Class Eligibility:

The settlement covers unauthorized charges placed on AT&T landline bills by third-party companies. These companies may have provided your services such as voicemail, email, fax, web, yellow pages, diet plans, or identity protection. The unauthorized third party charges were between 1/1/05 and 1/14/13. The list of third party companies is here.

Estimated Amount:

Class members may received a 100% refund on any unauthorized third-party charges for which they were billing.

AT&T will also provide a free billing summary of bills between 1/1/05 and 1/14/13 so that you may determine if you had any unauthorized 3rd party charges on your account (here).

Proof of Purchase:

NOT required

Claim Form: ATT 3rd Party Billing Settlement Claim Form
Case Name: Nwabueze et al. v. AT&T. et al.,
Case No. CV-09-1529 SI
Case Summary:

The lawsuit alleged that AT&T unlawfully allowed third party companies to bill AT&T landline consumers as part of their AT&T bill. The case was not decided by the court, with the parties settled before the case went before a judge.

Settlement Pool: uncapped
Settlement Website: AT&T Third Party Billing Settlement
Claim Form Deadline: December 2, 2013
Claims Administrator: Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc.
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 35045
Seattle, WA 98124

335 responses to “AT&T Landline Third Party Billing Class Action”

  1. Jesse says:

    I really like at&t

    • Gail Schell says:

      Yep, they have to change, or else!

      I cried on the phone once per month as my bills were 3-400.00 and they would not, I repeat, would not help me figure it out. A lot of miscellaneous charges, and let me tell you, if I could remember my phone number from 8 years ago, I’d have filled out the claim form sent to me. I did get a check for $89.00 before the claim form, but they said they thought I was owed more. It is a headache I’d like to forget!

      I jumped for joy when I saw the news team in Phoenix had gone in to investigate. They bought a phone with the service but turned off the phone for two weeks and ah ha!!! BUSTED with fictitious phone calls/texts.

      • Trudy Upchurch says:

        I never got anything from the 3rd party lawsuit. I got a letter that said I would get something. Did anybody get paid?

        • Angelica (Admin) says:


          Hi Trudy,

          Sorry to hear that. Just to clarify, we ( are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please review the details above. You’ll need to contact their Claims Administrator directly, if you’d like payment updates:
          “Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35045 Seattle, WA 98124

          Good luck.

  2. inez carroll says:

    Requesting a copy of billing summary. PERSONAL INFORMATION DELETED Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Inez,

    To get a copy of your billing summary, use the link above to go to the class action administrator’s site. They can send you a billing statement.

    • Calvin D Rose says:

      I am coming to you for information pertaining to this lawsuit. Indeed I was a landline customer during the stated dates. So I hereby am officially emailing you concerning the class action settlement. Mr. or Mrs/Miss. class action administrator. This is the first step I understand in getting the ball rolling so to say. Thank you, Mr. Calvin D. Rose.

      ADMIN – Hi Mr. Rose,

      The deadline for this settlement was in 2013. You are no longer able to participate.

  3. Maty McCleese says:

    I have requested billing summary 2 times and have not heard nor received a response. What if I don’t receive a response by the deadline 12/2/2013?

  4. Mary McCleese says:

    Corection s/b Mary McCleese

  5. Anna Lee Miller says:

    I’m trying to enroll for the settlement.

  6. German Bezares says:

    I am having at this moment the problem described in this page. A company named USBI just charge us $256 through ATT automatic payment system.
    And is charging me more for the next payment bill

    I cancel my contract with ATT

    Calling to USBI just a moment ago, and after minutes of waiting “for the next available representative” they lead me to an answer machine …..

    What can I do?

  7. jae johnson says:

    At&T sent me a card advising me of this class action. However I’ve requested the billing statement 2xs & they send back they’re backed up on processing & i have until DEC. They claim even if I don’t get it by Dec I can still send it in. Weird…

  8. Mildred Jones says:

    I can’t seem to copy a copy of my billing summary either. Just sent in another request. My goal within the next few months is to dump At&T (U-verse). I’ve had it with this company.

    • Fred says:


      Contact the administrator below and they can give you all the information you need.

      Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc.
      c/o GCG
      P.O. Box 35045
      Seattle, WA 98124

      • joseph riccio says:

        Ive been waiting for some time to be reimbursed for charges put on my bill .How much longer will I have to wait.

        • D J says:

          Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, I too have not received my refund. I’ve contacted the FTC twice with no avail, help, info or anything, no response, another example of government not responding to the tax payers, the usual round, no one knows anything !!!! I e-mailed my application and second time mailed my request again and still no answer. I think government employees think they work for Corporate America … What a hassle unable to get any info. Another big example of the unaccountability of our government

      • irene Jacobs says:

        When will refund checks come out in the St Louis Mo. area? I called befote they daid Apirl 2015 is that so?

        ADMIN-Hi Irene,
        Contact the class action administrator to obtain an update.

        • Sheryl. hu says:

          Don’t worry about your money, they are going to find a way to keep it, so they can get rich, my case total 671.00 for 2 phones they said we had aol and there for we authorized it., and of course they are lying and it’s hard to prove since so long ago, of course I’m going to challenge., ask to see their proof and to no avail.. who do you complain to this about?

          • northwind says:

            Hi Sheryl
            Send formal complaint to the office of the attorney general for Washington. Notify the administrator that you are doing so. Ask for help from your congressman and senator. Send Email to 20 20 and 60 minutes and include that info to administrator. If these news programs get enough Emails they will investigate the matter. We can get results if enough of us make a noise. Pick out 5 others on this long list of frustrated citizens and pass this info on to them. Ask each to send out info to 5 more and so on. Do something! Take up your power people and you’ll find that we are not impotent after all.

  9. Bennie G Holmes says:

    need confirmation on control#/confirmation#

  10. michelle says:

    Hello. Does anyone know when we will receive our settlement? Thanks

    • Julius Tate says:

      I have been overcharged by $980.00 & there is no good reason for AT&T to allow this to happen to it’s customers, so I have decided to NEVER AGAIN use AT&T as long as I am drawing breath in my body!!! And I too, am waiting to hear when I will be receiving my settlement cash.

    • trudy upchurch says:

      i hope they pay us soon, to much talk about paying us but no action. they need to pay all.

  11. Dewanda Allen says:

    Why do I have to wait for an appeal to get my refund.

    ADMIN – Hi Dewanda,

    In the case of appeals, the class administrators are usually instructed by the court to delay sending out the refund checks until the appeal is heard. The reason for this is that if the appeal is successful the company does not need to pay out refunds and if they have already been paid out, trying to get them back will be costly and inconvenient for everyone.

  12. eddie yanez says:


  13. sherrie says:

    Has there been an appeal – I thought it had already been through that process- when will we start getting our refunds.


    Has the appeal been settled. If so how much longer will we know about the refund. They didn’t take that long to take it from us, so why should we endure this much time to receive it back.

  15. VERA JOHNSON says:


  16. susie bash says:

    I want to no how long will it be before my refund come.

    • mary hutchins says:

      Hi my name is Mary I sent in my at&t clams form for the 3rd party calls that were billed to me back in 2005 and I have not received my refund check yet I would like to know when will I receive the refund I filled the claim in 2012 thank you Mary hutchins

      Hi Mary,
      Our website is informational only. To get an update on your class action claim you need to contact the class action administrator for each case. If you scroll up you will find their contact information.

      • shayla brown says:

        Has an anybody received their refund checks yet as of October 2, 2015?
        I mean I’ve waited two years and nothing, so how do I check to see when I’ll get it, anybody knows?

        • trudy upchurch says:

          I have not received any refund yet, what are they doing? they said i would be paid from 2005 to 2015. have not seen a dime.

  17. Diane says:

    I’m trying to wait patiently but it’s hard because I’ve ran into yet ANOTHER dishonest situation with them. I wonder what’s next with this company?!

  18. TJ says:

    The appeal was only filed on Decemeber 24th, 2013. It will likely take MONTHS to be heard, so it is unlikely any of us will be receiving a check in the near future.

  19. Kim says:

    I am wondering the same thing. When will we get refund check?

  20. Brooks Nelson says:

    I was also wondering if they have appealed yet. I was wondering if they are sending the refunds soon. I got my billing summary back in early November of 2013 and sent it back in the next day long before the December 2nd deadline did the administration people get it. I received no reply or any word that they got it. And I see no information on any updates on this case since the Approval Hearing in November

    • Diane says:

      I too had begin to wonder if my claim form had been received and remembered that I had submitted everything online;I even requested my billing summary online and I almost forgot that I had got confirmation numbers. I’m not at all sure if that matters to them but at least I do have proof that I submitted my claim.

