Class Eligibility

You are a class member if you urchased and/or paid for Aggrenox® or generic versions of Aggrenox®, in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon (2010 or after), Rhode Island (purchases after July 15, 2013), South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin for consumption by yourself or your family, from November 30, 2009 through December 22, 2017.

Estimated Amount

Varies This is a pro rata settlement. Once the expenses and attorney’s fees are paid the net settlement will be divided among the valid claims
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
In re: Aggrenox® Antitrust Litigation, Case No. 3:14-md-02516-SRU District Court for the District of Connecticut
Case Summary
he lawsuit is about the price of Aggrenox and whether its manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, delayed the availability of an allegedly less-expensive generic version through alleged anticompetitive agreements with Barr. Plaintiffs (those who brought the suit) allege that Boehringer Ingelheim and Barr did so through unlawful settlement of patent lawsuits in which the patents covering Aggrenox were in dispute. After the challenged agreements were entered into, Barr was acquired by Teva. Plaintiffs claim that Defendants’ actions denied Indirect Purchasers who paid for Aggrenox the benefits of competition and caused them to pay higher prices for Aggrenox than they otherwise would have paid. Defendants deny these claims and deny that they did anything wrong. Defendants assert that the settlement of the patent lawsuits did not violate Federal or state antitrust or consumer protection laws. Defendants assert that their conduct has not delayed the entry of generic versions of Aggrenox into the market. No court or other authority has found that Defendants engaged in any wrongdoing.
Settlement Pool
Aggrenox Settlement c/o A.B. Data, Ltd. P.O. Box 173046 Milwaukee, WI 53217 P:800-494-2165

21 responses to “Aggrenox Generic Drug Delay Class Action Settlement”

  1. Dale Chester says:

    I think I used this after having a stroke during 2014 or so. Or a generic of it..

    ADMIN – Hi Dale,

    If you used the real thing you are a class member.

  2. Shirley Reid-Cobb says:

    I have used Aggrenox for many years. How can I join the class action?

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley,

    Click on the link that reads file a claim and complete the forms as applicable.

  3. Ruth Smith says:

    I have been on aggranox for four years and have paid full price for it before and with insurance it is expensive. When in donut hole with medicare I paid out of pocket
    Please add me to the suit.

    ADMIN – Hi Ruth,

    I can’t add you. You must complete the claim form yourself.

  4. William McDaniel says:

    I have purchased the medication 15 times and the cost was 360.00 each purchase.

    ADMIN – Hi William,

    It sounds like you are a member of the class.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I used this and did not like it at all

    ADMIN – Hi Kimberly,

    This settlement is not about you liking the product or not. It is about delayed release of generic versions.

  6. says:

    I never actually used Aggrenox but thought about taking it. Am I still eligible to make a claim?

    ADMIN – Hi P,


    • Rupert says:

      I thought about winning millions in the lottery, bit never did. Do I still get the money? LOL

      ADMIN – Hi Ruppert,

      The admin will think about it and will send you imaginary money.

  7. Jacqueline Brown says:

    I purchased this medication only twice. I stopped taking it because it had me very nervous and couldn’t keep anything on my stomach. Am I qualified

    ADMIN – Hi Jacqueline,


  8. Dawn Matthews says:

    I used this product for two days and it made me feel queasy.

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    This settlement is not about product performance.

  9. Jason says:

    I used this product and it made me bald and caused my wife to divorce me!

    Just kidding, but the admin of this site is so patient to be able to respond to every *very smart* person who leaves a comment in these pages about how they tried the product and don’t like it, even when the suit isn’t about “liking” the product. You’re very kind to respond to everyone admin.

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    Thankfully bald is in. I can recommend a ton of elixirs to polish your scalp that will totally add to the look. Thank you for stopping by and making my day

    The ADMIN


  10. Lenaiya says:

    ADMIN: can you please delete the post i submitted above this one? (As well as this one paragraph at the top of this post) thanks! It is riddled with typos and misspellings so i corrected them all in this new one so it is more legible. I was so annoyed by what Tevo has done & is doing as and as i typed out this comment i could slmost feel my blood boiling! Thank you!

