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Dear Friends,

We make getting class action rebates easier for consumers.

Class Action Lawsuits are supposed to be the great equalizer in the U.S. Legal system, letting individuals who were wronged band together to take on big companies. Class actions give consumers power to hold companies accountable for unlawful activities and are an important check-and-balance in our legal system.

But one growing problem in the class action system is that even though consumers are winning big cases, with settlements topping $10 billion in 2012, most victims never get compensated. There are three reasons why this happens:

First, settlements are poorly publicized so most affected consumers do not even know they are eligible. Second, directions are complex and poorly written, so figuring out if you are eligible, what you are likely to get, and how to file is difficult and time consuming. And finally, there is no interactivity, so if you need help you are basically out of luck.

The result is that the vast majority of affected consumers never file class action claim forms, and as a result do not receive anything. Even more toxic, consumers are denied the opportunity to participate in the process, and so the class action system has become run by lawyers, for lawyers.

The extent of the problem hit home for me when I realized that even I never file for class action rebates. Despite my having a law degree and my having experience as a class action administrator, even I find the whole thing so cumbersome that it isn't worth my time to collect money that I know is owed to me. When I surveyed my friends and family, I couldn't find a single person I know that files for their class action rebates.

We want to fix this problem by addressing these issues of awareness, complexity, and lack of interactivity. ClassActionRebates.com is a platform for consumers to access all open class action rebates. At a glance consumers can see a list of open class action rebates, what the settlement provides, filing requirements, how long it takes to file, and a link to the claim form.

Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop where consumers can come once a quarter, check if they are eligible for any settlements, and file their claims in just a couple of minutes. And if you subscribe to our newsletter, we will send new settlements to your inbox once a month. Simply put, we want to make filing your class action rebates easy.

We hope you find this site useful. Let us know if you have any questions, or suggestions on how to make the site better at info@classactionrebates.com.

Your sincerely

Gajan has served as a class action administrator, experiencing first-hand how ineffectual the claims process is for consumers.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, his professional experience includes stints at McKinsey & Company and Jones Day.

Personal projects include BabySignLanguage.com, a popular resource for teaching pre-verbal kids.

ClassActionRebates.com provides information on open class action settlements. We organize, synthesize, and publicize class action information to make filing class action claims more accessible to ordinary consumers. Simply put, our mission is to make filing class action rebates easy.

137 responses to “About Us”

  1. Scott says:

    Hi, I participated in one rebate – has my information gone to any third parties?

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    Your information goes to the class action administrator, the company that handles the logistics of distributing the settlement funds. The class action administrators will only use your information for the purposes of facilitating the settlement. They will not send it to third parties.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks for this! I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of these products I’ve purchased. The checks may be far away but I should have $100+ coming in eventually!

  3. Alex says:

    How long does it normally take to get a response? I filed for one in December, and have heard nothing back… and it’s been four months now…

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    Class actions tend to be very slow in paying and are not very communicative. You usually don’t hear anything until they pay you. The date of payment is usually 2-3 months after the closing date on the settlement. This can mean that payment is sometimes nearly a year after you file.

    I am not sure what settlement you filed for, but if you are concerned about the status you can always email or phone the claims administrator.

    • Kay E says:

      I filed a claim in 2006 for a diamond claim and I got the check about 2 weeks ago. But since it was for almost $700.00 it was worth it!

      ADMIN – Hi Kay,

      Wow. These funds can often be slow to pay out, but I have never heard of one taking 7 years to send you your check. I bet you had forgotten about it by then.

  4. Sean says:

    There are many websites that give consumers information about how to make a claim from class action settlements, but this is THE BEST SITE out there. Thank you for doing this and keep up the good work!

  5. aundrea johnson says:

    How much money will i receive from the ab circle pro?

  6. Monique says:

    Wanted to know how often do you have new class action rebates?

    ADMIN – Hi Monique,

    I post a new batch of class actions about once a month. If you want to be notified every time I have a new batch subscribe to the newsletter and we will send you a monthly update on the new rebates that are available.

  7. Illeen Moore says:

    You know sign language, ASL ? I am Deaf.. Cool..

    ADMIN – Hi Illeen,

    Unfortunately, I only have the vocabulary of a three-year-old. But, it is something I am working on.

  8. cathy says:

    Please make a newsletter.

    ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

    You can subscribe to our email newsletter that informs you of new settlements by entering your email in the sidebar.

  9. Pauline says:

    I applied for the ab circle class action suit and haven’t received my refund, is there a was I can find out if and when I will get my refund.

    ADMIN – Hi Pauline,

    The best way to get information is to contact the class administrator for the settlement.

  10. Terri lynn Johnson says:

    When will I know something or receive my settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Terri,

    Most settlements don’t give you any updates along the way. The only correspondence you usually get is a check (if the claim was approved). Claims are usually paid around 2-3 months after the claims period closes. But, in some cases it can take much longer. The best way to get an update is to contact the claims administrator for the case.

  11. jp says:

    I’m curious about the classactionrebates.com business model…how do you make your money?

    ADMIN – Hi JP,

    We don’t make any money from the site. We saw a problem (that most people never claim their class action money), and thought we could be part of the solution.

  12. monique says:

    I have a question, if we want to submit any new class action settlements on your website, how do we do so?

    ADMIN – Hi Monique,

    We are happy to post any class actions that you find. Just email us the details at info@ClassActionRebates.com.

  13. Rebecca says:

    It occurred to me how great it would be to give people an option to have the rebate checks forwarded/donated to organizations fighting to get legislation passed to stop the illegal practices that harm so many. For instance, there is a $3.7mil suit soon to be approved against ConAgra for mislabelling their Alexia pototoe products as “natural”, and the Cornucopia Institue is trying to raise funds to get the first state law passed to require GMO labelling in Washington State right now. We could use their own money to fund the legislation they are opposed to! I sent an email to Cornucopia Institue about this, as well and mentioned your site. This was my “67 minutes of service” in dedication to Nelson Mandela who tunred 95 yesterday.