  21. tyonna76 says:

    I see that it says refunds wont be sent out until the appeal is resolved and it says on the website that the appeal was asked for on Dec. 24. Do you know when the appeal will be heard also do you know how many times they get to ask for an appeal cause if they can just keeping asking for appeals that is what they may do to delay from having to pay.

  22. rp says:

    att is not going to pay us nothing they just stoled it .

  23. alvin says:

    This is bull. I have been waiting forever. Sho can we contact because att is taking forever?

  24. Diane says:

    Okay, I sent a message to ask what stage this class action lawsuit is in and I was told that it’s still in an appeal phase BUT those of us that are still AT&T customers will not receive a check instead we will have the funds applied as credit towards our bills. This is beyond crazy, they just HATE to have to give up money that is owed to wronged individuals…well, looks like I have a couple of months of free service coming to me. I deserve more than that with all of the trouble I’ve had in the last year. I’ll bet they’ve had to send a technician to my home twice a month for the last year and they finally got the repair work done right this year. It took that many times to do something correctly and they never once credited my bill for the many days and weeks that I had no service.

    • regina says:

      Hi Diane,

      Any chance did you receive a letter in Feb. 2014 requesting updated 3rd party billing info. with a deadline date of Dec. 2013?

      Lastly, did you receive notification from AT&T that the delay was due to: An individual who didn’t agree with the terms of settlement is the reason why there has not been a settlement to date? What a joke! I won’t go any further. AT&T might want to higher people who are aware of their surroundings and what they portray.

  25. Just E says:

    I was told the appeal process will take at least 2 years. 🙁

    • trudy upchurch says:

      It has been 2 years, niw what, what a mess, why did they tell us we would get a refund in the first place. still waiting.

  26. k says:

    Hi agree when do we get are refund please be nice to us we were nice to you thanx

  27. carrie says:

    Since At&t took our money and has kept it for years, we need to ask for double our payment for interest on our mony,and for pain and suffering. We need to do this at the appeal, or protest. Let’s contact the lawyers in this case.

  28. J.C says:

    If someone is appealing, why can’t we ask the lawyers to give us interest and extra compensation on money due to us. This is not fair that they can keep our money for years. We should at least get double of what we are owed.

  29. Melinda says:

    Yes i want my money i have been dealing with at&t since the company was bellsouth since 1990 yes i want it.

  30. Betty Ford says:

    I to think that we need to be pay double sent we got rob by AT&T they need to pay us now and whom ever appeal it let them wait on there money for two more years.

  31. Mary Sanders says:

    I had over $1000 worth the international calls from AT&T. Calls ii didn’t make. They turn my phone off. After they looked back at my pass bills. I was told its the employees. In the main office that is putting these charges non people phones. I had a total of 3000 in charges on my bill. I need my refund.

  32. Linda Ware says:

    I received a letter from At&t stating that I didn’t file on time, but I did. I filed on line and I have a confirmation # and a control #. I don’t know if they are trying to get out of paying the money.

  33. Lashanda Thompson says:

    I agree with everyone else, it’s not fair how we are being treated about our refund. we have done everything they requested us to do, they took our monies every month with no problem, why won’t AT&t refund our monies with no problem. the system is twisted up, and is twisting innocent people and there money.

  34. Lynn Childers says:

    I agree with you Betty Ford. We should get paid double for the illegal charges and be paid interest for the time we are having to wait. They didn’t wait on there fee they charged. So I feel they should give our money back immediately. AT&T will not even miss one penny of the money they cheated us.

  35. Andrea says:

    ANY word when we will get our refunds? This wait is ridiculous!

    • Malinda says:

      I also have been wondering about this settlement. They only have automated answer machines. Hope this gets resolved soon. It’s been way too long. Figured I would reach out to someone who’s going through the same thing. Thanks. All we can do is hope.

  36. willie james says:

    What’s up with the rebate claim checks?!

    • trudy upchurch says:

      I wish i knew. what are they doing? it has been 2 years, they need to pay us all. this whole thing is a headache. still waiting.

  37. YVONNE WILEY says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently and still haven’t heard anything yet. I’ve tried calling the number they have given and it seems to be a lot of run around nobody’s giving any answers except the same information that we already have which is nothing. I sent in everything they asked me for on time. It would be nice to atleast talk to someone in person…….Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  38. juanita davis says:

    I would like to know when checks will be dispersed. And in what manner they will be dispersed. And will there be any interest added to individuals settlement checks.

  39. willie james says:

    I’m still waiting for a reply concerning the date the rebates checks will be sent out. I have submitted all the necessary papers and documents and I called the 1 800 number, and was told they could not give an answer and that I must email you. SO PLEASE REPLY WITH SOME TYPE OF RESPONSE. PATIENTLY WAITING@$$#€£×$#$$%%

  40. jacqueline says:

    I am a very old senior citizen, if I die before you att gives me my money my children will sue them , l hope.

  41. kim says:

    Does anyone have any updates on this? I have been waiting patiently, and I know class action payments can take a while but this is getting ridiculous. I am going though some hard times and could really use the money ATT owes me ($300) to pay off some bills… guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed

    • Mae says:

      I have been waiting patiently also, my friend receive her refund she own a business so I guess they are more important then I am. I was told to go to AT&T website ask your question and wait for a response. I will be waiting and hope not for long

    • linda thompson says:

      I’ve been waiting along time for the settlement . When will I get some feedback or something.

  42. Donna says:

    Don’t cross your fingers just pray. Prayer is powerful and we all know now that At&t are thieves and liars of everything they stand for. I am waiting in Prayer and believing this will be over soon. Pray, Pray, Pray!!! At&t will eventually lose many customers because of false advertisement and HIGH, HIGH charges.

  43. Mari says:

    I fired AT&T long before this law suit because of their poor customer service and over billing. They did take our money and are trying to avoid giving it back. However, God doesn’t like ugly, and He will see this is resolved. I could desperately use the money, but I have faith, and I will never be an AT&T customer again! I think if enough of us fired them, it would speak volumes! Maybe, just maybe, they will learn to treat people fairly and honestly. We ALL should fire AT&T until they repay us our money!

  44. ben hudson says:

    would like to know what is the issued with this money.

  45. Sue Porter says:

    If the stall long enough they feel the matter wil be forgotten. It has been to long and this law firm should be given people updates.

  46. Marsha says:

    I receive an email from Attthirdparty billing settlement they stated the appeal has been settled and now ATT has to review the billing summary.would they have not done that before…just another way not to pay.

  47. marsha says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,


    Thank you for your email.


    The Court approved the Settlement Agreement on November 27, 2013.  The Court’s final approval was appealed by a single individual.   The appeal process has delayed the processing of claims made under the settlement.  The appeal has now been resolved and we have begun the process of sending properly submitted and qualifying Claim Forms to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) for review.


    Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, all properly submitted and qualifying Claim Forms will be sent to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) for review.  The Clearinghouse review process has now begun.  Under the terms of the Settlement the Settlement Administrator will continue the process of sending Claim Forms on a rolling basis until all Claim Forms meeting the requirements are provided to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s).


    AT&T and/or the relevant Clearinghouse(s) have the right to challenge any claim.  If challenged, the class member will receive a copy of the challenge and supporting evidence with the right to respond to the challenge. The challenge process will continue until all timely, complete Claim Forms have been provided to AT&T and the appropriate Clearinghouse(s) and they have exercised their right to challenge any of the claims.


    When the Clearinghouse challenge process and Claim Form determination are complete we will then commence distribution.  At that stage class members will be reimbursed for all valid claims. Current AT&T customers will receive credits to their AT&T account.  Former AT&T customers will be issued checks in the account holder’s name. We appreciate your ongoing patience.


    For more information and regular updates of the status of the Settlement, please visit the Settlement website at


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




    Settlement Administrator (SLM)

    Toll Free Number: 1 (866) 242-0603

    emailed the settlement office and this is the response I received….

    • Angenetta Williams says:

      I am a former customer of AT&T and i,m quite disappointed that i,ve yet to recieve my refund, yet it did not take this long for you to take my money. It is now September 2015 and i,ve still yet to recieve my refund, so how is it that it takes so long for you to give me back the money i paid to you? What,s more screwed…when those bills were not paid which included those third party charges, services were terminated, and i paid, but when its time to give back what was stolen from us, we have to wait…why couldn,t AT&T wait before cutting off services when the bill got too high to afford by those unnecessary charges?

      I no longer have an AT&T account, so i know i,m due for a check…you didn,t wait to take money from me…why should i wait to get it back? No fair!!!

