Class Eligibility

Purchasers of Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant for personal use (not resale) featuring the terms”Natural Deodorant” or “Natural Protection” on the label.

Estimated Amount

$20 for purchasers without a receipt (Amount may be adjusted pro rata if the number of valid claims exceeds the total amount of the settlement pool) Purchasers with a receipt are not subject to the limit of five deodorants per person and can submit claims for as many deodorants as they are able to provide proof of purchase.

Proof of Purchase

Not Required

Case Name

Trewin v. Church & Dwight Co. Inc,
ase No 3:12-cv-01475
District Court for the District of New Jersey

Case Summary

According to the lawsuit the manufacturer of the product engaged in false advertising by including the terms “Natural Deodorant” & “Natural Protection on the labels and marketing of the Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant

Arm & Hammer denies the allegations but has agreed to settle to avoid the costs and uncertainly associated with a long litigation.

Settlement Pool





Strategic Claims Services
Attn: Trewin v. Church & Dwight Settlement
P.O. Box 230
600 N. Jackson Street, Suite 3
Media, PA 19063

255 responses to “Arm & Hammer Essentials “Natural” Deodorant Class Action Settlement”

  1. Ali Saab says:

    One purchased.

  2. Allen Payne says:

    I purchase this all the time and now find out it’s not all natural theses companies are getting away with murder on these products hope every one sues them


      In my best SCARFACE voice: SAY HELLO TO U LIL’ FRIEND, AMERICA! It is so unfortunate that America is killing it’s people from the foods we eat, the water we drink, to the products like this. Politicians cracks me up when they say they want whats best for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, yeah right! Who is working the FDA, is my question…smh. Ok, I’m done ranting……..(LOL)

      • Mark says:

        Who said that using these kinds of products are killing people? This suit says the label said the products were ‘natural’ and not all the products were natural.

      • Martha says:

        I believe that the bigwigs at the helm of these fraudulent product are also the ones holding stock in these and other companies including competitors. I asked my doctor about treating an illness he diagnosed me with by using homeopathic medicine, he laughed and told me ” how can I get rich with my stock in ……… If you do that!”
        The world has become so greedy and evil……how long can it last?

      • Melissa says:

        Its not the average American. Its these big companies and government. Trust me we are just unhappy with them as everyone else.

    • Nicol says:

      I agree, I did buy this at least one a month for almost a year, but who keeps their receipts for personal hygiene products? Not me. It’s unfortunate that these companies deceive people. Such a shame.

    • Dan says:

      “hope every one sues them”

      LOL I know what youre saying but that’s exactly what a class action lawsuit is

  3. Thomas Burman says:

    i have used this a handful of times.

    • Evan Carlson says:

      I have used arm and hammer natural deo countless times, it was uasuallly set at a very good price and I liked to save money so it became my choice brand for deo for quite a long time….

  4. April Neeb says:

    I had decided to try this a while back and only recently found out that it is not all natural! It really bugs me out when I can’t trust products and have to do a ton of research beforehand to make sure that what they say is true.

  5. Lacy Manganello says:

    I have used this product numerous times.

  6. shana says:

    If I purchase an item and it states that the ingredients are natural then I expect them to be just that..natural smh

  7. erik rodriguez says:

    I purchased this thinking it was natural wow.

  8. Jeannie conejo says:

    It seem that as long as this company has been around it would offer products what it says …so much for natural

  9. Unha says:

    I purchased this in good faith only to find out it’s not “natural” πŸ™

  10. carol peevy says:

    I purchased this cause it stated “natural”

  11. Fatim says:

    I purchased this deodorant especially for my daughter at around 6 years old thinking it was natural and milder than other deodorants.

  12. Marcos Mena says:

    why would you lie about it being “Natural?”

  13. Tonkia Bridges says:

    I have three sticks because they were on sale. Now I know why

  14. Christine Ourelio says:

    I bought a few here and a few there because they were on sale at a really good price. I’ve already used some.
    I guess I’m stuck with the rest – don’t like to waste money.

  15. Hassen says:

    wow I didn’t think I would have to do research when buying a product but now I know your company credibility is ruined, fooled me in purchasing your product.

  16. Doug Atchison says:

    I bought this often, thinking it was made from natural products. It is not….whats up with that.

  17. Latasha wheeler says:

    I have used this product plenty of times

  18. Brandy Selby says:

    I buy this all the time..

  19. Brandy Selby says:

    I buy this all the time.

