Class Eligibility

To be a member of this class you must have been a customer of Ashley Furniture who was required to provide personal information when you paid using a credit card transaction between Oct. 10, 2012 and Dec. 2, 2015. This specifically applies to purchases that you took with you at the moment of the transaction

Estimated Amount

$25 Merchandise Voucher

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Johnson, et al. v. Ashley Furniture Industries Inc., et al.,
Case No. 13-cv-02445-BTM-DHB
District Court for the Southern District of California

Case Summary

The practice of capturing personal information is in violation of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act stating that no person, firm, partnership, association or corporation should request or require, as a condition to accept a credit card payment.

Ashley Furniture Industries denies any wrongdoing will settle to avoid trial.

Settlement Pool





Johnson v. Ashley Furniture Industries Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 40007
College Station, TX 77842-4007

13 responses to “Ashley Furniture Credit Card Class Action Settlement”

  1. nathaniel godwin says:

    I have bought some furniture from Ashley furniture recently.

  2. Julie Selby says:

    I am within that deadline. I was supposed to have had a brand new Tempurpedic cloud mattress instead I got a mattress Tempurpedic cloud with holes cracked mattress and the sides weren’t properly connected. I bought it September first 2015. I have been unhappy with that and they just gave me the runaround. I would never recommend or go back to that store ashley furniture

    ADMIN – Hi Julie,

    This settlement has nothing to do with product performance. This settlement relates to credit card data collection on the part of Ashley Furniture.

    • C says:

      Just wanted to let you know that they delivered damaged substandard furniture to me and refused to come and pick it up. I got the run around for months. I filed a complaint with the BBB and took a video of what they delivered. I won my case and they credited my card and picked the furniture up. Not sure if your State’s statue of limitations has run out but you may want to go that route.

    • Katy says:

      I’m getting the run around from them too regarding their so called mattress protection !

  3. Kimberly smith says:

    I bought furniture from ashley

  4. Jeffrey Hause says:

    In 2013 I furnished my first home all with Ashley Furnuture.

  5. Desiree Bishop says:

    I bought a couch from them it’s costed me 3,000.

  6. Desiree Bishop says:

    I. Had to give them all my identity when I bought it with. Cc

  7. Katy says:

    I applied for credit thru Ashley in October or November of 2012, does this apply?
    Also it’s a voucher reward?
    (Don’t like Ashley Corp I was ripped off by them with their so called mattress protection plan ?)

    ADMIN – Hi Katy,

    Not it does not apply

  8. Ann Johnson says:

    I bought a end table from Ashley and the bottom fell out within a week time and the bed has begin to fade I was over charge and I purchase it with my Ashley credit card

  9. Dianne Peoples says:

    I purchased a bedroom suite from Ashley. They collected all my personal info and automatically put it on a charge card. When they delivered the suite already assembled it was busted up and broken. They made three trips to my house with new pieces delivered in the same condition. This is a terrible company. The worst part is that they try to make you keep it if the delivery people can get it in your house without you seeing all the damage. At that point they tell you “we’ll send someone out to repair these pieces in your home”, but they still want you to pay for brand new furniture.

  10. Tina Heathington says:

    I also bought My furniture from Ashley on their credit card. I gave them my information. The furniture is now peeling. Worst company will not make it right in fixing the furniture. Or replace the furniture Bought the warranty .. Worthless bought the furniture at Ashley in Mesquite ,

    ADMIN – Hi Tina,

    This has nothing to do with furniture peeling.

  11. Susan says:

    Regarding online order they claim I made using my credit card. The order was denied and a year later I was billed for an item they said I ordered and that was delivered.

    I never rec’d a Confirmation that my order was received. I never received any merchandise and yet they are insisting I pay!!!

    I have filed numerous FRAUD CLAIMS and they always start out saying they will be sending me a form so I can provide my side of story and I NEVER get that form. They deny my claim with a form letter saying the merchandise was delivered to my address. I NEVER GOT ANYTHING!

    Have they done this to anyone else???


    ADMIN – Hi Susan,

    I am going to post here to see if someone has had a similar situation.

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