  48. Renee Giles says:

    Update as of 6/14/14..The Court approved the Settlement Agreement on November 27, 2013. The Court’s final approval of the settlement was appealed by a single individual but that appeal has now been dismissed.
    Approved claims are expected to be paid no later than May 2015. Current customers of AT&T will receive credits to their AT&T account. Former AT&T customers will be issued checks in the account holder’s name.

  49. Renee Giles says:

    I still don’t understand why it will take another year to issue our refunds!

  50. Mary Reese says:

    Reading the comment written by Renee Giles, stating that it will be a credit to current AT&T customers. It should be my choice if I want a refund or a credit. Some people might want a check issued to the account holder’s name.

  51. TJ says:

    First off, I am glad I terminated AT&T service long ago, so I can get a check instead of a credit to a bill.

    Secondly, AT&T will only add intersest or other compensation if the Court ORDERS it…which they did not, so you wil only get the amount charged to your bills.

    Some suggest compensation for “pain and suffering”….are you kidding?? You had pain and suffering because you were overcharged a few bucks on your bill? Too funny, thanks for the laughs.

    • Sara says:

      Some of us were charged over 500.00 or more. And for a disabled elderly couple who have a fixed income,and a sick husband who have been trying to get this resolved for years, is a lot of money.

      • Sara, I understand you totally what you are saying. I do not like the idea of them keeping my money and crediting my account. That is wrong. They are making out like the bandits they are! I went with them and bundled and now I am paying 190. dollars a month. They tell me that’s because I have so much going on. Yes I have channels I do not need, like 4 channels in a row of boxing. and that’s not all I do not want them at 78 years old and a female why would I like to watch boxing? I can never reach a real person to talk to. I am definitely going to leave this company.

        • Malinda says:

          I would of dumped them too! Do it for the best one black box for regular tv is like $50.00 ONCE! That’s it .Then you have nice simple television with no attachment. You can get all the show like Andy Griffin,Mash,bewitched,shows we love from the past and new ones too.Movie stations also.hope this refund come soon.

  52. I was sent info about the suit, filled it out and sent it in, I also spoke with someone in July 2013, but asof yet have not receive payment or notice. I can’t reach anyone now but a answering message. How can I speak to someone?

    You may contact the administrator of this class action by emailing

  53. sherrie dubois says:

    I can not believe it might be May 2015 another year. Have any of the settlements been made yet ????

  54. Willie Coker says:

    When are we going to get our settlement and how do we know that we are receiving a payment?

  55. Shelley says:

    I’m moving so had to e-mail to see if check would arrive to my current address or if I should give them my new one. They took the new address & said that check processing hasn’t started yet and the only info they’ll give out is that we should get them by May 2015. They have no other info available, or that they’re willing to share – so I wouldn’t count on getting anything before next spring. I’m going to try to forget about it and look at it as money in the bank.

  56. Sheila K says:

    Is there any way of finding out if anyone fell “thru the cracks”? In dealing with this sketchy company, im sure allowing something of that nature to happen would save them a ton of money! Has anyone rcvd any communication of developing events or do we just sit back and wait on them to be honest and send out info to everyone they took from?? Hmm-not really into trusting them at this time…and theyre still drawing interest off our money as we speak!! And will continue to do so until when?! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR EVEN MERE PENNIES TO COME FROM THIS SINCE MOST OF US “REAL” PEOPLE ARE LIVING FROM PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK…BARELY! GOOD LUCK TO US ALL- 🙂

  57. Susan says:

    Firstly, all of us – myself included – should have checked our bills more carefully; if we had then we wouldn’t be out the hundreds that we’re all waiting for now, so we need to acknowledge some of the blame ourselves. That being said, there are thousands of us to sift through for review, processing & issuance of checks, which is very time-consuming. On top of it all, AT&T is of course going to follow the time-line set by the court, and has been very clear that we’ll receive our reimbursement by May 2015. Talking to anyone won’t change it or speed it up, time to let it go & be grateful when the check arrives. I’m looking at it as “found money” since I never noticed the charges until it was brought to my attention by this suit, it will be nice to get $500 in May, and I’m not expecting it any sooner.

    • Mari says:

      Just an FYI, I checked my bill, found the issue, called, and was told it was my fault. This is when I canceled every AT&T product I had. I will never have AT&T ever again.

  58. Erica T. says:

    Hi i am also waiting for a check, I read Susan comment about how we as the customer should have read our bill carefully,that is something i did take initiation to do. I called and called. And everytime i called i would get switch to different one could ever explain my bill to me,but i also knew that i was not crazy.So some of you might not believe regardless of whats being said they have already issue checks out guys,my uncle recieved his check. I have not recieved mines but he did. I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW THEY ARE DOING THE CHECKS MOST PEOPLE I KNOW THEY HAVE RECEIVE THEIR CHECKS.

  59. Carol says:

    When will we be getting our payments ? I am reading that some have already recieved their checks ? If you email at the att address you get the same generated email they send to everyone.No one is giving any answers or cannot reach a live rep to speak with. We all need to contact our states Attorney Generals offices and have them investigate and get us answers we deserve. Let them do a investigation on our money that I am sure they are getting interest on since we our not. I thought these lawyers were working for us too but obviously they are not providing any information any of us our requesting or giving us a update. This us getting ridiculous. We need answers. We need our money that was wrongfully taken.

    • Joyce says:

      I did receive one payment. I am entitled to two since I had two accounts that they robbed from me. I one that did come came on Saturday, December 13, 2014.

  60. Shelley says:

    I’m as PO’d as everyone else, but the site clearly states that we’ll get our checks by May 2015 – I’m not expecting mine any earlier. And as far getting more than what we’re owed due to “pain & suffering”? That’s simply not going to happen, so let it go. You should have sued as an individual to show the specific “pain & suffering” this has caused you, you gave up that option when you filed in a Class Action suit. I wouldn’t mind getting interest for all that cash, but having to re-calculate each claimants payment would delay the checks even longer & interest isn’t included in the original suit or the final decision. There’s nothing we can do but wait. I didn’t even realize how much this cost me until I got the notice, I’m just happy that someone caught the mistake and spoke up on my behalf – I’ll be happy to get the cash whenever it comes.

  61. James says:

    Well good for you Shelley. You must work for att

  62. Anna DePalma says:

    I would like to know when these checks are going to be sent. I sent in my information and have not heard a thing since then. How can we find out when we are getting our checks and how much its going to be??? I heard that someone didnt agree with the law suit and it was going to take longer. I would like to know when this is going to finally get resolved. I’ve sent my paper work in over a year ago and they should pay interest, They have had our money for over 3 years and because they were stealing from us they should give us at least interest on it. As much money as this company makes they still had to steel from people that pay their bills. I guess when your rich you have no mercy for any one. Lets get these checks going you already had plenty of time to screw us out of our money. Return to us what is not yours ATT!!

    If you submitted a valid claim it will be paid once the appeals are completed.Large settlements often undergo several appeals and may take significant time before the checks are issued. If you need additional details contact the class action administrator for ATT, just scroll up to find their contact information.

  63. Shelly Murphy says:

    They put so many charges that when they slip in one extra it isnt noticeable! Grrrr!

  64. Gemma says:

    How come when I email the email address I get the same generated response? How can we talk to a live person? How come the lawyers will not be providing updates on the settlement? When will we get answers? This was our money wrongfully taken. I think the lady above was right when she said everyone should contact the Attorney Genersls office and let them investigate and get the answers for us. This is rediculous.

  65. sueporter says:


  66. willie james says:

    When will the checks be mailed.

  67. Diane Jones says:

    When will my settlement check be mailed to me?!? I would like my settlement in check form, not credited to my AT&T bill-is that possible?

    Hi Diane,
    Please contact the administrator for this settlement with your questions.

  68. marsha says:

    I contacted one of the attorney’s two months ago and they stated the checks should be mail at the end of October 2014. Why haven’t this happened? Stop telling us to contact the administrators, they have no information

  69. Renee Giles says:

    Contacted again today and I’m waiting on a response. I just wish they would stop prolonging this and just issue the checks. I can’t understand what is taking so long.

  70. Wesley Sanders says:

    My check came today. Hopeful others’ will come soon!

  71. Kok says:

    Hey guys I got one of my checks today. I had 2 different accounts with att that I was owed money for so I am still waiting on the second one… Yours should be coming soon

  72. Sondra Smith says:

    I have not gotten my check yet how long will it be before I get my check. I had over $3600.00 dollars in charges.Please responed back.

    Kindly contact the admin for this class action if you wish to receive an update on your claim.

  73. DRW says:

    I received my check today, but it was an incorrect amount. I emailed the Settlement Administrator. It would be nice if they correct the error. I hope everyone gets theirs soon.