    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    ADMIN – Hi Rebecca,

    Interesting idea. As an administrator, that doesn’t sound like it would be terribly difficult to do (although you could just as easily mail them your check when you get it). A related idea is that class members to vote on where to send cy pres funds (left over settlement funds that are currently sent to charities or organizations chosen by the attorneys and the judge).

  14. Winona says:

    I filled out the paper they sent to me and have heard nothing since. I have changed my address could that be why and how do I get in touch with someone to let them know it changed so I can receive my refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Winona,

    I am not sure which settlement you are referring to, but the process is the same irrespective. You go to the website for the class action administrator for the relevant settlement. You find the contact details for the administrator and you call them and tell them your new address.

  15. john says:

    Is this for US citizens only, have you set up a similar website for Australia?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This site only covers U.S. settlements which typically only apply to purchases made in the United States.

  16. Mar says:

    Congratulations to you for such an AWESOME SITE!!! you deserve to be blessed for helping us!!

  17. Robert says:

    I just wanted to say that I recently found out about your website and it’s been great. Let’s hope I can get all my claims paid out sometime within the next few years! 😉

  18. Rosela Taull says:

    Do you know of any demand on Colorsilk-Revlon? Thanks for your attention to this question.

  19. Lacey says:

    FYI – Just wanted to let you know about an email I received today from the administrator for the Skechers Settlement. I really think that they randomly reject claims that don’t have proof of purchase. I don’t keep receipts going back 3-4 years. Why should it make a difference if you file claims for products that you purchased.

    From Skechers Settlement skechers@bmcgroupfederal.com

    Dear Claimant,

    Your claim in the Skechers Settlement was rejected because our records show that you filed several claims in different Federal Trade Commission matters over a short period of time OR there were multiple claims filed from the same address. These filings led your Skechers claim to be tagged as requiring supporting documentation. If you can provide proof of purchase for your claim, please mail it to the address above and your claim will be reconsidered. There is no guarantee that your claim will be accepted.

    If you have already provided proof of purchase in order to have your claim reconsidered, please disregard this letter.

    When filing your claim form, you affirmed your understanding that the decision of the Class Action Settlement Administrator was final and binding. You also affirmed your understanding that the claim form may be subject to audit, verification and Court review. You may refer back to your filed claim forms if you have questions about your affirmations.

    If you have any questions about this letter, please call the Settlement Administrator toll free at 1 (866) 325-4186.

    Please do not attempt to call the Federal Trade Commission as they will be unable to assist you with this letter.


    Office of the Class Action Settlement Administrator

    ADMIN – Hi Lacey,

    Thanks for sharing that. It looks like the FTC is rejecting people that file for multiple class action that they administer. That is really dumb. It is completely unreasonable that they want people to have receipts for nearly decade old purchases.

  20. Veronica Bienkowski says:

    My son received a settlement but he has died and the check is made out to him Francis M. Bienkowski how do I go about getting this check changed. Thank you, Veronica Bienkowski

    ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Usually when someone passes away, an administrator/executor is put in charge of their estate. That person will be able to get the check cashed.

    • Gregoria Colon says:

      I also received a check in my son’s name and he also passed. What happens when there is no executor?

  21. Jerry Smithers says:

    Thank you for creating this great resource and sharing it!

    I have found 10 rebates I am eligible for in the past several months, and claimed all of them.

    So far, I have received 0 rebates. In fact, I’m still waiting on my CD price fixing settlement from 14 years ago. This rant has nothing to do with the site, other than pointing out how necessary it is because of companies abusing the faith of the consumer… and when it comes time to pay up, most stall for as long as possible. Sometimes, forever.

    Again, thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Jerry,

    Yes, it is a frustratingly slow process.

  22. Tom green says:

    It seems like Rust and Garden City Group take great pleasure in rejecting claims. In the Papa John settlement they paid out only about 3400 claims and the lawyers fees. Here is the award announcement. “Papa John’s To Pay $16.335 Million To Settle TCPA Class Action” $170,000 is a far cry from $16 million.” I hear unclaimed funds in this case go back to Papa. Does Rust get more business or a commission for screwing consumers?

  23. Charles Cruz says:

    Just purchased a 2002 C4 S. Wanted to find out if the settlement will cover replacement of the IMS bearing or if it’s been replaced how cannot determine that it has.

  24. Jorge Barroso says:

    I would like to know how Claims Administrators protect against one person making multiple claims on one class action. Is it their address, or name, or cookies, or ip address? My company is facing a suit and I’m worried about fraud.

    ADMIN – Hi Jorge,

    We have a few tricks that we use to eliminate fraudulent claims. As I am sure you will understand, going into them in detail would be counterproductive.

  25. Tammy Taylor says:

    Thank you for putting out such a useful website.

  26. Betty Dyer says:

    Thank you for empowering the consumer! Free of charge – Kudos!

  27. Cat O. says:

    What if you know you bought the product and you bought several, you know the month and year, but can’t recall the exact date of the month you purchased them?

  28. ton says:

    I received over $1500 from the Brazilian blowout class action. I am a salon owner and claimed for each bottle of treatment. The claim form never asked for a social security number or business ID. Will I receive a 1099 misc or is this just a reimbursement for defective products? I am wondering if taxes need to be paid on this nice settlement check. I just want your valued opinion and will not take your answer as legal advice. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ton,

    My understanding (and I am not a tax lawyer), is that on the consumer side it is not taxable income. It is like getting a refund for a product you purchased. It doesn’t count as income on your taxes.

    On the business side, you would treat it as a discount on your merchandise. So you would reduce your Cost of Goods Sold (COGs) by $1500 on your taxes. But again, I would not expect a 1099, because it wasn’t income.. more like a rebate.

    Again not a tax lawyer.

  29. Sally Bisbe says:

    I was wondering if the abcircle pro class action suit settled yet? If so, where do I find information regarding the payout?
    Thank you

  30. Donna Beaty says:


    I filled out a form over a year ago and before the deadline for an Abs Circle Pro class action settlement. I have never received a check and wonder if it might have been returned because I no longer use the PO Box that may have been listed on the form. Please let me know what I need to do to find this out?

