TurboTax Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility:

TurboTax customers, between 1/12/2008 and 5/28/2013, who used the option to have turbo tax fees deducted from their refund (instead of paying the fees upfront).

Estimated Amount:

The settlement will divide the $6,550,000 claim fund among the class members. We guestimate that claims will be worth around $30. (The official guidance suggests that you are likely to receive more than $10 – we think that figure is a little conservative)

Proof of Purchase:

Last four digits of social security number.

Claim Form: Turbo Tax Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Smith, et al. v Intuit, Inc.,
Case No.: 5:12-cv-00222 (N.D. Cal.)
Case Summary:

TurboTax has an option to deduct their fee from your tax refund instead of paying upfront. It is alleged that Turbo Tax and it’s maker Inuit did not adequately disclose that this was infact a loan with a finance charge and an interest rate (typically around $30) in violation of Federal Truth-in-Lending laws. Intuit and TurboTax deny the claims. The case was settled prior to being heard by a court.

Settlement Pool: $6,500,000
Settlement Website: TurboTax Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: October 28, 2013
Claims Administrator: TurboTax Class Action Settlement Administrator
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 220
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0220
(888) 980-9394

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  1. You are telling me if I put my claim in I am only getting $30 dollars?

    ADMIN – Hi Sheri,

    Yes, if you accept the settlement, that is the likely upper limit of what you are likely to get.

    • Well the way I see it it usually cost around 70 or more to get your taxes done so Its truly not right if they are scamming us for 70.00 or more and then we only get 30.00 back?? see what I’m saying?

      • Your not getting a refund because they charged you….. they can charge you whatever they want. Your getting a refund because they didn’t tell you that when you pay your charges out of the refund your expecting its a loan. They will have the same charges next year, only they will the correct disclaimer information.

          • Well do they send out the payments because its been months since they settled and we haven’t heard anything or received anything

          • I just got a email and it said we should have checks distributed out within the next 30 to 45 days

          • got the same email, 30-45 days. but then I also got a mail back in Feb. that it would be 10 weeks, were way past 10 weeks. can we/I be sure of this last email?
            How much? Nobody seems to have a valid answer.
            So, end of Aug…..maybe?

      • Posting this up here so people might see it right away and not have to scroll so much…

        I received this response to an inquiry I sent via their website on Feb 13, 2014.

        This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

        We are currently in the process of reviewing roughly 350,000 filed claims. This process is expected to be a rather lengthy one, given the class size, and checks will be mailed out upon completion.

        The amount that each claim will receive via the settlement fund has not yet been determined. This determination usually occurs once all claims have been reviewed.

        At this time, we have no set-in-stone date for fund disbursement but we are anticipating checks to go out soon after the claims review process is completed which should be within the next 8-10 weeks or so. Please note that this time-frame is a rough estimate. Please get back to us as the time comes closer and we may be able to give you a more accurate date regarding checks.

        If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our website at http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com.


        TurboTax Class Action
        Heffler Claims Group

          • Colleen,

            The settlement is 6, 550,000.00 minus 25% for attorneys fees and an addition $2500 each for the two main class action representatives. That leaves a little under $5 million divided by 360,000 class action members. This means we should each be receiving around $13k. But according to what’s on the website we’re only receiving approximately $30. Either they don’t know how to do math or they’re trying to be on the very conservative side. What do you think?


          • I miscalculated. It’s approximately $13 a person after the attorneys have been paid. Very sad.


        • I have moved since I sent information in regarding this lawsuit. Who can I contact to give my updated information?

        • I have moved since filing my claim…how do I update my address so that if/when I receive a payout, it gets to me?

        • received this on April 28th 2014;
          Hello Mr.

          I am in receipt of your correspondence regarding the TurboTax settlement. Your claim was received timely and the claim number assigned to your claim is.

          In regards to the status of the case, we are actually in the process of wrapping up the claims review process now. The process to cut checks is the next step in this settlement. While I don’t have any set dates, I can tell you the attorneys would like to get this case wrapped up as soon as possible and we are working towards that. I do not want to give you another time estimate and have it be off, so I will just leave you with that we are working diligently to get this case paid out as soon as possible. Your continued patience through this process is appreciated.

          If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

          Best Regards,

          Anthony Parascando
          Claims Analyst


          • I have yet to receive my disbursement and the 8-10n weeks that were expected has passed. Have they been mailed yet?

        • The way I see it we should get at $1000.00 for our time and our money that was scammed out of us. Y’all getting more than y’all should, because you work with the system. And to think you should just give us $30 that’s not right at all stop being greedy with the money and give us more we got bills just like you, they may not be high but we got bills too.

        • Could it possibly take this long to cut and sign checks? I am sure there is a machine that does this all and a rubber stamp for signing….I mean seriously you lawyers got yours, its time we get ours!

          • I have a question…is that so called $30 (or whatever amount they decide to give us) that we are supposed to get for every year that we used turbo tax or is that for all years combined? I have used them all the years that were involved. Would I get $30 or $180??

            Distribution is pro rata based on the number of people that claim. To get more details we encourage you to contact the settlement administrator. See their contact info above.

        • i just found out there r going to give our checks in sept of 2014 but we will see cuz i know they postpone all the time the lawyer get their cut first.

    • No matter whether it’s 30 dollars or 1000 we should know when we are getting something or the results of the claim. To have a class suit you have to have a class we’re the class. They wrote us to get us to agree with it so where is our next set of deadlines like when we can expect are money no matter how big or small it is.

    • Also it never says 30.00 we won’t know how much we’re getting until we know how many people submitted their claim form and the amount left from what was approved for the lawyers, court fees and class representatives is supposed to be split by those who submitted the claim. It does say that the people who have incurred the service multiple times shall receive more for each time they used the service. But it does not give a definite date or amount.

    • I can’t believe all the moaning going on.

      First off, I’m sure the people that got $2,500 each had to go through many hours to get even that much, plus which there is nothing saying THEIR expenses were reimbursed, just the lawyers.

      I did the Turbotax “easier to do it out of the refund” thing for 5 of 6 years, and I’m claiming my tiny piece only because it’s there already. I didn’t feel “unfairly cheated”, but as a member of the class I was entitled and Intuit already paid, so I spent less than 30 minutes filing my claim and I’m effectively getting a little something extra this Christmas.

      Are the attorneys getting fairly paid or overpaid? I don’t know; I don’t know how many hours they put into it or what their risk factor was in losing. But they also went to law school, something which after taking just one law class I’d never want to do.

      In the end, behavior that was wrong was discovered, there was some sort of punitive settlement that is small enough the price of filing SHOULDN’T go up and those of us who filed a claim on time are getting a little something back. Sounds like a win to me.

      • Really? I cannot believe this. I use Turbo tax and understand clearly the terms. I have no complaints and all I am reading here is a bunch of greedy whiners wanting “their fair share” of something as pathetic as 30 bucks if that. What a bunch of losers, that is what our country is coming to, people too lazy to read the terms, then crying over a few dollars because they did not know about it. I am absolutely sure that when I go to file my taxes next year, I am going to have to go through extra BS thanks to dumbasses.

        • as to randy baiths comment…. it has nothing to do with being greedy you said you clearly understood the terms when you read them but that was impossible because the reason for the lawsuit is that they didnt disclose that they were giving you a “loan” among other things. You are most likely one of those people that you can never get your point across to because you think your always right, so ill end this comment here

      • I was wondering how did you receive funds? I did a claim a while back and still haven’t heard anything. It really isn’t about the money. I jist want to be updated. Thanks!

        ADMIN – Hi Kiara,

        Usually they mail you a check around 3 months after the closing date. There is no other communication (I know, that is not the best system!)

      • Has anyone gotten anything??? I have used Turbo Tax for 13 years and I can not believe they can’t get this right. We had to have our claims in long before they settlement so they know how many people got it in on time, it is just a stall so that the money can continue to collect interest!

        • I received more then$4,600 on my refund but I still. Feel like Turbo tax
          lied $30 or $3 the class action suit is done were is the money I believe
          Turbo tax is holding on for interest reasons.

      • The lawyers get over $1MILLION in this Lawsuit… and we get HUH?? $30???
        Yes, I agree, getting SOMETHING is BETTER than NOTHING, BUT $1MIllion to lawyers for not even going to court!!??!!!
        I am concerned too, do we USE the turbotax in the future? Are we Banned from using it?
        THIS IS UNJUST, especially when we filled out paperwork BEFORE 10/28/2013 and here I am STILL with no settlement.
        lawyers were PAID months ago.

      • My sentiments exactly. My God, most of us didn’t even know this was happening. We get our big tax refund and don’t really notice $20 – $30 missing. People are saying what a waste it is. Well, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye and at least now, Intuit has to tell those of us who still use them that it’s a loan. Boohoo for all who are crying over spilled milk. Does anyone know the cost to even file a class action. Almost $500 and that is JUST TO FILE. That is NOT including the hours that the attorney are getting the papers ready. When you go after a big company like Intuit you MUST have all your ducks in a row. ANY LITTLE THING CAN SHUT A CASE DOWN. There are court rules that have to be abided. Lawyers are not cheap. Neither are claims analysts. I am a paralegal AND a medical biller. I know the processes and the LONG HOURS that are put in. This lawsuit took a team of lawyers from all over the US. Congrats on the settlement guys and gals. I can tell you that I KNOW that you didn’t get paid nearly enough

    • I put my claim in before the deadline. I just am not sure if it was processed the right way? How will I kno what portion of the settlement I will receive? I used turbotax from 2008 til 2012. The extra charge was always added after I had put my info in. I thought I would get reemburst that on my taxes. But didnt

          • I haven’t received a red cent. I guess I must be a dummy according to someone’s post. I thought the idea of the refund was that turbo tax illegally charged fees for filing, although they had an agreement with the IRS not to charge for filing. ????

          • How do we give them our new address? I filed everything out but moved and I NO LONGER USE OR WILL USE TURBO TAX my taxes weren’t right after them talking me through it so I owe the IRS so even if 30.00 I want it! I’ll send it to the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe this program is for VERY VERY VERY BASIC TAXES!