  74. Betty says:

    What a surprise! I received my check yesterday in the mail. I had to do more research to make sure it was a viable check….thank you all for this information. Best of luck to you all!

  75. Gemma says:

    I was told by AT&T that they started sending checks out on 12/9/2014 and are only sending checks to those whose claims that are not challenged by AT&T. And we will get contacted in the middle of December if our claim is challenged.

  76. Lm says:

    Can anyone who recieved their checks tell me what state are the checks being sent from?

  77. lori magnes (lorraine) says:

    Please let me know the status of my class action claim check .
    BTN 721=3812
    thank you,,,


  78. Kim C. says:

    I am still waiting on a check or letter from At&t.

  79. patty says:

    has anyone recieved their letter from att or what state are checks being recived from. im in CA and am still waiting.

  80. Linda Nicholson says:

    Still waiting on myrefund check!

  81. Renee Giles says:

    So, My Grandmother received her $99 check in the mail today. My amount is much larger than that and I’m wondering if they are mailing smaller amounts first? Also I’m just wondering if I’m not challenging the amount, Why would someone else do so?

  82. heather says:

    Anyone else have news??? was wondering if people are still waiting like I am or has everyone received there refund?? I was hoping to get it before Christmas but it doesn’t look like its going to happen. 🙁

  83. Lm says:

    I’m still waiting for mine too. I don’t know why some people get theirs and some people have to wait. Not fair and not right!!

  84. cmo says:

    so – if people received these ‘checks’ can someone tell me what kind of envelope they came in? are they tiny little checks? do they look like junk mail? could my husband have thrown it away mistakenly? someone? anyone?

  85. T. G. says:

    I am in the state Alabama has anyone received checks that live in this state.?

  86. Tami says:

    I still have an account with at&t, so I am expecting a credit on my bill. Of course I doubt that I will receive one until may. They are too quick to send disconnection notices if youre a week late on your payment, but want to take their sweet time making things right with their customers. So I expect they will squeeze every last dollar they can out of me before stepping up and making my account right! Seriously been waiting dang near 2 years for this.

  87. Malinda says:

    ATT = highway robbery.

  88. marsha says:

    I think the large amounts (anything over 100.00) Att will dispute and then we will have to fight for 1 year on that amount. They are pathetic.

  89. Donald W. Collins says:

    Still waiting for settlement, it has been almost one year. How much longer. I may tire of waiting and dump my 2 year contract for a new phone !

  90. DARRICK L says:

    Well, I just got a reply from att people stated that they did send out the first batch of check on Dec 9,2014 to the unchallenged claims. checks will continue to be distributed on a rolling basis also in mid Dec they had sent out batches of challenges notices and they will continue on a rolling basis also they are still reviewing claims. you need to know also that if you gave them your email that is how you will get you challenge notice sent to you with the email on file I was told. So be on the LOOK out with the postman and your EMAILS. wow what’s next ?

  91. richard mills says:

    Still waiting on my refund how could I change my address cause I’ve move since then.

    Hi Richard,
    To change your address contact the class action administrator

  92. marsha says:

    I am contacting the FTC the settlement agreement actually stated that the review or payments should be made within 120 days after the final approval. This has not been done.

  93. John says:

    I am also going to contact our states Attorney Generals office to investigate. More people need to get involved as well. Things are not right .

  94. Jean says:

    My email address has changed, since its been nearly 2 years since submitted, do I need to contact someone and provide new one for any reason?

    Contact the class action administrator to provide your updated info.

  95. Dennis Reed says:

    This is so odd that i haven’t received my check yet but they keep coming up with something that will allow them to challenge after it has been approved. Lets just hope for the best for everyone

  96. Rochelle says:

    Have any checks have been paid out and in which states.

  97. marsha says:

    Well after I made my previous comment on here, I received a challenge by email….how convenient….but it was on three of my phone numbers not the 4th.

  98. Renee Giles says:

    Here it is January. I still have not received my refund nor have I received a challenge notice. Whoever this ADMIN person that is responding to our questions, You’re not giving us the answers that we need or want to here. Your answers are very generic. The questions are very simple and this is what need to be answered.
    1. Should we stop looking for what is owed to us?
    2. Will checks be mailed in May?
    3. If challenged notices were mailed in December why have most people not received theirs.
    4. We have provided proof as to what the refund amount should be, is there a reason why the amount should be challenged?


    We are the admins to this page but not the admins of the class action. To get the responses to the questions above you need to contact 1-866-242-0603

  99. heather says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think we should all write a letter or email to the administration office or maybe the lawyers and demand answers. This has been going on for too long. All we ask for is to get our questions answered. If they would give me a definite answer and say “your check will be mailed out in May” then I would wait. But NO they have us checking our emails and spam folders everyday to see if maybe we will get a payment or sadly a challenged letter.

  100. carmelita says:

    I’m in the state of north Carolina. Has anyone received a check in this state yet. I have sent in every thing in needed to send in

    • Marie says:

      I live in N.C. to the only thing I received fromm AT&T was the challenge letter in February, the amount is less than what I send my proof in for. its down from 150 to 75 thats crazy after sending in all information needed.

    • trudy upchurch says:

      nothing yet, been waiting 2 years, maybe one day, i hope so this is ridiculus. what are they doing?

  101. Elena says:

    I haven’t received anything either. I have att wireless, uverse and internet. Dropped att landline years ago because I couldn’t understand why the bill was so high. If they challenge my amount, I will cancel my wireless when my contract expires next month. And Im just looking for a reason to drop uverse because im already tired of my programs being interrupted by a blue screen everday. I have been a customer for many many years and I will feel a certain kinda way if they challenge my claim. I’m sensitive like that.

  102. richard mills says:

    I still have not receive my refund yet something need to be done about this

  103. Renee Giles says:

    Heather, You’re on point. We’re waiting, hoping, and wishing something would happen and it all seems to be in vain. I have never seen a class action settlement take so long to distribute the claims. AT&T should be ashamed at the way they have treated their customers. Again the generic answers are getting it. I’m totally fed up with their lack of concern to correct the wrong that has been done in a timely manner.

  104. cmo says:

    got the same generic e-mail as everyone else. my total should be around $373.00. I have not one – but TWO e-mails confirming the amount. have my control number and everything…i’m in Kentucky — anyone from Kentucky out there? No Payments yet — and no e-mails or letters challenging the amount. . .

  105. Elaine says:

    I have yet to hear about my check still waiting. On information came my way.

  106. John says:

    If Att knows your claim is challenged, how long do they have to contact you to inform you of this? Does anyone know?

  107. sharyl says:

    I have not received anything and you can not reach anyone at the provided number. Nothing talks about how much the payment will be

  108. genette byrd says:

    I would like to know when the checks are going to be mailed to michigan residents.

    Dear Genette,
    I encourage you to scroll up and get the contact info for the administrator of this class action to contact them directly and request additional information.

  109. marsha says:

    They challenged my claims by email and im in Arkansas. The amounts are still wrong

  110. Jean says:

    is there a phone contact number for a real person to speak with and ask questions…the above number has a menu of 5-6 recorded messages

    Hi Jean,
    Consider calling the main customer service line for AT & T.

  111. dave vogelar says:

    I cant beleve it is taking so long for refund but they wantt there bill paid right away

  112. heather says:


  113. Rochelle says:

    In NC and still waiting

  114. shalondaijones says:

    i still have not received my att refund either for all those years they over charged me either.I am highly upset thousands of dollars.

  115. Renee Giles says:

    In Montgomery, Al. still waiting. No challenge letter and no check. Guess they are making us wait yet again for the deadline in May. Thanks AT&T.

  116. ang says:

    Changed address January 2014.Received confirmation that the address was changed and they still sent the check to wrong address in Dec 2014. Still waiting to have a check re-issued. SMH

    • cmo says:

      what state are you in? Just wondering if they are ‘rolling out the checks’ by state or by name . . . phone number. 🙁 not sure.
      i’m in kentucky…nothing.

  117. Geep2 says:

    Well it is now February 25, 2015 and nothing………no check, no correspondence, nothing. Will I ever see any money coming back? It really should be a large amount too!!

  118. ann says:

    I live in Kansas has anyone from here received a check cause I have not

  119. Diane says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited this page and I’m STILL waiting like everyone else, of course I now have wireless service and not landline service. I live in Tennessee and I’m like everyone else….I’m still waiting.

  120. cora says:

    I live in Tennessee…still no response or challenge. ..I am so in dismay with this company…its not like they dont have the money..they are a multi million dollar company and thats what I dont understand…they should count their cost and refund all those who they misled.

