Class Eligibility

The Settlement Class is comprised of “the current or former ADT customers who between November 13, 2009 and August 15, 2016 entered into a contract with ADT or an ADT dealer for installation of a residential security system, or who had ADT or an ADT dealer install a residential security system, that includes at least one wireless peripheral sensor.”

Estimated Amount


Refer to question 8 on the FAQ to determine your subclass and amount you are likely to receive

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Michael Edenborough v. The ADT Corporation and ADT, LLC d/b/a ADT Security Services
Case No. 16-cv-02233-JST
District Court, Northern District of California

Case Summary

Plaintiffs brought the Actions on behalf of ADT customers who contracted with ADT or with an authorized ADT dealer for installation of a residential security system that operated using at least one wireless peripheral sensor. Plaintiffs allege that ADT failed to disclose to its customers the alleged vulnerability of the wireless sensors to evasion and jamming using electronic devices. ADT denies the allegations, denies liability, and asserts numerous defenses.

Settlement Pool





ADT Home Security Settlement
c/o Dahl Administration
PO Box 3614
Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

60 responses to “ADT Home Security Vulnerability Class Action Settlement”

  1. Nancy G. Lischer says:

    I cannot determine what a “wireless peripheral sensor” is. I did have a wireless system install within the dates in question. Does that automatically mean that I have a “wireless peripheral sensor” ? The notice given is confusing. Laymen should be able to understand the notice. I, a retired attorney, am familiar and have litigated notices.

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Members of the class are likely to receive a notice. Our informational posting is mainly directed to exceptions. As a layperson myself I find the notice to be pretty simple and written in terms that offer lots of clarity. At the very top of the notice you will note the following:


    If your security system has wireless sensors you are most likely a class member.

    • Cynthia Van Arsdale says:

      No, it doesn’t. In every instance, the postcard I received calls it a “wireless peripheral sensor”. We have a wireless system that includes a motion detector. All of our equipment is indoors. “Peripheral” makes me think this might mean outdoor sensors. BTW, my husband is an attorney. He didn’t know, either.

      ADMIN – Hi Cynthia,

      Let’s start at the beginning. The word peripheral refers to something that is is placed at the edge of something else. In the case of ADT a peripheral sensor is one that is placed at the edge of a door or window but is not connected via wire to the central unit. Lawyering is a very worthy profession but it does not guarantee omniscience.

    • Elizabeth Williams says:

      I aplyed on my ph.
      Did you receive the reply?

      ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth,

      If you need to check on your claim you need to contact the class action administrator directly using the information we provide above.

    • Edith baker says:

      Yes I had the system installed.and it never worked right.and was supposed to been charged a 14.95 .and pay monthly.they took out 478.00.and I was avicted took me two months to get my money back.worst company I’ve ever dealt with.they really owed me glad people getting a little.but they should have to pay a lot more.

      ADMIN – Hi Edith,

      This class action settlement has nothing to do with charges made related to ADT.

  2. Nancy G. Lischer says:

    I have continued to look for a definition of “wireless peripheral sensor,” and one other Internet site suggests that ALL wireless systems have these sensors. If all such systems have this type of sensor, then why didn’t the notice just say a “wireless system” was installed. Unfortunately, I cannot access ADT’s class action site because my antivirus program tells me it is unsafe to enter that site. Can you scan and send me the FAQs for the class action and any part of the full notice that defines “wireless peripheral sensor” ? Thank you.
    Nancy Lischer

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    I am not the class action admin thus I am unable to satisfy your request. There is contact info for the admin above. Feel free to reach out and request printed forms.

  3. John Ferguson says:

    I CAN BE REACHED AT 716-243-6510

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    This settlement is not related to the system failing in the way you describe. This has to do with a security vulnerability associated to lack of encryption.

    • John Ferguson says:


      ADMIN – Hi John,

      Please file your claim using the link we provided.

  4. Connie Gilpin says:

    Is a wireless peripheral sensor a wireless motion sensor?

    ADMIN – Hi Connie,


  5. Harriet jones says:

    How do I know if I have such a sensor?

    ADMIN – Hi Harriet,

    You can contact ADT to ask.

  6. Monica Lora says:

    please send me a settlement claim form you can also email me the form ,i cant access it online
    9423 Wellfleet Dr
    Bakersfield, CA 93313

    ADMIN – Hi Monica,

    I can’t do that. You need to contact the class action administrator.