  20. dino says:

    i want my money back

  21. Lonee smith says:

    I had been using this as alternative to expensive Tom’s natural deodorant. Now what do you do after use of the supposed natural product?

  22. Matt P Tonning III says:

    I have three sticks because they were on sale. Now I know why

  23. Robert Allen says:

    Im into all natural products and I trust Arm & Hammer as a brand. what a mistake

  24. B. C. Jaspar says:

    I have been purchasing this so-called “natural” product for about 20 years…have bought soo many I can’t even begin to remember how many.
    But the most egregious part of this is that these people have the gall to ask me to pay to mail this claim form via ‘snail mail’ instead of simply providing an on-line form that could be filled in and sent back to the administrator with any documentation needed, to be uploaded. SCUMBAGS!!

  25. Sandy Johnson says:

    Allowed to claim five without receipts? Who always Keeps Them? Not me! This is a crock-US should present them with a very large fine!

  26. Steve says:

    Wow. I feel completely raped and murdered by this. They told me it was all natural and I believed them. I’ll never be the same. I’ll never trust anyone EVER again. My trust in the world is shattered. etc. Whew boy this is something. Just unbelievably horrible. This is worse than WW2.

  27. harry migs says:

    could’a fooled me, been using this for a long time because of sensitive skin.

  28. Rita Khan says:

    Use it many times, even bought about 24 for relatives recently. Its a shame that America lets companies get away with murder. Why not do research before putting things out there and labeling them incorrectly on purpose.

  29. Milagros Otero says:

    So disappointed I brought 6 for myself and teenage daughter and who the heck keeps receipt I would be considered a hoarder if I would keep all my receipts cause my home would be filled with paper. Bummer.

  30. dianna Sullivan says:

    It turned out that the ingredients are not natural. and I broke out in a rash I had to see the Dr for.

  31. nellie says:

    said it was all natural have been using it for years !

  32. melchoir says:

    they were on sale purchase about 5 OH MY ARM HAMMER.

  33. lynda lyons says:

    my husband bought this deodorant because it was on sale.

  34. Richard Massengale says:

    I Definetly Bought Arm & Hammer natural deodorant. I try to stick to natural products, but wow, I never knew.

  35. Annette says:

    During what time period did yo have to purchase this deodorant. Bought this for years and not sure when they had this on their label.

    Thank You

  36. Mary Lombardino says:

    I’ve been using this product for a couple of years as I need to change what I was using because I was getting a rash from my favorite product, so I thought I would try a β€œnatural” product to be on the safe side.! What a sham!!!! How did the FDA let this was get past with that “Natural” line on it! Guess our Government is completely broken in EVERY AGENCY nowadays, NO ONE Seems to be doing their job anymore, and just let the Consumer get screwed!

    Shameful behavior!

  37. gwen robinson says:

    i puchase 5 bottle every month for the last 5 years.

  38. mike head says:

    I formed a rash immediately

  39. deborah cass says:

    i have bought and used got a rash and had to quit

  40. georgia says:


  41. JUANITA WALKER says:

    was not good for me ,plus started to break out so I stop use of this product

  42. Carlos Trevino says:

    I’ve been buying it for years thinking that it was all natural, come to find out it is not It has made me a little upset, but what are you to do? it seems everyone this days are just liars including our own government.

  43. Mark says:

    This is intentional deception. All Natural means ALL NATURAL! There is no grey area.

  44. Christi Moore says:

    I thought it was all natural because I could brush my teeth with the powder. It was a trusted brand that my mother always used. The powder I thought was safe to use and figured the deodorant was also natural.

  45. Melissa Cutrara says:

    I not only buy Arm & Hammer deodorant, but also many of their other products. I used to think of them as a good ole, reliable American product, as I remembered my grandmother using Arm & Hammer baking soda for everything, years ago. I felt that they were a dependable, long lived company and always reasonably priced. My faith in them and all of their products is now shaken. I will now have to reevaluate my choices in everything that they make now. Smh slowly. FOR SHAME ARM & HAMMER! :(.

  46. Leo Hackett says:

    Was not all natural

  47. David Barredo says:

    We have use Arm and Hammer deodorant since I was a little children to keep drains, toilets and the ice box smelling fresh and clear. This is the first time I have heard anything unpleasant about this product.

  48. lurana bringier says:

    i have used for many years

  49. julie says:

    what are valid dates of purchase?

