Trex Decking / Fencing Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

Purchasers of Trex (a plastic composite, wood alternative) decking, railing, or fencing materials made between 8/1/2004 and 8/27/2013.

Trex was sold under a variety of brands including:

  • Accents
  • Accents Fire Defense
  • Origins
  • Brasilia
  • Contours
  • Profiles
  • Traditional Railing
  • Designer Series Railing
  • Seclusions
  • Surroundings
Estimated Amount:

The settlement provides for three tiers depending on the severity of the problem. The lowest tier provides a cash payment of $150, the middle and top tier provide certificated (40% and 50% respectively) for a discount off Trex products and partial labor reimbursement … on the off chance that having just discovered you wood alternative decking has fungal issues that your solution is to purchase more products from the same company.

Proof of Purchase:

Required. The three tiers of claims have different proof requirements. All require photos of the affected decking. The proof requirements are among the most time consuming we have seen for any settlement.

Claim Form: Trex Settlement Claim Form
Trex Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Mahan, et al. v. Trex Company, Inc.,
Case No.: CV 09-00670-JSW (N.D. California)
Case Summary:

The plaintiffs allege that when Trex products were cleaned with certain bleach based cleaning products that they could unevenly discolor and become prone to develop mould, mildew, and other fungal spots, not exactly what they wanted when they decided to purchase a nice new Trex deck.

Settlement Pool: $8,250,000
Settlement Website: Trex Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: May 27, 2014
Claims Administrator: Trex Mold and Color Fading/Variation Litigation
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 921789
Norcross, GA 30010-1789
(877) 495-0068

9 Responses to Trex Decking / Fencing Class Action Settlement

  1. I installed a Trex deck and have had to scrub it thoroughly with a bleachy product to get the moldy stuff off of it every year. This was suppose to be a maintenance free product. Far from it and for us senior citizens we’ve been scammed by this product. It was advertized as maintenance free, it’s not. The cost of this product was a lot higher than wood would have been too.

  2. The requirements for this settlement are completely ridiculous and force customers to jump through hoops to be treated fairly! I contacted Trex 2 years after I installed a 20 X 29 ft deck and complained about and provided photographic proof of ALL the problems that are mentioned in the case summary. I was denied at that time and now I am expected to go back, clean everything again, remove everything from my deck and provide more photos to be eligible for a tier 2 or 3 claim. I cleaned it as they instructed me then. The lawyers should have insisted that those of us who had already filed a claim and gone through the motions be exempt from doing them again. That would have been fair but once again, the lawyers profit and we lose out!

  3. Just heard about this. I though I was just stuck with my decking. Yes it has faded and yes it is starting to have brown patches on it that I didn’t know what they were. We were going to put up a railing this year but was told they don’t make our color any more and now I guess I know why. I bought this deck because of Trex great name to replace another maintenance free deck that was put on. It crumbled after only a few years! Now My Trex is going to do the same?!

  4. I am very familiar with Trex, and I have seen some failures and many successes. In my opinion there is no such thing as “maintenance free.” Even where the term is used maintenance free is not the same as “lasts forever.” The early Trex products needed to be stained if you did not want discoloration or staining. I have seen several Trex decks that weren’t installed with the required spacing between the boards or the recommended spacing between the deck and the ground, leading to the Trex rotting. The contractor then blames the product, not their own failure to follow instructions. I have seen decks where leaves and dirt were allowed to sit for months or potted plants were left on the deck and then the customer is upset the deck is stained. I have never seen a trex deck fail as quickly as a wooden one would in the same conditions. Given the “wrong” conditions, any organic material can decay. I believe Trex has improved the product to make it better and avoid some of the past issues. Is Trex more expensive than wood? – yes, does it last longer than wood? – Yes, Is it perfect? – no

    • We purchased a home seven years ago that had 4500 square feet of trex. Everyone said how wonderful trex was and how lucky we were to have it. It began disintegrating, almost looked like rotting wood. It sits in the sun all day and is very, very hot, no shade. Trex replaced the materials from a class action flaking lawsuit. Within a year of installation the deck turned black. No leaves, no potted plants just sun all day! I lived for 29 years in the mountains by a creek in a heavily shaded area, our wood deck never molded! I had this deck power washed as they show on the internet and the mold is returning. Trex denied my claim for mold because I had it cleaned before the letter was sent to me for the lawsuit so I didn’t film myself! The mold is returning again. We all are not crazy, this isn’t just a little clean up maintenance problem, this is very defective material. Two class action suits can’t be ignored. Twice they have proved to me that their product quality control is out of control! :(

      • Yes, I just got my claim letter saying I didn’t submit all the materials, I submitted a thumb drive, receipts, photos, forms, sample deck material OMG. Are you kidding Trex?

  5. I replaced my dock Trex boards last summer. The material was replaced under a class action suit. Now I am noticing severe fading in the area where the Trex is fastened down to the metal framing on the dock. There are significant lines running parallel on the Trex material. This material is crap! Brian-you must have worked for Trex. Their material is no better than it was 10 years ago, and yes, wood certainly would have lasted longer than 10 months on my dock! And this class action settlement is worthless.

    • Yes, Brian definitely works for trucks. If you could see my deck the mold and the fading within three months of installation, you would freak out. It also has buckling problems with the heat in the rain. What was the point of the 25 year and guarantee if you’re not going to stick to it. I am going to notify consumer advocates and also take this up on my own with the lawyer. It definitely is a big scam and tracks is making billions of dollars and laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. I did not see the class action lawsuit and have been suffering with molding for two years now. My daughter has severe asthma and she has been sick all summer (she has hives on her legs and arms every single day)! This has happened since April 2014. I sent all the information to Trex and they said I needed to clean the deck. One, I have cleaned it 4 times already…..nothing! Two, it is only two years old. Don’t know what to do because it is over the class action suit time…! Saved up for this Great Trex deck for 3 years! I am sick about it

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