    Donna Beaty

  31. Sandi Cosbey says:

    I’ve had a change of address since filing my claim for the Ab Circle Pro refund. I read where I need to contact the class admin via email or phone but neither was listed. How do I find the phone number or email address for the class Admin?

    Thank you.

    • Ron says:

      In the future it is best to copy your filled claim when possible. I had the same problem but have contacted the claims administrator a few times and they have always been very good at updating my new address.

  32. GDL says:

    Really do appreciate your setting up this website… is there someway to let the claimants know about it, perhaps e-mail a list of claimants from the Claims Administrator for any given claim settlement, or the URL for this site be sent to potential claimants, such that we can help each other get through any given process?

    Dear Glynne, we have a mail list for which you can sign up on homepage.

  33. De says:

    Be nice if you folks dropped any opportunities already months expired from your list. New people feel like they missed out, and would never know if you simply expired them on the day after their filing deadline dates.

  34. TeeWee says:

    Where did all the comments go?
    (Turbotax settlement)

  35. C..J. says:

    Great work guys! Consumers have purchased these items and have been in some way ripped off, and your getting the word out to us all! Thanks for this!


    PS I come across class action suits in some of the various magazines I subscribe to, and wonder if these are known about by CAL?

    One I found today-www.wellessejmsettlement.com $15-18. for each product. If you want more of these, or would like a scan of the ad, I saved it.

  36. DRZ says:

    Hi Gajan,

    I just wanted to say Thank you for creating this site. 🙂

  37. Sarah Ham says:

    I filed 4 of these the end of last year and never received any of them.

    Hydroxycut and one other weight loss pill.

    Is this a legitimate site?

    Hi Sarah,
    The class action settlements you are listing are not yet finalized. In some instances it takes years to get your checks. You can join us on Facebook where we notify our followers on status changes for most class action settlements.

  38. Happy says:

    Thank youso much for this website!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jake says:


    I filled out an online claim today and later realized I was mistaken, and I would like to revoke it. I do not want to be charged with perjury. Can you help me? Thank you!

    ADMIN-Hi Jake-
    Contact the administrator directly and let them know you will like to withdraw your claim.

  40. Julie says:

    I have found other websites similar to yours (eg. consumer-action.org) and am wondering if websites like your own make a commission on class action settlement awards and if you are willing to disclose this information. Thank you.

    ADMIN-Hi Julie,
    We cannot answer for other websites. You may want to ask them directly. In our case we do not get commissions or any payments associated with what we post on this website. The website is informational in nature.

    You can read more about what do in the about us page.

  41. luray shah says:

    Hi I didn’t see a class action for the ev car rebate for Illinois. Do you have an info when it will post to your site?

  42. Ginger says:

    I received a refund settlement check but it seems to be void due to the date it was issued. How do I get this check re issued? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ginger,

    Contact the class action administrator in charge of your specific settlement. There is very little chance the check will be issued again but it is worth a try.

  43. Ron says:

    ADMIN, can you clean up your expired list and do a little addition of more recent cases that have expired. I know this is all volunteer and I do appreciate your effort in providing this info. Also you highlight the Perrigo Case but it appears that the case has been settled by the courts.


  44. Kristi Rudd says:

    I received a settlement check from Relacore. Only my bank will not accept it becausethe check is one sided. I have tried to find the person I need to talk to but no luck. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Kristi,

    Try calling this number 1-800-254-5142.

  45. Ron says:

    Glucosamine Class Action (CVS, Kroger, Target, etc) is dead. Please just remove it on the expired list.


    ADMIN – Hi Ron

    We have made a notation on the page that includes your update.

  46. Ralph Miller says:

    I read in my local paper ( Rochester Democrat & Chronicle ) this A.M. about a class action concerning vehicles purchased since 2000. Try as I may, I can’t locate the article. Can you help ?

    ADMIN – Hi Mr. Miller,

    As notices and claim forms become available we try our best to post them. At the time I don’t see any notice similar to your description. If you provide us with more details perhaps I can do additional research on your behalf.

  47. Lynn says:

    I filled out a form completely and correct and it says invalid email address. How can I fix this?

    ADMIN – Hi Lynn,

    If you are having problems with a form it is best that you contact the class action administrator.

  48. Joseph Woods says:

    I would like to help get the word out and help people learn about these. Would you be willing to let me have a video or let me create a video to help people get on board with these claims.

  49. Raja says:

    Hi Gajan,
    Isn’t the internet wonderful? In the past one would have to know where to look in the newspaper to see if one qualified for the class action. Very impressive work you’ve done here with info in a correct, timely fashion. I am not a lawyer, but am very interested in helping with consumer issues with goods and services.

  50. marty says:

    your system shows me subscribed (at the above email address) to your newsletter but I am not receiving it. can you please check into this. thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Marty,

    I will double-check and make sure you get our newsletter.

  51. William Paul says:

    Found this web site by accident. Great information. Thanks.

  52. Mary Johnson says:

    I just noticed that when I order checks from OrderMyChecks.com that they charge tax on the final total, which is the cost of the checks plus the shipping. Shouldn’t it be taxed on the total of the purchase then add the shipping? How do they get away with this?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    We are a class action website. If you have a concern about a service received from a check printing company you should contact the company in question.

  53. Ginny Bonnett says:

    Never received the $25 refund check for the tuna. Neither did anyone else I know. WHT???

    ADMIN – Hi Ginny,

    Please take a moment to read the responses I have given to other community members regarding the status of this settlement. Alternatively, Google the name of the settlement and read the latest news about it.

  54. Candace says:

    I have been done wrong by an airline on several occasions along with several other people. I believe that I could have a good case against this airline and that thousands, or millions can benefit from their mishandlings. Who can I call to get a class action lawsuit going?

