Class Eligibility

Pressure Cookers manufactured, supplied, marketed, sold and/or distributed by Defendant. The Settlement Class is defined as all purchasers in the United States who bought Pressure Cookers manufactured, supplied, marketed, sold and/or distributed by the Defendant between March 1, 2013 and January 19, 2018.

  • PPC770 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC770-1 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC780 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC780P Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC790 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PCXL/PRO8 Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro
  • PC-PRO8 Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro
  • YBD60-100 Power Cooker Express
  • PC-WAL1 Power Cooker
  • PC-TRI6 Power Cooker
  • PCXL/PRO6 Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro
  • PCXL/PRO6 (Date Code 1442) Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC771 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC772 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PPC772P Power Cooker Plus
  • PPC773 Power Pressure Cooker XL
  • PC-WAL2 Power Cooker
  • PC-WAL3 Power Cooker
  • PC-WAL4 Power Cooker

Estimated Amount

$72.50 credit

Credit applicable towards the purchase of certain models

Proof of Purchase

Serial #

Case Name

Chapman, et al. v. Tristar Products Inc.,
Case No. 1:16-cv-01114
District Court for the Northern District of Ohio

Case Summary

Plaintiffs brought various claims on behalf of themselves and other consumers who bought the Pressure Cookers. Plaintiffs’ claims arise out of the allegations: (a) the Pressure Cookers are allegedly defective, and (b) Defendant did not disclose the alleged defects.

Defendant denies that there is any factual or legal basis for Plaintiffs’ allegations. Defendant denies wrongdoing of any kind whatsoever and does not admit liability. Defendant also denies that this case should be certified as a class action, except for purposes of Settlement.

Settlement Pool





Power Pressure Cooker Settlement
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 58580
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8580
(844) 271-4784

16 responses to “Tristar Brand Pressure Cookers Class Action Settlement”

  1. Latoya Stewart says:


  2. Pat Pinkerton says:

    Are the power air fryer ovens included in this issue?

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    Look at your model number and refer to the list.

  3. Linnette Reynolds says:


  4. JunkCookers says:

    Donated mine to Salvation Army

  5. Kevin Ruben says:

    Where is the serial number located? I just see the model number. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin,

    You need the model and the name of the pot displayed on the plate

    • CraftyNana says:

      The form reads, for proof of purchase……serial #

      ADMIN – Hi Nana,

      Call Tristar customer service to see if they can guide you on this matter.

  6. Martha Brown says:

    Thanks for your help

  7. Martha Brown says:

    Thanks for your help

  8. Chris Peck says:

    The link above does not worked to get to the claim form. Who do I contact to file a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    You can contact the class action administrator. Their info is posted above. Just scroll up

  9. Hattie Irving says:

    Thanks so much

  10. Elvin Willis says:

    I purchased two of them 3 years ago and they are not doing what they said they would do Erin is having worked at good since I have it your other one is given for a gift to my sister

    ADMIN – Hi Elvin,

    Consider filing.

  11. ALMA BURKHART says:

    What do you do if you don’t have serial number because you three it away.

    ADMIN – Hi Alma,

    If you registered your product with the manufacturer they probably have records.

  12. Ashley Miller Greene says:

    I didn’t register mine but i have the product itself. Is the serial # on there?

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    I believe there is.

  13. Mike rase says:

    Almost Burt down the house

  14. Mike rase says:

    Didn’t like product

  15. Janet Vasile says:

    I purchased 2 pressure cookers three years ago via phone order I gave one way as a gift and kept the other. The one I kept I have never used but threw away the box. I never registered the pressure cookers. But I called them and they have record of my order. They have NOT sent me a claim ID for my purchases. Should they be sending me a claim ID for each pressure cooker purchased? So, I can file two claims ?

    ADMIN – Hi Janet,

    If you purchased two pots and you have the serial and model for both pots you should file accordingly.

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