Class Eligibility

You are in the “Settlement Class” if your telephone number is on the class list (discussed in detail in the Second Amended Class Action Settlement Agreement) and, between August 18, 2012 and April 26, 2017, a third party call center hired by A&B Insurance initiated to that telephone number either: (a) more than one telemarketing call within any twelve-month period to a telephone number registered on the Do Not Call Registry for at least 31 days; or (b) any telephone calls to a cellular telephone number using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice.

Estimated Amount

$85 +/-

Proof of Purchase

Tel #

Case Name

Youngman and Allen v. A&B Insurance and Financial Inc.,
Case No. 6:16-cv-01478-CEM-GJK,
District Court for the Middle District of Florida

Case Summary

The class representatives claim that between August 18, 2012 and April 26, 2017, A&B Insurance violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) by making calls to cellular telephones through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system, or an artificial or prerecorded voice, or by placing more than one call within any twelve-month period to a telephone number registered on the Do Not Call Registry for at least 31 days. The class representatives claim that A&B Insurance did not have the recipients’ permission to make these calls.

Settlement Pool





A&B Insurance Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 404063
Louisville, KY 40233-4063
(855) 636-6137

17 responses to “A&B Insurance And Financial TCPA Robocall Class Action Settlement”

  1. Derrick williams says:

    ADMIN – Hi Derrick,

    How about you file a claim instead of leaving your email here?

  2. Derrick williams says:

    I get at least 5 or 6 if these robo calls per have

  3. Rhonda fuller says:

    My information was sent in February 2018

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda,

    You filed in February?

  4. Paul says:

    How do I find out if they have called our telephone number. Where can I find out. I think they have called our number

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    You can contact the class action administrator and have them check. Generally, this is something that people clearly recall.

    • August says:

      Not really Admin,
      With 20-30 robocalls daily it is hard to remember which is which!

      ADMIN – Hi August,

      If you are receiving that many it is time o change your phone #

      • john says:

        Do you realize that it would be a pain to change your phone number.

        ADMIN – Hi John,

        I believe it is, but much more painful to receive a million phone calls.

  5. gene says:

    is there a database to check if they called me”?

    ADMIN – Hi Gene,

    There is not one available to the public but you can always reach out to the class action administrator.

  6. Ruth Williams says:


  7. DAwn Toney says:

    I don’t know who owes me

  8. Linda G. Tillman says:

    I receive at least 4 robocalls a day.

  9. Tonya L says:

    Sometimes I don’t get calls from my family but like clockwork I get robo call all day long

  10. Sherry LYNE MICHEL says:

    I have gotten them every day I even went as far as getting Morgan and Morgan involved and they said they couldn’t take My Case and The numbers would change even if I blocked them they would call from a different number most of the time it was unknown so I don’t know what to do

    ADMIN – Hi Sherry,

    If you believe you are a member of the class by all means file a claim.

  11. Wilna L Torres says:

    they are so annoying. They need to stop!

    ADMIN – Hi Wilna,

    That is the whole idea behind class action settlements.

  12. Sharmel D Troupe says:

    When will we receive our money?

    ADMIN – Hi Sharmel,

    The class action administrator has not yet given a timeline

  13. Janet Bruce says:

    I have a claim#40008229-2. Does this settlement have a pay out date yet?

    ADMIN – Hi, Janet. There appears to be a misunderstanding. We ( are *not* the settlement/claims administrator of this case — we are only an online “newspaper” of various class action settlements involving various companies. Please check the settlement website for any settlement check concerns, updates on the issue, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are stated above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck. 

  14. Dee says:

    I got a check and it was only $6.75 and the check cashing store took $3.25. Really? What kind of settlement is that? For the amount of robocalls I received I should have gotten more money. This is outrageous!

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