    ADMIN – Hi Candace,

    Contact a law firm whose focus is class actions. If they feel you have a case they will work with you to move forward and file a class action.

  55. Patrick McCarthy says:

    My father died because of nursing home neglect at the hycare facility but we just found out about it and barely just missed the filing date of March 31. They never advertised it anywhere that I would know of and no notice was sent to my father’s attorney of record that the facility knew about. Can we still file if the settlement has not been finalized yet? Can we write a letter to the claims administrator or is there any way to still include our family? Thank you in advance. We just found your website and it is fantastic. Thank you for the wonderful service.

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    We are sorry about your loss. Your best bet would be to contact class counsel. Per the settlement agreement the class counsel is Stebner and Associates, Law Offices of Michael D. Thamer, The Arns Law Firm, Dentons US LLP, and Janssen Malloy LLP.

    • patrick McCarthy says:

      Thank you very muc. I will do that tomorrow. I had called the 1-866 number listed in the class information but got a person who looked up my father’s name and said “yes, he is a class member” but he was totally unhelpful and uninformed from there. He could not tell me who to call to speak with an attorney. I will call Stebner and associates in San Francisco. Thank you again. You have a wonderful and very helpful site. I very much appreciate yor personal reply.

      ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

      Our pleasure. It may be a document-intensive process but definitively worth a try.

  56. Patrick M. says:

    The class action’s website has now changed the filing date to May 20, 2016. Maybe you ought to relist it in your class action notices. Does this happen often?

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick,

    Please indicate which settlement.

  57. Cindy Jeffers says:

    I filed a claim in the Fresh Milk Price Fixing. was told that I would get an email with claim #? never got it.
    can someone check this out. Thank You

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Reach out to the class action admin


  58. Dominic M. Paulo says:

    You are the most comprehensive, best class action rebates website out there!! I wouldn’t use any other site!! Thank You!!

  59. Anthony Goodwin says:

    Filled out claim for milk but no info returened.notsure what to do now that’s it’s over

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    Now you wait. Eventually you will receive an email from the admin.

  60. Gwendolyn Monroe says:

    I received a rebate in my husband’s name. Both our names were on the claim, since then my husband
    passed on 12/18/2016. We applied on 12/31/2015 for the settlement, can you reissue the rebate in my name
    since I can not cash the check that was sent in his name only. Thank you in advance concerning this matter.

    ADMIN – Hi Gwendolyn,

    We are not the class action admin. This website is purely informational in nature. You need to locate your case page and contact the admin directly.

  61. Rita & Bill Matchette says:

    We received the claim checks on 4/2/17 and they state they must be cashed by 3/16/17. Can we get these checks re-issued?

    ADMIN – Hi Rita,

    You need to contact the admin directly. They may be able to help you.

  62. Laua Meza Mendoza says:


    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    The first step is to reach out to a class action attorney to see if they find merit in your case.

  63. matthew mccosker says:

    i recieved letter in mail about class action law suit heathextrassettlement.com
    .i havent heard anymore about this what do i need to do to find out more or what i need to do next

    ADMIN – Hi Matthew,

    You are too late to file.

  64. Connie Frazza says:

    I was patiently waiting for a reply, the voice mail will not my phone number which is on my copy I sent to you people. I’m beginning to think this is pure BS.

    ADMIN – Hi Connie,

    You do know that we are not the class action administrator? This website is purely informational in nature. Like a newspaper of settlements.

  65. Thomas Lakin says:

    I have a claim number from a website that issued a claim form. My phone was included in the known numbers and I did receive several robo-calls and direct calls. Since I cannot contact anyone directly, how do I determine that my Claim Number is valid and in your system?

    ADMIN – Hi Thomas,

    What settlement are you talking about?

  66. Ken Rodenbaugh says:

    I sent a copy of my son and daughters fluoride purchases totaling approximately $600. I sent all paperwork in well before the deadline via certified mail. I have not received a check, nor a response of any kind for that matter. Is it possible for someone to help me.

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    We can’t help you as we are not associated in any form with the admins or attorneys handling this settlement. You need to reach out to the admin directly.

  67. joan taylor says:

    I need to open a class action lawsuit against two different entities; Wells Fargo Credit Card secured credit card department. Contact me as to how to do that. H/P 805.379.4680

    ADMIN – Hi Joan,

    To get a class action started you must contact a class action attorney in your area.

  68. Elba Carpio says:

    At one time many of these payday loans were illegal and I received a call from the leader saying that my loan was dismissed; however several years later now I get this email:

    From: Catherine Johnson
    Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 9:10 AM
    To: williampaige27@gmail.com
    Subject: Legal Proceed

    CAUTION: This email comes from an external source; the attachments and/or links may compromise our secure environment. Do not open or click on suspicious emails. Please send any suspicious emails as an attachment to badmail@montefiore.org
    CASE NO: ESB654585/B

    This Proceeding issued on you Docket No: – U1D27M6 with one of ADVANCE AMERICA INC. Company in order to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number we were not able to get hold of you so the accounts department has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you.
    We have sent you this warning notification about legal proceedings on September 15th, 2016 but you failed to respond on time now it’s high time if you failed to respond in next 12 HOURS we will register this case in court. Consider this as a final warning and we will be Emailing/Fax this issue to your current employer to make sure they take strict actions against you. Your salary and all your wages confiscated.
    We will be forced to proceed legally against you and once it is processed the creditor has entire rights to inform your employer and your references regarding this issue and the law suit will be the next step which will be amounting to $8679.68 and will be totally levied upon you and that would be excluding your attorney charges.

    Please let us know what your intention is by today itself so we can hold the case or else we will submit the paper work to your local county sheriff department and you will be served by court summons at your door step.
    This is your last and final chance to settle this case if you don’t take it seriously, we will surely take hard steps against your name and social and you will be the only person responsible for the legal consequences.

    By electronically signing this Loan Agreement by clicking the “I AGREE” button below, you are confirming that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Consent and that you have downloaded or printed a copy of this Consent for your records.