            ADMIN – Hi Kris,

            TO change your address, you need to contact the class action administrator (see contact details above).

      • No I have not received a payment if anything I keep getting brushed aside I have sent three separate emails into letters and I have had two responses to two of the emails that I have sent and both responses were kind and sending basically telling me to be patient. I used TurboTax between 2007 and 2013 and all those years I did the same thing which was had them take the fees out of my refund I am a model client I have no idea what I’m getting when I try to communicate with these light lawyers they they treat me in a disrespectful manner and act like I am Bothering them. They keep saying they are trying to verify all of the claims that have been filed I offered to make this easy on them and submit all of my records to them so I can get paid I agree is it does not about the money is the principle of the matter but the communication from this law firm literally sucks

    • I was notified thar there was a lawsuit and I opted to be involved and have heard nothing and now I see that the suit has been settled and it is too late for me to claim my part. This is BS. I don’t care if it is a low amount if I was charged and wronged I should be able to receive my part. Also I should have been notified when a decision was reached. I feel like im being screwed all over again. What do you plan to do to make up for this lapse

    • Turbo Tax added an extra fee of $30 this year. I would believe this was done to make up from what they are paying out. Nice move Turbo Tax! That a way to make use costumers pay for your mistakes.

    • $6,550,000 was the settlement, 350,000 claimants means $18 a person – oh wait court cost, lawyers fees yeah $7-$10 bucks each sounds about right! SMH..

    • Well is that $30 for every year? If so when are we going to get it cause they said this six mouths ago?

      ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

      It is only $30 for the first year. I have heard second hand that the claims are delays because they got slammed with a lot more claimants than they expected.

      • i hope i get more than 30 bucks cause i use them every year for the past six years. it shouldnt take this long to recieve funds given that they didnt have to wait to scheme people out of their money no matter what type of error it is. i guess this happens only in america!!!! if the average american citizen fails to disclose pertinent information, we get fined, possibly go to jail for perjury, and other penalties

    • That is not right….I have done it every year that they claiming…. we should get back everything that is owed to us…..4 years worth!

      • You must join this class action. Trust me – you will most likely get all you paid plus some more from my reading of the claim doc. I am joining and yes you should too. It isn’t right!!!

    • The claim form I received, completed, and returned asked the years I used Turbo Tax between the years stated. Below, you are now stating that I should have filed a claim for each year in order to receive more than the $30 each year. That was never stated. With that, I hope you are going ro use the years you asked me and pay me by thise years you askes for and I provided. Did I miss any fine print that stated that I was to file a claim for each year to get a refund for each year?

      Youe statement and response to one inquiry to a complaint or starement made:
      ‘If you filed more than once by this method in the time covered, you’ll probably get multiple payouts.’
      Please advise and explain.
      Also, I did receive a confirmation number. Using that number, I submitted to you my change of address. Can you confirm that you received the change of address and that I am going to receive multiple payments for the years I used Turbo Tax and was told I would receive the now stated return of $30 for each and every year.

      Thank you for your time, consideration, and understanding,

      Virginia A (Whittingtpn) Jordan
      3116 Belsfield Cv
      Memphis, TN 38119
      SS # 415-98-7266

      (As part if my divorce decree effective 5/27/13, I changed to my maiden name of Virginia Ann Jordan and my SS# reflects the name change also)

      • You should take your Social Security Number off of here IMMEDIATELY. This is a public forum that anyone can see.

    • Don’t lawyers always get their share cheating everyone else? And they probably never even used the website.

      ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

      Yes. The lawyers who represent the plaintiffs (people like you who bought the product) usually end up getting somewhere between 20% and 33% of most settlements. The lawyers are not required to have been users of the product.

      The amount they get is determined by the judge, using what is called the Lodestar method. It takes into account factors such as the amount of work they did, the result they achieved, the quality of work, and the risk they took.

      I think most consumers would want these lawyers to get paid something – if we didn’t give them any incentive none of these cases would ever get filed. You would probably even want them to be paid generously so that they take risky cases against big well funded companies and where they may have to invest millions of dollars and several years to win a verdict. On the other hand, you don’t want to overcompensate the lawyers, because that takes money away from class members compensation.

      If in this or any other case, if you feel that the fees are excessive, as a class member you can write to the judge and explain your views. Very few consumers take the time to write to the court, and the few letters that are received are taken seriously.

      • To Admin- bet the lawyers took their money. I use to work for lawyers and yes they take the money off the top but their checks should NOT be written before ours, having said that, they shouldn’t have gotten paid either. Interstingley, they took 30.00 a year for 13 years from me…….but I still do NOT know how much I will get or when I will get it. Again, since there was a deadline to get out claims in, long before the hearing date, they should know how many plaintiff’s there are.

        • The lawyers get over $1MILLION in this Lawsuit… and we get HUH?? $30???
          Yes, I agree, getting SOMETHING is BETTER than NOTHING, BUT $1MIllion to lawyers for not even going to court!!??!!!
          I am concerned too, do we USE the turbotax in the future? Are we Banned from using it?
          THIS IS UNJUST, especially when we filled out paperwork BEFORE 10/28/2013 and here I am STILL with no settlement.
          lawyers were PAID months ago.

      • I have since moved since the claim was filed. I wasn’t aware of the no notification or a check would just be mailed. How do I go about finding out what happened to my claim?

  2. Great.. just found out about this today.. used Turbo Tax for at least the last 3 years. Someone told me about this.. we were never even notified :-(

  3. This settlement is for those who opted to pay their tax prep fees from their refund rather than up front. Apparently, Turbo Tax charged $29.95 in order to defer the payment of fees. This essentially was an extension of credit and the fee can be seen as interest charge to the tune of about 1000% for the approximately 2-weeks Turbo Tax had to wait to get their fees. In short, if you paid your tax prep fees upfront this does NOT affect you. HTH

  4. Guess what? The real penalty to Turbo Tax will be all the people like me that will never use their services again. These class action law suits are a joke. $30? Enough for a descent 12 pack to drown our sorrows. Your right! The lawyers will make millions. About a third of the settlement will go to the lawyers. My wife worked for one of the largest litigation firms in the country. They sued big tobacco and won. The amount of money the law firm received was obscene! My dad smoked those Pall Malls for 30 years and died of emphysema. The army was giving them to the GI’s during WWII. My family never received a dime. Deception by big business is just part of the game. From an economic standpoint the term used in business is called “Opportunity Cost” or the cost of NOT doing something. If they get away with it they make millions. If they get caught they get sued and pay out a potion of what they stole. Economics 101. This is nothing new in the business world. Its “Gordon Gecko” of Wall Street all over again.

  5. Last year I paid 29.95 x’s 3. It cost for filing for Federal and for 2 states
    What a rip off if I’m only getting 29.95

  6. You aren’t getting a refund from Turbo Tax. They are paying a settlement claim. First the lawyers will be paid their fees for filing the claim…a claim they filed for you. Then each person having filed a claim will be paid a portion of whatever is left.
    If you filed more than once by this method in the time covered, you’ll probably get multiple payouts. But it’s not related to HOW MUCH they charged you, it has to do with the fact that they were accused of not letting you know you were actually taking out a loan.
    So it is NOT a refund of what you paid…it’s money paid to you to drop your claim of damages from fraudlent lending.

    • They Lawyers are NOT suppose to get their check before ours are written!!!! The checks are all written at the same time Or that the the legal way to do it….

  7. So would it be better for me to find a lawyer myself to look into this? And would they settle so easy as it sounds in this class action?


  8. It sounds like a rip off. They need to give more money than the 30 dollars. They can keep that, I thought it was going to be more money. The lawyer is getting hmmm…..

  9. I used turbo for all years covered in this settlement, will I be paid for each of the years I used turbo??$30.00 x 6 years?? any idea when we turbo victims will be paid?? approximate date?? thanx

  10. wait, wait, wait……according to the final paperwork set forth by the judge, the attorneys payout were as stated. 25% of $6,550,000 their law firm received a total of $1,637,500, they also received a reimbursement of “litigation” expenses of $48,801.25 AND each person received an additional $2,500.00 for their services, which equaled the amount of $7,500.00???!!! This was stated to be fair and reasonable? seriously?? and we are proposed as the people who PAID their dues to TurboTax to “possibly” receive anywhere between $10.00 and $30.00 based on the amount of people that jumped on the bandwagon with this lawsuit?? Is it just me, or are the attorneys who truly won from this lawsuit?

    In definition a litigation is a legal proceeding in a court: a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights. …..So if they got their perspective 25% why are they also receiving so much for litigation in which the whole idea of the lawsuit is to determine these legal rights?? AND one more thing, these lawyers get paid for working. or they couldn’t work. How is it that they would receive SUCH an overwhelming amount of money to do this and the people who contended, brought forth and were involved in this lawsuit receive such a laughable amount?? the law office received in total $1,693,801.25.I am not a lawyer, however, I am not ignorant. yes, they did a service and for that they should get paid. But it should not be stated in this legal judgment that this is fair and reasonable because that is untruthful. shame on them.

    ADMIN – Hi R Parker,

    I don’t know enough about the specifics of the case to say whether these fees were too high (or too low). But, I can help clarify some of the other items.

    The $48k for litigation expenses, is to do with hard costs of bringing the litigation that the plaintiff’s attorneys had to bare. This typically includes things like filing fees, hiring expert witnesses, providing notice to the class, etc. This is actually very low.

    The $2.5k is money given to the class representatives (when the class action is instigated, a couple of people who are part of the class are appointed to represent the class), they get more than the rest of the class because they generally have to do a lot more work (e.g. appear for depositions, go to court, review papers, etc). In theory they should be supervising the plaintiffs lawyers.

    The $1.6MM is the award the judge gave to the attorneys based on the hour they worked, the complexity of the case, the risk they took, quality of work, etc. (Lodestar method) 25% is on the low end of what they usually receive … it is usually around 33%.