  50. kelly says:

    used this product for past couple years wow

  51. lorelee mendoza says:

    WOW. Im upset with what people get away with now.

  52. Michael Horne says:

    I was fooled at least 5 times

  53. Shannon Nielsen says:

    I have always used arm and hammer. Got a rash from the all natural deodorant and had to discontinue use :/

  54. Becky Wyatt says:

    And I thought it would be nice to use something natural…..

  55. Dee S says:

    Still can’t find the info needed to claim my refund.

    What is the time period during which the label was wrong? Doesn’t anybody know?

    Hi Dee,
    I would suggest that you enter a date that best matches your recollection of having purchased the product.

  56. Magdaleen Hill Hill says:

    We use arm and hammer all the time i did’t know it wasn’t all natural i was wondering why i was getting so many rashes.

  57. Evan Tollefson says:

    I have purchased this product many times.

  58. LaShawnda Arrington says:

    I have purchased this product several times.

  59. Stevan Velasquez says:

    I have purchase a several times. Had to stop due to weird itchy rash. Not allergic to anything that I know of. Makes sense now.

    • PatriciaY. Montagne says:

      I too received a horrible reaction from it to. For a moment, I thought it was me, turn around it was the Arm and Hammer. They said it was organic (natural), turn around it is loaded with chemicals. Liars.

  60. Qasim Abdul-Baki says:

    I, having trusted Arm & Hammer products since being a child because my grandmother use them, purchased this product.

  61. Rosann tarr says:

    The rashes are horrible . I didnt know natural products could do such a thing

  62. lorenzo bridvemon says:

    Everytime I have tried to use this brand no matter what kind my skin start to itch really bad and I brake out in hives under my arms that last for weeks and my skin starts to peel

  63. Linda Harbour says:

    I used this deodorant because it was “natural”. I was left with a rash undey arms, so much for natural.

  64. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Natural is the way I go not impressed with this produce

  65. Sherry Dotson says:

    I used it all of the time until I found out it really wasn’t natural. So sad.

  66. Blake Mehr says:

    I feel lied to “All Natural” means ALL NATURAL!

  67. Breanna says:

    REALLY? I’ve actually grown fond of using this product; initially purchased this item because it clearly states that the ingredients are natural, and come to find out, they are not natural at all…. Not cool….. Although, personally, the product works awesomely on the ‘sweating factor’ of it all…. Tis not cool. I was truly under the impression that the ingredients were natural. If I, or anyone really….. purchases something because of what the exterior advertisements say, then I expect them to be just that.. Disappointing.
    Please help the shoppers, myself included, gain a bit back for consistently having faith in what we are being sold.

  68. Misty Milhoan says:

    I bought this product because it said it was “all Natural” how is that?

  69. shelley h says:

    Such a bummer!
    I tried this deodorant a few months ago and really liked the way it smelled and glided on. how freaking hard is it to make something truly all natural?!

  70. richard fligman says:

    why do they all lie

  71. Janette Morris says:

    I have used this product twice and broke out in a rash both times.

  72. Maria Kelly says:

    I bought this for my daughter who has very sensitive skin. After a few days she had red bumps and a rash from this product. If a product states “all natural” it should be.

  73. Caroline Sommer says:

    Bought for my husband and he got a rash so we stopped using. Tried again a week later and the rash came back, so we threw it away

  74. Cathy Slack says:

    I have purchased this in the past for myself and family,

  75. Laura Jo Callan says:

    I have purchased 5. I’ve used this product for several years. I have paid extra for a natural product that is not, in fact, natural

  76. Ali Aziz says:

    i bought this before

  77. Kimberly Chase says:

    I believed it was natural!

  78. Joel Shannon says:

    I trusted and supported this product based on natural ingredients………I purchased this product for health concerns..Why?? Consumers should know before spending hard earned money

  79. JoAnne Artemik says:

    I buy arm and hammer detergent and deodorant. Love the smell.

  80. Brent Enterline says:

    I bought several times throughout the year for my use at the Gym after my shower and morning workouts.

  81. Tonia Alexander says:

    I have bought five of these not realizing know lable

  82. Tonia Alexander says:

    I have bought these and my daughter broke out

  83. Karen Johnston says:

    I have used this for years

  84. Karen Johnston says:

    I have used it for years

  85. Michelle Higginbotham says:

    I have purchased many arm and hammer products to include deodarant

  86. Brandy Reyes says:

    I’ve bought a few it thinking it was natural and safe wow disappointed!