    Catherine Johnson
    820 West 10th Street
    Austin, TX-78701

    ADMIN – Hi Elba,

    This looks like spam. I would ignore it.

  69. Juanita Barnes says:

    I would like to register for your newsletter.

    ADMIN – Hi Juanita,

    Please go to homepage using a desktop or laptop and signup on the red banner.

  70. andy mackenzie says:

    Is there any way you could add a “date posted” to your list of Class Action Lawsuits? I come back to your site each month and that would help me see the new ones. Thanks for running the site! It’s very helpful.

    ADMIN – Hi Andy,

    There is but that is the reason I have the newsletter. It would be redundant.

  71. jimmy perni says:

    checking status for when I will be recompensed for loss of money

    ADMIN – Hi Jimmy,

    In order to obtain status updates regarding claims you need to contact class action administrators directly.

  72. phred says:


    You mentioned working as a class action administrator. How did you get the names of the plaintiffs? How did you find addresses on those who have moved? I want to “plug that privacy hole” for good.

    I was “stalked” over the capacitor litigation. Why would I want my privacy violated over a twenty cent check?

    Also I think many of the administrators just “pull names out of a hat”. I need that metaphorical “hat” tossed into the rubbish. Back in 2004 (or so) my wife and I received a settlement check for $1. It was for some baby bottle settlement. Where did they get our names? I had a vasectomy in 1988. We have no children. We have never bought baby products ever.

    How are they getting our names? How can I stop them from getting our names?

    We are opt out of marketing. We are on the do not mail, and do not call lists. We seldom use credit cards. We do not use loyalty programs. We do not use social networking. We are as “Web invisible” as possible.

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    This is not Gajan, but I will try to answer your question. Class Action Administrators receive a list of potential class members from the transfer agent. In some instances the lists are generated because there is direct evidence that you purchased a product. For example if you purchased something on Amazon. The courts consider this a fair use of your data. In other instances lists are created from readily available databases of public records that are parsed against certain criteria. This is why many notices read as follows: “You may be a member…” instead of “You are a member”. Let’s think for example the LCD display Illinois Settlement. If you are a human and you lived in Illinois within a certain time period you probably received a notice. The courts consider this acceptable and not harmful to you as a consumer and it does not fall under marketing; instead it is a legal notice. This would be in a similar category as a safety recall.

    As for your baby bottle settlement, there are a number of possibilities; you share name and zip code with a person who purchased a bottle; you or your wife purchased a baby bottle as a present. Someone submitted a claim as a practical joke. With that said, big data management has improved tremendously since 2004 allowing for more accuracy in identifying consumers.

    Interestingly, we receive more complaints from individuals who feel cheated because they were not notified than from people like you who wish to have full invisibility.

    I wish I could help you more. If I come up with a way that will aid you in becoming web invisible I will be sure to reach out assuming you want us to do that and that the email that you provided is valid.

    The ADMIN

    • Fred says:

      Thank you for the reply. Going forward you will hear more from people like me who want to be “invisible” simply because of the ever increasing problem of identity theft.

      I consider the alleged “fair use” of my data to be “Cyber Stalking” so I filed an FTC complaint against AB Data. I also filed an FTC complaint against Digikey for handing over my name and previous address in connection to a qualifying capacitor purchase.

      You made mention of a “transfer agent”. What is a “transfer agent” in this context?

      Any idea how can I make it clear to businesses that in the event of a class action lawsuit, against them, they are to respect my privacy? Sorry, but business between myself and Digikey, XM radio, etc, is a two party transaction. Privacy must be respected.

      I suppose some list of all the major class action administrator services exists someplace. I would like to post each and every one of them with a formal request for a “global delete me from any and all lists of potential class members”.

      The email I use here is the one I check once a month or so. Thanx.

      ADMIN – Hi Fred,

      A transfer agent is just that, a person tasked with capturing and transferring information that may be relevant to a case. There is not a central list of class action administrator and I don’t think they have the means to delete you from potential lists. Basically there is no such thing as a “do not call” registry when it comes to fair use during legal procedures. You could theoretically find out who the main ones are by looking at the footer of each of the official pages.

      Have you ever considered changing your name fully? That might protect you from some of these things.

  73. Fred says:

    Changing my name would cause a lot of problems with background checks. I worked in electronic banking for 23 years, and now I work for defense contractor.

    AB Data has called the law, and they tried to serve me with a federal injunction. That must have cost them a few hundred. Why? Because I “ask too many questions”? I have been probing them to learn how they obtained my address, and whom at Digikey gave them my name to start with (Digikey is where I bought the capacitors). They took it upon themselves to handle my information. I am entitled to know how they obtained it.

    At this point I am considering hiring a private investigator to learn the names of the guilty. However I rather not spend that money.

    Any idea how I can find if they used a “transfer agent”, and who that might be?

    ADMIN – Hi Fred,

    No clue how to find that out short of calling class counsel.

  74. Merrill says:

    I just received a check for a minimal amount from Kolinek v. Walgreen Co. It indicates a SUPPLEMENTAL distribution payment from unclaimed funds from the original distribution. I never received the original distribution payment. I don’t remember being contacted about this class action suit, perhaps because I moved, but I still have the same cell phone number, They still managed to find me for the supplemental amount. Please let me know how I can receive the same payment that all the other parties received. Thanks very much.

    ADMIN – Hi Merrill,

    You are unlikely to receive the original funds. A supplemental distribution is a proportional distribution of the money leftover after people cash the original checks.

  75. Rhonda Lancaster says:

    Hi I think I was a regular subscriber to this site- but I haven’t received anty emails for 2 mos now. could you kindly put me back On the email list pls. Thanks

    ADMIN – Please check to see if we are under your spam folder.

  76. joe says:

    I just received a big class action check I do not thing I fill out the claim form correctly. Should I return the check back to claim Administrators and say you do not want it. The check was around $3600.00.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    Reach out to class action administration for the specific settlement so you can receive clarification.

