Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you purchased AG Adriano Goldschmied AGAG product in California that was labeled “MADE IN USA” or “MADE IN THE USA” from June 4, 2010 to February 29, 2016, for non-commercial use, that did not disclose that the product contained one or more foreign-made component parts.

A complete list of eligible products included in this class action settlement can be found here.

Estimated Amount

$20 AGAG voucher per product purchased

Or one (1) free pair of AGAG pants per qualifying Class product purchased. The AGAG pants will be available on a first-come/first served basis up to a maximum of 25,000 pairs of pants. The AGAG pants shall be of AGAG’s selection, from current or prior seasons, but in the size and for the gender specified on the Class Member’s Claim Form.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

David Paz v. AG Adriano Goldschmied Inc. and Nordstrom Inc
Case No. 3:14-cv-1372-DMS-DHB
District Court, Southern District of California

Case Summary

This lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer sold clothing with labels that did not properly disclose the fabric’s country of origin.

Settlement Pool


Settlement Website




AG Adriano Goldschmied Inc., et al. Class Action
c/o KCC
PO Box 30209
College Station, TX 77842-3209

7 responses to “Nordstrom AG Adriano Goldschmied Class Action Settlement”

  1. Alex Rodriguez says:

    Your pants did not tell me they had foreign product in them. I am very angry and would like what I deserve

    ADMIN – Hi Alex,

    Sorry you are feeling angry about the lack of disclosure. To get what you deserve you need to file a claim.

  2. Gianni Perez says:


  3. Iridescent says:

    This saddens me especially when one goes out of there way to buy US made products. Companies are so sneaky nowadays. Nordstrom is my top favorites to shop at and I was actually going today to look for clearance boots…

  4. Nicey says:

    The coupon code does not work on the website! Anns why do I have to buy jeans that I was previously dissatisfied with?

    ADMIN – Hi Nicey,

    This was not a settlement about product satisfaction. This settlement had to do with materials not made in the US.

  5. R. D says:

    Hello administration :
    I received a postcard stating that I received a promo code. Why would I want to purchase another pair? Do we also receive a refund check ?

    ADMIN – Hi RD,

    No, this settlement was either a promo code or a pair of jeans. No money.

  6. Brandi Deleon says:

    I haven’t received the Jeans or a postcard. When should I expect to receive either one??

    ADMIN – Hi Brandi,

    This settlement was paid out months ago. At this point you may no longer have legal recourse.

  7. Sonia terry says:

    My jeans say somewhere in california Please reimburse

    ADMIN – Hi Sonia,

    This settlement has expired and you may no longer claim.

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