    Figuring out how much to pay the plaintiffs lawyers is a tricky business. If you are a consumer, you want your lawyers to be paid well so they have plenty of incentive to bring these cases and take these risks. These cases can go on for years and absorb thousands of hours of the attorney’s time and they are usually fighting against much bigger and more expensive law firms that represent the corporate defendants. So you want to give the lawyers that are representing consumers plenty of incentive to take difficult cases. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay them too much, because that is money that is coming out of your pocket.

    • I see what you are saying ADMIN however, this lawsuit has settled since October 28th. I dont buy that these lawyers have not recieved their money for all the “work” they did. However, as a yearly CONSUMER that spent the money on this and was promised payback for misrepresentation, I still have not seen or heard anything else. I get that lawyers have expenses and such, however, where did these expenses begin? with the consumer. Same idea as without the customer there is no business. This corporate world is out for just that….the corporate world and they use us individual consumers for bait. I do not believe in any way that these lawyers were doing this for the good of the people. They saw a goldmine and went for it. I try to remain a positive individual however, this (in my opnion) is just another example of the robin hood disease. The rich get rich while the the rest of make due and turn our cheeks.

    • They Settled BEFORE Court Hearing…
      They took OUR Money, and we are STILL here EMPTY Handed..

  11. I saw on the website that it was ordered for Turbotax to pay all court costs and attorney fees. Doesn’t that mean they had to pay that on top of the settlement. If so that could be more money for us right?

    ADMIN – Hi Monique,

    Settlements vary, but the typical arrangement is that the defendant agrees to pay a fixed amount (here around $6 MM). Out of that pot comes the lawyers fees, costs, administration fees, and compensation for the class members. TurboTax is paying the plaintiffs attorneys their fees, but it is all coming out of the same pot of money used to pay compensation to the class members.

  12. I just talked to a lawyer. We can actually sue them for not fairly paying us what we deserve. I have a lot of people with me on this so we will wait to see what they give us first. If not satisfied we will sue them. Let me know. If any one else wants to pursue this law suit as well I already have 32 people in and more coming. We will fight for our rights.

    • Sign me up! This is ludicrous and unfair!!
      I used turbotax for my 2007-2012 refund, and you mean to tell me that $30 is my (our)compensation?! That’s insulting! Just ONE of my many refunds totaled over $29.95. So they are basically paying me back for HALF of one?!

      Also, we are the ones who trusted this company, yet we can’t get any further information other than the amount the lawyers received.

    • Hey I have been using turbo tax since 2002. I don’t think 30 dollars is fair, we not only paid turbo tax but intuit got their fees also. What about that?

      ADMIN – Hi Jeanette,

      I think there is some confusion in these comments about what this settlement is for. The settlement isn’t generally for all Turbo Tax fees, rather it was only for the fees they charged to deduct their money from your refund (instead of taking it up front). The lawsuit alleged this fee was improperly disclosed. The settlement is also only compensating people for the first time they incurred the fee (because presumably after that they were on notice about the fee charged)

      The suit doesn’t cover the regular fees that Intuit and Turbo Tax charge. Presumably these were adequately disclosed.

      • Why didn’t they tell us how much we would get when we submitted the claim forms then maybe so many people wouldn’t have agreed to the claim for $30 so they stiffed us for not telling us how much we would get.

      • it doesnt matter what the suit is for, what matters is that its been almost a year and the people who got screwed out of their money,is still getting screwed and on top of that, they act like they throwing us a bone just for thirty dollars. if u know that u fucked up, then the least you could do is pay everybody in a timely fashion! IT DIDNT TAKE THAT LONG FOR TURBTAX AND ITS REPRESENTATIVES TO FUCK US OUT OF OUR MONEY, SO WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO WAIT THIS LONG FOR THIS SETTLEMENT

    • I’m in with you Denardrio. This is just ridiculous to receive $30 I’ve been filing my taxes on line with these people since at least 2007 and I paid thru my taxes at least 4 times! my contact is 617-748-6102 direct.

      Thank You!

    • I have used Turbo Tax since 2008. $30 doesn’t cover one yr let alone the 4 yrs that I used it, and my husband used it before we got married. Count us in!!!

    • IM definitely in..this whole thing seems so sketchy to me..the deadline to make a claim was the 28thof October and hre it iS almost a month later and no info is given on when well be receiving our share of the settlement.and it’s bull..I know a bunch of people who will also want to b a part of this..were all getting frustrated because of there lack of information and communication

    • I’m not sure if you mean sue TT, or the lawyers. Once you have filed as part of the class, you can’t sue TT again. It is stated in the paperwork. If you mean the lawyers, it might be difficult to do, as a judge has already ordered it as (legally) fair…

    • How about those of us who have used turbo tax for several years and were never notified of a lawsuit. I will gladly join you.

    • If it comes to that, yes count me in and I will be more than happy to join. I have used Turbo tax for many years and even if you chose the free option, you still end up paying between 50-100 bucks, including federal and state.

    • I read that after this lawsuit was over that nobody can go after turbo tax and sue them.

      ADMIN – Hi David,

      After a class action it becomes very hard to sue the company for that particular issue (unless you opted out of the settlement). That is the point of class action lawsuits, it give both companies and individuals a way to settle lawsuits that involve lots of small claims with just one lawsuit. As I am sure you have noticed, one problem with this is that many people that are affected by these lawsuits have no idea that it happened until it is too late.

    • I too made a claim and heard nothing. I am in with the lawsuit against the law firm. Regardless, if its just 30 dollars, I lost more and to let these lawyers get rich by using my name and claim for the settlement and scam me

    • I am definitely in. I need to get back at least what was taken from me. And why is it that the “admin” can answer questions as to how our money is being spent before we see anything, but we can’t get an answer as to when we will get it.

    • hey were u able to sue?.. i was sent the notice to an unreliable email so today 1/3/14!! im now aware i was a part of this, of course i didnt file a claim hell i didnt know they were suing turbo tax & my concern is because they didnt attempt to contact in an appropriate manner i missed out ok idk how much each person got rather 30 or 2500 what ever i wasnt given an actual oppurtunity to participate BUT what really is getting to me is the FUCKERY of it all under the “if i do nothing” rule if i chose to PERSONALLY sue turbo tax i CANT because these asshole lawyers did it in my behalf unknown to me and WITH OUT my consent!!!.. but they got paid unfairly? i cant say thats not my issue!!.. i feel my rights were violated to a certain degree please respond email washington12309@yahoo.com thx

    • I AM SO IN!!!
      $6 MILLION We gave out PERSONAL INFORMATION to a WEBSITE “Claiming” they would give us Money for a LAWSUIT, Here we are 4 MONTHS LATER WIthout Money, Information, Nor Updates.
      They got PAID Right AWAY!!
      EMAIL ME!!

      ADMIN – Hi Maria,

      I share your frustration that these are so funds are so slow and that they are so bad about keeping people informed. What tends to hold up settlements is when someone objects, the defendant appeals, or the court is backlogged and can’t grant an approval.

  13. We are not trying to get rich, we want to be treated fairly. Do you think people really care about thirty dollars that bad. The answer is no. Lawyers took this case because so they get a large sum of money, not for us. I laughed out of my seat when I heard about this, but I refuse to accept being taken advantage of.

    How could they represent us when more than half of the people did not even hear about this lawsuit? People don’t let this law firm get rich off our hurt and pain. Stand up for what you deserve. I will. Enough is enough. If someone doesn’t do something they will stay with millions in their pockets thanks to us, the real ones that suffered. Do not let them. Talk to a lawyer. Lets all fight for our rights.


    ADMIN – Hi Denardrio,

    I don’t know enough about this case to say anything intelligent on the substance of your claims. But, if you feel that the class action lawyers representing you are not doing a good job, I would encourage you to contact the attorneys involved and tell them about your objections. If that does not address your grievances, I would object to the settlement and explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction to the court. The court received very few credible letters from the public in class action settlements. They are taken very seriously.

    • I am in I have used turbo tax for the entire timeframe and $30 is a joke I can remember on a couple of occasions I paid over $60 to file federal and state. So I am definitely in.

      ADMIN – Hi Marci,

      I think you are misunderstanding what this lawsuit is about. It is not about TurboTax charging you money to do your state and federal tax returns. The $60 they charge you every year to help you with your tax return is normal, every tax service charges customers to do their tax returns. Moreover, when you signed up with TurboTax you knew what they were charging you (it was clearly disclosed). It is the same as if you went to your local accountant and asked them to prepare your taxes.

      The lawsuit is because TurboTax of their offer to let you deduct your TurboTax payment from your refund. The way they make the offer, it sounds like they are just going to take the money for your taxes out of your refund. In fact, they make a high interest loan to you, and charge you fees & interest that are not clearly disclosed. The settlement is only available to people that took this offer to have their TurboTax payment deducted from their refund. This is why class members are only getting a relatively small amount, because all they are getting is a settlement based on those one-time interest payments.

    • Am I the only person on here who has noticed that every time a question has been asked “When will we get paid” the same response from the same ‘lawyer’ shows up without saying one word about the measly $30.00 max refund? Look at the justification for the attorneys who made out, yes those hard working lawyers there for the “working people” doing a job that benefits us, really? REALLY?

    • I’m in with you as well. I understand there is a fee to process our taxes but the amount charged is ridiculous, especially if you are only receiving a few hundred dollars.

      • I agree its not fair especially if you are being charge 30 bucks everytime you use their service the amount should be much more than just a measily 30 bucks.

    • Do you have any idea how I can contact the courts on this matter? I have no idea where to start.

      ADMIN – Hi Mz,

      You can find contact details for the court and the attorneys involved on the settlement website in the PDF document labeled “Full Class Notice.” Note, that there is a defined time for the court to take comments. After this deadline, it becomes much harder to get changes made to the settlement. Not trying to discourage you from trying, just trying to give you a heads up.