    TELEPHONE: 1-888-439-1531
    MAIL: ADT Home Security Settlement
    c/o Dahl Administration
    PO Box 3614
    Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614

  7. George branson says:

    I was a customer of theirs for over a year before illness struck me and I was unable to pay the bill. They kept billing me for the equipment which I had removed and have kept on hand but no one has ever came to pick it up and stop trying to make me pay for the equipment when I no longer have it it is here for them to pick up and they refused

    ADMIN – Hi George,

    I don’t think ADT has a contract clause that excludes illness. Having said that this settlement is not about contract terms, it is about a sensor that had a vulnerability.

  8. Tonya L Pszcolka says:

    Is this the sensor that sits in the corner of your ceiling or the sensors that go on your doors/windows. I’ve had both in 2 different homes

    ADMIN – Hi Tonya,

    I can’t see your sensors from here so I can’t tell if the sensors are wired or wireless.

    • B. Anderson says:

      If your sensors were attached to your surfaces using the little stick on pads attached to the window or door and a nearby fixed surface and have batteries. Then the units are what they are calling wireless peripheral sensors. They also have one that is attached with two small screws on the base. A wired vs wireless is the difference between those mentioned above and hard wired systems. These sensors are attached to wires that are enclosed inside your walls and usually terminate at a window or door. Both are attached to a transmitting unit that sends out alarms to local responders. The brilliant technician they sent to one of my homes cut my hard wires and installed the stick on kind. He destroyed my inside security wiring and they had the audacity to want me to pay for cancelling the contract with them at that location. Not once did the police ever respond when the system was tested by this home owner. They claim to be number one, and they may be, but it’s not for security.

      • Mercado says:

        Thank you. This definetly helped.

      • Angela Johnson says:

        I am sure it is not possible…but it sounds like you had the same installer that I did….I still have serious wire problems to this day after he darkened my doorstep with the so called wireless option and removed old wire system… mess! and MY SYSTEM NEVER WORKED..AND MY EMERGENCY CALLS-…never answered…but they sure took my money!….I hope that our nosey government —wants to be nosey about everything with this company that promises safety and rips people off–at least myself…and cause big damage… and a final slap in face is they send me paperwork for a class action suit AFTER THE DATE OF THE DECISION FOR ME TO EVEN BE A PART OF…I am out well over a few 1000.00 bucks…not to mention the bully tactics….shame on that dealership….I can only pray that there are some happy customers out there…but will say this..I sure have not seen a commercial for ADT in quite sometime….so- maybe good- so nobody else gets riped off like myself…or like some others it seems to be on here….shame on them.

    • Allie says:

      This admin’s responses are awesome. 🙂

      ADMIN – Hi Allie,

      ADMIN takes a bow!!!

  9. kathy swarringin says:

    i had adt installed feb 2015 thru 2016 had it removed because not a month went by that i didnt have to call them to come try to fix cameras they never solved the problem even with a nano box they failed to tell me the internet wasnt good enought here until we had contract signed they even out extra boost in the plug ins.i had more stollen after it was installed than i had before i signed contract. also i had just purcHASED A NEW AT&T PHONE A MONTH BEFORE I GOT ADT SECURITY.the man that installed equipment said the reason it wasnt working properly because of my i had to go purchase a new phone that cost and it still didnt should i send mine back in

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    Please take a moment to read about the settlement. It has nothing to do with the issues you describe. It is entirely possible that you are a class member but not for the reasons you describe.

  10. Barbara Luger says:

    I had a wired system for a few years and then sometime in 2016 I changed to a wireless system. However I have always had wireless glass breakage sensors as well as window sensors. Am I eligible for this claim?

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    I believe you are as long as your wireless sensors were in place within the qualified period as indicated in the class eligibility.

  11. C. Smith says:

    Just got a postcard in the mail about the current class action against ADT…

    Oh my, reading the postings here, makes me feel good knowing I’m not the only one who was ever screwed over by ADT; it’s a wonder they are still in business considering their shoddy business practices…

    Yes, I have a wireless system that was installed during the time frame as noted… The wireless system never worked properly, then it was converted to a hardwired system, and when the contract period ended I stopped having ADT monitor the system because they continually jacked up the monthly monitoring fee without prior notice and would return it to what it was when I complained…

    Yes, I know that is not what this class action is about, but I do look forward to the day that all those folks who have ever been screwed by ADT and/or the contractors they use to install alarm systems, will for other reason file a class action to finally put ADT out of business…!