  87. Sara Swingle says:

    How are so many companies getting away with false advertisement for natural products that actually contain more chemicals.

  88. Faye Marshall says:

    I have use all kind of arm and hammer products…

  89. NISHI says:

    I use all kind of arm and hammer products. many purchased,

  90. Alicia Green says:

    I buy this all the time for my granddaughter who only 6 because it says natural i cant believe its not! wow what a lie. until now i loved Arm & hammer products now i will stay away from them.

    ADMIN-Hi Alicia,

    While it is not customary to begin using deodorant that early in life I commend you for your efforts to ensure your granddaughter learns good hygiene. Go ahead and file your claim and if you have receipts you may be able to get a little extra.

  91. diane rhodes says:

    It caused a rash was unhappy when I realized it was not natural

  92. Mary Powers says:

    i tried it over six months thinking it. Was “all natual”
    Purchased Only 2 ,sorry I did.Sadly,I trusted the name brand.

  93. Melanie Joseph says:

    Wow what liars

  94. Linzee says:

    Purchased 3 sticks on sale

  95. Katie Mickus says:

    I can’t believe this is not natural! No wonder I went back to Toms Brand!

  96. Judith alamo says:

    I bought this a few times never really cared for it

  97. Ginny DiStaso says:

    I still use arm and hammer, but very dissapointed

  98. sharan Black says:

    My husband use this product all the time. Very upset it’s not all natural!!

  99. Marcella Wilson says:

    I purchased it one time.

  100. Cassandra King says:

    I purchased three of the arm and hammer.

  101. Judy Reynolds says:

    I bought this twice

  102. Tanya Fridal says:

    Oh wow. I have used this for years.
    sad to hear claims are false.
    SADLY no receipts.

  103. Jamiee Smith says:

    I have purchased this brand of deodorant and laundry detergent several times until my son had an allergic reaction that sent him to the hospital.

  104. Lorraine Easterling says:

    When I started itching and not knowing why I took a better look at the product and then realized it actually was not made of natural ingredients. False advertising i thought.

  105. christina caputo says:

    Bought this product many times and the company completely misrepresented this product. Waste of money on my part. I have very sensitive skin and nothing was natural about this product at all!

  106. william bearfield says:

    I have used this product many times.this product was not all natural

  107. Thomas fischetti says:

    I have been using this product for the last year……I still have 2 full sticks I haven’t used yet..
    I always try and use holistic an other forms of natural medicines, foods and cosmetics
    I’m very very disappointed to find this out

  108. MKSala says:

    My children and I have used this product,

  109. Maggie Nikkel says:

    I bought this once because it was supposed to be healthier than other brands but immediately broke out in a rash! I stopped using it and it took a week to 10 days to heal up. so only used baby powder during that time. Not good in 100 degree heat and 90% humidity!!

  110. Iris Chatman says:

    I only use the natural kind for year

  111. Allen Payne says:

    You people are all liars and committing perjury you should all be ashamed of your selves this is for people who really bought this product I hope they check all your claims carefully

  112. SAR says:


  113. Rocio Lopez Gonzalez says:

    I have been using this product for my husband for the last 2 years.

  114. Monica Martinez says:

    I bought it thinking it natural and it was not .Not happy at all with this product.

  115. Lanea Cue says:

    WOW, I swear by this deodorant, It’s the only deodorant that keeps me smelling fresh without irritating my skin. I would search high and low to stock up on this product!

  116. Vicki Sanders says:

    I have boughten this for my 2 and I (3 per month) for a year or 2. ALWAYS thought it was truly natural πŸ™

  117. amanda leatherwood says:

    i thought it was natural, i been purchasing it since 2012. Geez i want a refund.

  118. Abishek Poudel says:

    It deceived me as it is artificial rather than natural.

  119. Robin stone says:

    I developed a rash due to sensitive skin, all natural is not natural.

  120. Lakieter Barnes says:

    Found out the product was not all natural

  121. Phil Guglielmo says:

    ive purchased many times, never knew of this issue

  122. Detrice Williams says:

    I purchased some arm and hammer natural essentials and it caused me to break out in hives. The hives were very irritated and painful. I will never use their products again.

  123. Agatha Wesley says:

    I have used this items so many times. Broke out. did not know it was not all natural. Why do large corporation fool consumers like us? Wow!!