  77. SKUMAR says:

    P.O. Box 3775. Portland, OR 97208-3775
    Is used for all the below websites is this scam or ?

    ADMIN – Hi Skumar,

    For some of those websites that PO box is ok since it belongs to the class action administration company. As for us, we have a different address.

  78. Susan says:

    I received an email from Walmart today with an Egift card for a sales tax settlement. Is this on the level as I think the settlement was made in 2015. I don’t want to click on it if it’s a scam.
    Thanks in advance.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I don’t think it is a scam. Check the originating email and share that with us so we can help you confirm.

  79. Susan says:

    I just received a $15.00 eGift Card from Wal Mart for the Wal Mart Sales Tax Settlement from 2015. It came via email. Just a heads up.

  80. larry dillon says:

    i received 3 ambit class action settlement forms in the mail, do i need to fill all 3 out?

    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    I would contact the class action administrator to obtain clarification.

  81. Ralph Witherspoon Sr. III says:

    Hi there,

    Responding to comments on this site seems like an entertaining, albeit somewhat laborious task. I enjoy politely correcting people and slipping in the occasional sarcastic quip.

    How do I volunteer to help others and join the ranks of “The ADMIN?”


    He who reveres proper grammar.

    ADMIN – Hi Ralph, (AKA:Princess)

    This is the first time someone graciously volunteers to assist us. Let me see what I can do to make this happen. I will get back to you.

    • Ralph’s Papa says:

      I agree with Ralph’s appreciation regarding the amount of oil delivered into this “machine”. I would be interested in voulenterring for monetary compensation. Ralph should not steal all the thunder with the benefits from this.

      ADMIN – Hi Ralph’s Papa,

      Sadly this particular role does not deliver the joy of monetary compensation. You simply get the pleasure of witnessing the slow decay of our educational system.

      I am a fantastic baker, so on occasion you would get a batch of cookies for your effort.

  82. Yolanda Yellin says:

    I received my settlement check thought I had deposited it but misfiled it. Found it while getting my tax paperwork together. Then deposited the check. Afterwards I noticed the “Void after 90 Days”! The bank said I had to wait until the check was returned. After check was returned I mailed a letter of explanation on February 27, 2018, along with the returned check and asked for a replacement check. I have heard nothing from Khoday. Is this normal? Will I be getting a replacement check?

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    Probably not. the funds left uncashed are usually part of a second distribution or are given to charity.

  83. ED says:

    Should you send back a settlement check if you fill out the claim form wrong?

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    I would. Some people don’t

    • ed says:

      the check is $3600 i do not fill comfort cashes the check

      ADMIN – Hi Ed,

      Then reach out to the administrator and get clarification.

    • ed says:

      what should you say when I return the check?

      ADMIN – Hi Ed,

      I would indicate the reasons why I believe I am not entitled to the checks.

  84. Nancy Montgomery says:

    My claim has been approved and I’ve received an email stating it will be credited to the card I made the purchase on. That card was closed due to fraudulent use. How do I get my refund?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  85. Marian S Nay says:

    I made a claim January 20, 2016 and still have no information on this claim.
    Is this also a scam?

    ADMIN – Hi Marian,

    None of the settlements we post on this page are a scam.

  86. Josephine Rosales says:

    I am trying to contact the telephone numbers that are listed to see the status of my claim which was turned in before the dates required to no avail. I have hired an attorney to help me with this. Being that the number sounds disconnected? It just sounds busy every time I call. I had the Norton installed in 6 computers for my office. Can someone please contact me to let me know the status of the settlement? Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Best regards,
    Mrs. Rosales

    ADMIN – Hi Mrs. Rosales,

    Our website is purely informational in nature and we are not the administrators for this case. Wish we could help you further. Best of luck.

    • Josephine Rosales says:

      I don’t understand, then who is? Can you please give me a working number or email?

      ADMIN – Hi Josephine,

      Since you don’t mention which case you are talking about I can’t tell you who the admin is.

  87. Shirley E Smith says:

    Good afternoon,
    My name is Shirley Smith. I filed a claim with Chase FCRA Settlement Claims Administrator on December 30, 2015. Claim #JPD-11812602701-1810182. As to this date, I have not received a settlement nor heard anything else about this claim. I recalled the court date being scheduled for April 27, 2016.

    In addition, I submitted the above claim under my old email address was shirleysmith42@knology.net, but I no longer own and is inactive. My NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS smithshirley17@yahoo.com.

    Please inform me what happened to my settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    We are not the right point of escalation for your concern. You need to contact the class action administrator directly.

  88. Jo Montgomery says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a terrific job you do for the consumer! I’ve personally received numerous settlements which I otherwise would have had no knowledge of if not for your fantastic website….the biggest was the Norton Anti-Virus which netted a whopping $380.00. Needless to say, I think you are the BEST! Thank you, thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jo,

    Thank you for your sweet words. Much appreciated.

  89. Geralyn La Fleur says:

    How can I contact the Class Action Administrator (email or phone) to see if my phone number shows on A&B Insurance call list.

    ADMIN – Hi Geralyn,

    The phone number is listed on their official page as well as our listing page.

  90. RODNEY WALDEN says:

    Good Day my name is Rodney Walden and i filled out my claim form and never recieved my money !

    ADMIN – Hi Rodney,

    You need to contact the class action administrator for each case in order to find out what happened to your monies.

  91. Jillian Tyre says:

    I haven’t received an email in a while, and when I try to subscribe (if by some chance I am not anymore), the button does nothing. Are you taking a break? If you are, I understand :).

    Thank you and hope to see an email soon!

    ADMIN – Hi Jillian,

    Not taking a break. Last newsletter was in the beginning of July. Check if it fell in your spam box.

  92. phred says:

    When I was notified that I was a “prospective class member”, I was not very happy because AB Data had cyberstalked me to let me know that I might be entitled to fifty cents.

    I was very angry, and asked that “All record of my existence be removed”. I did not want to be an “opt out”. I want my name completely wiped from the “list of prospective class members”. I told Rust Consulting the same. I do not want my name on yet another set of servers where it can be potentially stolen and used. I have been an identity theft victim.