  14. look people i advise you all to not accept the check im going to get what i deserve in that is simply 120 dollars all those ****ing years i used them in they tell us 30 dollars lol lmfao call up there in talk to them about your case unless you are so broke in ignorant you will let them take advantage of you like i said i got my shit together and people to bag me up on this and let me tell you those administrators work for them dont pay them any attention im smart they in a way work for them get your money get your money every ones case is different not all the same im sure this company dont like me why well simply im telling the truth about them but when it all boils down im going to get mine what about you even if it takes a long time its a crime what they are doing in trust me these law suits happen very often open your eyes people this is what they get paid to do they sue companys who are doing there customers wrong and then they turn around in make millions off it and gives the real people who deserve it 5 little dollars and say thats for all your trouble but not me ill fight there asses as long as i got breath in me now take that to the bank all you lieng ass lawyers i wake up every morning knowing me in other turbo tax members got these lawyers rich in it makes me sick to my stomach. ps. DAME U DAME U DAME U DAME U DAME U DAME U LAWYERS. yall got my email address if any questions you ****ing con artists

    • It sounds to me that when I see the comments from the “ADMINISTRATOR” that she is in bed with the lawyers trying to rip us off, they are all crooks to me! I’m in on the lawsuit against these lawyers, and they can keep the 30 bucks!

      ADMIN – Ouch!

      • How disrespectful , no class comment, if you don’t like the settlement it is your choice to be a lawyer ya know. Lay off the admin just doing there job to . By the way did you do anything for this class , ya I think not. GROW UP GREEDY RETARDS .

          • Tracy just call it like I see it, and saying admin is in bed with attorneys sorry is a retarded uneducated comment.So if I was not speaking to to you…. Then please mind your own business, sitting on here complaining about something that isn’t enough is being greedy and a retarded thing to do thank you.

    • Sorry guys once you filed your proof of claim you submitted to the jurisdiction of the court hearing the class action and you are foreclosed from any further action. Spend your 10 bucks wisely.

      • Finally – an intelligent voice.

        If you filed a claim, you can no longer take any action. Read the print before you sign!

    • I agree the entire class action lawsuit is a rip off. It is no about us, it is about the lawyers making money. If it was not for the people like us, the lawsuit would not exist. If we can do anything let me know. 414-303-1818. This is bull. The American way!!!

  15. The lawyers just found away to get paid off the people who used turbo tax they get paid thousands why we get paid cents.

    • haha u are soo right!!.. it was one big scam!! we were jus pawns in the game for them to get paid on 1/3/14 i find all this out never knew about a lawsuit , never contacted oh but they sent an email to an old email i jus got axcess to today 1/3/14 and cant act on my own behalf if i wanted to because the “if i do nothing” rule said because i was named the lawyers acted kn my behalf but unknown to me & with out my consent!!!!..and im sure they will claim it was a reliable means of contact but when i emailed a few of the lawyers by the “contact us” tab on thier site the disclier informed me this it was not a reliable method to contact THEM!! but i have to accept it on my side wtf!!!!!! the fuckery of it all smdh!..

  16. So how is it fair that they charged us the money but possibly won’t pay back that amount? I have used Turbo Tax during the whole time in question (and years before that) and will get shafted yet again?? Ridiculous!!

  17. I think they should have had to pay us seperate from the lawyers because I agree $10-30 is not enough when we are the victims.

  18. Listen, all you people complaining that you are only getting 30 dollars and are not happy with that, you can send me the 30 dollars you are not happy with and i will gladly deposit it into my bank account :-)

  19. I could use the $30.00 right now….LOL. Hope they mail the checks soon. Anyone have any idea when these check (if, at all) will be mailed?

    • Dear ,Sharon I think it is 30 days from when the settlement was finalized that checks will processed and mailed out to all claimants . (10/28/2013 – 11/30/2013 by law)

      • The judge approved the settlement Oct 7 so the 30 day rule (which there is not one) would have been up Nov. 7. Oct 28 was the deadline to be part of the class. The firm handling the settlement has to allow time (typically 30 days) for TT to file an appeal which they are allowed to do in class action settlements but most companies don’t appeal the settlement. The last class action I was part of I didn’t get a check for almost 6 months. Also, assuming TT doesn’t appeal, the firm handling the payments can’t send out the checks until they receive the money from TT and the check clears. In most settlements the judge gives the losing party a certain amount of time to make the payment. I would like to hope it was short and the checks will be mailed soon.

  20. I see all these replies and thats great but nobody can say when we getting paid nor how much like why must we be in the dark about something that has so much to do with us im confused

  21. This is the first and probably the last class action lawsuit that I will be a part of. We, the consumers were defrauded, but it’s the lawyers who will get to take their happy @$$E$ to the bank? Don’t get me wrong, I believe the lawyers should be compensated, but for them to be awarded millions while I am awarded $30 is bullsugar. They should AT LEAST refund our total fees paid per year of service and let the greedy vultures…er…um…I meant lawyers keep the rest. Just my opinion.

  22. $30 is only an estimation, and it depends on how many years you used the service. I’m sure not everyone posting here is even qualified, not everyone that used turbotax was effected.

    • I agree, you have had to have made the election to have them take the money out of your refund. If you paid your fees then you do not qualify for this at all. So many people will not qualify. and as the ADMIN has said multiple times already the lawsuit is not to get a refund for the fees paid is is compensation for them basically telling us lies about the fees and the fact that they actually gave us a loan. which was not disclosed to us.

  23. I once sued for $42.000 & I received $22.000 through audit & partners law firm we should be getting back all plus punitive damages the lawyers do tell you that upfront but I have been In the courts a lot. Happy Holidays to all who reads.

  24. I will be happy to receive the $30.00 right about now. Does anybody know who to contact in the event u moved after filing to become a part of the lawsuit?

  25. I think we should be getting more than 30.00. The lawyers only took this case because they knew how much money was involved. I would mire but u will take the 30.00. When will we be getting this money?

  26. I used Turbo Tax and its rapid refund system of having fees deducted from my taxes for multiple years and then to be
    cheated I am owed 90-120 dollars and may just may get 30.00 WHEN????????

  27. I do not think the purpose of the lawsuit is being understood. Turbo Tax was being sued because the allowed us to believe that the processing fees would just be deducted from our refunds but in fact they loaned us the money (without our consent)and charged us interest until our funds were received from the government. WE ARE NOT OWED A REFUND of fees. We are being compensated for being mislead. I was hesitant about joining the class action suit because if I had taken my taxes to a professional, I would have gotten charged way more than the fees I paid. The amount everyone will receive will depend on how many people joined the lawsuit also. It will be awhile before anyone sees anything. The deadline to join wasn’t that long ago.

    • No disrespect, but the point is they are WRONG! I don’t care if other tax companies charge more than the cost + fees we paid at turbotax; we trusted the company and they lied…period!
      I’m pretty sure if you purchased something from a company and they lied to you about it, you would ask for a refund. It’s simple as that, I want a refund of the fees starting from 2007 to 2012. They don’t even have the courtesy to tell us when & how we’re getting our measly “compensation”.

      I bet the lawyers are picking out a luxury boat while we wait for word on our “gas money”.

  28. So, from what I read, the 3 people that started this lawsuit for the same reason we are in this lawsuit they are the rep’s for us all and they all received $2,500.00 each which comes up to $7,500.00. So, they get that money and we may possibly receive $30.00 and yet we all went through the same thing as those 3 people. hmmmm. Yeah that is the bullsmith right there. Lawyers, aside…the three “reps” which could have just as easily been anyone of us is getting the big pay out! That is where I get mad…lawyers have always and forever have got their greedy hands on a lot of money…but these reps are the ones who are f’ing us over I think. $2,500.00 ON TOP…not to mention if they receive some of the payments we get…..BOOOOOO!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Momma Fed Up,

    The class representatives are paid more than everyone else in the class, because they do more work. They usually have to do a deposition, which can involve travelling, and having to take a couple of days off work. They also have to represent the class, and in theory should supervise the lawyers (although this often doesn’t happen in practice). The process usually takes several years and they are completely at risk – if they don’t win or settle the case, they get nothing. I think class representatives are chronically underpaid – if I were a member of a class, I would want to invest in having great class representatives.

  29. I filed a claim back in July. Now i have been searching and searching for a way to check on the status of my claim and all i get are dead ends. :/ Help!

    ADMIN – Hi L Fletch,

    The only way to get a status update in most settlements is to call or email the class administrator (contact details above). I agree that this is a crappy system.

    • Admin, can you at least give us a answer on when can we expect this claim money.

      ADMIN – Hi Vivian,

      It is hard to give exact timeframes, it is largely driven by the court system and when the court give final approval to the settlement. This is typically around 3 months after the closing date. So my best guess would be that you get checks sent out in Jan/Feb 2014.

  30. $30 huh?? Im already day dreaming about what I will do with all that money. This whole class action business is a complete waste of time.

    • What is going on with these people they keep saying they are going through the claims well they told me that in jan now its mid march and they keep saying the same thing what do they have one person workingon the claims this is far beyond a reasonable amount of time

  31. As you see all the responses tell us we misunderstood law suit. Not one answer for when payment is coming which leads me to believe we are getting nothing. So using my head….I will never use turbo tax again. They rips off as did this law suit and their representatives

  32. Well what you are telling me is that I get less money back than they took. I’m sure they took more than $30 of my money. Really this is laughable. The rich get richer and the common folk get taken advantage of. God bless America.

    • I have used Turbo Tax for years and usually have them deduct fees from the refunds. I am part of the suit because it would be nice to get money I have spent back in my pocket, like everyone else. However, if I had never heard of the lawsuit, I would be using Turbo Tax again next year, and the next, and ….you get my point. They DO offer a valuable service, ALL my tax forms are accessible online if I need them, they find deductions I never thought of, warn me if they think something is incorrect, and helped me for free when I forgot to include some paperwork and had to file an amended return. Refund or no, I will be looking for them again next year.

      • I will also be using their service next year…IF we are even getting any refunds. The way the government is running or not running these days, who knows? But im sure that doesnt matter. We will still be required to file. Anyways, I have always favored turbo tax over the other online services like H & R block. I just wonder with this lawsuit, how things will change for next year with fees and things like that.

  33. you guys are crazy for thinking you are going to get back the fees charged to actually file your taxes..that fee was clearly stated and u agreed to pay it so toughen up and stop looking for handouts. now, for those of you who were charged a fee when you had your filing fees taken out of you taxes, then you guys will be getting that small fee back. for one year only…is everybody following now….?