  124. Sylvia Cobb says:

    Did not work as an odor eliminator. Have used the product for over 15 years.

  125. joy chaney says:

    I had knots came in my arm. Pits

  126. Deborah Sublett says:

    Used this product for several years and then had to changed caused underarms to become raw – so discontinued use

  127. Holly says:

    My granddaughter used this because her skin is sensitive. Her Mom phrchased way more than I did for her. I happened o spot a good sale and bought three for her.

  128. Holly says:

    My granddaughter used this because her skin is sensitive. Her Mom phrchased way more than I did for her. I happened to spot a good sale and bought three for her.

  129. Pearl Lambring says:

    I have bought and used Arm and Hammer deodorant several times and each time have had a rash under my arms, Now I know why, Very disappointed with the statement it was made of natural ingredients.

  130. Leevonzell Calhoun says:

    I bought this product for my son and my boyfriend. Not cool to mislead consumers. With!!

  131. Darlene Taylor says:

    I used this product many times.cause bumps under my arm pip

  132. Roger Criddle says:

    I used this product many times.cause bumps under my arm,had the same problem

  133. Judy Reynolds says:

    I bought monthly for about 6months, thinking it was natural. Dissapointed

  134. Mary Medico says:

    I purchased this product in good faith thinking it was natural. Very important to me having been diagnosed with CLL.

  135. TYLICIA MALONE says:


  136. Bette Shapiro says:

    Used it briefly, didn’t like the rash it caused.

  137. Jack Barone says:

    I tried the product 3 times. Doesn’t work. Some irritation each time.

  138. virgdean leggett says:

    Made me sore and I broke out in a rash

  139. Raul Gongora says:

    I buy ARm & Hammer anti perspirant Deodorant and ONLY arm & hammer, I would not allow for their unnatural ingredients to cause any harm to their customers or for example some kind of allergic reaction to the unnatural ingredients.

  140. Sheila Goodman says:

    Such a shame.

  141. regina owens says:

    I buy it all the time for my family’s but it broke one of my kid arm out so bad he started getting boil

  142. Carolyn maddox says:

    I have used arm& hammer

  143. Liane Paradee says:

    Paid more for a product not legit to its claims..

  144. Angie Lork says:

    Sore and broke out in a rash.

  145. Ieng Em says:

    i still use it ,, but time to switch

  146. maria tamez says:

    i use this product and i love it

  147. Asia says:

    I brought this product and I had a bad reaction to it.

  148. Christy Koontz says:

    bought it because it was all natural. It didnt even work

  149. Toni Rustan says:

    I have bought this for myself and my kids. It gave me and my son a terrible rash! Very painful in the heat!!!

  150. Mary Frazier says:

    I bought this product under false pretense. I was under the impression it was ALL Natural—as advertised.

  151. tiffani scott says:

    Skin broke out really bad

  152. Betty George says:

    I brought this before and broke out with bad red bumps/ rash…….never will buy again

  153. Angela Franckowiak says:

    never had an issue with this product. Interesting.

  154. Amber M says:

    This is just awful, I’ve been buying this thinking I was doing something healthy, I always had 1 at home, 1 at work, 1 in a travel bag….It’s just infuriating that they can make false claims like this. I thought I could trust this name….very iriitated they abused that trust.

  155. Denise Myers says:

    bought this and had a rash. Discontinued use.

  156. Cody maxie says:

    Yeah I purchased a 3 pack of this stuff off of amazon. I remember settling on this brand because it was natural and I liked lemon scent. Had I known it wasn’t all natural I wouldn’t have purchased them. I feel cheated.

    ADMIN – Hi Cody,

    If you purchased your deodorant using Amazon you can go into your account and obtain proof of purchase to support your claim.

  157. Theresa Wright says:

    Used this for year’s.

  158. Erica Smith says:

    I purchased 4 of them.

  159. Justin Aisenbaum says:

    Bought about 4 of these and had a terrible rash. Will not use again.

  160. John Fawcett says:

    I purchased in a pack

  161. georg maus says:

    bad rash

  162. Doylene Tarver says:

    I have used Arm and Hammer thought it was all natural had a bad skin reaction. Stopped using the product.

  163. Gordon Scott says:

    I expected it to be all natural…made me scratch

  164. Darline Berroa says:

    I purchased 1

  165. Tyterieon Wright says:

    I purchased 2 of them under false advertisement

  166. Julian Mcknight says:

    i have been using arm and hammer for about 5 years thinking it was natural,had a severe allergic reaction and was hospitalized come to find out it was the retardant,

  167. Gail Peil says:

    Geez, I use this all the time. Did they fix the problem yet??