    I will be filling out the form to get my measly amount from this class action case; better than nothing I suppose considering the grief ADT put me through; sure glad I am no longer connected to them…!

  12. Rick says:

    More interested in knowing what ADT is planning to do to FIX THE PROBLEM.

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    Give them a call and ask

  13. Karen Mataychuck says:

    This may sound like I’m a greedy person, but here is my question. I understand that the rebate given to parties of a class-action are based on how many are included in the class, what is left after the attorneys and costs are paid, and usually a hefty bonus for the person who initiated the suit, but how is $15-45 rationalized as a fair recompense for having purchased a vulnerable security system? Having felt secure when the system’s vulnerability was not explained, is, in my opinion, a crime. Why isn’t the approximate possible class size first taken into consideration and a legitimate fair net compensation per person arrived at before the lawsuit is filed? Surely a judge would have to agree that $15-45 per class member is hardly a fair compensation for having purchased a security system that can be disabled due to interference from WiFI, let alone hacking. This is obviously only false security. I am a member of the class, but such a minimal compensation is degrading, especially since the persons who suffered the injury, so to speak, receive a pittance compared to what the litigating attorneys will receive. Class-action lawsuits benefit only one group, and that group is the attorneys.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    The judge made a decision not based on the risk of what would had happen but more on the reality that even when the system was vulnerable not so many were attacked. With this in mind you will agree that very few people actually suffered an injury.

    As for the compensation for attorneys consider this for a moment. The attorney invested his own money and took risks to secure a settlement. If the settlement had not been approved the law firm would have swallowed all the expenses associated to research and litigation. This risk was not passed to the consumer. We only see the cases that are settled not the total investment made by law firms going after corporations.

    If you disagree with the settlement and you feel you deserve more, you do have the option to opt out and bring a lawsuit against ADT on your own. In this case you would personally take the risk and you would reap greater rewards if any.

  14. alice chalona says:

    I just stumbled into this. I have 3 wireless sensors on my doors. Is this what the suit is about. If so, can I require ADT to replace the sensors. Or simply cancel my contract–have under 1 yr left–because my home was not really protected

    ADMIN – Hi Alice,

    Yes this settlement is about the wireless sensors installed by ADT. I don’t think the sensors need to be replaced, instead ADT should have patched the software that caused the vulnerability. That can be done remotely. Was your home really protected? Depends what you call protected. This vulnerability did not diminish the functionality of the sensor, instead it allowed for others to enter the network that runs the security system. Can you cancel your contract? I don’t know. You need to reach out to ADT and ask

  15. Kathy Petterson says:

    Haha….ADMIN- Your hilarious!!! I want your job! I especially love the ” I can’t see your sensors from here “….You and Siri need to hook up! lol

    ADMIN – Hi Kathy,

    Siri and I are besties!

  16. Kirsten Kiser says:

    I would like to know if the hacking vulnerabilities have been addressed or fixed. If not, can the contract be terminated without penalties?

    ADMIN – Hi Kirsten,

    That question can be best addressed by ADT

  17. Stu says:

    OK, so I received 2 (two) cards. We had ADT install a wireless system in a house we bought in 2012. And then when we moved to the new house, we had them put a wireless system in that house in 2015. We had both systems running concurrently for about six months, until the sale of the first house closed. Return both cards? Do I need to denote that one is for old address, one is for the new?

    ADMIN – Hi Stu,

    Fill out two claims and denote the different locations.

  18. ADMIN says:

    You traded hard earned cash for fake security? ha ha. suck it.

    • Sandra Green says:

      I will like to know when this sellement will be disburst and if I am apart of this class action.

      ADMIN – Hi Sandra,

      Most settlements are paid after the deadline has passed and all appeals have been resolved. You can find out if you are a member of the class by reading the section called class eligibility.