    • Yes ,I can agree with you . I filed federal and they charged me also state fees .That’s $29.95*2= $60.00
      They said that I would get a refund back of 29.95 I (Neva ) got back but a lie. So in my opinoin I would like punitive damages also in fair amount of $$$$ . 1year

  34. So, still no knowledge of when we are getting it… I do agree that it makes sense that they loaned us the money until we got our refund but i didn’t know they took interest out on it until we got it. So, i think that is what the ADMIN is trying to tell us, We are getting paid for the interest we unlawfully paid. How many people even made a claim? How much are we truly getting per every year we used this service?… So many questions and NO answers.

    ADMIN – Hi Nicola,

    I agree that generally class actions do a very poor job of keeping people informed. The reason that they can’t tell you how much you are getting and when you are getting it, is because it is largely driven by factors outside the class action administrator’s control.

    For example, the date of distribution depends on when the court gives final approval for a case. A court may do this within a few days, or it may be delayed months or years if people object to the settlement or it gets stuck with a slow judge.

    Traditionally, administrators don’t like telling people if their application is sucessful until the close of the case. I suspect the main reason for this is fear of facilitating fraud, by allowing people who make fraudulent claims to keep refiling until they are sucessful.

  35. So I have a turbotax question not pertaining to the class action settlement, but maybe someone can answer it for me. I filed this year with turbo tax, they sent me an e-mail telling me that my refund was cleared with the IRS and they sent a netspend card and deposited my money. Well, two months later, I received another e-mail from turbotax stating that they closed my account because I was not eligible for a refund, but I had already spent the money. So does this mean that I’m going to owe the IRS now because of a mistake they made? I never received any letters from the IRS, but I’m a little freaked out about it now and I’m worried about what will happen when I file my taxes next year. Does anyone know the answer to this question?

    • Wow…Ive never heard of such a thing but I would think that if your refund was approved and accepted by the IRS then you really were entitled to it(providing that you were truthful and entered all info correctly). I also wouldnt worry or freak out until you actually receive a letter from the IRS. Until then i wouldnt sweat it. And yeah, dont use turbo tax again for this year’s taxes. :)

    • Hi, Kacey. I got the same thing and panicked thinking the worst. Turns out it was for the card that I was issued the PREVIOUS year, and I couldn’t get a refund for the balance that was on that card, like a dollar or two. Maybe that was what your letter was about.

      • It wasn’t that you didn’t get a refund of your tax return (like I thought, too), but the refund they meant was of the little bit I had left on last years tax refund netspend type card. Huh, maybe they should put any refund on the netspend cards they issued. Save money by not needing postage, verification would almost be automatic, and it would make some people who need it fast pretty happy. Yeah, I know, some people tossed the cards already. Ah, well. :-) Hope the first part helps though!

    • Well from my experience with the IRS is the rapid refund is give on a merit like system. That’s Why so many people get letters from the IRS at the end of the end of the year saying they owe. IRS takes the info you provide as truthful and by June or July it’s reviewed closer and then determined if what you submitted is true or not. You aren’t in the clear just yet. maybe by January or February you will be ok

  36. That is a lot of money for it not to trinkle down to more than 30 bucks….people are greedy…thank you lawyers but without us it would be no need for a lawsuit, spread the love and when is the love coming?

  37. All of you are getting your panties in a bunch bc your not understanding. The fee is still a fee to take it out of your refund. The settlement is only bc this “fee” was considered a loan to turbo tax when we only thought it was a fee so all the money you paid for this fee would still be paid regardless. There is no reason to get all years worth of money back bc we had to pay it anyway. The only reason any of you are getting money is bc someone files their taxes, obv did not get a refund which in turn turbo tax made them pay the interest on the “loan” of the fee that they paid. Understand what’s going on before you bitch about free money. Geez

    • Amazing, you give a response criticizing people about how they shouldn’t get their panties in a bunch because they don’t know what they are talking about, and you are the one who has absolutely no clue.

      It had nothing to do with RAL loans. It was about Turbo Taxes deceptive advertising for free income tax filing services.

  38. Hey I’m down with that lawsuit, I think that if they can sue Turbo Tax for not informing us then I think we should sue the lawyers for not informing us.

  39. I have read every comment on this forum, and I can’t believe half of what I’ve read. I am thankful for the few reps who actually realized what was going on and are putting an end to it. $30 or not, I will be happy with the fact Intuit will no longer be able to scam innocent people out of the hard earned money they already are over taxed on. I did receive the email notifying me of the lawsuit, so I am led to believe it is legitimate. It will be a little extra money in my pocket and a lot less money in the pockets of the corrupt corporate execs. When and if I receive my settlement does not matter!! The fact that this illegal practice will cease to exist is the real win for the American taxpayer.

  40. Wow as long as they stop scamming but I don’t think it was scamming just misplaced words that went unnoticed. But still 30.00 bucks is 30 bucks.

  41. I thought these dudes said in the claim form that class members gets a division of what is left. Theres well over 4m left so that means we class member should be getting hundreds, thousands. And now they are saying a claim is worth up to $30? Hell, if I had known this I would have filed a claim.

  42. I just spent the last hour reading every post on this site. What a colossal waste of my time. If this isn’t a hat-full of stupid I don’t know what is. 90 percent of you commenting have no clue what is going on and you’re complaining about it. Turbo tax charges fees. They have always charged a fee and the will continue to charge a fee. The fee you paid has absolutely nothing to do with this. ONLY IF YOU OPTED TO HAVE YOUR FEE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR REFUND, they charged you interest on that fee and didn’t clearly tell you that. That is what this lawsuit is regarding. As far as only getting 30 dollars a piece, that’s how it works. The offending company (Turbo Tax) in this case, has agreed to pay 6.5 million to the class (us). The lawyers were awarded 25 percent by THE JUDGE. Like it or not, that’s what they get. Our Government takes over 30 percent of our money so it could be worse. After the lawyers get their money, the rest is divided up among the people that actually filed a claim. If there is 4 million left and only 4 of us filed, we would each get 1 million dollars. Unfortunately, a lot more than 4 people filed. That is why no one knows exactly how much it will be yet. They need to determine how many people filed and how many of those filings are legitimate. By the sounds of most of the comments on this thread, I would say they are going to have to sift through a lot of idiots wanting money because they don’t understand A) Class Action Lawsuits and B) They can’t read. It will probably take them months to figure all of this out so our 30 dollars probably won’t be coming anytime soon. Someday next spring when we’ve all forgotten about this, the people who are truly owed part of the suit will a check in the mail and it might just brighten our day up a little bit.

    • Thank you Jimmy.

      I cannot believe how many stupid greedy people are on here bitching about wanting hundreds or thousands of dollars for something they clearly do not understand much less probably deserve. Bitching about lawyers getting paid for doing their jobs. Sorry! You should have been a lawyer I guess. Turbotax provided a service, people used it, but they failed to disclose the fine print. Even if it was there, I would guess 90% of people wouldn’t read it anyway.

      Just because you used turbotax, does not mean you to get be a part of the settlement. You have to have been affected by their misleading loan practices. In other words… You took out a loan from them and did not know you were taking out a loan. They called it a “fee” but really it was interest on a short term loan.

      I did this every year for several years. I would do it again. It made my life easier and I didn’t have to plunk down any money for my tax preparation. Thankfully this lawsuit brought to my attention the terms of it though. It is similar to the way HR Block does a refund anticipation loan. You file your taxes, they tell you that you are getting $xx refund. So they say ok, you can have your money NOW just sign here and we will give you a loan and deduct all your tax preparation fees from the loan. Therefore you do not need to have any money to file your taxes. For a small fee of $30 we will do this for you.

      Get it?

    • Do we get to see a claimaint sheet and how many years each person was wrongfully charged the interest, and then see the final payout list? hmmmm Last class action I participated in, my check was $3.24. I bought a cappaucino with it. I’m not greedy, but the right thing to do, was figure out who paid what out of the complaintants, add the attorney fees and other expenses, and not settle for anything less, and pay everyone their rightful share. The legal system will never work that way in these types of suits. Enjoy your cappaucino everyone.

  43. I am laughing my butt off…first off no one said we were getting $30. That was an EXAMPLE given…the last class action I was a part of, I got s check for $4,000 and all I did was file a claim like this…and was told to expect $50…$50 or $4,000 I’ll take whatever for not doing a damn thing but filing a claim. Of course the reps and lawyers should get way more..they are the ones fighting and representing everyone. We aren’t doing anything…it just so happened someone caught the mistake and went with it. Anyone seen Erin Brockovich? I wouldn’t want to have to take days and days off work to do depositions or whatever else those people had to do in order to sue s LARGE company like that. We probably won’t hear anything until January. Be grateful for what you get. You can’t file the same suit again…if you read the documents (which you should have, before filing your claim) then you would see that you can opt out and file a secondary complaint but it would be tied to this one.I’m glad I’m not a lawyer, I just work with them. PSOE cry about wanting something for doing nothing. You were happy and content with your taxes until someone told you otherwise. Lol
    Merry Christmas!

    • I agree, (shrug) everyone is all up in arms about this. Everyone needs to relax already. I need the money but at the same time I am not going to stress myself out because of this.

  44. So for every year from 2007 to 2013 is their going to be interest added to what they are going to payout to the people that did a claim???

      • Based on the math, $6,550,000-1,637,500(lawyers 25%)-48,801.25(lawyers extra fees)-7,500(class members working on our behalf)=4,856,199/350,000 total class membets(if they are all legit) will be roughly just over $13.00 each. I was told expect payment late february.

    • How about, no one knows anything yet and we will get our check when we get our check. The amount will be what it will be and that’s taht. Get over it, better than nothing at all. You had the option to opt out.

  45. It is funny that you guys all have a comment. why didnt you figure it out and got an attorney to do this. you are all money sucking pigs. I get money back to but you do not see me asking. when i get it i get it. You are all disgusting demanding your money when you were clueless from the start.