  121. Diane says:

    Hi Cora,

    I was wondering if anyone else in TN had gotten a positive response….(their check) yet. And, I wonder if they’ve finalized the purchase of the Directv company yet?! Buying companies seems to be more important than returning money to us Ye ha I just love playing on the monkey bars of unfairness whenever I can. (sarcasm)

  122. katy says:


  123. Renee Giles says:

    Received challenge letter and of course the amount was not correct. It was $255 short. Filled out paperwork anyway to include the correct amount. Now the waiting game is being played again.

  124. Michelle Griffin says:

    It has been a very long time and i have yet to receive my refund and can’t contact anyone with information. I just want to know where my check is. I paid my bill in a timely manner why can’t i be reimbursed in the same fashion

    Hi Michelle,
    Contact the class action administrator at

  125. Angela says:

    I have not received a check or letter of challenge and they owe me about $500.00 dollars. Looks like they are trying to worm their way out of paying the larger amounts.

  126. Tina says:

    Here it March I have not received my refund, I’m in Mississippi. My mother that lives not two miles from, received her’s in Dec.

  127. Diane says:

    I contacted the settlement administrator and was told that I was e-mailed a challenge letter in late January and gave them my new e-mail address. Yep, they are challenging me over $175 so, I decided to challenge what I know that I owe them for the landline service that I no longer have. Yes, people I can pay what I owe but instead of doing so right away I’m not only challenging the amount but I’m also appealing their decision to request their money in a timely manner. I will eventually pay this after a few more months of appeals.

  128. Joyce says:

    Diane who did you call and talked to someone or did you send them email.

    • Diane says:

      Hey Joyce, I emailed this address and sent my correspondence to them make sure you give your full name and address and the billing account number. This isn’t the first time I’vie written to them so I at least know someone is on the other end of this email address.

      I hope this helps you.

  129. Layla Anaya says:

    I’m in California, still no check or challenge. Everytime I email them the status of my claim, I get that same generic email response:

    Your timely submitted Claim Form is still being reviewed. At this stage of the claim process, we cannot provide you with your refund amount (or even an estimated refund amount), because we do not know yet if your claim or claim amount will be challenged. BLAH..BLAH..BLAH..
    This is ridiculous!
    Anyone in Cali get their check yet?

  130. cmo says:

    got my ‘challenge’ letter via e-mail this morning. disputed the amount requested. 386.00 to 17.00 …. 24 pages of proof of usage. my job is to dispute with proof. not sure how i’m going to dig up proof from 10 years ago. guess i’ll take my 17.00 and go put gas in my car.

  131. AD says:

    I’m in CA and finally received my check.

  132. Brenda says:

    I would like to know when will I receive my check? It been a long time.

  133. Tondolaya says:

    That is awesome AD please enjoy spending it.

  134. deborah says:

    I’m in south carolina..Nothing Yet?? whats going on?

  135. Brenda says:

    Hello here from Mississippi and no response yet. I even sent an email 2 wks ago, no respond and I call today and still nothing but answer machine. I would like to know when should we get a payment. They said that March 15, 2015 all payments should be made to claims. Has anyone here got a payment yet?

  136. Elsie Matthews says:

    I summited a claim back in 2013 and have not received a payment. they sent me more paper work in April 2015. Should I resubmit. whats going on. Im in Tennessee.

    Hi Elsie,
    You may not resubmit. You can contact the admin to get an update on your claim.

    • Sheila K says:

      Hi, Elsie-
      I am also in Tennessee. Its now June 17th and no word whatsoever. Did not receive a challenge that others are speaking of. I had read that someone had written they had gotten their check in California. Are they going in alphabetical order by state? So tired of checking mailbox every day with disappointment. 🙁 Please let me know if you have heard anything. Thanks so much! 🙂

  137. eddie y. says:

    I was told if u were sent a letter of challeng..whether u turned it on time or not that all checks would b sent out after all challenges were taken care off.sounds like b.s. but that’s what they emailed me when I inquired the status us of my check

  138. rose b says:

    i was told the same exact thing but if you read the challenge letter, nowhere does it say that we would have to wait for all the ppl who decide to challenge their money. yes it is some bs cause i’m wondering what my money got to do with the next person. matter of fact it clearly states that only the portion that was that challenge would be delayed. smh shame on you att

  139. Hattie says:

    Has anyone received a payment yet? I would like to know when will I receive my check? I would like to know when should we get a payment. Please let me know the status of my class action claim check. I cancel my contract with ATT because of a $900. for charges for over seas calls. Because, I refused to pay, stating that my over sea status had been canceled. The charges was dropped. AT&T is wrong and now caught and if they are permitted to get away this practice will not end.

  140. Renee Giles says:

    It was my understanding that all checks were to be mailed out in May 2015 whether they were challenged or not. I ‘m not sure if this is correct so, Admin. Would you please set the record straight.

    • Tondolaya says:

      Renee appreciate your comment above, just wondering did the administration ever contact you back because i don’t see a Reply from them i wonder why?

  141. Loleta Mcknight says:

    I am currently still with them but will change cell phone provider due to the robbery of loyal customer like myself.

  142. Rochelle says:

    I thouhgt it any charges not challenged were suppose to be paid out by May 15, 2015. I did receive a challenge but 207.12 was not and supposedly would be paid out. I did not contest portion that they challenged because after all these years have no idea where to begin to gather info I need….so $580. 00 they can keep.

    • Just E says:

      I think they’ll send it out to you after giving you 60 days to respond to challenge . So, 60 days after you received challenge notice.

  143. EllisR says:

    Renee I am in a similar situation. I asked when to expect the check. I was notified of a challenge on 1/15/15. I did not contest. After 120 days there is no check and the answers continue to be vague. From the below response it appears that I have to wait for all challenges to be settled:

    “Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, challenged claims will not be paid until all of the challenges in the challenge and rebuttal process are resolved. Please be patient.

    Please also note that filing a response to a challenge will not slow down payment of your claim, and not filing a response to a challenge will not speed up payment of your claim. The unchallenged portion of your claim will not be paid any sooner by saying you will just accept the unchallenged portion(s) of your claim.”

    I not asking for a fortune. I get the feeling that AT&T is hoping that I go away.

  144. anita jones says:

    you would like to submit a response to rebut the challenges, please fully complete the enclosed Response to
    Challenge Form and return it to the Settlement Administrator at the address at the top of this letter by April 28,
    2015 in order for your response to be considered.

  145. Diana says:

    I still have not receieved check this is first I hear of a challege

  146. Craig says:

    Based on my interpretation of the challenge portion of the settlement agreement, and my wife and I read and re read it several times, it isn’t good news. ATT challenged $12 of my claim, and I decided not to rebut that challenge. Based on how the agreement is worded, ALL challenges must be resolved before any of the challenge pool claims would be paid out. I don’t know how many challenges that ATT has filed with settlement claimants, but it could be in the thousands, or tens of thousands.So, in a nutshell, the challenged claims could be paid out to individuals tomorrow, or in 5 years. Yes, it is B.S. but it’s all legal matters, this is how the systems works, every penny has to be accounted for before all parties can be resolved. Time to stop checking the mailboxes and just wait.

  147. Gs says:

    Settlement claims must be paid by 05/31/2015. not saying this will happen, but more legal matters for At&t to deal with. The 5 year wait is a lot crazy but just a few more months is more like it,

  148. Brenda says:

    According to settlement agreement all payment must ber received by 5/15. Today is the last business day for this month. We shall see what happen today. The same recording is still on their voicemail.

  149. Tekela Jones says:

    I received a challenge on January 9, 2015, and I still haven’t received anything. The settlement was to be paid by May 15, 2015, but like everyone says its May 29, 2015. Its not fair to publish an untruth. I live in Georgia. Has anyone here received anything. I hope to see something real soon.

  150. Just E says:

    Why haven’t I seen a refund? It’s June!! I received a bogus rebuttal with fake charges that I contested. I’m not sure who’s trying to steal the money now, att or the lawyers who’re supposed to be representing us. Do we need to start another class action against ATT and these lawyers ?

  151. Brenda says:

    I think that woild be a great idea, this doesn’t make sense. That a contract and it has failed us also. They wont even response to our question. You cant speak to a live people. They are wrong for this! There must be some one who can help with this situation.

  152. Renee Giles says:

    ADMIN……………………What is the delay? It’s already been years.

  153. Renee Giles says:

    @Tondolaya. As of today. No response and not check. Hold on everyone, This one will take years.

  154. Tondolaya says:

    I see your right thanks Renee

  155. Susan Goodrum says:

    I am in Tennessee, I have not received anything! What in the world is going on with our refund checks??

  156. Eunice says:

    I keep checking the mail everyday. No check yet!!! Has anyone in the United States received a check?

