Class Eligibility

You are a member of the settlement if you purchased a ASUS Rog Strix GL502VS and the ASUS Rog Strix GL502VSK laptop computers during May 4, 2014 and November 19, 2019.

Estimated Amount

A cash payment up to $110 or a credit certificate of up to $210

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Carlotti, et al. v. ASUS Computer International, et al.,
Case No. 4:18-cv-03369,

United States District Court for the Northern District of California

Case Summary

ASUS is accused of falsely advertising their laptops as “powerful, portable machines ideal for gaming and video editing with independent cooling systems that can withstand intense gaming sessions.”

Settlement Pool





Carlotti v. ASUS Computer International, Inc. Claim Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103


17 responses to “ASUS Computers Class Action Settlement”

  1. Riley Osborne says:

    I purchased this laptop and it not only was not good but the screen simply stopped working after approximately a year and a half.

  2. Nora Faraye says:

    I have an Asus I purchased in Walmart in person around late May 2014, and although I can’t get it to turn on I have yet to take it to an IT shop to get pictures I have on it from my grandma (deceased) and my dog (deceased). We would use it for games. It did lag on games even on some movies I watched, but I never thought much of it.

  3. jean w brown says:

    I purchased this ASUS computer this past summer to play games. No, it does not stay cool. As a 74-year old female, I enjoy my computer and games as it is all the entertainment I have. It gets hot so I have to stop playing.

  4. Skyler Ross says:

    I purchased this laptop in November 2019

  5. Valerie J Austin says:

    I bough the GL502VS at Best Buy and had to replace the fan within 18 months. It was constantly overheating, freezing up in the middle of games. I am happy to see something is being done to reimburse the public for part of the costs almost $900 on sale. I quit gaming; it got too expensive. MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THIS REBATE FOR PUBLIC REIMBURSEMENT.

  6. Lisa Foster says:

    I bought the ASUS Rog Strix GL502VSL for my kids as a Christmas present in December 2014. It was advertised that it would work for gaming. Every time my kids played on it, it would get too hot 🥵 for them to even play.I was so disappointed for my kids. I’m a single mother and I don’t have money to waste. It was falsely advertised. It just did not stand up to what it said it would do.

  7. Angela geisler says:

    I have purchased one of these laptops thinking that it would be really good for college and playing games. But it overheats and is falsely advertised.

  8. Heather J Watchorn says:

    Keyboard stopped working out of nowhere. Tried to fix it and nothing happened.

  9. Delaney Auten says:

    My Asus touchscreen laptop overheated 2 weeks in and only after an hour and a half of writing an essay.

  10. Patricia Roberson says:

    Ordered for granddaughter. Had nothing but problems from day one. We never got services expected with this purchase.

  11. Adri Vosdingh says:

    Computer runs slow while gaming.

  12. James Moore says:

    I was not happy with the battery life or performance

  13. Linda Caldera says:

    It didn’t do anything it’s claimed it would do I was so disappointed.

  14. chloe patterson says:

    I was never able to game with my computer. I got many spam emails in the duration of my ownership and shortly bought a new computer after due to the trouble with my computer.

  15. John says:

    This was wrong and many people were hurt by this.

  16. Marie Schweinsberg says:

    I purchased an Asus during this time frame

  17. Simrat Kaur says:

    I bought an ASUS Computer in October of 2019 and am a videographer/cinematographer. The computer was not able to handle multiple video editing software at once and did get extremely hot after using programs like premier pro.

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