  46. Why didn’t I get this notice? I have used Turbo Tax for many year and I was never notified. I heard about it through word of mouth and I missed the deadline. So does that mean I’m counted out. I didn’t get a chance to opt in or out. How ever much it is, I would have taken it. They got more money than I have.

  47. I didn’t like the fact file for free if you made under 50,000 then when I put in a small business schedule c they told me I need home and business even though i didn’t even make 40,000 in my business and w-2 income combined had to pay 95 and up for program to do my taxes each year.

  48. I had sent an e-mail via the settlement website asking “when” and thought I would share the response (received 12/26/13) with everyone:

    This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

    There has not been a date set into place for the distribution of checks. We are currently reviewing every claim that has been submitted. Please remain patient
    as the review process will take some time to complete due to the large volume of claims submitted.

    If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our website at http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com.


    TurboTax Class Action
    Heffler Claims Group


    • Thanks for posting this. Interesting that everything has been said and done and they still don’t have any idea when the distribution will be made. It’ll arrive when it arrives I guess.

      Been using TurboTax online since 2002, software versions of it since 1998.

  49. I, used turbo tax online for years now and I just found out about this lawsuit. Since, I didn’t know by Oct 28th I won’t get anything back.

  50. I was involved in a class action lawsuit against Sprint/Nextel when I used to work for them. My check came about 2 months after it settled. What is the delay with TT? Trust me $30.00 isnt much but it’s still mine. These lawyers are the ones reaping the benefits .

  51. What was done was wrong.

    If you’re holding your breath over $30 (or whatever amount it ends up being), though…I suggest you invest your time in something much more worthwhile than sitting on this site complaining, making yourselves look unintelligent and greedy. We can all use the money these days, but I am definitely not going to count on seeing a penny of this.

    • In response;

      This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

      We are currently in the process of reviewing roughly 350,000 filed claims. This
      process is expected to be a rather lengthy one, given the class size, and checks
      will be mailed out upon completion.

      The amount that each claim will receive via the settlement fund has not yet been
      determined. This determination usually occurs once all claims have been

      At this time, we have no set-in-stone date for fund disbursement but we are
      anticipating checks to go out soon after the claims review process is completed
      which should be within the next 8-10 weeks or so. Please note that this
      time-frame is a rough estimate. Please get back to us as the time comes closer
      and we may be able to give you a more accurate date regarding checks.

      If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the
      address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our
      website at http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com.


      TurboTax Class Action
      Heffler Claims Group

      • So does that mean we will be waiting another 2-3 months if so that’s OK with me I just want to know something I’m not a greedy person I’m just asking for a little insite to what is really going on thank you for this piece of information

  52. I’ve used Turbo Tax for several years, and will continue to do so. The sad thing is not the $30 settlement, but the fact that the total amount to be refunded amounts to Millions. The settlement Lawyers want to stall making refunds as long as possible in order to keep earning interest on those Millions, however, you can bet “our” Lawyers have been paid. It’s taken some years now, and these dollars are generating interest every day. Think about it. They will put off paying as long as possible, and keep using the Claim Administrators excuse of “checking each claim for legitimacy. Don’t hold your breath.8)

  53. @andromeda – I haven’t received a check yet and know of no new develptments. Has anyone else received payment or know of an updated status?

  54. Just FYI for everyone asking “what is the status”. This is response I got back from Heffler Claims Group:

    This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

    There has not been a date set into place for the distribution of checks.We are currently reviewing every claim that has been submitted. Please remain patient as the review process will take some time to complete due to the large volume of claims submitted.

  55. I wonder how many claims will have to be reviewed that we’re filed by people just because they filed taxes with Turbo Tax, and didn’t understand. You could only claim the tax years that you allowed TT deduct your fees from a refund. The years you paid your fees with your debit card or credit card, etc. are not eligible for $$$ from this suit. So the amount of money anyone would get would seem to vary according to the number of years their fees were deducted??? There is another question I suppose….. First experience with Class Action Lawsuit.

  56. Everyone is Saying to Be Grateful for what we get, YES, but when is JUSTICE JUST?
    This is SERIOUS Information we gave to someone whom is NOT even responding to us.
    Without our claims, there would NOT have been a Lawsuit.
    Yes, Lawyers work hard, EVERYONE WORKS HARD!
    We ALL give the US GOVERNMENT OUR MONEY EVERY PAY CHECK with the hope that we will be granted maybe a LITTLE something as far as a Refund for letting the GOVERNMENT Use our Money.
    The reason EVERYONE is Unclear, is because NO ONE IS INFORMING US about ANYTHING!
    MY BIGGEST CONCERN, is this CASE IS CLOSED, I gave A LOT OF INFORMATION about MYSELF and I am NOT being communicated with effectively.
    BY-THE-WAY, STOP communicating with the lawyers, they charge for EVERY FORM of COMMUNICATION, they will charge you a fee for the emails they sent you and deduct it from your settlement.
    I ignorantly wanted to be a part of a countersuit, but in truth, we cannot do that. We can however communicate to eachother in this forum regarding the matter. I will communicate when I receive my check and for the amount.
    To answer about the GREEDY people on this forum, we are NOT GReedy. They sought us out to give information TELLING us that we were part of a $6Million lawsuit and how we can claim our share… the misrepresentation of the email lead us to believe we WERE getting more than a possible double-digit settlement. Who doesn’t want to be the product of a Million dollar settlement? We can all dream!
    The lack of communication and the lack of information provided has caused this amount of outrage and what other condescending people are calling “stupid” posts. Please don’t belittle others and make them feel dumb when NO ONE knows ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is Under Speculation.
    So, ALL of you, be good. Belittling others is ALSO wrong to do.
    Let’s all work together to help each other with More information and with communication about whether we get ANYTHING! :)

  57. I checked on the TurboTax claims website and cannot find anywhere to put a claim form number at, to check on when or how much, or at least just to know when to expect it. I know it takes a lot of time depending on how many checks were getting sent out, but still would be nice to know about when to expect it.

  58. All I’mm going to say is I have been apart of a class action lawsuit before. And I received my check with way more on it than suggested. When this 30 bucks comes, who knows! I’m just going to continue to be patient and forget about it. When it does finally come then I’ll consider it a bonus.

    ADMIN – Hi Kameia,

    Completely agree. If you aren’t going to actively participate in the case, this is how I would treat these class action settlements. If like some folks here, you are looking for fast money or you are relying on the money coming in a timely fashion, you are going to have a bad time.

  59. I read a lot of the replies and comments last week after making an inquiry directly to the law firm that is handling the Turbo Tax Class Action Lawsuit. Below is the response to my questions requesting information about the payment schedules from the final award. It is as follows and I hope it sheds some light for those questioning the timeframes.

    This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

    We are currently in the process of reviewing roughly 350,000 filed claims. This
    process is expected to be a rather lengthy one, given the class size, and checks
    will be mailed out upon completion.

    The amount that each claim will receive via the settlement fund has not yet been
    determined. This determination usually occurs once all claims have been

    At this time, we have no set-in-stone date for fund disbursement but we are
    anticipating checks to go out soon after the claims review process is completed
    which should be within the next 8-10 weeks or so. Please note that this
    time-frame is a rough estimate. Please get back to us as the time comes closer
    and we may be able to give you a more accurate date regarding checks.

    If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the
    address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our
    website at http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com.


    TurboTax Class Action
    Heffler Claims Group

  60. Looks like 6.5Million/350Thousand claims=18dollars each. My estimate must be off. Oh well in the end maybe TurboTax will practice more of fair business in the future.

  61. Well I am part of the TurboTax lawsuit and just a little info to everyone, there has not yet been determined on how much anyone will get back. I have kept in close contact with the attorneys and checks will start to go out in 6 to 8 weeks, and that was last week, so be patient. They estimated that there are approximately 350,000 claims. Hope this was helpful to everyone. Have a great day

    • Hi Christopher! If I wanted to get the potential amount deducted from my 2013 return, do you know how I can do this? But I guess that’s hard for them to determine because they’re uncertain of the refund amount anyway.

    • being you kept in close contact 6-8 weeks hmmmmmmm guess you werent that close cause its 12 weeks already

  62. I elected to get the settlement offer, what if I prefer to have it deducted from this year’s return? How do I make Turbotax aware?

    • Nicole, that wouldn’t be possible. A special fund has been set aside to pay out the settlement…you wouldn’t be able to get it directly from TurboTax.

      • That’s what I thought too. The situations are separate but I do recall reading somewhere that that was an option. Anywho, thanks so much.

  63. I’ve been using TT for many years. I received no notice of this class action. I stumbled upon this site by accident. Kind of shocked to find out that I could have been awarded up to 30.00 x 5 years, but apparently missed the filing deadline. Is there anything I could do?

  64. Hey whatever they send you it will be attached.Last year I entered a ” ACTION CLAIM ” against Chase Bank and they got my house and this year they sent me a 1099 MISC form to claim that money as an income so ” BE AWARE “.

  65. All you people are nuts!!! How did they steal from you??? They provided a service which cost $30 to the bank, not Turbo tax. Turbo Tax also provided a service (which you can actually get for free depending on what forms you need and if you want the all the bells amd whistles of the upgraded version ). You are all money grabbers and that’s wrong. To say you didn’t understand because of a technicality and want money is seriously obsured. They didn’t make you use it or trick you which is why I never have. Face it, at the time you wanted your money ASAP and were willing to pay it and now you think what the hell, I’ll take $30 or less cause I’m broke! Sue happy idiots is what you are, you DON’T have to jump on the bandwagon people!!!

    • I’m sorry but I’m having trouble understanding your point of view. The constitution and legal rights of every individual and consumer are an important part if checks and balances. Thus has absolutely nothing to do with getting rich. That’s why they were able to settle on the figure they settled on. Turbo tax I’m guessing knew exactly how many people could claim and determined that it was worth selling for that amount rather than fighting it. Because clearly they were in the wrong legally speaking! If everybody didn’t jump in there wouldn’t b a class action suit! And just so everyone else knows if you haven’t realized yet, they are reviewing 350,000 claims and if I remember correctly each year you opted for the option in your claim app counted. And even if that’s not true for the 350k number what is true is that a whole lot of them will bedisqualified for varying reasons. So we gotta wait it out. Cause if theynever pay our claim that’s fraud and a while new suit. This was a federal class action suit approved by an honorable justice of the court. It’s legitimate. So be patient and wait. I’d rather them sift out all the bs claims and get more, then do a half a$$ job and pay everyone.