  157. just E says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! We at least deserve an ETA. Some sort of real status update. We know all of the challenges have been sent out. Admin- Tell us something we don’t know .

  158. Renee Giles says:

    Haven’t heard of anyone receiving their checks lately. What’s the status on that? Thought they were sending them on a rolling basis. Guess not.

  159. Susan Goodrum says:

    Still haven’t heard anything regarding a check!!! What is going on with you ATT? Has anyone in the state of Tennessee gotten a check??????????

  160. Renee Giles says:

    Received this email today:
    Thank you for your email.

    Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, challenged claims will not be paid until all of the challenges in the challenge and rebuttal process are resolved. We are unable to provide you with a specific distribution date at this time. We appreciate your ongoing patience.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Settlement Administrator (TDD)

    Toll Free Number: 1 (866) 242-0603

  161. Renee Giles says:

    So in other words what they are really saying is………….Don’t look forward to Your money anytime soon.

  162. Brenda Lewis says:

    I don’t understand why I was informed that claims were to be paid by May, 2015, yet we are all still waiting for a check, or at the very least, an update on the status of our refund. Has anyone in Georgia received a refund?

  163. ALMETA KEE says:


  164. ALMETA KEE says:


  165. just E says:

    You would think they’d update the website. Surely all the challenges have been sent out. I’m sure they are reviewing each rebuttal. Would it be that difficult to keep us accurately informed? After all this time, we at least deserve some honesty, since they insist on keeping our money and collecting interest on it.

  166. Susan Goodrum says:

    Just saying, how long would we be able to go without paying our monthly ATT bills before we would be without service?????? Don’t think near as long as it takes them to send our refund checks!! This is an awful way to treat your customers.

  167. Renee Giles says:

    I agree with you just E…………………………Settlement Administrator (TDD) YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE

  168. zelenia walker says:

    This is ridiculus to wait so long for a refund of our money that we HAD to pay to keep our service with AT&T!! I submitted all the proper paperwork and still no refund…..SHAME ON YOU AT&T…..its August 2015 and you took our money,fought in the courts,and still couldnt do the right thing. we get the run around when we contact the claims adjuster and still no justice. Im still waiting and will continue to do so until this is handled and finished.

  169. just E says:

    Well, they updated the home page of the website. The challenge process is ongoing.

  170. Joyce b says:

    sent two emails to one in June 2015 and one in July 2015 received an email statement back that stated no claims will be paid until all of the challenges and rebuttal process are resolved.

  171. PamelA Burrell says:

    this is another scam big business does to hold a significant amount of money to collect the interest off the initial money which I an large sum then distribute the money in dribbles. I have filed a claim and contacted still no check we should all contact the ARDC attorney registration disciplinary commission I their respective state to have them investigate this. People in numbers matter.

  172. just E says:

    Don’t forget all the hours they get to bill for dragging this out. Some people have to send in revised billing summaries? Come on! We’ve gotta wait for that whole process? Whose mistake was that? How many more hold ups?

  173. Jennifer says:

    HELLO ALL: for information if you were included… what your claim number is and all the IMPORTANT STUFF the claim is being handled here….. the FTC…. 877-819-9692….. They anticipate the late fall…. no other info as far as specific monies was given but the fact that I got a live person agreeing that I will get money was relief…. please don’t call every day …. we would like to have the number manned by a live person…

  174. Alberta says:

    i live in Chicago and i have not received a check yet.

  175. ebr says:

    Jennifer, This FTC number is for AT&T Mobility dealing with cramming (FTC…. 877-819-9692). I think most people are waiting for the “Nwabueze et al. v. AT&T. et al” which is another case. In either case, we have all been crammed by AT&T.

  176. Selina23 says:

    This is ridiculous i have been waiting years for this settlement and every time i email them its the same response that its an ongoing process why havent i received my check yet….Futhermore on there website it clearly state’s that the process would not hold up your refund but im reading people got checks back in 2014 whats the problem

  177. Cathy says:

    It is obvious to me that the settlement is being dragged out. It is nothing worse than finding out that the company was not honest in their dealing with customers, and now they are taking over two years to return monies that they received via dishonest and unacceptable practices. I will never do business with AT&T again. Mainly because of their arrogance in not refunding the money in a timely fashion.

  178. Renee Giles says:

    Just wondering if checks are being mailed on a rolling basis why haven’t more people received their portion of the settlement? The case has been settled. Why prolong this any further?

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    Your best bet is to call the class action administrator directly and ask specifically for the status of your own claim.

  179. Mary Simpson says:

    I had paper work and things done with the settlement class action should have receive at least $400.00 from charges when do they refund us how will I know when I am getting the refund if I do at all taken along time,they
    put the charges on us then never refund us,i believe it when I see it,Mary Simpson.please reply, this is 2015.please reply thank you,

  180. j.j. says:

    Waiting on almost five thousand,thats right five thousand dollars to be returned to me. I have been personally speaking to one of the lawyers who has been working on this case. He helped me craft a response to the challenge letter I got LAST DECEMBER. Good dude,knows im frustrated but returns my call every time,i promised to not give the number out here,a little detective work and time and you may find it yourself,althoygh I was lucky as well.Spoke to him yesterday and he told me the time frame for a person like me who got my challenge notice early on would likely be 3-4 months, so January in all likelihood.Hang in there people,this blows.

  181. Tina says:

    I received my challenge in February and have not received any information since. The phone number is automated and says the same thing the web site says why can’t anyone get an answer as to what is going on? Not only can’t I not get a refund but a “credit” but my bill has gone up with no explanation since they have had to start paying people

  182. tee says:

    when are they gonna send out the refunds from the case you call they give not information all they said was in the fall you find out out it is fall not when do people get there refunds

    ADMIN – Hi Tee,

    It may take a little while. Be patient.

  183. Gs says:

    Admin- Please stop telling people to be patient. it has been three years you guys got paid first thing and to much. easy for the Admin to say ..Everyone should have got paid by May 2015
    I want a piece of the interest from 2013 the money sitting in at@t account

    Time to release the funds!!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Gs,
    Historically, class action settlements take a very long time. As you probably know while we administer this informational page we are not the class action administrator, nor class counsel, thus we have no control over the speed at which appeals and other legal procedures take place.

  184. Renee Giles says:

    ADMIN..Sometimes in this case,No response is welcomed. We all understand that situations take a while but you have prolonged this long enough. Quit giving us your same lame answers that we have been hearing for years now. A better response is to let us know that some people are actually receiving their checks on “A ROLLING BASIS”. As you have stated. This problem that YOU CREATED is not going away so JUST PAY THE MONEY THAT YOU OWE!!

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    You are speaking to the wrong admin. We are not the administrators for this case. We are simply an informational website designed to loop you in and give you info on the latest class actions. If you want to contact the class action administrator directly please use the information provided on the page.

  185. just E says:

    It would be nice to get our money before Christmas like others did last year.

  186. s mellinger says:

    This was the response I received this morning:

    “Thank you for your email.

    Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, challenged claims will not be paid until all of the challenges in the challenge and rebuttal process are resolved. We are unable to provide you with a specific distribution date at this time. We appreciate your ongoing patience.”

  187. Ms McKinley says:

    Tried to contact the settlement through E-mail and the site must be down unable to send e-mail to them. So I wrote a letter to them. No response. Why they closed the e-mail address? When it says we can contact them that why. Doesn’t make sense.

  188. T. G. says:

    I received a refund check in the mail today for only $19.04 I don’t know why cause my claim was for $297.00

  189. Lewis, D says:

    I received my check today 10/21/2015 for $600.00 a payment of 793.00. Was due but I did not challenge the claim. (Florida)

  190. M.B says:

    Received check today 10/21 for the amount promised after challenge from 400
    00 down to 99.00 which is better than nothing. I am thankful much needed I am in South Carolina good luck to everyone else who are still waiting.

  191. V says:

    Finally received my check for the full amount of 800.

  192. Ms McKinley says:

    I received a check today in the amount of $257.75. I thought it would be more at least a $1000,00 as long as it took.

    • Tonya Johnson says:

      At least you got something, I haven’t even gotten a response!!
      Please inform me on your contact, maybe I can get the ball rolling!!

  193. Sasanna says:

    Still waiting on my check and my Mom filed a claim for her phones. Hope we get them soon….Sooo tired of waiting.

  194. just E says:

    That’s awesome! Hope to get mine soon.

  195. ebr says:

    Received check today in Akron, Ohio.

  196. margaret says:

    I received my check on 10/21 for $88.00; expected more, but remember this is AT&T and they’re just like everybody else; rob the customer.

  197. just e says:

    I think they’re releasing alphabetically on a rolling basis?????

