Class Eligibility

If you received notice of the Settlement directed to you, then you may be a member of the Settlement Classes. But even if you did not receive a notice, you may still be a member of the Settlement Classes.

The “Settlement Classes” are defined as:

Settlement Class A: All persons or entities within the U.S. who, from December 31, 2010, up to and including August 17, 2017, used or subscribed to a wireless or cellular service and were sent one or more non-emergency text messages, utilizing Twilio Inc.’s system, in connection with Uber’s Refer-a-Friend Program.

Settlement Class B: All persons or entities within the U.S. who, from December 31, 2010, up to and including August 17, 2017, started Uber’s driver application process but did not become an “active” driver in Uber’s system, who used or subscribed to a wireless or cellular service, and to whom Uber sent one or more non-emergency text messages after the user or subscriber requested Uber to discontinue sending text messages.

Settlement Class C: All persons or entities within the U.S. who, from December 31, 2010, up to and including August 17, 2017, were not party to a contract with Uber and/or who did not provide his or her cellular phone number to Uber, and who used or subscribed to a wireless or cellular service to which Uber sent one or more non-emergency text messages.

Estimated Amount


This settlement will be distributed pro rata; that is equal amounts to every qualified class member that submits a claim

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Tomorrow Black-Brown, et. al. v. ergara, et al. v. Uber Technologies, Inc
No. 1:15-CV-06942 (N.D. Ill.)
United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Case Summary

This case was brought as a class action alleging that Uber engaged in violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 et seq. (“TCPA”), by sending automated text messages without consent to the people and entities in the Settlement Classes.

Settlement Pool





Uber TCPA Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 5053
Portland, OR 97208-5053

91 responses to “Uber TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Jessica Quintela says:

    I have text messages on my phone now regarding this

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    Consider filing a claim.

  2. Alisa Dameron says:

    I believe I was sent text messages from uber that was stated above.

    ADMIN – Hi Alisa,

    If you believe you are a member of the class we encourage you to file a claim.

  3. Dennis Grskovic says:

    I was/am a concerned UBER user

    ADMIN – Hi Dennis,

    Concerned about what?

  4. Patricia Taylor says:

    I believe I was sent a text message on my phone from Uber.

    ADMIN – Hi Patricia,

    If you are a member of the class consider filing a claim.

  5. Jonathan Hart says:

    I have 44 text messages from Uber that I never responded to.

    ADMIN – Hi Jonathan,

    It sounds like you are a class member. Consider filing a claim.

  6. Scotty says:

    I filed a claim. Uber went from sending annoying texts to filling my mailbox (Postal Service) with letters. I get a letter each day, asking me to become a driver. lol …

    ADMIN – Hi Scotty,

    That would drive me insane!

    • john says:

      I get mail from the also like once a week. That’s a way around TCPA’s .
      Try looking for a job on Craigslist, they also spam them. And spam all job boards.

  7. Esther Winston says:

    I gotta so many text from Uber
    to work for them and use the service for Uber.

  8. Michael D Albert Sr says:

    I received countless numbers of text messages on my cell phone, from Honolulu Uber. Now it’s satisfaction time!

    ADMIN – Hi Michael,

    We wish you the highest levels of satisfaction!

  9. Judy Sallerson says:

    I have received numerous calls from Uber asking me to refer friends and on top of that they charged me 3x for the same ride!

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    That is terrible, just terrible.

  10. Lanse says:

    How do I check my number? I have messages but not sure if it falls under this.

    ADMIN – HI Lanse,

    You can email, call or write to the admin to check

  11. TERESA M BRANDY says:

    Uber would send me numerous text to finish signing up for the bonus.

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa,

    Consider filing a claim.

  12. Kaila Miller says:

    I did receive consistent messages from Uber pertaining to what’s describe. They also charged me for rides that I didn’t request.

    ADMIN – Hi Kaila,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and glad to hear you are a potential class member.

  13. Shawn Young says:

    I have received numerous text messages from Uber but I don’t respond

    ADMIN – Hi Shawn,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  14. Patricia says:

    I got my notice today in the mail and put my claim in right away!!


  15. Eram younis says:

    My name is Eram younis
    Adress, 5227 e Florence avenue
    Fresno , ca 93727-5270
    I received a legal notice about a class action settlement
    I am very curious what it is? I have never even try to apply on Uber I never received any kind of money.
    I have no idea about that, kindly give me any prof I am interested to know what is exactly happened I am assuming if someone stole my identity.
    My phone number is , 5597283979

    ADMIN – Hi Eram,

    Most likely someone stole your identity.