    • You don’t get it Tawnie.. when I first opted to have my state fee deducted from my refund I had no clue they were going to charge me for that until it was too late. Because I’m lazy I just gasped and said oh well. Then I seen a chance to “jump on the bandwagon” with someone who had the money and time to file a lawsuit. All of us who were not properly notified of that fee should be part of the cash award from the settlement.

  66. Final approval was October and now it’s February what is going on we the people should know. Do they only work once a month?????

  67. I can’t believe after reading through this entire site I get to the end and there’s people trying to get the settlement amount out of their ’14 returns. Now that is just heinous and ignorant! They already settled the amount n paid it. It’s being distributed by a third party in the form of the legal representation team. Where are earth did these people get this irrational idea?

  68. I think this whole thing is a joke how long should it take for people to get there money also turbo tax is doing the same thing this year.

  69. Hey I got an email from TurboTax asking me to file my taxes with them. No more TurboTax for me. I went to irs.gov web site and file my 2013 taxes for free. Honestly, no charge. Got my refund back a few days ago. Hey, there goes the mail truck. Any mail for me? Lets see, bills, bills, junk mail, bills – that’s it. Well, I guess it will be 6-8 weeks.

  70. Yes I just found about this class action suit is it to late to file a claim.

    ADMIN – Hi Linda,

    Yes, it is too late to file a claim.

  71. I keep seeing where everyone is worried about where their check is. If you do the math the checks are only going to be about $13.85. Really? They got me too. but you agreed to pay it AND NOW YOUR WORRIED. That’s why we pay high prices for everything now, because people sue for the stupidest shit.

  72. Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?
    Administrator have you heard anything from the lawsuit?

  73. How many people think that all the complainers on this site will come back and complain when the checks are distributed and they A) didn’t get one or B) it really is for only $30….*raises hand*

    I’ve worked for a lawyer before and we were involved in a class action lawsuit against a chain hotel, to the tune of $3.6 million. The lawyers were awarded a substantial amount..Why? Because they worked until 9, 10, sometimes 11pm 5 nights a week on depositions and filings for 9 months. And it wasnt just ONE lawyer…It was 4. They were contacted at 2pm on a Sunday about motions and deadlines, they were pulled out of their daughters soccer games on a Saturday to run to the offie to fax a single piece of paper…..So yeah, they deserve that money. I wouldn’t want to be a lawyer and I’m glad I’m not. The money is nice but society hates you…*comments on here on proving my case*

    350,000 people (roughly) filed claims…EVERY SINGLE CLAIM has to be looked at to see if they indeed used this service for 2 years that they claimed, or 4 years or even at all…And if the amount is correct, etc. That takes a lot of time..And these law office only have so many people in the office working on THIS case. They arent going to hire people to come in and review this confidential information so we have to bear with them…It will take 6 months or so….which could be April or May. They have other cases too – this case isn’t the only one they have on their plate.

    People want to lash out before stopping to think about the situation..You don’t work in that office, you didnt sit in that court room, you don’t know what they are going through…you dont know what kind of information they have received from people making claims. They cant just hand out money to people because you SAY you used the service…or you THINK you used it for 4 years…That would be STUPID on their part.

    Let them do their jobs and when it’s all said and done if you receive a check, AWESOME! If you don’t, well at least you submitted one in hopes you were a part of it…

    Life moves on. I promise.

  74. This is in response to your message pertaining to TurboTax Class Action.

    We are currently in the process of reviewing over 360,000 filed claims. Your patience during this process is appreciated. Checks will be mailed out upon completion of the claims review process.The amount that each claim will receive via the settlement fund has not yet been determined. This determination usually occurs once all claims have been finalized.At this time, we have no set date for fund disbursement, but we are anticipating checks to go out soon after the claims review process is completed. Please feel free to get back to us in the future.

    If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our website at http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com.


    TurboTax Class Action
    Heffler Claims Group


    Please do not respond to this e-mail address, it is not set up to receive and process responses.
    If you wish to respond, please do so through our website at: http://www.turbotaxadmin.heffler.com/contact

    Received this response this morning.

  75. Admin…..I was wondering when should expect this money. First it was expected in January or February and now its March.

  76. I’ve used Turbo Tax just about as long as it’s been available. I used it for my 2013 taxes and have received both my State and Federal refunds.
    I can appreciate the lawyers got their chunk off the top. Considering the number of folks in the class (myself included) it will take some time to validate all the members of the class as users of the Turbo Tax service. However, if the idea is to validate all of them and THEN start cutting checks that could be the hold up. The lack of communication from the Heffler folks is the maddening part.
    Yes, the settlement decision came in October 2013 and now its almost April (March 25, 2014). I don’t care how many hundred thousand members of the class there are, this is all in a database/bases and should be a simple matter of matching up. Simple work of a computer in minutes.

    My question is: Where is the money sitting that all the checks are to be written from ? Is it with the attorneys? If so, are they accruing interest on the money ? Will that interest go to the members of the class ? That’s a lot of money just sitting dormant. I can’t believe that.

    It’s time for Heffler to be communicating out the timeline. Even the IRS can do that. Heffler could status the situation. They’re halfway through the validation, 3/4’s ? The longer they are silent, the more suspicious I become.

  77. Look, this Administrator, Heffler Group, is getting paid out of the settlement to review each claim. You can bet they will “review” as long as they can, in order to bill the settlement as much as they possibly can. Just look at how they pick and choose which questions they wish to answer here. Good Luck on getting anything!

  78. i like everyone else would like to know when the checks will be sent out. it has been going on 5 months since the dead line for fileing. and for the people that are saying that the lawyers are right in takeing this long, all i have to say is everyone is intitaled to a fast and speedy trial weather its the paper work or going to court so by law they have about 4 months from start to finish to get things done the only way to get around that law is to get every single person that filed a claim to wave there right to a speedy trial and that wont happen. And before someone goes off that i dont know what i’m talking about i’ll let you know that i have ten years experance dealing with the courts and lawyers. (Hint: to anyone in trouble with the law if your lawyer isn’t contacting you at least once a month about your case talk to the bar assoseation because they can lose the right to be a lawyer for that.)

  79. I haven’t heard anything any more, I have been using Turbotax since 2008, and just stop using it when i got the postcard in the mail, telling me to submit a claim, and here were are in APRIL and nothing yet? are we all just being played with runarounds

  80. Good day everybody, I got a call from a guy name Anthony Parascando on 3/25/2014, stating that the case was in an appeal and checks would be delivered in late April, so if any one of you guys would like to give him a call, his number is (267) 765-7474, so hopefully they will stand true to their word this time, without continuing to drag this on, so keep your fingers cross I guess.

  81. I’m sending this e-mail out to let every one know that I talk to a guy name Anthony Parascando on 3/25/2014 and he told me that case was in an appeal and checks would be delivered in late April and if any of you guys would like to give him a call, his number is (267) 765-7474 and he’ll be able to provide you with the information you may need

  82. I called that number and i got a great straight answer, saying there still processing the claims, alot of people either had fake claims, or mislabeled claims and it slowed down the process alot, think about millions of people just sending inn forms that shouldnt of even sent one, he explained it will be taken care of and to check back in about a month to get a better est. time frame


  83. a few holes in your comment:
    1. If this case is in appeal, then the members of the lawsuit would have to be notified and I have not been notified nor has anyone else that I can tell.
    2. If this case was in appeal then they would not nor could not give an estimate as to when the checks would be delivered.
    3. That phone number does not match any number associated with Heffler Claims Group and comes up as an unlisted number or cell when a reverse lookup is done. If it were a legit number for HCG it would come up as at the very least a landline/unpublished number. ease use caution when/if calling that number and do NOT give whoever answers any personal information.

    We’lleventually get our check.

  84. As of thursday email from class action group said they arestill going thru claims no set date for checks or amts

  85. This is ridiculous! I received the same generic email response from the administrator on Feb 14th that several of you also received. Seems like there should be some kind of time frame in which they need to process the claims. Not getting any information/updates is frustrating and maddening!

  86. Hello Admin or who ever answer my questions? can someone give me a estimate. of the time we can see a check. Its been a long time ..@

  87. How could the case be “on appeal”? It didn’t go to court, it was settled. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  88. When do the settlements get processed, I know I made a claim but havent received anything regarding this to date.

    • People are going to be very disappointed when/if they get a check from the settlement. They are NOT reimbursing the fees that you paid. If you get anything it will be a fraction of the amount, since from the beginning, it was stated that the total would be about ten dollars. From a different settlement, I received a check for – get this- $1.86 from a settlement I was told would be about $25. It cost more in postage than the settlement itself. Don’t expect much, though yes, it would be nice.

  89. why dont you people just look up the lawfirm and give them a call, I did, but it was after office hours and am expecting a call back within 48 hours.

    • Curious when exactly you called, your timestamp says “May 21st, 2014 at 8:33 am” Since it’s only 6:26 EST this leads me to believe that you are not even in the United States.

  90. FYI I was part of the class action suite against PNC bank…they settled August 2013…I received my portion in April of this year. .so what that being said maybe in the next month or so everyone who is entitled to thus TurboTax settlement will start receiving there payments…jmt

  91. I submitted my claim months ago and have not thought about it since. But I see that payments might have been due to be sent out in April, 2014…but I have not received anything. I used TT all but one of the years covered by the suit.

    Is there a way we can confirm that our submission is being processed for settlement.

    Thank you,

    James…in Minnesota

  92. I am just curious, we waited this long why are we having to suffer for TT mistakes. If the judge approved why cant TT be forthcoming about the payments. so are we saying 30.00 per year or 30 for all the years?

  93. Any news on when this settlement is getting paid out? Also, if you had fees deducted from your refund more than one of those years, does your share of the settlement include each of the years you filed or just one flat settlement for everyone?