  168. sherrye parker says:

    I was using this product until it started breaking me out. I see why it was so cheap.

  169. Barbara Good says:

    I got it for my daughter because she has sensitive skin and have used it myself. My daughter broke out in a rash and had to stop using it. This is so wrong in so many ways. This company should have to pay for everyone who broke out in a rash or worse. I use to trust the name Arm and Hammer but not anymore.

  170. Olivia says:


  171. Melissa Jackson says:

    i still use this product amongst my all natural products

  172. Karen Coppedge says:

    cant use, gave me rash.

  173. CATHY LAMARE says:

    I buy this product frequently currently have some in my bathroom. My fiancee did stop using it because he said it made him itch and felt sticky all the time.

  174. Malaya Meadows says:

    I was just not satisfied with this product at ALL!

  175. Malaya Meadows says:

    I was not pleased at all with this product.

  176. Tim Wilkinson says:

    Very upsetting

  177. Shelia Mann says:

    I use this product to keep me from getting irritated.

  178. Kimberley Halsted says:

    I was not satisfied or impressed

  179. Dorothy Aker says:

    I purchased 2 of these product’s and wasn’t pleased at all.

  180. Siera Bradley says:

    I have very sensitive skin. I used this item multiple times. Until I broke out. I thought maybe something else could have caused it. I waited a week put it on the next and It happened again.

  181. Allan Lee says:

    I buy a couple of these on the regular.. disappointing that they falsely advertise.. what a shame.

  182. April walrath says:

    I buy a couple of these on the regular, disappointing that they falsely advertise, what a shame!!!!

  183. Corwyn Patterson says:

    I purchase these products all the time. Been doing so for 20 plus years. Kinda sad to see what advertising has become. Very upsetting

  184. Dawn Ollendick says:

    I buy several of these because i run a homeless shelter at least 20-25 a month.

  185. Linda Sidorovich says:

    I purchased several of these to stock up when they first came out. it always felt “clammy and sticky”. I ended up tossing the used one out and giving the other 3 to friends to try.

  186. Cameron Wesley says:

    We buy these for our kids all the time ….very disappointing…

  187. Katherine Bilello says:

    I used this and got a very bad rash

  188. kimberly j carrillo says:

    I buy this product for my grandson, guess I won’t anymore.

  189. Gayle Rivera says:

    I have used this product for a few years…so does the rest of my family… I suppose I won’t be buying anymore..

  190. Vicki Mann says:

    very disappointed, I try to be careful what I use and now this.

  191. Chris Leonardi says:

    I have used this product and my family has used this. No more will I be purchasing this product.

  192. cindy noreno says:

    I always thought armer hammer was a natural product that disappoints me

  193. cindy noreno says:

    that makes me feel mis lead

  194. Ozed says:

    One Purchased

  195. Kinan says:


  196. Marilyn Talbert says:

    Been using this product ever since it came out. Goes to show you can’t believe everything you read. On to a different brand.

  197. Dacia Arokium says:

    This came as a surprise to me.I have purchased this product on several occasions because I saw it as a better alternative to many other products out there.

  198. Candace Kelton says:

    No longer will i be purchasing this product for my family….

  199. Christy Barron says:

    It is truly sad that we can’t trust the products we buy in America, Maybe we just start buying everything from Canada. I used this product, no on to find something “truly” natural.

  200. Teresa Smith says:

    My husband uses this product, just found out it’s not natural

  201. shelly lanenga says:

    i have used this a handful of times. who would have thunk arm and hammer would not be safe? Crazy!

  202. Brandon Williams says:

    I bought a lot of these I thought they were great. GUESS NOT!!

  203. chris havens says:

    same here

  204. zaquan smith says:

    im highly disappointed now, i bought this product because it says its all natural and it not.. wow!

  205. Judith Foshee says:

    I bought this deodorant thinking it was all natural.

  206. tammy smith says:

    i used these on a regular basis before. guess they wasnt as good as i thought they were

  207. Amber Smith says:

    ……………… wow very disappointed. Ive been hearing about all the crazy bad things that are put in deodorant and I though I was switching to something natural…………

  208. Paulette Mendoff says:

    Watch what I buy due to allergies. Used and believed was all natural. Would like to believe the product is as stated.

