Class Eligibility

To be a class member you must have received one or more text messages sent either by or on behalf of Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc., Hollister Co., Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Gilly Hicks and/or abercrombie kids starting on Aug. 25, 2010 through Dec. 18, 2015.

Estimated Amount


The total settlement pool minus attorney’s fees and administration expenses will be divided in equal parts among qualified class members.

Proof of Purchase

Cell #

Case Name

Chimeno-Buzzi, et al. v Hollister Co., and Abercrombie & Fitch Co.,
Case No. 1;14-cv-23120-MGC
District Court in the Southern District of Florida.

Case Summary

This lawsuit is aimed at resolving allegations that Abercrombie sent unsolicited texts to the cellular phones of certain consumers

The defendant denies the allegations but will settle to avoid trial

Settlement Pool





Abercrombie Text Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3656
Portland, OR 97208-3656

22 responses to “Abercrombie & Hollister TCPA Class Action Settlement”

  1. Trish Seguin says:

    My number may be part of this. How do I check to see if it is?

    ADMIN – Hi Trish,

    You contact the class action administrator and ask them to check against their master list.

  2. Kerry Chapman says:

    Please check name against master list

    ADMIN – Hi Kerry,

    I don’t manage the list. You have to contact the class action administrator.

  3. Mike says:

    If I owned multiple phone numbers over the course of this period and would like to submit them all do I need to fill out the form multiple times, or should I send an email to the claims email provided, or just contact the administrator?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    Please check with the admin first. Generally, you are only allowed to file against one number but I am not certain if that is the case with this settlement.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Is it even worth it? What’s the most I can even get? Anyone know

  5. lauren levin says:

    I received messages from Abercrombie

    ADMIN – Hi Lauren,

    Have you considered filing a claim?

  6. Shelley Stephenson says:

    I did receive text messages from Abercrombie.

  7. Yolanda Fernandez says:

    I received a claim form in the mail, does that mean they already got the information they need ,I really don’t remember the telephone number I had at the time.

    ADMIN – Hi Yolanda,

    No, you still need to submit a claim if you hope to get any monies from this settlement.

  8. armando caballero says:

    helloi have received a claim form in the mil and i do remember receiving text messages from a & f . i had multi cell numbers and dont remember which number i gave them during my purchases at abercrombie & fitch. I no longer own any of my past cell numbers as i have changed them throughout the years as well as company carriers. Can i still file or send claim form if i dont remember my number, I do remmber a few of my numbers however how would i know which one i gave a & f. or how can i send you various numbers i had if form only allows 1 number to be entered. . thank you pleae inform me .

    ADMIN – Hi Armando,

    Why don’t you contact the class action administrator and see if they can check which phone number is associated to your name.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Anyone know when checks will be out and jow such they will be for

  10. Paulette Venditti says:

    I was wondering if payments were ever sent out???

    ADMIN – Hi Paulette,

    I believe these checks went out in October

  11. Natalie d Howell says:

    Hello this is Natalie I was wondering if all my checks from Abercrombie fitch settlement mailed just making sure no one has been steeling money.

    ADMIN – Hi Natalie,

    I believe this settlement was paid out many months ago.

  12. Breanna Piscitelli says:

    I received the notice of a class action suit and to complete Form A yet they did not enclose Form A how do I get such a form?

    ADMIN – Hi Breanna,

    This settlement is super old. When did you receive this notice?

  13. morgan leigh says:

    i received paper in the mail today and filled out my info online

    ADMIN – Hi Morgan,

    For this settlement?

  14. Grace Parker says:

    I’m receiving the settle me today in the mail and i can’t even get on online page

    ADMIN – Hi Grace,

    Can you share the URL that is listed on your card via our Facebook page?

  15. Myrrissa Scharton says:

    Hello just received postcard card asking me to go to but unable to go to page and i just received card today which is the fourth of June. And it says i must do it before the 1st of June. Please help.

    ADMIN – Hi Myrrisa,

    Call the class action administrator.

  16. Aziz J Showery says:

    Having trouble submitting info on the page listed! Have tried several times. Please email me another place to file

    file thanks ID 03405184 956-330-2109

    ADMIN – Hi Aziz,

    The deadline has passed.

  17. Marc says:

    The deadline was June first and the court date was June 25th ,when should I recieved my settlement? If there’s one.

    ADMIN – Hi Marc,

    After the court date the judge allows a window of time for appeals. Once the appeals resolve you will most likely get a check.

  18. Jaleaha says:

    Do you know a number I can call to get more info on how much the checks will be and what date will we get them

    ADMIN – Hi Jaleaha,

    If you scroll up the phone should be posted above.

  19. Clarissa Lovely says:

    I filed a claim and still yet to receive my settlement… how do I get info on that

    ADMIN – Hi Clarissa,

    Sadly this settlement was paid out long time ago. You no longer have the option to escalate


    I have been waiting to hear sonething about this i sent in my form and did everything they asked and yet still have not received anything. if they do contact me.

    ADMIN – Hi Vanity,

    The best way to find out about the status of a class action settlement is to reach out to the class action administrator.

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