    Having been though this nonsense more than once, I have spoken to many an administrator. They often site “the patriot act” claiming that they are required to keep my data on file, even if I am not a “class member”. I think they are telling me bull. If they are not a bank, an airline, or car rental, then there is no justification under “national security” or ” public safety” that I be anyone but John Doe.

    Any idea on the alleged “patriot act” justification for keeping my info?

    ADMIN – Hi Phred,

    No idea, but I will read more about it. Crazy busy at the moment but as soon as I have a pause in life I will totally go into research mode. I hope you are otherwise doing well.

    The ADMIN

    • phred says:

      I am doing well. My wife just got her green card. Life is good! I only returned to the USA this year. Last time I returned from an overseas assignment (I was in the military). I was welcomed back by a major case of identity theft. Needless to say, I am bit PTSD when it comes to my identity.

      ADMIN –

      Glad to have you back. Congrats to your wife on her green card.

  93. Karen LaCosse says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the Class Action Rebates website! I have received several checks after filing claims, which I was due, from your website. I never would have known about some of these class action rebates if it wasn’t for your website. I received my LARGEST CHECK yet, just today! It took several months, but I got my share of a specific settlement and it was a CHECK FOR $192.86!!! Thanks again so very much for gathering all this information into one easy website – this money surely helps! I’ve told my friends and family about Class Action Rebates as well and of course I continue to check your site at least a few times each month. For those who are skeptical, it’s not a scam… scroll through the list and see if you qualify for any rebates – you’ll be surprised!

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Thank you!!

  94. Rebecca Shafer says:

    Hi, I got a postcard regarding a class action suit against Lumber Liquidators regarding the quality of the flooring we purchased. I sent the card back in, and the deadline was in October. How do I find out how much my rebate will be, and how to redeem it? Thank you for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Hi Rebecca,

    Contact the class action administrator

  95. Phred says:

    Subj: Domestic Airlines Antitrust Litigation

    You might not have seen this one yet. https://domesticairclass.com

    I just received it in the email. The period is from July 1, 2011 and June 14, 2018. I was not living in the USA until Jan 2018. From Jan 2018 to June 2018, I did not fly American, Delta, Southwest, United, Continental Airlines, or US Airways airlines.

    Why would they have my name? Yes, it was Rust Consulting again, and they have me on their list, so I guess every time they get a new case, my name will pop up, regardless if I am a likely class member or not.

    I think this further proves that they pick names off of mailing lists rather than seeking out likely class members.

    I told them. once again, that I want to be blacklisted.

    ADMIN – Hi Phred,

    Thanks for sharing. I suspect someone has been using your identity all along.

    Hope you are doing well.

  96. phred says:

    Can you possibly explain something? What does this statement mean? “If you choose to exclude yourself or object to the Settlement(s), Court filings of exclusions and objections will publicly reveal your identity.”. I am asking to be removed from the list of class members, and “blacklisted” as though I never existed, not just to be excluded from the court filings. I also have no plans to file any “objection”. My entire goal is to keep my name off of any public records of any kind.

    How hard is it to remove my name from any and all databases containing my name. That should require no action in any courtroom.

    The quote came from here: https://domesticairclass.com/FAQ

    ADMIN – Hi Phred,

    Totally beyond my expertise. I will ask around and if I figure out the specifics I will share that with you.

    • Phred says:

      I found out exactly what it means. The final approval document contains the names of the parties who exclude themselves. You can see an example here: https://saverilawfirm.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/1713-2017-06-27-Order-Granting-Final-Approval-of-Class-Action-Settlements.pdf If you refer to Exhibit A, you can see the names of all those who excluded themselves. I always request not to be a class member, and I assume that differs from being excluded. My name did not appear, so I might just be right in that assumption. I have since been included in yet another class action. I again asked not to be a class member. My name has not appeared in the documents. I consider that a small win on my part so long as I never hear from the law firm, admins, or any other connected party ever again.

  97. Wendi Lawlor says:

    I received a check in the mail from Computershare/kcc
    In re Anthem, Inc Data breach Litigation. It is for 50.00. I tried to cash it yesterday and it was declined??? Can you help me with why it was??

    ADMIN – Hi Wendi,

    You need to contact the class action administrator.

  98. Arthur says:

    In this age of mass injustice and rampant division and confusion. It is a blessing to see a helpful, useful, equalizing website like this. Also, most people don’t know about the missing money that may be lost from many moves in their lives. It is estimated at 150 Billion and could provide a much beneficial stimulus to the economy if people looked into it and recovered it. Thanks again for trying to help right the many wrongs of this sick society! Best wishes to all!

  99. Len Bynum says:

    Hi, is there a contact number for the Monitronics Settlement. My address changed so I’m sure they sent the check to the wrong address.


    ADMIN – Hi Len,

    Here is the #


  100. Phil says:

    How should we report new class action possibilities? Just heard about one for Asahi beer. http://www.Asahibeersettlement.com Great work getting info out!

  101. phred says:

    The class action notices clearly state, “We believe you may be a member”. I am given only two options:
    1. Do nothing, get a check for an insignificant sum, lose any opportunity to sue later if I find out that I was a member, and of course my name is on their servers like it or not.
    2. Exclude myself. My right to sue on my own is preserved, but my name will be posted on the final settlement approval near the last page.(a public document, I might add).

    Where is the third option? How do I say, “I was out of the country”, or “I never bought the product or service”? Remove my name!

  102. Cezar Rodriguez says:

    I would like to request a new check to be issued to me because the check I have has expired. This is in regards to the Hooker v Sirius XM Radio Inc Settlement. Can you please direct me to the appropriate person?

    Thank you,

  103. Phil Tripp says:

    Hi – There haven’t been any new items posted, and the last one (ASAHI) just past the deadline. Will you be posting new offers? Are you still in operation? Thanks! Enjoy the site!

  104. noname says:

    Swisher Sweets and Cigars pages are missing.

