Class Eligibility

The Class includes anyone who purchased Amish Secret Handmade Wood Polish for personal, household or family purposes in the State of Missouri on or after January 1, 2014 and on or before December 31, 2016

Estimated Amount

Up to $10 Those without proof of purchase may have to settle for half the money or less
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Joanne Miller v. Telebrands Corp., Case No. 1616-CV06264 Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri at Independence
Case Summary
This lawsuit alleges that Telebrands violated Missouri consumer protection law and claims that Telebrands made false and misleading statements about its Amish Secret Handmade Wood Polish to consumers who purchased the product in the State of Missouri. Telebrands denies that it did anything wrong, and the Court has not made any ruling on the merits of the allegations of the lawsuit.
Settlement Pool
Missouri Amish Secret Settlement P.O. Box 1571 West Palm Beach, FL 33402 1-877-388-5621

15 responses to “Amish Secret Handmade Wood Polish Class Action Settlement (Missouri Only)”

  1. amir says:


  2. amir says:

    I want some good money I will do every thing. Thanks

  3. Patty Hudson says:

    I actually still have a few bottles still

    • Renda says:

      Do you want to sell me your Amish secret homemade furniture polish.

      ADMIN – Hi Renda,

      I am keeping mine. Good luck finding some.

  4. Sue says:

    Any other states involved yet?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,


  5. Vickie Flippen says:

    I do not think it’s fair for only Missouri people to participate in the class action! I live in Chattanooga, TN and I bought 6 bottles of this polish and I sure wish I had my receipt because it certainly doesn’t do what was advertised or promised! I do not care for it, but I still have 3-4 bottles left. I could take a picture as my receipt but not sure it would be accepted, plus as stated above, I live in TN.

    ADMIN – Hi Vickie,

    This has to do with the state and how it is willing to protect consumers. If your state is more lenient with businesses they won’t go after situations like this.

  6. Nancy says:

    I bought some of this polish while in MO – either Fayette or Branson, but I live in TN. Can I file?

    ADMIN – Hi Nancy,

    Yes if you can prove that you purchased the product in MO

  7. Joann Yanke says:

    I do not understand the problem with this product. I have used it for three years and love it.
    Does not leave a film Just cleans and leaves the wood looking so clean. Does dust not settle on your wood after use as many other products do. Just saying, I love it.

    ADMIN – Hi Joann,

    I love it too but the advertising and marketing contained false statements.

  8. charlotte ward says:

    I love Amish secret handmade wood polish. What is the problem with it that people are taking them to court? Please let me know me know for I am planning to purchase more.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlotte,

    I believe it was not made by Amish. It is otherwise a great product.

  9. M. C. Potter says:

    I love this product. It doesn’t leave gunk on wood furniture like other sprays do. I couldn’t care less what religion the people are who make it.

  10. Jeff Gaylor says:

    We love the product and cannot find it anywhere. If any of you who seem to have a problem with it would like to sell the surplus you have, we would be happy to buy it. It works great!

  11. Annie Planas says:

    Gee, I cannot believe any of you…I stumbled across this in searching for a way to get more of this product. I love it! And haven’t been able to find it anywhere!

    ADMIN – Hi Annie,

    You can find it on Ebay

  12. Jennifer Robinson says:

    I love this product–Please tell me how to get it. I do not care that it isn’t Amish, the stuff works great–I cannot get it on Ebay, I just checked–ugh Help!

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    I love it too and you can’t find it anywhere!!!

  13. Jeanie says:

    I also love this product, and am almost out of it. Unable to find locally. If anyone wants to sell their product, I’m more than happy to purchase. It’s such a great item.

  14. C.Noblin says:

    Anyone have any Amish Secret that they want to get rid of??