  198. Denise Hunter says:

    Still waiting in Chicago, my claim was challenged,,so I guess I will get paid in 2016. Ha. AT&T is a joke.

  199. Brenda says:

    Did anyone in Tennessee received their checks?

  200. L says:

    Just received my check and it was for.9.80 and had over 300.00 in charges this is ridiculous.

  201. Tondolaya says:

    I am in Texas and still haven’t received anything. Hope things get smoother for everyone else.

  202. KB says:

    I’m in Georgia
    Received my 900.00 check about a week ago.

  203. just e says:

    Still nothing. Akron, Oh

  204. JACKIE DOBBS says:

    I Haven’t received my check yet in Tennessee .

  205. just E says:


  206. Tee says:

    you siad it would take a while how long is that it is about to be winter

    ADMIN – Hi Tee,

    When it comes to settlements time moves very slowly. Some have taken years. I encourage you to contact the administrator to get more details regarding the timeline for this case.

  207. Brenda says:

    Still waiting! I pray my check comes this week its well over due. We have waited patiently and its time the devil release our money now in the name of Jesus. We thank you in advance!

  208. trudy upchurch says:

    Amen. in Jesus name it is on the way. when receive it let me know, i will do the same. bless you.

  209. tee says:

    called the administrator of the settlements and they said they could not give information out something sounds funny about this is anyone in New York getting a refund

  210. Frankie says:

    I don’t trust this company, they are in business to make money. I never got a check & don’t expect one in ten years from now. If this company can get away with it, the legal system does not work.

  211. just e says:

    Please update the settlement page… why have some people recently received checks and some of us have seen nothing? How can u ask us to be patient when this recent trickle of payments really does make this situation appear, at the very least, questionable.

    ADMIN – Hi Just,

    We are only an informational website. The information you get is based on the initial settlement notice and the tips given by community members.

  212. Cesar says:

    Hi everybody, here in Cali, got the challenge last January and nothing happened since then. Does anybody have gotten their checks?. Happy Holidays

  213. Jennifer says:

    I’m in Cali too….still NOTHING

  214. just E says:

    Ohio, nothing. I no longer expect to get anything this year. We’ve been screwed.

  215. Tondolaya says:

    While this has sadden my heart how someone could take from people that need the money for a host of things and have no care in their hearts for these people whom they have wronged especially around this Christmas Season you would think they want to give it back and put a smile on these people faces also the children whom had to do with out because their parents was taken advantage of. God Bless everyone and have a Merry Christmas despite it all

    ADMIN – Hi Tondolaya,
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  216. Renee Giles says:

    In Alabama……………….Nothing.Still waiting. I’m sure interest will not be included. I’m thinking our refunds will not be what we should be expecting.

  217. Brenda says:

    Happy Holidays everyone! Keep the faith its not over until God say its over. Be blessed

  218. lisa jackson says:

    Have. anybody heard the latest on att so call third-party billing settlement please let me no thanks

  219. Renee Giles says:

    Looks like we will be waiting years on a case that should have been resolved. I think it’s a bunch of crap and it shouldn’t take this long to get what is rightfully ours. There are not updates and it appears they have lied again about checks being disbursed on a rolling basis.

    Admin aren’t providing the info that we need? Who else should we contact?

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    The next level up is to contact class counsel.

  220. trudy upchurch says:

    You are right, trust God, that is all we have.

  221. Tondolaya says:

    You’re so right God is all we have.Amen

  222. Cesar says:

    Here we are, January 2016 and still nothing, I’m pretty sure ATT shareholders already got their dividends of the succulent profits of their dishonest company ripping off their subscribers with all of those unlawful practices. It is about time to get our money back, unfortunately most of us don’t have the dough for pay for our own attorney to find out what’s going on. Like some of you said before, we are in the good hands of the lord and hopefully we can see soon our money back… Happy New Year Everybody and Good Luck.

  223. LEE says:

    I am from Mississippi and I returned my challenge way back in March of 2015. I have not received anything. I have called and emailed! This is ridiculous!

  224. Just E says:

    Admin keeps deleting my posts. Something wrong here ya’ll. Get legal counsel. If we all do something, call someone, we’ll get our answers. Don’t do nothing.

    ADMIN – Hi Just,

    We don’t delete posts. We moderate as needed to protect your privacy.

  225. LEE says:

    I contacted Class Counsel and they are saying the same old thing, “we have received your challenge and we have to wait until all claims have been resolved.” It has been 9 months since I sent in my challenge but I was told by class counsel it would only take 3 months. Something is not right with this situation.

  226. Mary says:

    I contacted class counsel and got this reply today:
    We are still working on the process for resolution of claims that have been challenged and rebutted. If your claim was challenged and you submitted a rebuttal, the Settlement Administrator needs to review all of the challenges and rebuttals and make final decisions. Some class member’s claims were only recently challenged and class members are submitting rebuttals. There are thousands of challenged and rebutted claims. We currently estimate that this process will be completed in February or early March of this year and checks or notices will be sent to the claimants by the middle or end of March.

    ADMIN – Hi Mary,

    Thank you for sharing this update with the community.

  227. jj says:

    may I ask who by name you spoke to? I am in regular contact with one of the lawyers and have very different information. Mr Schachman is his name.Who is it you spoke to mary?

  228. Bessie says:

    I submitted my claim form on 11-26-13 and have not received refund check, correspondence or e-mail regarding the settlement.

    ADMIN – Hi Bessie,

    Contact the class action admin. He or she can check on the status.

  229. Shirleuy Birch says:

    Thanks for the info as I have also tried to get an update. I notice on the challenge response that some of these calls were made repeatedly on the same day and on days and times when I knew I was not home to accept calls. It’s been frustrating to be told you’re receiving payment for calls you didn’t make and then say you have to wait. When you know you didn’t make the calls and AT&T only response was to contact the number on your bill which may or may not be answered, if answered you’d be promised a credit and then they would take it back or nothing would happen at all.

    Best information I’ve received regarding this process

    • Shelley says:

      A few months ago I told that the batch containing my payment would be processed & I’d receive my payment by the end o February. Guess what? Yup, February has come & gone and still no check …

      ADMIN – Hi Shelley,

      Sorry about that. Have you reached out to the admin again?

    • Mary says:

      Similar situation. Calls were supposedly collect but all shown on the challenge information were local calls from the same area code and exchange as my phone number. None of those calls were accepted or answered yet they show calls lasting for several minutes. It had to be some dial around scam. Over 100 calls over the years covered. I responded to the challenge with the above information. Still heard nothing. Claim is for about $300 and all of it being challenged. Totally frustrating.

  230. trudy upchurch says:

    What is taking so long, the checks should have been here, we have been waiting a long time. will they ever pay us, i have my letter about the settlement when i was notified the first time i keep it, that is my proof. please pay us it is hard out here, some people having a rough time help……………………………………………………………………………………..

    ADMIN – Hi Trudy,

    The amount you are likely to receive from this settlement won’t be life-changing. Please note that all settlements take a significant time to come to completion.

  231. Renee Giles says:

    Here we are another year. And 3 months into 2016. STILL NO CHECK.

  232. mae says:

    i havent heard anything either i am still waiting like u all problem we will hear something after while i need my money too.

  233. Ella hughes says:

    I am in Califirnia how do we get a status??????

    ADMIN – Hi Ella,

    You can contact the class action administrator using the information we provided on the main settlement page.

  234. Tondolaya says:

    This has been a long and lengthy process but to God be the glory dont stop communicating it keeps us all informed on what is going on.thanks to all of you for the constant information.

  235. Charlene Gilhooly says:

    I do not know where I stand on this settlement. I have been waiting for years. Please let me know.

    ADMIN – Hi Charlene,

    Have you reached out to the class action administrator?

  236. Shirleuy Birch says:

    I did notice that the period for which I was billed came from the same numbers and oftentimes when I was not home (so much for living alone). Ranging from 2 minutes repreatedly as if they would hang up and call right back but they’re challenging the claim? I have not been able to get a status and only know what I see you all posting.

    So much for timeliness. When we reached out to AT&T they couldn’t help us now we have to wait on them without a choice in the matter.

  237. zadie neal says:

    Do u think we will get our check within the next week or so u guys said by the end of march well here we are. Is the amount u said I was getting will i.

    ADMIN – Hi Zadie,

    Contact the class action administrator to get an update. I heard from some class member that they have already received their checks but have not yet seen an image. You can also stop by our Facebook page and ask around.

  238. daina says:

    what is the problem who is representing the class we need answers its been years no communication no checks pleeeease!

    ADMIN – HI Daina,

    Class counsel represents the class.