  19. Robert Frisby says:

    I got the notice in the mail the other day and I have to say that I was surprised that I even got the notice. I have not even used my system for years. We decided to have ours installed after a door to door sales man talked to us about it. It was not ADT and I don’t remember what the company name was now but my home has two doors and eleven windows and they would only install sensors on the two doors and only three windows with a movement sensor in the living room to cover three windows in that room, we had cats and they told me that the cats would not be seen by the sensor, well guess what? The cats set that sensor off every night, so we had them replace that sensor with window sensors but they would only put them on two of the three windows of that room. Not to long after this we started getting bills from ADT instead of the first company, I called on it and the first company didn’t answer the phone anymore, found out that ADT had taken them over. Not to long after this I unplugged the system and canceled my account because the system would go off for no reason just about every night and the police would call or show up to see if we were okay. I shut it down because the police started telling everybody that if they respond to a false alarm the owner would get a hefty fine, so that was it, turned it off and I have not used it since and that was years ago. Plus the bill was not worth it for the service I received.

  20. Barbara E Saunders says:

    My name is B Saunders,and i too received a Legal Notice about a Class Action settlement; I filled out the card AND checked one of the boxes. I hope that the judge will award more then $15 or $45.00. I also have a claim
    number does that mean that i am entitle to a payment.

    ADMIN – Hi Barbara,

    If you filed your claim online and received a claim confirmation number you are most likely a class member and will eventually receive payment.

  21. Claricer Scott says:

    Yes I have wireless sensors. It was activated thru my IPhone and I have sensors on my windows and wall

    ADMIN – Hi Claricer,

    Fantastic, That makes you a class member. Please file a claim using the link provided.

  22. DJ says:

    Perfect. Since ADT refused to reimburse me a “Cry Wolf” false alarm fee for a false alarm enacted AFTER I cancelled with them and AFTER I sold my house and no longer occupied it. I sent them indisputable evidence. They kept denying the charge with form letter responses.

    Things have a way of working themselves out. Looks like we’ll come out even ADT. Now, I love my SimpliSafe.

  23. Lester Forbes says:

    Hello , my name is Lester and I am a former client of ADT as well. I plan to file this claim along with the others I have already filed. I have not seen anything come to my new address from those settlements. I forwarded my mail but would like to update my new address from my old to insure I recieve any compensation I am due. Please advise.

    ADMIN – Hi Lester,

    Use the address featured under the subheading contact to submit your address changes. Do it via certified. mail.

  24. Laura L Childers says:

    I had ADT installed in January 2014 after my husband passed. They came and installed window sensors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. He was at my house 4 hours. I have a cochlear implant and cannot hear so I wanted a system that would notify the police/fire department should I be sleeping and the house caught fire or someone broke in. The system was $2400 with a 3 year contract. In June 2016 I sold my house and moved to a condo. Since there was 1 year left on my contract I called Adt to move the system. I was told that it was up to me to take the sensors, detectors and key pads with me.
    I was able to take a few, but most when pried from the wall set off the alarms so I left them. The appointment was set for after I had my land line installed which I was told was needed for the system. The technician came. He was over an hour late. He told me that the equipment I took was dated, so throw it away. I told him I wanted a key pad at my bed, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and window sensors. I specifically did not want a motion detector. I have 2 small dogs. He put sensors on my entry doors but none on the windows next to them. As he put up the motion detector he told me to keep the dogs contained. He was at my house less then 30 minutes. I paid $390 for this system. I signed the forms he had not realizing that I was signing for an additional 3 years. For several months after the installation I would get phone calls from ADT asking if I wanted a monitored system. I responded with I had an ADT monitored system. They said that I was not listed with ADT. I called ADT after each time and was told it was a scam. About 6 months in the credit card that I used to pay adt was compromised. Not hearing from adt I called them. He could not find my address or phone number. He asked if I had another account. I gave him the old address and disconnected number. There was my account. I asked that since they did not have my valid address how would they respond if my alarm went off and “lets say my alarm went off right now”. I was told to test it. They had no connection from ADT to my condo.
    I was told that it would be up to me to set up a coordinating appointment with my phone (land line) and adt. Instead I went to the better business bureau with my complaint. It took over 2 months to get a response. The woman who responded was surly and rude. She told me that there was no problem with my system and it would up to me to prove that they had not monitored my system for the last 6 months. When I questioned the phone and address being wrong I was told they did not need that information and they did not need a land line. She finally agreed to send out a tech. He said there was no problem with my system now and he could not tell me the reason that there was no connection to ADT. The tech said that yes I did need a land line. Not long ago I had the fire department check because I was concerned about carbon monoxide. They could not find a carbon monoxide detector from ADT. I also question why my smoke detectors battery went out and has not yet been replaced and I have not heard a word from ADT. This was to be tied to the system. The Better Business Bureau had thousands of unresolved complaints against adt with 11 positive reviews. They have a AAA rating which makes you wonder about the BBB.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Your story is very sad. ADT may not be the best option for you. Consider an alternate vendor.

