Class Eligibility

You may be a Class Member if you are a resident of the United States , its territories, or at any U.S. military facility or exchange, who purchased certain Almond Breeze almondmilk, almondmilk creamer, almondmilk nog, almondmilk coconut or cashew blend, or yogurt alternative products between April 15, 2014 and May 17, 2021. Click here to see the list of Eligible Products.

Estimated Amount

Up to $20
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Case Name

Biegel, et al. v. Blue Diamond Growers
United States District Court
for the Southern District of New York
Case No. 7:20-cv-03032-CS

Case Summary

This lawsuit arose due to the Plaintiffs’ allegations against the Defendant of false and misleading claims in the marketing and labeling of certain Blue Diamond Growers almondmilk, almondmilk coconut or cashew blend, almondmilk creamer, almondmilk nog, and yogurt alternative products, specifically that said Defendant knowingly mislabeled certain products as “vanilla” or “vanilla with other flavors.” The Defendant denies all such allegations.

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Blue Diamond Growers Settlement
Attn: Claims Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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12 responses to “Almond Breeze – Vanilla Almondmilk Products Class Action Settlement”

  1. Pamela Hughes says:

    I sure wish I had my receipts!

  2. Larry Cooley says:

    Have been buying it for several years. I like it because I do not drink milk. Probably will keep buying it. I live in Blue Diamond Almond country and I like supporting local farmers.

  3. jean brown says:

    I am very upset as this is the only milk we were buying for our granddaughter. She could not drink regular milk so we started her on almond milk. I cannot believe this. We trusted Blue Diamond Almond Milk for her!

  4. Linda Shepherd says:

    What is wrong with the product? And is the case in court now?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Linda, You’ll see the answers to your questions (and more), if you click on the Settlement Website and/or FAQs links directly. Thank you.

  5. Ashley Brown says:

    I have been an avid consumer of Almond Breeze- Vanilla Almond milk products. Please add my name to this Class Action Rebate Lawsuit. I am completely disgusted at this company’s misleading claims. I have been financially vested in this product since 2012. If I can vividly recall, I have purchased in excess of 20 ea. of this product. This is simply outrageous and certainly unacceptable.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Ashley. Sorry, but there seems to be a misunderstanding. We can’t add you to the settlement class members’ list because we are *not* the settlement administrator of this case — we are only a class action settlements newspaper. If you want to file or follow up on a claim, please follow the claims link above. Please also check the settlement website for any updates on the issue moving forward, and/or contact the Settlement Administrator directly, if needed. The details are provided above; just scroll up. Thank you, and best of luck.

  6. madeline matheis says:

    I wish I had my receipts. I have my most recent one (last weekend) and one from my instacart order. I buy this milk every week.

  7. Destiny Guardado says:

    Finally, I’m seeing something about this!

  8. Bertha Ambler says:

    I only bought the vanilla brand because I believed it to be authentic.

  9. denise scott says:

    I have no receipts to date due to not knowing about the recalls.

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Denise, Please review the details above carefully. You’ll see that proof of purchase isn’t a requirement — though admittedly, you’d get the lower payout without the proof. Good luck!

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