Class Eligibility

You are a member of this class action settlement if you own or owned buildings located in the United States that were built on or after Jan. 1, 2002, and which contain (or contained) Uponor yellow brass fittings.

Class Members of the Nevada Uponer pipe fitting settlement include anyone who owns or owned buildings with the Uponor yellow brass fittings in the Las Vegas Valley.

One way to identify if your building qualifies is to look inside the electrical panel and see if you have a a yellow sticker that say “Uponor,” “Wirsbo” or “Aquapex.” Alternatively, you may hire a plumber to identify your plumbing (though you will be responsible for payment of these costs). If you do hire a plumber, make sure you keep a copy of all documentation (such as color photos) to confirm the products are present.

Estimated Amount

Up to $60,000 Nationwide or up to $150,000 in Nevada

This money will be paid into a settlement fund that will be used to reimburse eligible Class Members for repairs or replacement costs relating to leaks or flow issues, and related property damage.

Proof of Purchase


Class Members must provide documentation that they have the Uponor piping installed in the building. They may submit physical evidence, such as the Uponor yellow brass fittings, or other documentation that the Uponor pipe fittings were installed in the building. Photographs, an inspection report or a notorized plumber’s report can be submitted as proof that the Uponor yellow brass fittings were installed in the property.

Case Name

George v. Uponor
Case No. 12-cv-249
U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota


Wirbo Non-F1807 Yellow Brass Litigation
Case No. 08-cv-1223
District Court for the District of Nevada

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit Uponor high zinc content brass plumbing fittings are defective and break down prematurely.

These brass fittings and their components are manufactured using high zinc content brass and suffer chemical processes that result in early wear and tear and blockage of the pipes

Uponor denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation.

Settlement Pool

21,000,000 Nationwide

7,000,000 Nevada



If you previously had property damage, you must file a claim within six months after the class action settlement is approved. If the property was located in Clark County, Nevada, you must file a claim within 12 months of the property damage.

Similarly, people who experience property damage in the future must file a claim within six months after the damage occurs. If the property was located in Clark County, Nevada, the claim must be filed within 12 months of the property damage.

The Claims period will run for five years from when the nationwide Uponor class action settlement is approved, and eight years from when the Nevada Uponor class action settlement is approved.


Nationwide Uponor Settlement
P.O. Box 2268
Faribault MN 55021-2388


Nevada Uponor Settlement
P.O. Box 2276
Faribault, MN 55021-2397

8 responses to “Uponor Brass Pipe Fittings Class Action Settlement”

  1. Mike says:

    How can I prove if I no longer own the property ?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    You may be able to come to an agreement with the current owner in order to facilitate an inspection but this would only make sense if you incurred expenses that you can document related to leaks that can be directly attributable to the faulty product.

  2. Tanya says:

    I purchase my home from a builder in 2008 how can I tell if they used brass pipe fitting?

    ADMIN- Hi Tanya,

    Follow the instructions on the settlement to figure out if you have brass fittings. Alternatively, consider hiring a plumber.

  3. Carolyn says:

    It states for previous damage a claim must be filed six months after the class action settlement has been approved. When was the settlement approved?

  4. Mary says:

    They did not tell us that they were using brass pipes on our home and they busted and we had water all over the place

  5. JD says:

    My home in an affected zip code has a water leak under the foundation near the kitchen sink. There are no stickers in my electrical box. I am one of three homes known to have current subfloor leaks. Could this be a faulty Upnor fitting if the copper water line under the house was “rolled copper”?

    ADMIN – Hi JD,

    We have no idea. You will have to contact an expert.

  6. Carolyn says:

    I have called every other month to check up on the status of my claim. I completed all paperwork and submitted promptly in August 2015 with full detail of paperwork attached and signatures of my bills and notarized; yet I am told that you don’t have any clue about disbursement a or can give me any kind of update. This is sounding more like fraud .

    ADMIN – Hi Carolyn,

    Please remember that we are just an informational website and not the class action administrator. We don’t have access to your claim. Our website is purely educational.

  7. MARCUS CLOSE says:

    Think the repairs on my house were repaired with brass fittings

  8. MANJU NATH says:

    i using brass fittings .now leakage problem happened in my house .how can i solve this problem.i want permanent solution

    ADMIN – Hi Manju,

    We are not plumbing specialists but my suggestion would be to replace them with a product that is not defective.

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