  105. Cynthia J. Walker says:

    Hello, I’m a member of Class Action Rebates. I just tried to apply for a claim, and was asked for my Member ID Number. I can’t remember the number, how do I fix this? Can I apply for a new number if so, how do I do this?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      Do you have the link to the particular class action settlement that you are referring to, and is it here on classactionrebates.com? I’m afraid we can’t help point you to the proper Claims page as we have no point of reference. 

      Thank you. 

  106. Raymond Rosa says:

    My name is Raymond Rosa.
    I found an outdated check from 2018.
    Please send a new one to:
    431 NE 210 Circle Terrace
    N.Miami Beach, FL 33179

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Raymond,

      Sorry to hear that. However, we (classactionrebates.com) are not the Settlement Administrator of your case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website.

      Do you have the link to the particular class action settlement that you are referring to, and is it here on classactionrebates.com? I’m afraid we can’t help point you to the proper Claims/Settlement Administrator as we have no point of reference. 
      Thank you. 

  107. ALWAYNE Jenkins says:

    I never got my payment from the lawsuit.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Alwayne,

      Sorry to hear that. However, we (classactionrebates.com) are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. (We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website.)   

      Do you have the link to the particular class action settlement that you are referring to, and is it here on classactionrebates.com? I’m afraid we can’t help point you to the proper Claims/Settlement Administrator as we have no point of reference. 
      Thank you. 

  108. Peggy Johnson says:

    I’m wondering if you have advice or get involved with how to file any claims against Western Union for additional fraudulent claims since the last class action suit that was filed & now has reached a deadline to file. I myself am a victim of an online romance scam in which Western Union knowingly allowed money to be transferred to Nigeria, knowing that there have been excessive people who have been scammed & threatened to send money to this country. It should have never been allowed to happen if this is the case I’m finding out. I know that they settled on previous cases, but Nigeria seems to be the front for International scamming & defrauding people out of money. I lost $7,500, I know of plenty of people who also have lost money going to Nigeria for the same reason. Can you suggest any process I may take in this matter?
    Thank you!

  109. David says:

    I have only recently started using your website and I already want to extend a compliment to you. Previously, I used a similar site to see what class action cases are pending in our legal system. You do a much better job at managing the comment sections. The other site will have pages and pages and pages and pages of people posting “add me” comments. Like Class Action Rebates, this other site was just an online newspaper regarding class action cases. Obviously, there is a huge problem with all the “add me” posts. The problem is they accomplish exactly nothing, not to mention waste time for other site users. The comments sections can permit some interesting dialogue between users and with your site. All the “add me” comments on the other site just made it impossible to have that dialogue. I further compliment your efforts to provide basic answers to some of the questions. This is much more constructive for your site visitors.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      You’re most welcome, David. We’re happy to assist for as long as it is in our purview to do so. Cheers.

  110. Concerned citizen says:

    Why are the so many class actions lately? In the past I might have received two postcards a year. Last September (2019), I found myself listed as a class member in nine class actions. There may have been more, but I would not have known about them because if they come by email they very likely get swallowed by my SPAM filter. That being the case, only notices that come via post-card get attention from me. Since January I have been added to four more. Of course most of them do not apply to me, but they still have my name on the list.

    Last year I started contacting some of the defendants to verify that I have no account, and have never done business with them. I have started challenging the class administrators, demanding that they disclose the reason my name is on the class list when I have never been a customer of the defendant. They refuse to answer. I have complained to the BBB in three cases. Two of them (those I complained about officially) have attempted to get me brought up on charges of “obstructing justice”, and cited “contempt of court”. Clearly they are not happy because I have exposed their scam even though I do not fully understand how it works, or how they profit from it. They are attempting to get me arrested to discredit my claims.

    Exactly why does this happen (why do they place my name and the names of other non-members on the class member list).

    Furthermore in three of the cases, I was a customer of the defendant, but do not qualify because I did not buy the specific product that was cited, did not reside in the USA, etc. I filed complaints with the BBB citing privacy violations. I have also written letters to the judges, as well as both counsels. To date I have received only one apology.

  111. J. Ross says:

    Do ClassActionRebates.com get paid for the content available on this website other than advertisement of course.

    ADMIN – Hi, J.Ross. No, we don’t get paid.

  112. Phred says:

    Thank you for having this site. No it is not for the reason you think. I read this “newspaper” so I can learn about how the class actions work. I have learned a lot, but there is a mystery I cannot solve; Last year my name appeared on nine class actions, and so far on four this year. In almost every case, I was never a customer, did not have an account, never purchased the product or service, or did not live in the USA during the period covered in the lawsuit. Somehow my name showed up on the class lists. I have phoned the defendants, and they have confirmed that I have no account, or that there is no record showing that I made the alleged purchase. However the administrators avoid my questions. They do not take kindly to me assenting that they forge the class member lists. I have written several judges and included copes of correspondence from the defendants stating that there is no record that I purchased the product or service. So far I have been only successful at getting my details removed from the cases.

    I hope that someone will read this, and be able to offer an explanation.

    Some examples:

    Google+ settlement: I never used Google+. I never use social networking.
    GNC settlement: I never had an account with GNC, and have never done business with them.
    Domestic Airline Settlement: I was not living in the USA during the period cited in the case. I called all the airlines. They have no record of me purchasing any fights.
    Wardrup/Williams Settlement: I never had an appraisal from Landsafe. I have contacted them and verified that I have never done business with them.

    The list goes on.

  113. Angela says:

    I have a request/suggestion…

    Could you list the date you added the class actions to your website?

  114. Lisa Meade says:

    How can I tell what lawsuit this remittance check is I got is for? What class action suite was it?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Lisa, Perhaps you can call the bank where the check was placed. There are bound to be some leads based on what information you can glean from the check itself, as long as it was issued to your name and mailed to your address. Good luck.

  115. Susan J Pawlowich says:

    I just received a check from Gannett national shared services. What is it for? Should I cash it?

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