    Hi ADMIN,

    I am a nurse and my Grandmother was taking this Rx because she couldn’t take Heparin or Coumadin (both are also blood thinners) She had DVT (blood clot) but her Dr. prescribed the aggrenox because she had suffered a mini stroke (TIA) which affected part of her brain and other similar medications aren’t effective for this type of problem so she really didn’t have much of a choice as far as blood thinners go, there was no other alternative on the market at the time & her Doctor described her condition as one with a poor prognosis if she were to stop taking it. But here you have an elderly lady, living on a very limited fixed social security income and half of that income was used to pay for this prescription. I hated seeing my grandmother broke every month because half of her income was going to the pharmaceutical company just to keep her alive, so to find out there was actually a generic version of this medication that could have been produced back when my grandma was struggling to pay for it, makes me want to locate this pharmaceutical empire and show them a video of my grandmother literally crying because of the financial hardship this Rx had caused her to endure. After some research, it appears that the pharmaceutical company responsible for my grandmother’s descent into the poor house, is Tevo. I have found this company at the forefront of several of these anti-trust litigation & class action lawsuits for suppressing the release of a generic medication of a name brand drug that they hold the patent to and I am alarmed by these findings because the evidence shows that this is corruption and deceit which aims to rob the sick who depend on their medication to survive and just suck them dry with the astronomical cost of these meds. It is nothing short of unconscionable and our senior citizens should be protected from this tyranny and not taken advantage of in this way. It is disgusting. This is what Tevo does, this is what they do, and they have done it before, several times. God only knows just how many times they have gotten away with this in the past but this isn’t something they just started doing & are not new at it. I am sure the “competing” pharmaceutical co is in on it. They probably called Tevo to remind them to file that patent infringement! against them! We only know of a handful of times that they have been caught, as evident in the class actions lawsuits they have been named in, but i am sure they have been doing this since the dawn of time and if they are able to easily pay off the $56 million or 400 mill that they end up settling these lawsuits for without breaking a sweat, then imagine how much they are making in profit!! millions upon millions they rake in and they couldnt allow a generic version to compete?? My grandmother could no longer afford to pay for this Rx and she ultimately had to stop taking it. I did help her to pay for it when I was able to, but i myself, was struggling to get thru nursing school myself. My grandma passed away 6 mo later and it has always left a bitterness in my heart that this country will let someone die before they will lower the price of a life-saving medication or release a generic just so they can profit. I am disgusted. What Tevo is doing is completely calculated fraud. Just as their patent on a name brand drug is about to expire, they file for an extension on the patent and then the request goes into a pending status which can take weeks to get approved. (I read of one instance where Tevo actually altered the current patent they held on a medication, to appear they were granted an extension but they were caught ! How are these drug dealers not in prison? If you or i did something like this, we would both go to prison! Anyway, while the patent is pending, another pharmacuetical company (also Tevo’s competition) files for a patent to produce the generic version of the medication who’s patent is pending and then Tevo immediatel slaps them with a patent infringement lawsuit! THEN, Tevo approaches that pharmacuetical company and makes an offer to them. They tell them they will drop the patent infringement lawsuit if they agree not to file for the patent to produce the generic version for anywhere from 3 to 7 yrs and to make the offer more appealing, they not only pay them off with what is called “reverse settlements” which is essentially a very large sum of money paid to the competitor pharmaceutical company. So instead of the competetor having to pay Tevo a settlement (which they would inevitably be ordered to pay when they lost the patent infringement case) instead receives settlement money from Tevo and it is literally called “reverse settlements” isnt that in itself fraud? Why would our legal system label these settlements as a means used to commit fraud upon the court and not even do anything about it when it occurs? Well, if those reverse settlement payments arent enough, Tevo THEN goes on to offer the competing pharma co, a percentage of what it earns in sales/profit off the name brand sales if they agree to suppress the generic. And they ask them to suppress if for YEARS, so it wont be available to those who really need it (but cant afford it) anytime soon. Imagine a company so filthy rich that they can afford hundreds of millions in reverse settlements, millions in class action lawsuit settlements, millions of dollars from the sale of a name brand drug they are paying as hush money, and lord knows what other shady business transactions they are involved in. But to possess these millions upon millions of dollars but had to steal half of a sick, poor elderly lady and more likely more than one of these elderly folks are victims. Tevo is in Israel and my closest friend is a flight attendant and I am actually contemplating flying over there just so i can get a look at the glutony of greed that they should be ashamed for acquiring, but i am too afraid i might lose my cool and do something i might regret and they certainly arent worth it. My question is, why is Tevo being allowed to repeatedly run this scam? Are the judges getting kickbacks from them in exchange for their complacency? It sure looks that way. This is the norm for Tevo, they have committed this fraud on at least 5 other occassions that i can see of. How are they able to just pay everyone off and proceed to do it again shortly thereafter? My next question is; I was my grandma’s caretaker leading all the way up to her death and I picked up a up her Rx’s and even gelped her pay for them when i was in a position to do so. I know my grandmother paid hundreds of dollars every single month for at least 2 yrs and just because she is no longer living doesnt mean she shouldnt (or her hiers) be allowed to get back the money that was literally stolen from her by these crooks. If i robbed a bank and the bank’s owner died soon thereafter, wouldn’t i still be obligated to pay the money back to the bank even though its owner is dead? I feel that anyone who has been victim to these pharmaceutical scams & have been forced to pay for a name brand drug that costs hundreds of dollars, when a much cheaper generic version was being suppressed, should not only be allowed to file a claim on behalf of the person whom the medication was prescribed but also be given punitive damages for the extreme financial hardship their actions subjected that person to, bcuz all they are doing is paying back what they stole from these ppl and there is no compensory danages unless one files a private lawsuit which Tevo will effectively tie the case up in federal court for years with their million dollar attorneys. This is beyond disgusting. How are these greedy bastards not in prison? It is so udderly offensive that they can commit these crimes right out in the open in front of everyone and not even hide it but also not even endure any legal reprecussussions! I guess the only Freedom the United States allows is certainly not given to it’s ppl, the Anericans, but to it’s its corrupt corporate partners, over in Israel nonetheless! Why does that not surprise me that Isael is treated more fairly and treated better than the United States’ own citizens? That is a semi-rhetorical question. If i dont have an answer, I am sure you don’t either! Lol but the real question here, and one i do expect, or at keast hope, to get an answer to, is… Can i file a claim on behalf of my dead grandmother to recupe the money they stole from her when she was alive but dying? Thank you for your response and thank you for allowing me this platform to vent.