  16. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    Hello this is Francisco rodriguez and I am deaf I had to receive postcard yesterday I readed it done I don’t know what you talk about against uber I am not no way and not hear about it unknow no proof for me nothing ZERO no see it nothing postcard trash it ok

    ADMIN – Hi Francisco,

    If you received a card and you never worked for UBER you should be concerned with the possibility of identity theft

  17. Joseph Barbella says:

    Hello. I received a postcard in regards to this settlement. I have received multiple/countless text messages from Uber throughout the years. I have been a Uber Driver for about 12 months now and still receive these annoying texts.

    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    Have you filed your claim?

    • Joseph Barbella says:

      Yes I haveIf we receive any monies do you know where I am and how much it will be for?

      ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

      I don’t have the details yet.

  18. Charlotte Brumfield says:

    I received several texting from

    Uber I never replied.

  19. Bobbi Williams says:

    I received my post card regarding the law suit and submitted my claim this morning. Was just wondering where the heating will be held.

    ADMIN – Hi Bobby,

    The fairness hearing will take place on January 23, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

  20. Deborah Boe says:

    I drove for Uber they would many get people to sign up to drive.Someone hacked into account. and I believe that they were driving under my information.From Lakeland Florida.And from Orlando Florida.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    This settlement is about unsolicited SMS. It has nothing to do with the situation you describe

  21. Marsha says:

    When Can I look to hearing anything about this claim ?

    ADMIN – Hi Marsha,

    Most settlements are paid only after the deadline has passed and all appeals have been resolved. This often takes years.

  22. miriam lewis says:

    I applied to be a driver for Uber in 2016 but never got all the way through the process: yes I recieved text messages continueously from Uber.

    ADMIN – Hi Miriam,

    TCPA and employment background are two different settlements. Please take a moment to read class eligibility and see if you qualify.

  23. Ashley S Spurlin says:

    I received several text messages from uber
    My name is ashley s spurlin
    My contact number to reach me is
    334 923 1328
    My address 866
    Andalusia al 36420

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    Leaving a note here does not result in obtaining funds from the settlement. Please file a claim using the link we provided .

  24. Justin says:

    I had several texts from Uber in 2015 when I considered becoming a driver. I went through the process, but never picked up my first fare. Do I qualify or no? Is there a way to have my number checked?

    ADMIN – Hi Justin,

    You can always reach out to the class action administrator to obtain clarification.

  25. TASHA KEY says:


    ADMIN – Hi Tasha,

    If you miss the deadline you no longer qualify. You are out of luck, you receive nothing.

    • Nicole Griffith says:

      I’m angry. I received a bunch of unwanted texts and just received the class action info today…wow. I’ll never use Uber again. Thanks for nothing. There were people who needed to be included who were not. Unacceptable.
      The deadline was 12/15 and I receive this info on 1/2/2018? What a joke.

      ADMIN – Hi Nicole,

      Don’t fret too much over this. Give class counsel a call and explain your situation. They are unlikely to extend the deadline but they will at least know that the notifications did not arrive in a timely manner.

  26. Christopher mendez says:

    Yes i recieved the email notice in october and had already submitted my claim. For the period of 2014 when i first applied but never finished the process until 2017 4 yrs of it wasting ny battery so what number am i as car as claimants

    ADMIN – Hi Christopher,

    Valid claims are not a queue in which you are rewarded based on your spot in line. If you want to know the status of your claim you need to reach out to the class action administrator.

  27. Dominique medley says:

    I had a lot of messages from Uber

    ADMIN – Hi Dominique,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  28. Rudolph J Daggett says:

    I’m just finding out about this class action suit, and was informed of it talking with another driver in the Baltimore region. I Live in the D.C. region. The conversation I had was on 1/5/18. I believe I was affected as well. Who can I speak to concerning this matter.

    ADMIN – Hi Rudolph,

    Once the deadline has passed there is not much you can do as long as there is sufficient participation of valid class members.

  29. Rudolph J Daggett says:

    I wasn’t aware of this class action suit, until it wasbrought to my attention by a uber driver out of the Baltimore region. I live in the D.C. region. I was affected somehow. 1/5/18 was the date I learned about the class action suit. I’m wondering why I wasn’t notified, and heared nothing concerning this suit, and would like to be included in this suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Rudolph,

    You may no longer be included as the deadline has passed. Most settlements are advertised in common publications, newspapers and on the web. I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter that way you will never again miss a settlement.

  30. Rudolph J Daggett says:

    I left 2 comments already, and did not leave another way to contact me concerning this matter at hand. the phone number that is posted is only giving pre-recorded messages. Here is a contact number to reach me at to who ever this may concern. (202) 826-3251.

    ADMIN – Hi Rudolph,

    It definitively does not concern us. We are simply an informational website unable to provide you details on specific cases. Try reaching out to class counsel.

  31. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    I’ve gotten a number of text, but that’s not has bad as paying all the money and taking classes and not being able to get the job as a Driver smh.

