Class Eligibility

The settlement includes all persons identified in ANN’s business records as of July 25, 2017, who, from May 5, 2012 to May 4, 2016, purchased one or more items from ANN’s Ann Taylor Factory or LOFT Outlet stores offered at a discount from a regular or original price (“Settlement Class Members”).

Estimated Amount

$5.00 cash or $12 voucher The amounts may change based on the number of qualified class members submitting claims
Proof of Purchase
Case Name
Morrow v. ANN Inc., Case No. 1:16-cv-03340-JPO District Court for the Southern District of New York
Case Summary
This lawsuit is about an alleged deceptive pricing scheme at Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet stores. Plaintiffs allege in their complaint that ANN misled customers about the quality and price of its outlet store merchandise by leading them to believe outlet merchandise was once sold in its retail stores when it was actually manufactured for exclusive sale in outlet stores, and by advertising discounts based on fictitious original or regular prices. Plaintiffs’ lawsuit alleges that ANN violated various federal and state consumer protection and false advertising laws. ANN denies all of the allegations made in the Action and denies that anyone was harmed as a result of anything ANN did.
Settlement Pool
Morrow v. ANN Inc. KCC LLC, Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 404045 Louisville, KY 40233-4045 1-855-636-6135

28 responses to “Ann Taylor Fake Discounts Class Action Settlement”

  1. Tina Carter says:

    Did not like the company

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    Sorry to hear that.

  2. Angela Prudhomme says:

    Didn’t like service

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    Don’t waste your time shopping in places where the service is bad. This settlement is not about merchandise satisfaction or service satisfaction. It is about truth in advertising as it relates to original price.

  3. Angela Prudhomme says:

    Wasn’t satisfied with merchandise

    ADMIN – Hi Angela,

    You should have returned it.

  4. Stone Luddite says:

    I was SHOCKED to discover Anne would do this to me. Did I mention I was shocked? That’s right. You betcha

    ADMIN – Hi Luddite,

    Horrific indeed. File your claim. I believe there is a paper option if you object to using a computer.

  5. Loretta Muessig says:

    I purchased items at an Ann Taylor Factory and Loft outlet Stores at the Premium Outlet Mall in Chesterfield,,MO.

    ADMIN – Hi Loretta,

    If your purchase was made during the qualified dates you are probably a class member.

    • Mary Ann Mucha says:

      I requested the $12 vouchers. I received 6 vouchers on 12/13/18 which was the date the vouchers expired. All purchases with the vouchers had to be made in a store.
      I got home at 8:00 PM from work, tired and hungry. I opened the postcard like letters only to find out there was not adequate time for me to use my $72 in vouchers.
      I called the online customer service that evening and spoke to a supervisor/ manager who was going to send a message to corporate to contact me. I have not received any emails nor phone calls from the corporate office.
      I scoffed at the irony that this company had been sued for deceiving the public only to deceive the public again with their settlement. I believe their action was taken to create an illusion that they fulfilled their judgment was purposefully orchestrated to thwart their losses.
      One can take a company back to court for not fulfilling their judgement; yes? I would like the law firm who took this class action suit, to go back and request penalties for not fulfilling their court order.
      I am sure that I am not alone in this request.
      Feel free to contact me if interest exists in pursuing further action.
      Please tell me how to contact the class action administrator.
      Thank you

      ADMIN – Hi Mary,

      It is my understanding that the vouchers expire in December of next year. Perhaps you are having a hard time reading the date section. Give it a second look and tell me if it reads 2018 or 2019

  6. Laura says:

    Admin is replying to these posts super fun? You seem like you’re having fun. Sometimes I snicker when I read them

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Sometimes. On occasion it can be a drag. I particularly love the ones asking me to add them to the settlement.

    • Bert says:

      Would you please add me to the settlement. Thanks.

      ADMIN – Hi Bert,

      I cannot. To be added to a settlement you must click on the link available to file a claim and complete the form.

  7. Joshua Hernandez-toranzo says:

    service was not good at all

  8. Diane Espericueta says:

    Was not helped, had a long wait, bought items I was looking for but not satisfied with it. Still have them

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    You do know that this settlement has nothing to do with customer satisfaction?