    ADMIN – Hi Lenaiya,

    Call the class action administrator to see if there is a clause for heirs to file on behalf of the estate.

  11. Kenneth G Dallamora says:

    I tried this product twice, both times i experienced a hi-per reaction and a loss of appetite.

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    this settlement is not about side effects.

  12. Shannyn S Jessop says:

    I’m sorry but the people leaving these comments have got to be messing with the site administrator’s. Surely there can’t be this many people unable to read and comprehend the lawsuit info and SIMPLE instructions on how to submit a claim, right? Three words for you, people… Hooked On Phonics.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannyn,

    I wish they were messing with us. This is the reality of America. Literacy is a scarce asset.

  13. jj says:

    Ok, I was wondering…. if the people who just write “Add Me” realize they have never, ever received a check doing so?!! lol

    ADMIN – Hi JJ,

    At least they are enthusiastic.

    • Add me lmao says:

      It drives me insane reading “ADD ME” Mr class action rebates is NOT PSYCHIC Lmao..they don’t know your name or where you live..your medical history and so on…stop being so stupid and add yourself..sooo many stupid people in this world lmao

      ADMIN – Hi John,

      Add me!!! I totally concur with your opinion 😉

  14. Ellen Jones says:

    I’m sorry, but I just had to say this…. Hahaha, Lol,Lol, OMG,OMGOSH,OMGosh, slap-knee, Har-har-har, Tee-He-hee, belly-ache! Google sends me a joke a day,…but I laugh or Smile more, every month when I log-on to ClassActionRebates and read the comments, before I file or pass on to the next Class action. Best Wishes People never cease to amaze me! Life can be a laugh in time, it all depends how you perceive it! Myself the Rosier, the Funnier, the Better!
    NOT to downplay the serious comments, I wish them all the Best & Better in Life! Bye now.

    ADMIN – Hi Ellen!

    So good to have you stop by!

  15. amlee says:

    the link to file a claim Is not working (at least on my end……).Anyone else having this issue?

    ADMIN – Hi Amlee,

    That appears to be the case. Reach out to the class action administrator.

  16. Ashley says:

    Has there been any updates on this case since the final hearing ? I have checked with the website but it looks as if it has not been updated in sometime.

    ADMIN – Hi Ashley,

    No updates.

  17. Love says:

    Any updates on when checks be mailed out.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hello, You’ll have to contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if you haven’t already done so. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.