  32. richard freeman says:

    to day is court day what was I’m getting paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Richard,

    the admin has not yet posted an update. When they do I will let everyone know

  33. William Foster says:

    I was getting them for a year straight myself, then I finally changed my number.

  34. William Foster says:

    I did file my claim but waiting to hear something now. They say the judge rule on it yesterday.

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    Please allow the admin a few weeks to update the website.

  35. William Foster says:

    They ruled on it yesterday, how long will it be for us to know how much we are getting?

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    The class action administrator has not yet updated the website.

  36. Katina says:

    I received 15 text messages

    ADMIN – Hi Katina,

    Hopefully you filed a claim.

  37. Thomas Willis Jones says:

    What is the latest updates of the 01/23/2018 Settlement? Did the Judge sign off on the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    The hearing was on the 23rd and the admin has not yet provided updates.

  38. Gene Foussadier says:

    Yes multiple text even responded with remove me from future text.

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    That sure sounds frustrating.

  39. Jerry R Robinson says:

    yes multiple times uber texted me. and I hit STOP text

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    It sounds like you are a class member.

  40. Kiossy Garcia says:

    hello my name is kiossy garcia i wanted to know what happened to the case of uber because I already made my claim and I do not have any information.

    ADMIN – Hi Kiossy,

    The fairness hearing was just a few days ago and the admin has not yet updated the website with info.

  41. Faith Mason says:

    I’m still waiting to receive my payment from the settlement that was held on the 23rd

    ADMIN – Hi Faith,

    Payments do not happen immediately after the hearing. Please be patient and keep checking for updates on the main page.

  42. Damon Delaney says:

    Hello, I filed my claim last year. My claim # is “MPZURHT8”. Was there a decision?

    ADMIN – Hi Damon,

    The final hearing was on 1/23, I have not received updates on it yet.

  43. Jaheed says:

    Hello I file a claim # DHMB69TN whe will we get s update on the status of the settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Jaheed,

    The final hearing was on the 23rd but the class action administrator has not yet updated the official website.

  44. Diane says:

    When can we expect an update on on the uber tcpa settlement and how much will be available for us class members?

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    I don’t have new updates yet.

  45. Martin Vallejo says:

    Where is my money i can be reached at 8323869684 or at8327181553 I’m still waiting thanks 😂😆

    ADMIN – Hi Martin,

    I won’t call you as I am not the class action administrator. If you need someone to call you you need to reach out to them directly. For your convenience I posted their contact info above.

  46. Loretta Jones says:

    I kept receiving text messages from uber for a ride that i didn’t need, just kept ignoring the annoying texts. Very annoying, when looking to hear from someone else.

    ADMIN – Hi Loretta,

    Hopefully you filed your claim.

  47. Darrel Hayes says:

    My name is Darryl Hayes I am a member of the settlement suit and I was wondering what the outcome was of the trial on the 23rd and when and how much am I going to receive .my CLASS MEMBER ID NUMBER IS 322-400-3515 THANKS I APPRECIATE YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION

    ADMIN – Hi Darrel,

    Reach out to the class action administrator for updates.

  48. Derrick Jaudon says:

    When can I receive a check in the mail. Please send me and email.

    ADMIN – Hi Derrick,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  49. Fredrick Culbert says:

    I filled out my how come im not on this list? I recieved a confirmation number from y’all. I hope i wasn’t excluded out of this settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Frederick,

    Contact the class action administrator.

  50. Annie Donnelly says:

    I was wondering if there was any new news.

  51. Sheila Y. Armstrong says:

    I filed my claim before the set deadline and I didn’t see my name on the list. I used my documented claim number assigned to me too file my claim.

    • Terri giles says:

      I did the same as you and didn’t see my name . So I wonder when we will get a call on this the said be patient will happen January 23rd and we haven’t heard anything yet on the internet so I would like to know what’s going on

    • Joe green says:

      What list did u c and how do you I c it

  52. Liliane Rodrigues says:

    How can I check if my name is on the list? I did fill the claim before the deadline.

    ADMIN – Hi Liliane,

    You can call or write to the class action administrator.

  53. Annie Donnelly says:

    How do you find out of your on the list I filed my claim that they send me and I have a confirmation number thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Annie,

    A confirmation number is evidence that the admin received your claim and he will make the final determination as to the validity of said claim.

  54. Darius Huggins says:

    I received a postcard that had something to do with uber and did everything the administrator said for me to do

    ADMIN – Hi Darius,

    If you filed your claim all there is left to do is wait for the case to be finalized so you can get your share of the settlement.

  55. Shady Mesiha says:

    I received the claim by mail includes my claim number and I field it online,
    But I see in previous comments that some people says they don’t see their names on the list !!
    How can I check the list names to make sure I am a part of the claim.
    And how or where we can get updatea for that case because I tried to call the information line but there is no new information available and you can’t speak to anyone over the phone. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Shady,

    If you received a claim card and you filed it you are most likely a class member. If you are having issues getting through with the class action administrator consider escalating to class counsel.

