just answering machine and no real person answers . And I have a 2008 Tundra on the settlement list too , I asked dealer to set up appointment to inspect, the service guys told me to wait until Toyota mail me the recall . The problem is I saw people file the claim from the settlement,when I try to enter the information, Admin asked for did I paid for repairs out of my own pocket. I answered no and they said I am not qualify for the claim. I don’t know what to do, please help

    ADMIN – Hi Kwok,

    Contact the attorneys handling the case. They may be able to provide with some guidance.

    • Kwok Ng says:

      The 1-800-481-7948 I called, it’s computer answering program . No answers through e mail . But thank you for your advice

      ADMIN – Hi Kwok,

      Reach out to class counsel instead.

  53. Thomas Dascole says:

    I have a 2000 Toyota tundra ,they replaced the chassis and have nothing but headaches with the truck ever since .I still have the truck.I like the truck,when they said that they are going to replace the chassis I asked the to buy it back and I will buy a new one,they said no .the bill for the chassis was $11600.00 plus the car they gave me for two months, and I lost money because I didn’t have my truck to run my home improvement business.

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    I am sorry you had such a bad experience, The settlement however does not apply to cars made in 2000

  54. DMiller says:

    My 2008 Tacoma had a rust preventative treatment to the frame during the recall of 2015. The rust preventative that was applied has since dried and flaked off. The frame now shows signs of severe rusting with flakes of iron coming off on a regular basis. Would this frame condition be considered eligible for replacement after already being treated once?

    ADMIN – Hi D,

    I believe you do. The settlement is for replacement not for treatment.

  55. Matthew Blossom says:

    I have a 2005 Tacoma, and called my local dealership today to see if they would inspect the frame, and they are saying that the recall has expired, that there is a class action lawsuit, and that I need to wait for Toyota to send a notification to me when the lawsuit gets settled. Should I contact a different dealer?

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    Reach out to the main customer service line for Toyota, if they don’t give you an option you will have to file a claim.

  56. Thomas laird says:

    I have a 2005 tocoma and my vin is one that is encluded in the suit has this suit been settled and is Toyota going to have to replace my frame. Or did the lawyers get paid and the vechile owners get left behind

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    If your VIN is included follow the instructions to file a claim. The attorneys will get paid regardless they did their job.

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