  9. Pat says:

    Truth in advertising builds customer loyalty. They had mine, until now.

  10. Darmica Janice Whetstone says:

    I just had an awful experience.

  11. Darmica Janice Whetstone says:

    I had an awful experience

  12. Mavis says:

    I never thought a store like this would be so un -trust worthy I know they are in business to make money but you do not have to lie to do so.

    ADMIN – Hi Mavis,

    Hopefully you filed a claim.

  13. Erik says:

    Why do some class actions sometimes disappear from your home page (This one being one example)?

    ADMIN – Hi Erik,

    If you can see it it has not disappeared.

    • Erik says:

      ADMIN, the link to this Class action (Ann Taylor Fake Discounts) is not shown on your home page. I just happened to previously have saved the direct link.
      I have seen this happen several times; a Class Action is gone from the home page (but can be viewed if I previously saved the direct link)

      ADMIN – Hi Erik,

      That is because we remove links when they expire. You can always do a direct search by typing class action rebates plus the name of the settlement.

  14. Ahna says:

    I filed a claim (per dates), but have heard nothing since. What is the time frame?

    ADMIN – Hi Ahna,

    I don’t think this settlement has been paid yet.

  15. Jean Woods says:

    Received my check for $6.84. Check was printed out to me, however wrong first name , right last nam. Another scam?

    ADMIN – Hi Jean,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  16. Izzy says:

    I filed a claim within the proper timeline but have not received my voucher. When can I expect to receive this? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Izzy,

    This settlement remains under appeals.

  17. Valerie says:

    When will the checks be distributed? I submitted my claim in March, but I have not received a check yet.

    ADMIN – Hi Valerie,

    I believe this distribution already took place. Let me double-check and I will get back to you.

  18. Ellen G Clark says:

    I received my 6 vouchers by email on 12/11/18 at 2:41PM. They are only good through 12/13/18, barely two days. This lawsuit was settled on 12/12/17 and the vouchers (according to the settlement) are supposed to be good for much longer. Also, you can only use two vouchers per single purchase. People are very busy this time of year with work and getting ready for the holiday season. Some cannot even get to an outlet mall except on weekends. What a way to keep Ann Taylor from paying up! Useless emails and useless suit!

    ADMIN – Hi Ellen,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  19. Sharmel R Shelton says:

    I am confused as to how I got sent 5 vouchers for $12 on 12/13/18 and you had to use them by the 13th. Not to mention they sent the first voucher at 3:14 pm and the other 4 every hour after!!!! That’s why they were sued for things like this! I’ll never shop there again!

    ADMIN – Hi Sharmel,


  20. Valerie says:

    Admin, this is Valerie. To follow up on my earlier comment on 12/6/18, I received my vouchers via email yesterday 12/13/18. Thanks!

  21. Kathleen Wolphagen says:

    I received 5 settlement claim cards for $12.00 ea and they are redeemable through
    December 13, 2019. So far I don’t have any problem. I will use these today.

  22. Karla Stern says:

    I was sent several vouchers by email, but those emails were deleted and I don’t have a way to retrieve them. Is it possible to have those vouchers resent?

    ADMIN – Hi Karla,

    Reach out to the class action administrator.

  23. Becky Lanthier says:

    I had filed as part of this class action suit on 2/19/18 & was given claim #: AXW-13558149701-499640 and never heard anything back about a settlement. From what I’m reading, vouchers were mailed out long ago. Is there any recourse to being able to get vouchers for this suit at this late date?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi, Becky. Sorry, but your comment came in 3 years late. The Claims deadline expired in 05/19/2018, and the settlement website has already been taken down. As we’re just a class action newspaper — not the Claims Administrator of this case — I’m afraid we have no further updates on this matter. As a last resort, however, we recommend that eligible claimants check the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (“NAUPA”) website via for updates on when late claimants can claim their funds — unless the Settlement Administrator already disbursed any unclaimed portion of the fund via charity donations. Best of luck.