    • Angela Johnson says:

      I a former customer of ADT am so sad to read your story….and just an FYI…all you have to do to have a good standing with the BBB is pay money…its up to the BBB what they list after…I know this tiny small thing due to a family member formerly working there….hopefully has changed…ya never know.
      Sure hope so, I truly hope so. One would think so after so many complaints…should amount to something…but they themselves are a business.- or were stated as one not long ago.
      Seems these days not many can trust…I am so sorry for you- I thought my experience was bad…shame on them….ADT this so called Admin..and the dealership….I feel completely fooled my ex used to run a dealership years ago in MO then CA…thought I could trust them….ADT that is…turns out not so much….for those that did not apologize to you..I offer you one…and think all of us should file our own class action.instead of minimal for a 15 to 45 dollar amount…thats an insult at best…..does anyone else think that there should be a different suit…encompasing numerous infractions? I do get that that suit only covers a small portion with wireless…but…my gosh…sure seems there is an awful lot more to be claimed.

  25. Nikki Hess says:

    Why do the installation dates begin in NOV. 2009?

    ADMIN – Hi Nikki,

    That is when the defective technology with vulnerabilities was introduced.

  26. Jeanne Garcia says:

    I do not have paperwork for the installation,and have sold my home. How can I verify I had service, which included motion detector. Sold house 2016, stopped service 2014.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeanne,

    You can contact ADT and ask. I believe they keep records.

  27. Clarence Lawton says:

    Just looking for my share of claim if awarded to me thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Clarence,

    Settlements are paid after the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared.

  28. Steve says:

    I had entered into a contract with ADT in November 2014 and I do have two wireless sensors. I did not receive a claim form with a claim number in the mail. How do I proceed with filing online

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    Two options, you can use the paper form and mail it or you can call the class action admin to see if they will issue a PIN

  29. Marilyn Henderson says:

    I entered into a contract with ADT on July 2014 and I have a sensor in the corner of my dining room and sensors on my windows. My keypad had 2 numbers stuck and I called for service and they told me my unit was outdated. They wanted to put in a whole new system. I could not afford the cost. The Keypad is still attached to the wall, sensors remain and I still have the battery attached in my basement.

    ADMIN – Hi Marylyn,

    If the sensors at your window are wireless you are class member.

  30. Pat Baisey says:

    Hi, I received a card at my new/current address…not sure how you guys even got it. Anyways, I never lived at the address where the system was installed, just did it for my son & family to get them started. ADT would not remove my name & replace it with his unless I paid off the contract. So, it stayed in my name but again, i was not living there. I did not need it at my address where I was residing. Should I still fill out the card & mail it in?
    Thank you for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Pat,

    You should if you were the owner of the house.

  31. Gloria says:

    I would like to know if i am able to get a claim. I have had ADT since2004.

    ADMIN – Hi Gloria,

    Do you have wireless sensors on your windows and doors? If you do you can file.

  32. Rob says:

    If the wireless sensors could be ‘evaded’ or ‘jammed’ using electronic devices, does this include activating the alarm by setting off / tripping the sensors? Does ADT have the capability of detecting / determining if this has occurred to your system?

    ADMIN – Hi Rob,

    I am so not qualified to answer your question but I am going to post it to see if someone else can help you.

  33. Jevonda Ward says:

    Good evening,
    I am part of this class action settlement. I expect a payment when Judge makes final decision. Has anyone heard about the results from February 1st 2018 hearing?

    ADMIN – Hi Jevonda,

    I have not heard anything

  34. Sheila Craan says:

    I entered into a contract with ADT for 3 years and paid them in full. They hard wired my house with a motion detector, 2 door and window detectors. I didn’t want their wireless system.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheila,

    That means you are not a class member.