  94. I have been keeping up with this site since I put in my claim with turbotax. Although I am not concerned with how much I will be getting, I do agree that it seems to be taking a while. I will post when and if I receive anything from them. Hopefully soon!

  95. I was NOT contacted, Not sent any thing! NO INFORMATION NO CLAIM INFO NADA!!1 NOTHING!! WHATS GOING ON? !!!! This is BULLSHIT! I have used Turbo tax for YEARS! What a load! Thanks! Screw you guys!

  96. Submitting inquiries to the firm handling this suit result in a form letter response…which did not even answer the actual question that I submitted.

    But if you divide the number of claims they state they have received, 360,000, by $4,000,000 (actual settlement was $6.5 million but fees etc…. subtracted) you get about $11.00 a claim. Now I am asking myself…was it really worth it!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    • What do you mean “was it really worth it?” You just made $11.00 sitting for 15 minutes to fill out the claim. And, you’re $11.00 richer :-) Think of it in those terms.

  97. I talked to a rep from there back on Feb 4th, 2014 and he said that it would be 8 to 12 weeks and checks would start going out. When I asked about the estimated amount of the settlement, he stated that it depends on how many years you had been subject to this that they would come up with the actual amounts. I tried to email them last week and the email bounced back as undeliverable and I had to call the 800 # and get the new email address which I have yet to get a response. I think they are jerking people around as I had been filing with them for over 9 years so if $30 is all I am going to get, the need to reevaluate the math!

    • This is the response i received just yesterday from an email I sent


      I am in receipt of your correspondence regarding the TurboTax settlement. Our office is anticipating that checks will go out to all timely valid claims within the next 30-45 days.

      Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

      Best regards,

      Anthony Parascando
      Claims Analyst


  98. As I said earlier, The Administrator,(Lawyers), will hang onto this money for as long as possible, bleeding it for any various fees they can. When they are finally against a wall, and have to pay, the class members will get little or nothing. Lawyers are all the same! A Turbo Tax user for 6 years.

  99. I submitted an email via http://www.turbotaxclassaction.com on 6/7/14.This is the response I received.

    “This is in response to your message pertaining to Question on Check.

    We are currently in the process of reviewing over 360,000 filed claims. Your patience during this process is appreciated. Checks will be mailed out upon completion of the claims review process. The amount that each claim will receive via the settlement fund has not yet been determined. This determination  usually occurs once all claims have been finalized. At this time, we have no set date for fund disbursement, but we are anticipating checks to go out soon after the claims review process is completed. Please feel free to get back to us in the future.

    If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our website at http://www.turbotaxclassaction.com.


    TurboTax Class Action
    Heffler Claims Group


    Please do not respond to this e-mail address, it is not set up to receive and process responses.
    If you wish to respond, please do so through our website at: http://www.turbotaxclassaction.com/contact

  100. This is the email I received today after I requested an update


    I am in receipt of your correspondence regarding the TurboTax settlement. Our office is anticipating that checks will go out to all timely valid claims within the next 30-45 days.

    Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,

    Anthony Parascando
    Claims Analyst


    cid:image002.gif@01CE0862.76C1C270 cid:image004.gif@01CE0862.76C1C270

    1515 Market Street, Suite 1700 | Philadelphia PA 19102

    California | New Jersey |New York | Oklahoma | Oregon

  101. The sad part here. Is how obvious it is that claims where made without actually reading the documents. As kelmar left the most recent info the key word is Valid. The reason it took so long to finalize the closing process of validating each claim. As mentioned before this is not a refund of charges to file ones taxes. This is about a loan. A loan we had no idea we had to pay because some chose to pay the fee out of thier tax refund. For those that filed a claim and then used turbo tax to file their taxes. Read the documents is all I am saying.

  102. The plaintiffs claim that they had used TurboTax in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Each time, they deferred the $86.90 fee to use the software, opting to have the amount deducted from their tax refund. Allegedly, Intuit charged them $29.95 to have the fee deducted from their refund, more than 34 percent of the original usage fee. The Smiths claimed that Intuit failed to adequately disclose the fee for the “refund processing service” as a finance charge.

    Maybe this will help..

  103. I am upset as well. But, if you do the math after all the fees taken out you are left with around 4.5-4 million and divide that by 350-360 thousand…we are getting 15-10 bucks. It sucks and we definitely deserve more. But there is nothing we can do.

  104. Hello,
    My question is the amount of INTEREST that is ACCRUING on the $6.5 million dollar payout.
    Will that ALSO be divided equally?
    No one has even remarked on that portion.
    If the lawyers placed the money in a high interest rate fund, and are dragging this out, there will be a substantial amount of money made. I believe someone should be investigating this in addition to when our claims will be submitted.
    Again, people, please be nice on here. If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say anything at all.

  105. I spoke to an analyst today and I was informed that checks would be disbursed in 3-4 weeks. Personally, I had 3 years to claim and I paid @$30.00 per year. However, the settlement amount was 6.5 million, attorney gets about 35% and the rest is distributed among @370,000 claimants. According to the analysts, we should get @$3-$4.00 per year of claim. I should receive a check for about $9.00 or $12.00 depending upon whether it is 3 or 4 bucks per year. This is a shame, it is clear that Turbo Tax is not the only crook in this deal. The biggest crooks are the lawyers. Our system is whacked and it favors the lawyers, if we wanted to complain about this situation, we would be complaining to the people who are doing wrong. Appealing to the public is the only way to deall with this injustice by these attorneys.

  106. I filed a claim before the October 2013 deadline and have not heard from anyone or have not received my rebate…. geezzz

  107. No one said we are realistically getting $3 – $4 or $15 or $30. They have received 360,000+ claims but that doesn’t mean all of those are VALID claims. It may be much lower and the amount receive may be much higher…Who knows…Be patient…It’s more money than you had the day before you receive it so be nice. I have worked with lawyers before and they aren’t just SITTING on it. They are having to go through 370,000 claims and figure out if every person used TurboTax the amount of years they claimed or if they even apply to the lawsuit at all. That’s a lot of research. Then you have to submit the claim information for someone to cut the checks which have to be double and triple checks. And believe me, this isn’t the only lawsuit they are handling…They have other clients too. Big lawsuits take time.

  108. I filled out the settlement form and I haven’t received an email with any updates on the payout being issued. When will I hear something?

    • Sure that was from Turbo Tax and not Experian/TransUnion/Eqifax? It is the same amount that people are getting from a settlement with one of them.

  109. Hello some people claimed the received a email with the status on the claim.
    I haven’t received a email, so I was wondering what is the status on the claim

  110. Forget it guys I received a check today & u can forget about getting $30 $20 or even &10 my check was for $2.45 cents!!! Know that’s a slap in the face!!

  111. If I moved how will I receive a check anyway?

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    You either need to get your mail forwarded by USPS or call up the class action administrator and have them change the mailing address for your claim.

  112. ???? I don’t think they are out because I am like 15 mins from the law office located in Philadelphia and I am excepting a check… j/s

  113. Those of us that have gotten an email with an update sent a message to the firm using the contact us link on their website.

    • Hey James at least u got a few bucks more than I did but that is weird why are people getting deferent amounts shouldn’t we all get the same? Hhmm.

  114. I still haven’t received my check. I filed 3 years out those listed in the lawsuit. I file the claim and followed up once in February. Still waiting. ..

  115. If that is all people are getting back, then what was the point? I wasn’t looking to get rich off it, but the amount people are getting is ridiculous

  116. I just am curious as to why people are lying claiming they received checks. I called the admin line and was told no check have went out yet PERIOD!!

  117. I contacted the claims group administration office yesterday and was told there weren’t any checks distributed as of yet.

    • I also contacted the admin and they said it would be another 30 days and nothing has been distrubted. So why are some claiming they have received refunds and have not. Please confirm that you have or just be honest enough to say you are in the same boat we all are in.

  118. I requested an update and received this just a few minutes ago

    Hello Ms. Kelmar,

    Our office has NOT yet mailed out checks. Anyone who states they have received anything from this settlement already is blatantly lying. At this time, we expect checks will be going out within the next 4 weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Anthony Parascando
    Claims Analyst


    cid:image002.gif@01CE0862.76C1C270 cid:image004.gif@01CE0862.76C1C270

    1515 Market Street, Suite 1700 | Philadelphia PA 19102

    California | New Jersey |New York | Oklahoma | Oregon

    From: budgirl8310@aol.com [mailto:budgirl8310@aol.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 2:59 PM
    To: Anthony Parascando
    Subject: Turbotax lawsuit update

    I would very much like a new update about the lawsuit. I inquired back late June early July and was told checks would be going out in 30-45 days. Some people on the classaction website are claiming they received their checks and am just wondering when I can expect mine. Here is my personal info if it helps
    Emmalee Kelmar
    23037 Rausch
    Eastpointe Mi 48021

  119. @Admin, I filed a clain in the class action suit. I’ve since moved. I did request USPS forward my mail. The forwarding process does last an extended period of time. What is the best contact number to call and update my mailing address. I’d like to ensure I receive my settlement check.

    Thank You.

  120. No wonder its taking so long to get checks. With all the people lying about getting checks, think about the idiots making claims when they weren’t eligible. People need to use their brains and not be greedy jack wagons.

  121. This is in response to your message pertaining to Question on Check.

    The Settlement Administrator is processing all of the claims that were received. The claim payments are estimated to take place in September 2014.

    If you have any additional questions, you may contact us in writing at the address found on the website, by e-mail through the contact section of our website at http://www.turbotaxclassaction.com.


    TurboTax Class Action
    Heffler Claims Group


    Please do not respond to this e-mail address, it is not set up to receive and process responses.
    If you wish to respond, please do so through our website at: http://www.turbotaxclassaction.com/contact

  122. I keep getting different answers when I ask for an update. Early July they said 30 days now they’re saying end of the month.

    It would be nice to have a guarantee that we’d actually get paid when we win a class action instead of playing the waiting game and getting a run around.

  123. It took them a week for me to get the same response. hopefully everyone who is apart of this class action suit will be getting our monies at the end of September! Keep you fingers crossed

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