  239. Renee Giles says:

    Another month and nothing. Somethings not right here. We are all given false information by the Class Administrator and the Attorneys. This is a bunch of crap.

    ADMIN – Renee,

    The attorneys and admins are on your side. Without them you would not have a class action.

  240. Shirleuy B says:

    ‘The Settlement Administrator has begun the process of sending out Notice of Challenge to Claim and Opportunity to Respond.’ This was updated over a year ago, please could it be updated to respond to what process is in progress or are the Challenges still being mailed over a year later. Over the year I have sent maybe 2 email to the above email address and the response has been; ‘check the website.’

    ADMIN – Hi Shirleuy,

    They are referring to their website not ours.

  241. Mary says:

    I emailed the settlement admin and got this reply today, 4/15/16. Just the usual replay delaying and delaying. I don’t understand how anything can take sooooo long. I bet the lawyers have been paid and maybe the settlement administrators, too. Just not the people who got ripped off. We can wait and wait.

    “Thank you for your email.

    The Settlement Administrator has begun its review of challenges and rebuttals, and will then decide who is correct. This decision is final and not appealable. After a decision is made, the Settlement Administrator will inform the Class Member and the entity issuing the challenge of its decision.

    We anticipate making distributions to challenged claims toward the end of May 2016. Because the review process is still ongoing we are unable to affirm the value of any refund for any challenged claims.

    We appreciate your ongoing patience.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Settlement Administrator (TDD)
    Toll Free Number: 1 (866) 242-0603″

  242. LEE says:

    This is a ridiculous! I get the same message from emails and phone calls to the lawyers.

  243. Renee Giles says:

    Why even reply if it’s the same answer years later. Settlement Administrator (TDD) YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. When all is said and done. You have the proof that we were cheated out of our money and we have to fight to prove that’s what happened and yet you still find ways to take it all from us again by prolonging this process.

  244. Tondolaya says:

    I am so greatful to see that everyone is still commenting what i have taken from all of you is to build and it has helped me see that God is still working regardless of this situation he is still in the blessing business thanks for the continued respones for i learn something every time you comment.

  245. JACKIE DOBBS says:

    I was told yesterday the check should come out the end of May and first week of June 312 427 4000

  246. Tondolaya says:

    Dear Jackie thanks for the update we can all use it

  247. Ella hughes says:

    This is latest thing I rec from them on 4/28/16
    Dear Ella,

    Thank you for your email.

    Your address has been updated in our records

    Your timely submitted Claim Form is still being reviewed. At this stage of the claim process, we cannot provide you with your refund amount (or even an estimated refund amount), because we do not know yet if your claim or claim amount will be challenged.

    If your claim is challenged you will be sent a Notice of Clearinghouse Challenge by the Settlement Administrator. Challenge Notices began mailing in mid-December, 2014. If provided, the Challenge Notice will be sent to the email address on file.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Settlement Administrator (JSN)
    Toll Free Number: 1 (866) 242-0603

    This communication (including any attachments) is intended for the use of the intended recipient(s) only and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or legally protected. Any unauthorized use or dissemination of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify the sender by return e-mail message and delete all copies of the original communication. Thank you for your cooperation.

  248. Renee Giles says:

    Quick question. Since this settlement has been prolonged can we not expect to receive what we’re owed?

    ADMIN – Hi Renee,

    Yes, generally when settlements are delayed you end up getting your share. When there are appeals this can take years.

  249. Shirleuy B says:

    Here’s the latest from the ste.

    Current Status:
    The Settlement Administrator has begun the process of sending out Notice of Challenge to Claim and Opportunity to Respond. The process is ongoing.
    The Settlement Administrator has started the rebuttal determination process, and this process is ongoing. It is anticipated that notification of the Settlement Administrator’s decision to the first round of submitted rebuttals and settlement checks for these claims will be mailed out at the end of May 2016. Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Settlement Administrator’s decision is final and non-appealable by either side.

  250. Tondolaya says:

    Dear Shirleuy B thanks for the update and being apart of keeping hope alive for all of us.

  251. Renee Giles says:

    As for any updates it’s the same doggone answer every time. I’ll say this again and it’s being addressed to the Settlement Administrators-Stop giving us the same answer that was given years ago and to the website-do us a favor and just not respond. Nothing is updated or new. This settlement right here is a joke. Everyone is getting their money except the consumer who was wronged in the first place. It;s just another way to not pay us what’s legally owed. I am beginning to think the attorneys are not on our side.

  252. Shirleuy B says:

    Response from Settlement Administrator received today (5/26/2016)

    “The Settlement Administrator has begun its review of challenges and rebuttals, and will then decide who is correct. This decision is final and not appealable. After a decision is made, the Settlement Administrator will inform the Class Member and the entity issuing the challenge of its decision.

    We anticipate making distributions to challenged claims on 05/27/2016.

    We appreciate your ongoing patience.”

  253. Tondolaya says:

    Thanks Shirley B for your on going update. Truly appreciated

  254. Tondolaya says:

    I am in Texas received a check today not the amount owed but to God be the glory for this check.thanks to all

  255. Renee Giles says:

    Finally received my check. It’s 360 short but greatly appreciated

  256. j.j. says:

    received payment earlier today

  257. Ella hughes says:

    Finally got my check today. $21.55, I will try to not go out and spend it all in one

  258. Shirleuy B says:

    Check received. A long cry from the $723 I was scammed out of by AT&T. $23.28 at the Settlement Administrators discretion.

  259. JACKIE DOBBS says:


  260. Gregory T. Wilson says:

    I have not received a refund or any other info. please advise. thankyou.

    ADMIN-Hi Gregory,

    For information about your payment you need to reach out to the class action admin.

  261. Catherine Johnson says:

    I never received anything

  262. Luis G. says:

    These companies operate like criminal organizations because $20 $30 times thousands of customers is millions of dollars they rob from consumers and they do it with impunity because if You or I rob somebody we get shot or put in jail but the only recourse against these companies is to sue them so they ROB consumers with impunity. It is also a monopoly and consumers should fight back more because these companies are being protected by government policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luis G. says:

      One more note when i revived the class action papers these criminals at&t charged over $1,000 in fraudulent charges which is very shameful and nothing more than criminal behavior. Somebody should have gone to jail from their company for this but our corrupt government protects these companies and not consumers!!!!!

  263. Cindy Dillon says:

    I never received my money from this class action case no. CV-09-1529 SI. I want my money.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Have you tried emailing the class action administrator? That should be your first step.

  264. Dorese says:

    Well here we are, FOUR years later. Has anyone received a refund? I know that I haven’t.

    ADMIN – Hi Dorese,

    This settlement was paid out many years ago.

  265. John Donaker says:

    My claim was submitted in 2013, and I have received no check. Are there still unpaid claims?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I don’t believe so.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I don’t think there are

  266. Deborah Hensler says:

    Where is my refund? I completed the form I received back in October 2013. This is for unauthorized third party charges on my landline.

    ADMIN – Hi Deborah,

    This settlement was paid out a long time ago. You no longer have escalation recourse.

  267. Elsa Sanchez Yamaguchi says:

    Well, what happened to the refunds> I see everyone is waiting and the response is they have been paid years ago. Okay, so how did we all get missed? What is the purpose of going thru the process and patiently waiting? Something is really wrong here if you have folks asking.

    Confirmation#: BA6DC53B00
    Control #: 1537369103
    Dated: 2014-3-04 17:06:48

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Elsa,
      Sorry to hear that. However, we ( are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. (We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website.) Please review the details above. You’ll need to contact their Claims Administrator directly, as stated: 
      “Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35045 Seattle, WA 98124
      Good luck.

  268. Shalan says:

    I was granted a settlement payout but never received a check. When are checks for the settlement being sent out?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Shalan,
      Sorry to hear that. However, we ( are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. (We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website.) Please review the details above. You’ll need to contact their Administrator directly, as stated: 
      “Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35045 Seattle, WA 98124
      Good luck.

  269. Herman Yarber says:


    • Angelica (Admin) says:

      Hi Herman,


      Sorry to hear that. However, we ( are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please review the details above. You’ll need to contact their Administrator directly, as stated:
      “Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35045 Seattle, WA 98124
      Good luck.

  270. Jesus and Sandra Ontiveros says:

    How do I get my refund from AT&T? When am I receiving my refund? I have not received my refund check. What do I need to do?

    • Angelica (Admin) says:


      Sorry to hear that. However, we ( are not the Settlement Administrator of this case. We only post opportunities for potential Class Members of various settlements on this website. Please review the details above. You’ll need to contact their Administrator directly, as stated: 
      “Nwabueze v. AT&T, Inc. c/o GCG P.O. Box 35045 Seattle, WA 98124
      Good luck.

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