  35. Christina says:

    I received my little letter as well and as soon as I got it I filled it out and sent it in. My sensors were a big hassle and they did jam up I was always calling them and when I paid my payments I sent in 5 dollars over the amount everytime! When it was $45 I was sending $50 then it went up to $50mt and I was paying $55 and never got credited on my account on even the next bill and I had to keep my money order receipts to have a reciept. I always asked for an update on my account to which I was denied. Our alarm jammed up for the 3 time and the police came in drawn there guns on my teenage daughter and I had to leave my job to go home which was an apartment and I got legal paper work from the apartments just have it installed. When are we going to hear about anything moving forward?

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    This settlement has nothing to do with the sensors jamming or issues with overpayments not recorded. As for the timeline for payment settlements are usually paid after the deadline has passed and all appeals have cleared.

  36. Stacee Christian says:

    Has it been a update on the release of checks or an increase of the amount due to how many customers responded to the claim offer?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacee,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator?

  37. Gale Nesmith says:

    I submitted a claim on Novermber 19, 2017. I would like to know the outcome of the ADT settement and approximately when will checks be mailed out to class membes.

    Thanks in advance for your time in this matter!

    ADMIN – Hi Gale,

    To obtain updates reach out to the class action administrator.

  38. Jevonda Ward says:

    How’s the count on claims going? I read that it was over 400,000.00 claims. Is that accurate? When will settlement checks be paid?

    ADMIN – Hi Jevonda,

    Your best bet is to reach out to the class action administrator to get the most updated details on total submissions. I believe I read something similar to what you are sharing with us.

  39. Pam says:

    That is terrible we paid more than 15 and $45 for the system itself and that’s all we’re going to get is that amount?

    I have been reading up on class action lawsuits and they are using specialized lawyers to get this job done and they are the ones who’s taken all the money for doing the case and that’s why when we joined these kind of cases as class action suits we do not receive nothing but small amount of pennies ..that’s a shame!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Pam,

    In the absence of class action lawyers you would receive e nothing. Not a penny.

  40. sebrina windrom says:

    How do we contact the class action administrator? I would like to know when the case will be settled.

    ADMIN – Hi Sebrina,

    Scroll up and look under the subheading titled contact.

  41. Lori oksutcik says:

    How do I file a claim

    ADMIN – Hi Lori,

    You may no longer file a claim as the deadline has passed.

  42. Adraine S Gibson says:

    I did file a claim. How and when do i receive my settlement?

    ADMIN – Hi Adraine,

    Settlements are issued once all appeals have cleared.

  43. S Smoot says:

    Are they currently appealing the judgement? When should I expect a payment or at least an update on the settlement?

    ADMIN – HI Smoot,

    Under appeals not timelines have been disclosed.

  44. R says:

    When will we be paid? The court appearance was in February and it is currently August. I filed my claim in November.

    ADMIN – Hi R,

    Have you contacted the class action administrator to ask?

  45. anthony mccartney says:

    i have a claim #25033498,regarding some kind of settlement you,ll suppose to have resolve wherefore whats the word on such matter ? are it was a fliut,to whom this may concern please contact me at 3185737510nname mr. anthony mccartney.thank you much.and happy new year.

    ADMIN – Hi Anthony,

    We are not the class action admins therefore we are unable to contact you regarding your specific claim.

  46. Ephrain Calderon says:

    I have a claim #50143654 , regarding some kind of settlement you, plese contact me at spanish 4145780305 Ephrain , thank you

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Sorry, Ephrain, but there’s been a misunderstanding.  Please note that we ( are *not* the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. If you want to file a claim, please follow the claims link above. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  47. Fredrick C. Bosbous says:

    I am checking on the settlement received for claim # 15549140. I called the number at its a fax dial tone. Can you please advise as to the status of payments to be refunded to claimant to

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Fredrick. Thanks for your message. However, since we are only a newspaper of class action settlements, we have no direct connection to the cases we report about. As soon as we hear of open settlements, we post the news here; what happens to the settlement after that, we no longer post about. It’s up to our subscribers to follow up directly with their respective claims/settlement administrators and/or check directly on the settlement website (always linked above) for updates. Hope you eventually get in touch with the settlement admin.

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