    • Shady Mesiha says:

      How can I reach them ?
      Would you please provide phone number or email address. Thx

      ADMIN – Hi Shady,

      According to the FAQ these are the attorneys representing you

      Hassan A. Zavareei
      Andrea R. Gold
      1828 L Street, N.W.
      Suite 1000
      Washington, D.C. 20036
      Telephone: 202-973-0900

  56. Terri giles says:

    I didn’t see my name either and I filled mine out by the deadline as well

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,

    Have you reached out to the class action administrator?

  57. Travis says:

    I’m still wondering what was the out come of the trial date on 1/23/18 I’m a part of it

    ADMIN – Hi Travis,

    The administrator has not updated their website.

  58. Octavia says:

    What’s the outcome of the court hearing

    ADMIN – Hi Octavia,

    The administrator has not provided additional information.

  59. Leonard Hawkins says:

    Hi I filed a claim before the deadline I have received over 10,000 emails from uber I have recently moved an have a new mailing address I tried the 1800 330 1683 but I haven’t been able to talk to anyone

    ADMIN – Hi Leonard,

    Send a change of address via mail.

  60. Terri giles says:

    What’s the class-action ministrator phone number so we can contact them

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,
    Scroll up and look under the subheading that reads : “contact”

  61. Annie Donnelly says:

    I haven’t heard anything and I filed my claim before the deadline

    ADMIN – Hi Annie,

    At the moment the courts are probably waiting for potential appeals.

  62. Rolando says:

    Hi my name is Rolando Reyes im a member of the class action lawsuit im just wondering when will the checks be payed out to us.?

    ADMIN – Hi Rolando,

    The final hearing was on 1/23 and the class action administrator has not updated the page.

  63. Brian Simpson says:

    Do u know how many people filed

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    I don’t

  64. Rodney Fugiett says:

    I am a member of the class suit against UBER , I joined before the Dec. deadline , actually 11-15-2017 to be exact.
    I have contacted the Class Admin. and Phoned Number that was given ( 1-800-330-1683 ) just a recording on the Phone , and the E-Mail telling me to contact Class Admin.
    sounds like a lot of run around to me so I will give up on making contact on this matter!!! NOT LIKLEY

    ADMIN – Hi Rodney,

    Have you tried contacting the class action administrator directly?

    • Rodney Fugiett says:

      Hello I did try to contact that Admin. at entered to make a contact, give me a FORM TO FILL OUT , I did not fill the form out , Called there V.P. Randy and left a message as to what I was making the call about the class action suit against UBER that was to be determined on January 23rd 2018.
      No responds!!!

  65. Kiossy Garcia says:

    Can you give me the number for call see what happens to my claim

    ADMIN – Hi Kiossy,

    This is the company managing the claims.

  66. Ozie R Dotson Jr says:

    Hello I filled a claim before the deadline 12/15/17 but been checking and try to look up how long will it be before we can receive checks on the settlement and where can I find updated information on the claim

    ADMIN – Hi Ozie,

    To obtain updated information on the claim you need to reach out to the class action administrator or wait until the revise the website.

  67. Kiossy Garcia says:

    Can you give me the number and see what happens Falls a check for over over

    ADMIN – Hi Kiossy,

    I don’t understand your question.

  68. Robin Thomas says:

    So when will no what’s going on with the case???

    ADMIN – Hi Robin,

    From what I hear they are getting ready to make payments.

  69. Chris says:

    103 dollars each is this true

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    Who gave you that number?

  70. ROBERT Martinez says:

    ADMIN you have a lot of patience.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    Sometimes… 😉

  71. Gerald Christopher says:

    I have been getting Uber text with every phone I get a new phone every year . I’m still getting text about working for Uber and I have a new numbe

    ADMIN – Hi Gerald,

    Hopefully you filed a claim in a timely manner.

  72. Diane hall says:

    Any new news from the uber tcpa settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    None at the moment.

  73. anival says:

    its feb 14 went will check be given out..i file a claim in november..

    ADMIN – Hi Anival,

    I see that the final hearing was at the end of January. After a final hearing there is always a gap to allow for appeals. If no appeals take place the administrator will begin validating claims. The date in which you submitted your claim is irrelevant. The only dates that matter are the dates related to deadlines and hearings as disclosed on the official page.

  74. Paul M Stoddard says:

    I got text messages everyday for two weeks or more from Uber I can’t believe how companies can harass people who never give them my number

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    If someone contacted you on your cell without your authorization they violated the law and you deserve your share of the settlement.

  75. Rolando says:

    Any updates on the settlement yet its been a while since the last hearing and no info yet.?

    ADMIN – Hi Rolando,

    No info yet.

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