Class Eligibility

You may be a member of the class if, anytime from May 1, 2002, through April 20, 2017:

Wells Fargo opened a checking or savings account, credit card, or line of credit in your name without your consent, or submitted an application for a checking or savings account, credit card, or line of credit without your consent. This Notice refers to these sorts of accounts and applications as “Unauthorized Accounts.”


You obtained Identity Theft Protection Services from Wells Fargo.

Estimated Amount


Fee Reimbursement: There will be two types of reimbursement. The actual fees for accounts opened between January 1, 2009 and April 20, 2017. For accounts opened prior to January 1 2009 the class members will receive a flat reimbursement as the bank does not have documents to calculate the fees. The amount will be determined once all the qualified members have filed and will be equal to the average Fee Reimbursement payment made to Class Members with an unused Unauthorized Account opened from January 1, 2009, through April 20, 2017.

Credit Impact Damage: Credit Impact Damages are designed to compensate Class Members who paid higher interest rates on loans or credit cards because their credit scores were hurt by certain Unauthorized Accounts (a credit card, line of credit, small business deposit account, or an unauthorized application for one of those products).The attorneys representing the Class Members have hired experts to calculate your Credit Impact Damages.

Additional Compensation:Class Members will receive any money remaining in the Settlement Fund after all claims for Fee Reimbursement and Credit Impact Damages and attorneys’ fees and costs have been paid. The amount of additional compensation you will be eligible to receive will be based on the number of claimed Unauthorized Accounts opened in your name and authorized enrollment in Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection Services. (Put differently, if you enrolled in Identity Theft Protection Services, that counts as one Unauthorized Account for purposes of Additional Compensation.)

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

SHAHRIAR JABBARI, ET AL., Plaintiffs, v.WELLS FARGO & COMPANY, et al., Defendants.
Case No. 15-cv-02159-VC
United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

The lawsuit seeks compensation for Wells Fargo customers affected by the practice of opening consumer and small business deposit accounts, and unsecured credit cards and lines of credit, without consent. It also seeks compensation for Wells Fargo customers who obtained Identity Theft Protection Services

Settlement Pool





Wells Fargo Unauthorized Accounts Settlement,
P.O. Box 2594, Faribault,
MN 55021-9594
1- 866-431-8549.

32 responses to “Wells Fargo Fake Accounts Class Action Settlement”

  1. j says:

    How can I tell if they opened an account in my name? Like a year ago, I received workers comp checks that was drawn on a wells fargo account.
    Every time I went to cash a check, I had to speak to a rep for them to sign off on it for it to be cashed. And they always asked me like 10 times every visit, if I wanted to open an account. Then they are doing something on their computer, I don’t know what, for like 10 minutes.
    I never gotten anything from them. I check my credit sesame account. It doesn’t show any kind of bank account. Not even my Capital One bank account.

    So where can I find that information at?

    ADMIN – Hi J,

    The admin will make his best effort to contact most class members. If you believe you are a class member you may want to contact the class action administrator to verify.

    • Tamika Moore says:

      I had an account last year and my credit was pulled without my permission

      ADMIN – Hi Tamika,

      This is not about credit pulls. This is about fake accounts opened in your name.

  2. Margaret Kendall says:

    How do I find out if this was done to me? An IRA I had was bought by WF but I took the money and rolled it into another IRA. They had all my info.

    ADMIN – Hi Margaret,

    You would know because you would have received statements of accounts you did not open.

  3. Daniela Reed says:

    I’m not sure if I have a case

    ADMIN – Hi Daniela,

    Did Wells Fargo open additional bank accounts in your name without your permission? If they did you are a class member.

  4. Mark says:

    If I already received a payout from Wells Fargo during non-binding mediation as part of the fake account scandal, can I still join this class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    I don’t think you can double-dip, but please check with the class action administrator.

  5. Pam says:

    My husband and I have joint accounts and I have a business account with WF. We frequently received credit cards that we did not ask for, but I didn’t activate any of them. As far as I can tell, no fees were added to my accounts. I did get the email re: the class action. Does this mean I should file?

    ADMIN – Hi Pam

    I would say yes.

  6. Deanna Knauss says:

    I opened an account with them last year and havent heard anything for a check…please email me as what i need to do to get check

    ADMIN – Hi Deanna,

    This is not about you opening an account. This is about them opening accounts without your permission.

  7. Samantha says:

    I have the Wells Fargo ID protection. Why is that included in the lawsuit?

    ADMIN – Hi Samantha,

    Because they may have used your info to create other accounts or in some instances they may have “sold” id protection to people that did not want it nor had knowledge that the bank was about to bill them for it.

  8. Lydia Espino says:

    I had a FirstGroup retirement savings account that was listed on my account that i never opened or had anything to do with. It was on for about a year and then mysteriously stopped showing up. early this year. Does this sounds like im a class member?

    ADMIN – Hi Lydia,

    I have no idea what FirstGroup is. Your best bet is to contact the class action admin to see if you are part of this settlement.

  9. Vanessa Lyle says:

    Please add me to this settlement

    ADMIN – Hi Vanessa,

    You can file a claim if you are a member of the class using the link provided.

  10. Shaundrea Thomas says:

    Had an account with wells fargo

    ADMIN – Hi Ms. Thomas,

    Did you have an account with Wells Fargo that you did not open or authorized? If that is the case you qualify.