  209. kathy renzoni says:

    Thought natural was safe. Thought products made in USA was safe. We all got taken.

  210. Laura Bobroff says:

    I bought this for my husband to use because of him having cancer and I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals he was exposed to. Very disappointing product anyway.

  211. Brenda Woodruff says:

    I purchased it all the time and never had problems but switched because it said it was all natural. Not cool at all.

  212. Carey Rehm says:

    Over the years I’ve become much more conscious of the I things I can do that are better for my family and for the environment. Recycling has already been an easy choice, and so too, I thought, was buying this “natural” deodorant from Arm & Hammer. Why can’t companies just be honest?

  213. Fernando A. Polanco says:

    What a waste. So much time thinking it was “Natural”.

  214. Sheila Tillman says:

    I purchased Arm and Hammer Deodorant for my son because he had an allergy. But it broke him out further .My address is 8956 Crestview Circle Union City, GA 30291

  215. Noele Malone says:

    I have purchased this porduct several times

  216. maria lanuto says:

    i through out the years always bought arm and hammer, whats up with that.

  217. Crystal Leiphart says:

    I have purchased this items over 4 times,no problems with product

  218. Ren Rutherford says:

    I used only natural products and to have this marketed as natural is criminal.

  219. Courtney Mitchell says:

    i’m really disappointed to find out that something i’ve been using for years is not the natural thing that i believed i was using. I also use the arm and hammer toothpaste and have been for as long as i can remember. Sad that this company has been getting away with this.

  220. kim smith says:

    use this product didn’t seem to have problem,but I do try to use all natural

  221. Anton Terrell says:

    Bought thinking it was all natural

  222. LaKesha Holmes says:

    I purchased this for my youngest son. So wrong!

  223. Bradford Scheidegger says:

    i used this product numerous times.

  224. Nida A. Hernaez says:

    Ive used this product for number of years because of its “natural” and reasonable price.

  225. Barbara Brady says:

    I found this deodorant on sale and bought it like I as really getting a deal, I can’t believe this. It is amazing how people use other people to make a sale. This is really sad!!!!

  226. Laura Lange says:

    Its such a shame that on the product it says — Natural and it isnt

  227. Rita Abels says:

    I got it on sale and I hated it!!

  228. Shannon Robetts says:

    Just started using Arm & Hammer Essentials. Both of my under arms feel like they are on fire. I can’t put my arms down while sleeping or lack thereof because of the pain this product is causing me. This product should be pulled from all store shelves and not be sold under any circumstances. My skin is raw. Possible trip to the emergency room if I can’t get the pain under control. I’m sure the skin will split open as the rash dries. I have pictures of this experience.

  229. Helen Millar says:

    I had a really bad reaction to Arm and Hammer Essentials.

  230. Deborah McCarley says:

    I purchased these deodorant products for my daughters when they both turned age 9 and needed something under their arm pits. I used this brand for them because of the arm and hammer (baking soda) as my grandmother suggested for them to use. They are now age 29 and 34. They used the products for 9 – 10 years

  231. ANN GOLDMAN says:


  232. Alexandria Graves says:

    i thought the product was all natural when i bought it

  233. Garrett Pollock says:

    i bought this product thinking it was all natural and it was a lie.

  234. latha says:

    wow i actually used it and even got it for some of my friends..ive always been into products that are natural..not right that they claimed it was natural.

  235. stanley ring says:

    I hope it was all natural.

  236. shanbriel thomas says:

    I am upset with knowing this product is not natural.

  237. Anne says:

    Do not leave expired claim information up.

    ADMIN- Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Expired information is helpful for reference and to provide contact information to those filed.

  238. Keri Rhodes says:

    Purchased twice, thought it was natural

  239. Ron fahoome says:


  240. consuela muckelroy says:

    i hoped that i was all natural. i purchased 2

  241. John c. czukiewski IV says:

    I PURCHASED THE DEODORANT SEVERAL TIMES, i got rashes not wondering why but i switched to Woman’s Secrete and found that it keeps me more dryer, less B>O. and NO RASHES, i guess the PH is different……

  242. V1 says:

    $11.76 received today in TX.

  243. Ron says:

    $11.76 in AZ

  244. Christine says:

    I just received my check for $7.06 in DE I have no clue as to why it is so low compared to what others received here after buying multiple deodorant’s of this brand? Has me stumped.. Glad to know that others received checks for this false advertisement they have done..

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