Class Eligibility

You may be eligible for a remission payment if you sent a money transfer through Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, and were the victim of fraud. To apply, you must file a Petition of Remission. We mailed many victims petitions with pre-populated loss amounts. Those forms can be returned online or in the mail to the claims administrator. If you didn’t get a pre-filled petition, you may file a petition electronically

Estimated Amount


The amount you get will probably be a percentage of the amount you lost minus any refund you have already gotten.

Your payment will be based only on the amount of the money transfer. You cannot recover collateral expenses such as Western Union fees, incidental losses, or transfers sent through other companies.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

FTC v. The Western Union Company,
Case 1:17-cv-00110-CCC
District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania

Case Summary

Western Union paid $586 million to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission (or FTC), and the Department of Justice (or DOJ). The company admitted to criminally aiding and abetting wire fraud and to violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. The U. S. Postal Inspection Service investigated various schemes in which fraudsters contacted victims and falsely posed as family members in need or federal law enforcement officials, or falsely promised prizes, loans, employment opportunities, discounted products or other financial awards. The fraudsters directed the victims to send money through Western Union to help relatives, avoid imprisonment or arrest, or to claim prizes, receive loans, employment, products or some other financial award. No one received the cash, prizes or other promised items.

Settlement Pool





United States v. The Western Union Company
P.O. Box 404027
Louisville, KY 40233-4027

13 responses to “Western Union Fraud Remission Settlement”

  1. Patrice Gulecki says:

    i have used western union in the past not sure what this lawsuit implies
    please inform me. thank you.

    Patrice Pank Gulecki

    ADMIN – Hi Patrice,

    Did you fall for scams offering you prizes or asking you to send money to relatives in distress? If you did you are likely a class member.

    • Susanne M. Bettis says:

      My ex-fiancé has M.S. and his brain does not function properly. He was screwed out of almost 200,000 USD between 2004-20015. I need assistance in getting his money back as that was his entire retirement fund! His name is Alan A. Dargis, Sr., 7 Rest Way, Springfield, MA 01119 413-796-7123. My name is Susanne M. Bettis and I personally Western Unioned the money to the name he gave me. My number is 413-427-5087. I need to know how to proceed for him to recover any of this retirement fund! Thank you.

      ADMIN – Hi

      If you have guardianship you may want to contact the Federal Trade Commission for guidance.

  2. Pete Rael says:

    Why do you need my social security number

    ADMIN – Hi Pete,

    I don’t personally need a thing. We are simply an informational website pointing you to the Federal Trade Commission to allow you to participate in this settlement. The FTC needs your social probably for tax reasons or as a unique identifier.

  3. Pentrae Murdaugh says:

    Yes I was a victim and was sentenced to five years at 23 for breach of trust felony

    ADMIN – Hi Pentrae,

    You were a victim of fraud and you were sentenced???

  4. roger bullock says:

    I had losse money about 13,000.00 $ wit a women at Russie her name was Nastya, at this moment my imail was it about 2008/2009 year if you can heps me i need this money.
    Excuse i m not good too right en English.

    Thank very much !!!

    ADMIN – Hi Roger,

    Please consider filing a claim if you are a member of the class.

  5. rachel says:

    Im a victim to this exact thing but I did not follow through with the transaction. Does that count?

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    If you did not follow through you are not a victim.

  6. Rita says:

    Years ago when I lived in FL I sent money and was scammed. So how do I see if I quality

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    Most of those who qualified were contacted by the FTC, you can also reach out to the class action admin to check if you are included. Just scroll up to locate the admin’s info.

  7. Jill Williams says:

    U was a victim of this exact thing but it happened two months,ago. What can u do to get my money back?

    ADMIN – Hi Jill,

    You can contact the Federal Trade Commission. You can also try to be more discerning and cautious in the future.

  8. Cassandra says:

    I had a detective call and said my son was in an accident and hit a pregnant woman. Said I needed to send money through western union to pay his fees so he didn’t get arrested. Does this qualify? I didn’t get any notice from the FTC

    ADMIN – Hi Cassandra,

    Possibly. You may want to reach out to the FTC.

  9. Lina Cabanila says:

    I’m constantly getting scam emails that I have an account that needs my immediate attention. And I keep sending the to the Western Union fraud department. It doesn’t seem they can do anything fast. Aside from sending the emails to their fraud department, how can I find out, if not through here, if I qualify? I don’t answer those emails because I know they are not genuinely from Western Union. But even so. They are coming more frequently than usual.

    ADMIN – Hi Lina,

    You only qualify if you fell victim to the scam and you actually sent money.

  10. mario arnold says:

    What about when you send money to foreign country and your party not receiving what the market rate is paying on those currency being sent

    ADMIN – Hi Mario,

    I don’t think Western Union is required to stick to FOREX they can give their own posted exchange. Plus you would be looking at international law where class action settlements are virtually impossible.

  11. Delores Thomas says:

    I have been scammed by the physic twins Gloria Bishop from LA what information do I need to show she scammed me for $ 22,000.00 or more. Please let me know.

    ADMIN – Hi Delores,

    If you have evidence of this contact the Federal Trade Commission.

  12. Chelsie says:

    Years ago probably 2011 I fell victim to this … Git scammed out of $250 bucks but figured since I chose (hesitantly) to send there was nothing I coukd do now its been so long I dint have the reciept or anything

    ADMIN – Hi Chelsie,

    Reach out to the Federal Trade Commission. There is a good chance they have records.

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