  11. Deborah Cherry says:

    They was taking more money out of my account than they suppose to.I was will them about 12years and never had a problem until it changed over to Well Fargo.Every month they was taking out more money.

  12. S.F says:

    Do this go for mysterious money that was deposited in an account and took off?

    ADMIN – Hi SF,

    You had mysterious money taking off on its own?

  13. Ernest Westbrooks says:

    please add me to this settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Ernest,

    I cannot add you to any settlement. As a class member you must file yourself using the link we provided and completing the online form.

  14. Karen C. says:

    I had a WF checking account. WF opened a Savings account and moved my money from my checking account to the savings account. WF sent me a debit card for the savings account, but I never activated it.
    Do I qualify?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Did you ask for the savings account? If you did not request the savings account you qualify.

  15. Rosalind Evans says:

    My sister was a victim of Wells Fargo employee mishandling of her bank account over and over again money was always missing from her bank accounts (she was sick and in a re habit i was always getting day passes from the rehab hosp just to take my sister to Wells Fargo Bank because of money missing from her account, they never cleared this matter-up my sister has passed on Dec 2016 is there any way that i can follow-up on this matter on my sister behalf?

    ADMIN – Hi Rosalind,

    I believe you can claim on behalf of the deceased

  16. Penny says:


    ADMIN – Hi Penny,

    I am not sure if auto loans were also fake accounts. I encourage you to contact the class action administrator to find out.

  17. Desiree says:

    My husband and I both got an email from wellsfargo about a class action settlement. We haven’t noticed anything unauthorized but we could have also not noticed, should we file ?

    ADMIN – Hi Desiree,

    Yes you should consider filing if you received a notice.

  18. kb says:

    I notified Wells Fargo in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 about accounts that were fraudulently opened in my name to no avail.

    ADMIN – Hi KB,

    If you believe you are a class member by all means file a claim.

  19. Susan Schultz says:

    When we moved to Florida from Michigan. We opened a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo. Much to our surprise we were given credit cards we didn’t ask for. We never activated them though are we still part of the class action suit?

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I believe you are.

  20. Leigh Ann Reid says:

    I live in Alabama. I have received emails from Wells Fargo stating that a freeze has been put on my account. I have never applied for credit with them. I have also received two texts stating there has been a freeze placed on my account. I don’t have an account with them. I never applied for credit with them. Should I fill out a claim form?

    ADMIN – Hi Leigh,

    No, this is for people that had or have one account and more were open. In your case it sounds more like identity theft.

  21. Mary Ann Nabhani says:

    My husband and I went to Wells Fargo Bank wanting an account that would pay us interest that we could live on. Instead of doing that, Wells Fargo open an account that paid no interest. In addition to that a checking account was opened. We lost interest for years on a large 401K account.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    This settlement is about accounts that were opened without your permission. It is not about the class of account that the bank opened in your behalf. If your account was non-interest bearing why did you wait years to change it?

  22. Sherry Olivo -Wecht says:

    Ive gotten statements in the past stating i had avcounts i didnt. I notified Wells Fargo at the time Sherry Olivo-Wecht

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    It sounds like you are a class member. Consider filing a claim.

  23. Mary Thomas says:

    I was a victum of my social security, it was stolen and it went to Austriala on a prepaid credit card.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Your social security went to Australia? Who prepaid the credit card?

  24. Mary Thomas says:

    Somehow I had a house that was coming up that Wells Fargo was the lender, I did get that straightened. I would like to know if you have a list of accounts with names on it.
    Mary J. Thomas, lived in Midland Texas until 3 years ago and now I live in Abilene, Texas

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    I don’t

  25. Mary Thomas says:

    I would like to know if you have a list.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    We don’t but the class action admin maybe has one. Have you reached out?

  26. darrell moaton says:

    I open a wells fargo account when I tried too make a deposit they said that I had a previous balance in which I tried too make a withdrawl from. I had never had a account with them . do I quailfy

    ADMIN – HI Darell,

    It sounds like you are a potential class member.

  27. Maria E Alvarez says:

    Not sure if account was open

    ADMIN – Hi Maria,

    If you had an account open you would see evidence in the form of a statement or money being moved out from your regular account.

  28. Deanna Karacostas says:

    My mom had a charge line and a credit card opened in her name without her consent.

    ADMIN – Hi Deanna,

    It sounds like your mom is a class member.

  29. William says:

    Where do I find the claimant number

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    In the postcard that was sent to you. If you did not receive a postcard you have to file using the path for those without a number.

  30. mike Espenshade says:

    they opened a account in my name without my knowledge reported for over a year as a bad account .told them go fly a kite not responding to a account i did not open

  31. TIffany Lewis says:

    Back in 2003-2004 I was told by a Wells Fargo teller that there was an account opened with my social security number under a different name. Wells Fargo ended up closing MY account and I had to go back into the bank to convince them to close the fraudulent account and keep mine open. I have been fighting identity theft on each on my credit reports with each bureau since then up until 2 years ago. I still have incorrect addresses and names on my credit report to this day, the same information on the fraud Wells Fargo account. I was under age when this happened and had no idea how to fix credit or how anything worked. I have been through hell and back trying to fix this. I have all the documentation to back this up. I did not get a Claimant ID Number and would like one OR I would like to open up my own suit against Wells Fargo. Would you please contact me so we can go over?

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany,

    Class Action Rebates is not the administrator thus we are unable to contact you or provide you with any assistance.

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